Vaush regurgitates Pizzagate-like theories: This is your brain on ideological demagoguery


Shame, i expected better from the horse cock enthusiast
Alright, I'll try to put it as neutrally as possible. I don't actually support bestiality, but I find it very hot conceptually. I love big cocks, and horse cocks are as big as they come - pretty nice looking too. The thought of somebody being so horny and cockhhungry that they'd turn to an animal to slate their carnal interests is very hot. Like the idea of you curiously touching or stroking one. Curiosity driven by very raw sexual interest.
I think he was joking about the Hillary watching her husband rape a 12year old girl but it is sometimes hard to tell with Vaush´s rethorical style.
It's almost like it's deliberate lol
I mean he’s right-ish? Money is power, and if you can just pay off your victims into silence, or pay other people off to intimidate your victims, or pay extremely expensive lawyers to make sure you get a judge on your case that you golf with to throw out your case, or.. etc, etc.
We know it happens. Epstein and #MeToo demonstrated that Hollywood is rife with sexual abuse at the hands of influential fucking people who can get away with it through the power of money and networking and influence.
It’s one of those things that you can’t easily quantify with data, because they just get away with it so much that there’s very little out there.
That said making the leap with Hillary is weird.
You're basically arguing that the plural of anecdotes is data, unironically. Have bad things happened? Sure, but unless there's evidence of wrongdoing, there's no reason to wildly speculate. It's a bad look.
I mean Vaush is whatever, but I don't think it requires a huge leap of faith to assume she has some level of complicity with this stuff. Her and Bill were bff's with Epstein, she was good friends with Weinstein too. It's not impossible to be surrounded by these people and be oblivious, but say what you want about Clinton, she's not stupid
Do you have evidence to Clinton was "complicit".
Lots of rich people were associated with Epstein. Stephen Hawking even lol. Rich people tend to associate with other rich people, that's not indicative of anything else on its own.
Jesus Christ. I hope the lefty arc doesn’t end. You fucking cucks are gross
Aka "Here's what I would do if I were a billionaire". Classic projection from a confirmed creep.
I was downvoted when i said he is being overrated now cause he is banned. He has never sincerely apologized for his mistake.
Fuck irishladdie. Dudes a scumbag.
As much as I've liked some of Vaush's performances recently, he generally does a good job for a socialist arguing from the left.
Um what? That's not what he's saying at all. He's just saying that that is what a lot of rich people do, which I hardly think is a controversial statement. This seems like an exceptionally uncharitable take on what he said.
Wow. This is the dumbest shit I've read all day. Neoliberal shills mad.
This community has become so trash.
"Power and wealth often correlate with an abuse of that power, including actions like pedophilia"
I think its mostly meant as a joke, this sub really reaches sometimes to try and shit on lefties
Jesus fucking you chapos are almost as pathetic as centrists
Guess another session of euphoria for Destiny by removing people from the subreddit. I only ask one thing, please do it on stream.
The idea that rich people rape children because they are desensitised to any other form of pleasure or they want to exert power is bollocks. The idea that if people that want to rape children have copious amounts of money and influence they would probably do it more isn't.
The hateboner for lefties some of you guys have, my god. Pretty cringe.
I think most hate towards Vaush on this discord comes from him being a creep and trying to play it off.
Believe what you like, but I don’t think there’s anything conspiratorial about suggesting incredibly powerful and wealthy people who are basically insulated from the law are probably more likely to engage in pedophilia. There have been plenty of legitimate attempts to expose the prevalence of pedophilia in Hollywood, Epstein has ties absolutely everywhere, it seems like an extremely reasonable assumption.
It has nothing to do with Democrats vs Republicans or liberals or whatever. It has nothing to do with Satan or any of that shit. It’s just a consequence of power and insulation from the law, and it’s been going on for as long as there have been powerful people insulated from the law.
Honestly, this feels like a “conspiratorial delusional Chapotards think the UNITED STATES would interfere with a regime change in Latin America? pshhh” kind of take.
Also, on a personal level, I think it’s fucking disgusting that saying “billionaires often run with pedophiles” makes you feel you have credence to accuse me of projection. Reminds me of 2014 when I would argue over the existence of rape culture with GGers and they would say I must be a secret rapist since I think about rape so much.
True you weren't a secret rapist just a secret sexual assaulter, I'll be waiting for Vaush' brainlet fans to come downvote me :)
Yes, there absolutely is. This is almost like the religious morons out there that think you need religion to dictate what's right and wrong - the ones that ask "WELL IF U DONT BELIEVE IN GOD, WHY ARENT YOU JUST GOING AROUND KILLING PEEEPLE ???" Like they think the only reason we aren't complete savages is because we fear god. That's fucking asinine - we have our own morals and values that stand apart from god, and most normal healthy adults - yes even BILLIONAIRES - are not sexually attracted to children. The notion that they would be is complete idiocy and not based in logic. This is such a ridiculous line of thinking.
