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Hey guys, just came back to this game. I have Basch, Squall, Cloud, Lightning, Vaan with + weapons and I think that I need a support. Who should I aim for? Thanks in advance for the help!
Just speculation but with the new GL first character we could get a early realizable EX weapon in that banner? EX+ banners are always two realizable characters, and I think is too soon for a repeated weapon. JP had some event (not lost chapter, new characters or summons) where a EX+ weapon was launch?
They might look at who is really far away from a repeat ex+ and just stick them on (like WoL), or knowing how everyone will probably spend to the heavens thanks to the last global first being slightly OP (also probably fan favourite) they’ll front-load it with a god awful Ex+ that no one really wants aside from favourites
I see. I was just wondering if we could get a Seymour, Steiner or other favs early. A man can dream.
Beatrix re-ran Terra's EX when she first released in GL. I think that it's more likely that we'll get an early EX+ re-released with the event rather than something early. I think they're still wary about early weapon releases after the Sazh meta. I think the last weapon we got considerably early/out of sync was Tidus's original EX release.
The first characters that get an EX+ without a new Ultimate Summon, Chapter, Lost Chapter or Event are Noctis and Selphie on the Phoenix event around the time of Beatrix LC. Since that would be around April, they would be extremely early. I think it's more likely we get a repeat, a non + EX or no second EX at all. My money is on a repeat
If that's the case, the list should be narrow, cause no characters without LC, no upcoming banners characters, and no repeated ex+s.
Don't forget that you can get yuna instead, couple of times in a row
In theory that is right but hear it from my experience last balthier banner, it took me 466 tickets just to get 1 ex. Midway through my pulls although i really want to get balthier im just praying to get any ex just to end my suffering luckily i still got balthiers. Anyway goodluck and hope you get kimahri's.
Nah dude you have I think 63% chance because thats not how probabilities work. The computation would be 1-(0.995200) if I remember correctly.
Theoretically, that's right. But RNG is a moody mistress. I hear a lot of people aiming to pity a character's Ex but out of 15 multi pulls all they got was a bunch of off banner 15cps, a couple of 35cp and 1 Ex of the other featured character. I can't afford pities cause I'm stingy with gems but I do spend a lot of tickets. Around 135 ticks, I usually get an Ex.
Does anyone know if we’ll be able to farm Yuna and Tifa artifacts soo?
You'll be able to farm Yuna artifacts during Kimahri's event but Tifa's won't be available in any events coming up. You'll need to use tokens for them.
I have WoL, Celes, Basch, and Zack because I have a problem. Whos the next tank?
There's Eight, Edge, and Galuf coming as dodge tanks. But after that should be Snow EX.
So I don’t have a dispeller and I want to save resources for another future proof character, my question is should I spend tickets on the triple EX banner ? I already have Sarah .
Got venilles Ex with tickets thanks guys
I'd say yes. Even with Serah, that's still 2 out of 3 characters you haven't got, and Setzer is pretty handy to have too. At the very least he'll make farming faster, so chucking tickets at the banner in hopes of getting either one isn't a bad idea.
Balthier ain't bad either. Not as reliable at doing a complete cleanse (he steals a max of 3 buffs at a time), but he hits significantly harder, and stealing buffs can make for fun shenanigans. Cait is kinda meh, but it never hurts to have another healer on the bench.
I'd happily alternate between the two banners and hope to get lucky on at least one.
If you don’t have a dispeller atm, I suggest getting Vanille’s weapons because she is great at what she does. It doesn’t hurt you to roll for 2/3 characters because Setzer is also nice to have especially as a friend unit. If you don’t like Vanille as a character or don’t like her kit at all, I suggest you go for Balthier and Cait Sith. You can never go wrong with having a diverse roster and having dispellers because some CHAOS bosses have buffs that are dangerous.
Okay so right now I am squall 3/3, yshtola 1/3 and ultimecia 0/3.
I pulled this weekend Cait sith 15 and 70 and serah all 3 weapons.
Now who is viable to work on first leveling up and farming for gems and such. Since right now my only 60/60 or 70/70 are the three in my first line of this post, lightning and machina( the type 0 guy) both have full kits. I realized this during the event being i perfected the first level 30 and locked squall out lol
Y'sh, Ultimecia, and Serah. In that order. Normally I'd say Ultimecia first, but you seem to lack healers entirely, and if that's the case, settle that first. Many people talk about Serah needing triple perfect arts, but her EX+ does a lot to alleviate her dependence on them. She will obviously function best with perfects, but if you can get just one perfect and a couple of her debuff atk boost all** paired with an atk+108 or mbrv+330, that's perfectly usable.