I think the good thing that you did was point out that Hillary on is that even today she's saying
based and mullenpilled
Y'all are pathetic
yea there are absolutely no child sex rapists/traffickers in DC or in politics.
forget about epstein/weinstein. dont even THINK about it
Absolute cringe that anyone is defending Hillary Clinton on literally anything even when Vaush is obviously being very hyperbolic.
Who cares if it's hyperbolic, are we seriously going to white knight Hillary Clinton who has a documented relationship with both Epstein and Weinstein all so we can make some dogshit point about how Vaush isn't giving us evidence that'd hold up in a court of law before making offhand comments?
Hillary is good:))
First of all, most of this is a hyperbolic joke. Second of all, claiming that Hillary Clinton is complicit in child rape is not the same as 'running a pedophile ring' and third of all, Vaush doesn't say that billionaires rape children because 'why wouldn't you if you could?'
It's a power trip. He believes billionaires rape children not even explicitly as a sexual desire, but rather as an expression of immense power and immunity to society's laws and ideals.
haha I'm only joking bro its just memes
Idk my guy, sure sounds like he believes it a bit.
He's right you know
I would kiss Vaush’s beautiful succulent beard while he watched poop girl get BTFO’d by commies. Hi V.gg
ok unrelated but he has a really nice beard
I'm not a Vaush's fan and I don't watch his content, but it doesn't sound that unreasonable to assume there is or was something nefarious happening
and all the: oh haha but what about the nonexistent basement in the pizza place and worshipping the devil etc. seems to be very conveniently added to disprove and ridicule otherwise pretty reasonable theory
all these people know each other is a fact. Hillary is not stupid is a fact also
he is not incorrect. so it's more telling of you - and your understanding of what people are being a naive fantasy
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Not so much that everyone would do it if they could get away with it... but billionaires who are pedo are definitely going to be able to get away with. More than most anyway.
Imagine not thinking that Hillary Clinton hasn’t absolutely been at the very least complicit in pedophilia and other sex crimes
Imagine still thinking there's no validity to any of the John Podesta stuff that came out with Hillary's emails after everything that's gone down with Jeffrey Epstein.
Interesting take coming from Vaush aka “I groom children on discord”
Any links on that, dude?
Tbh I agree with the second part. I don’t think it’s that unlikely that if you can basically can get everything you want you’ll eventuell want more that just the “usual” stuff. Pedophilia is the wrong term in that case since it’s a medical condition, but still I can agree with him on that.
Vaush officially sounds like Mark from Ohio mixed with Alex Jonas Brother.
You do know she was friends with both Epstein and Weinstein? If she didn't rape kids I would be surprised
Stop giving this leech attention by posting his shit here.
Stop defending Shillary you fucking cucks
I was actually liking Vaush for a moment because I thought he was more reasonable and logical than the rest of the leftists, but clearly I was wrong.
This is what leftists’ brain is like: Hillary is Hitlery, Hillary killed Seth Rich, Hillary killed Epstein, Hillary owns the DNC, Hillary owns CNN, Hillary is owned by corporations, Hillary cheated Bernie, Hillary is a corrupt criminal, Hillary is a nazi, Hillary is a Republican, Hillary is a corporate shill, Hillary is a Wall street shill, Hillary is a rapist, Hillary is a snake, Elizabeth’s mask is off and it’s Hillary...
I can go on forever.
we got a galaxy brain centrist lib here guys!
please disprove these for me
Wait, he thinks savage shouldn't be used as a verb, wtf?
My favorite part is how he claims that he is certain that Sanders would have beaten Trump in 2016. Yes, the guy who couldn't even beat Clinton in the primary would have obviously won the general. lol
I always laugh at people who throw paper and insist they win. My rock crushes scissors, and you think a piece of fucking paper can blow up the rock? Idiots.
There is so much documented interference in the Democratic primary you have to be a mental invalid to even try to make this point. Not to even mention the fact that most people do not participate in the primary and only vote in the general election because they're not as interested in politics; we have issues of voter suppression, the Clinton campaign basically owning the DNC by giving them money to stay afloat. The DNC literally was sued over how biased they were and their argument in court was that they were a private entity and didn't have to be fair.
But yeah the guy who polls ultra well in all the places that Trump needed to win to win in 2016 definitely wouldn't beat the least popular president in history if he were given a chance based on the fact that he couldn't beat the the least popular presidential candidate in history in a rigged contest.
I keep forgetting how this sub is all in for Bernie and saying anything remotely un-supportive of his messiah like perception among his supporters is down-voted. lol
I don't know who this moron is, but he's a fucking idiot. I'm sure he would never set foot in Hollywood, out of fear that he'd suddenly be drowning in CP and pedo's - but that's how those self-fulfilling beliefs work - you imagine something so awful that you can then use that imaginary bogeyman as your reason for not ever going there and discovering that it isn't anything like what you imagined.
After this post, are you planning on checking out Vaush's content? Or have you convinced yourself that he's as bad as your imagined bogeyman version and you don't need to know about his actual beliefs?