Do not work on Serah yet before you get her perfect artifacts. She only becomes godly after you obtain three of them.
Ulti and Y'sh to (3/3). They are invaluable to chaos era. Lightning hasn't gotten her Ex+ yet. Since you have Squall, you can skip Machina for now. Oh, and you can break the restriction if you want to use Squall on other missions.
Yshtola Serah and Ulti pretty high priority there.
[GL] Currently I have Rem, Cloud, Y'shtola, Lilisette, Celes, Vanille and Setzer at double purple. Who'd make the best friend support?
Coming from the other side of the equation, I'd currently value Setzer the most on my f-list, as he's great for summon boards (double Setzer seems the fastest way to get through Ramuh right now. Even better than Setzer and friend Quistis, as Setzer does more damage).
Outside of summon boards... still Setzer, for farming. Alternatively, Cloud for boss fight help.
Setzer. Cloud is also good if you have his woi weapon.
Setzer. Lots of utility there.
I'd pick Setzer or Celes. You'd get 3 Ex from Celes if you're friends with the user. She gives massive friend damage. Setzer for utility. Cloud too but you have to use Finishing Touch to get 100% Paralyze.
After Max levelling and MLB my weapons.. unlocking passives.. can i sell them to make space in my inventory and still keep the passives?
When you long press on an item to inspect the details, there should be a red check mark if you have learned the passive. If that's there, you're clear to sell the weapon.
Yes but hold on to your EX weapons of course.
Is there any character that inflicts -70% atk like Vincent?
Reworked Steiner will match it. Otherwise not yet even in JP as far as I know.
New-ish player here. Is Emperor still worth pulling for if I already have Ultimecia (3/3), Vaan (3/3), and Kuja (0/3)?
Also, can I skip Rosa and Yuna if I already have a maxed out Y'shtola and Krile? Also working on getting perfect artifacts for my Serah at the moment.
My only immediate pull plan is for Zack because I only have Basch for a tank. Can still afford to pity at least 2 of the characters stated above, but I'd still like to have some gems in the bank just in case.
Vaan and Kuja are probably going to be used in other entropy stages and they are not really that good either. You should pull for emperor still for FEOD 6. You can skip Yuna but you should pull for Rosa. I too have a maxed out Krile, Ysh, Serah and I am still pulling for Rosa because her auras are going to synergise great with my serah and a dps. If you only have Basch then I highly recommend getting Zack. These are all of my personal opinions so take it with a grain of salt.
It depends how the rest of your team comp works and what you need. Vaan falls out pretty quickly in terms of DPS. Vaan does become viable again when he gets his LD/Burst Weapon which will probably be 6-9 months later in GL. Emperor has more longevity and does more damage. He’s good probably for another 3-4 months (longer if you use him for FEOD stages). He also helps with turn count so I’d get him.
I would not recommend skipping out on Rosa. In JP we are at 16 FEOD stages now and you can never have enough supports.
Also definitely go for Zack. He’s usable for quite awhile (more than six months)
Edited... here’s a link that shows the most popular characters and team rosters for FEOD. This really helped guide me a lot.
Who to MLB 3 ingots - seltzer vs balthier? Or is neither not worth it to MLB.
Background: I have completed all content, including dimension’s ends before all these new character releases.
Do you have other dispellers? If yes, you may skip Balthier. Setzer is dependent on your party for aura and batteries because of his low skill count. Fortunately, his Hp atk is improved a bit and his Brv Atk+ does hp atk when it hits a threshold.
Would anyone playing the JP ver be able to tell me what other weapons do they have in the EX shop and if we can spend the tokens from DE: Order on them? Thank you!
There's a new shop that has every EX weapon and is updated, but it needs new tokens (I'm not sure how to get them). The current one will never be updated and only uses DE: Order tokens.
So now with GL being a small bit into this EX+ era.. I’m trying to prioritize my tokens and power stones and feel I’ve gotten into a bind now and need some help. I’ve gotten some of the EX weapons of the recent banners and awakenings, but don’t have their 15 or 35s maxed out. Is it better to get the EX+, or use tokens and stones to max out other weapons? (I’m also a collector so I don’t sell anything even tho I’ve maxed, I realize that would solve problems but personal choice there to keep and collect). Any guidance is appreciated!
Same issue here, and the only workaround I found is to pull more after obtaining the ex. I’ve been pulling for exes only for a while and ended up with a boatload of characters that wanted more power stones and couldn’t do much without them. Only the occasional (near)-pity gave me some power stones, but not enough. Once you have some 15cp weapon or something MLB from a draw and you still continue, you may draw extra 35cp (-4 power stones needed) or dupes (+1 power stone obtained). The big catch here is that you need gems and still want to be able to pity some draws if necessary, so it’s not a very good option for the endgame. By then though, I hopefully have a large enough weapon collection to not be short on power stones.
I mean. The answer is really both. A character with EX(+) only looks strong but kinda isn’t, especially for a damage unit. A character without EX but the other weapons can hold their own through EX and maybe Cosmos but it’ll be real hard for Chaos.
I’ve been getting lucky and pulling EXs from tickets but have a power stone problem in fully MLBing characters, any advice?
Same problem here. I don’t know if you’re endgame and thus have a limited gem supply, but if not: I usually continue pulling if I like/want the character whose ex I’ve drawn and don’t stop until I’ve reached my goal or there’s not much non-MLB weapons left to draw.
Just keep pulling on banners you are kissing stuff on. While at the same time saving gems. Try pulling with tickets?
stuck on DE Entropy 3/5. Using 2/3 Faris and 3/3 Agrias and Serah. I keep getting hard bodied on 3rd wave. Any tips?
Just summon on 3rd wave instead of saving it for 5th. Without WoL or Basch, you won’t be able to eat Lamia’s hp damage.
I used vanille, locke, and wol. All mine are 3/3 so it wasnt extremely difficult but those roles are fairly necessary. I'd advise saving Faris for entropy 5 if possible.
Don’t mind me, just fixing all the downvotes on perfectly good questions and answers...who’s doing this?
you are a king, my dude.
Thank you for your work! However you have no idea how bad things can get sometimes. If you say ANYTHING remotely close to something bad about FFT or it’s fan base you will get downvoted into the abyss. Even if it is a valid question. If you say something that questions them, you get downvoted sooo much.
We have a few salty downvote trolls that come here a lot. If you ever post in a gacha thread, expect to lose karma.
This is the way it's always been.... Wait until you see the gacha threads, it's a bloodbath in there.
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Can I just say how much I love Setzer’s kit? Like, even his low skill count is pretty much perfect. It really makes you think about what skills to use when, and his brv/hp++s really round out being able to use him effectively without the need for spamming skills.
I totally agree! Setzer has been one of my staple characters for a long while now, but just lately he's been dropping off. This revamp couldn't have arrived at a better time, and it's done so much for him. That brv++ is amazing for dishing out damage without skills, and he can really save lives when he's got S1/S2 ready in his pocket. His EX is such a nice battery too, with decent potency—he really holds his own again, and he's fun to boot!
lol i keep reading terms like "t4, t5, DE" etc. and ppl gettin salty if dimensions end gets called FEoD, so here i am reminding y'all that FEoD "tiers" are in reality "stages", and that GL peepz ain't got the right to correct people which refers to them as FEoD. While jp players were doing these you were still using Vayne clvl60 at best. Without those brave jp players who did test the grounds for you, you surely wouldn't be feeling like you already know everything.
cheers & jk, now downvote my ****
Huh, not often you get a post thats whiny, salty, and elitist all at the same time. Good job on accomplishing that at least
Though I understand how it feels for you, I can't remember a thread people getting salty for such things.
Also, as far as I understand, jp event names and stuff are in Japanese, which is roughly translated by the players, so I guess no one can claim something to be called correctly "this" or "that". It's pretty much like holywars about character name spelling like Tidus and Zidane.
As for me, no matter how you call it, the only important thing is that people understand each other.
How far are we from a banner featuring Warrior of Light? I'm considering exchanging his EX from the token shop as I only have Celes as a tank.
Suggestion would be to get his 35 with tokens and ex from shop. His shield and battery is aoe on his 15 skill without the weapon so hes still serviceable until you get extra weapon tokens.
If you specifically want WoL, he's not for a while, short of a surprise banner.
If you just want A Tank, Zack's next month, but he plays very differently from WoL.
Three possibilities:
Very. Garland was recent and his next EX banner is Garland LC, he will be synergy for Exdeath in a few months but I don't believe he has his EX on that banner.
How many books or pages are expected in the next couple event?
Is there a way of beating those rampage machines without a dispeller or balthier? Cause I don’t have those units built up
use a balthier friend. bring ultimecia and ysh for the delay. l app ooping ultimecia EX combine with ysh stone or summon before they act.
Only one will buff HP damage reduction at a time, so if you bring solid single target damage and enough heals to survive several of their matra magics, it is possible to bring them down individually.
It's just MUCH easier with Vanille, Balthier, or Faris, and possibly with Cloud, Locke, or Yuffie on the back burner
You mean those hp damage resist ones?, If yes then you need a dispel, good thing is there are several.
Cloud with woi passive can dispel 1 buff at a time with skills. Vanille obviously. Yuffie with snatch. Her ex+ is coming with ultimate brothers this month. Cid with either 15 or 35(can't remember which) can dispel. Balthier ofc. And lastly Sherlotta can help somewhat compensate damage from 20% to 50% but that's still low. That's all that comes in mind.
Of course you can also try to paralyze them as much as possible, delay, use summon, wait for the buff goes off, but that's pretty much same gamble as trying to kill invisible ghost in one go without summon or friend support in the soulcage chaos.
Edit: oh, almost forgot of the dispel sphere, can't remember who has it tho.
Stun lock and/or summon, if they don’t buff you don’t have to remove it.
If you have Agrias for example, you could summon and use Judgment blade (after using aa) that would delay them.
Do we have a link of list of ex+ weapons that has a ranking for MLBing? I think I saw one here
This maybe?
Still have not seen a Charged Moonlight/ADAB for Serah, but I'm over here throwing away Charged Fire/BAS for Vivi like they're going out of style. RNG, please
I farmed for 8hrs straight with triple books and got 2 before her event ended the first time. RNG makes you go crazy sometimes!
What's the best new team for entropyy tier 1
Since it's the easiest, it's really the one you clear with your throwaway characters you didn't use in a later one. Not the one you worry about bringing the best.
DE is all about your teams. You can search other threads to see what other people used but in the end, you are going to need to work out what you have to make each tier work since you (probably) won't have all the same characters setup as everyone else.
Jp question here. Who would be the best choice for the first ex tokans since all the protagonist have ex +
Someone you get the ld for with tickets but fail to pull ex imo
<Advice please> So I managed to perfect Entropy Tier 4, but am now struggeling with Tier 5. My 67/70 3/3 Balthier along with my Squall 3/3 and Serah 3/3 perf. arts wont do the trick. I have mats ready to 3/3 Machina, Vaan or Setzer. Actually I am 4 armor token short on the last two, but I maybe that can be fixed soon. Anyhow, which of these 3 characters would help clearing Tier 5 and who should be replaced? I guess Balthier is set, so Squall or Serah...? Any advice is appreciated:)
I don't know how you're failing the turn target with that team tbh - prioritise stealing healing buffs with Balthier (Cait Sith's cheerful gift, Agrias' Bravery) save Renzokuken for 3 person waves - and have Serah's Advance All Up for it when you can - and use Squall's HP+ often. However I can definitely see how it would be tricky for the HP target unless you kill Locke in the last wave before he uses Phoenix Ray and get a bit lucky in general.
I used Faris, Locke and a 0/3 Squall which is why I'm confident you easily have the damage there to clear in time. What options do you have to run with Bal and Squall for this in place of Serah (since a magic resist stage is not ideal for her, despite the auras and debuffs and battery which don't care about resist)?
I did it with Balthier ex+3/3, Squall ex+ 3/3 and Cait sith (ex maxed, but not realized). Additionally, Balthier and Cait didn't have their board maxed. It wasn't easy, as Cait can't shave damage to save its life and I got broken a lot, but I managed once I understood how to deal with the manikins. You should drop serah, since her damage is resisted, being magic.
As a sub par healer you could try also Selphie if she has the ex you could speed up fights with Balthier Ex and Squall's can single target a priority and his Renzo could get a boost. Selphie works because she doesn't brave shave and her Drain just increases her brave before doing it also her AA can heal also if really needed
Did my run today with balthier, squall(3/3) and 1/3 WoL, took a couple of tries on last wave with orders but WoL made it much easier. Used Serah on tier 3 to unlock WoL btw.
I used no ex+ serah for 3 and faris, wol and squall for 5. So maybe you switch up some characters? Your dpt shouldnt be worse than mine, since 3/3 serah and balthier can do more dmg than wol and faris. a healer is basically a must.
First question is what are you missing. Score, can't finish because you die, turns, HP requirement, etc.
my suggest to you is free up some healer to use in tier 5 because it hp attack heavy. also serah skills are magic which the stage resist. my perfect team is cloud (my only dispeller), agrias, ysh. latest is swapped out ysh for cait at 2/3.
You need some healing or tank. I used Squall/Faris/Locke. Basch also works but you have limited use of Fulminating Darkness.
Are your characters boarded. That team should be able to get it done. I used Squall, Faris, Rem. Also did Locke, Faris, Rem. What exactly are you struggling with for the fight? I do see you're missing some healing.
I have a perfect 3/3 mlb Serah and she is a beast. I wanted to know whether I should get Vanille still as a support even though I am 3/3ing Rosa and Yuna this month.
Do you have a dispeller like Faris or Balthier? If so, you can afford to skip Vanille. If you have neither then Vanille may be worth it.