DfD Discussion Thread, October 16, 2019

Shitposts, blogposts, and hot takes go here.

until everything is less insane, I'm mixing weed with wine
linkedin is so stressful
Networking made me a Hoxhaist
Anyway, y'all heard the governor, time to get to work
I so badly want to order 20 of this shirt specifically
TIL "fuckin magnets how do they work" is only ten years old. Jesus, I thought it was from like 2003
I’m the opposite, I never would have guessed that it was that old, and now I’m sad
Everyone is asleep so nobody will notice I'm a juggalo
Woop woop!
I'm here and I'm very disappointed in you
Wtf I like Baudet now
I've been thinking about it some more, and I've changed my mind about what I'm going to try and do as Palestine in my upcoming model UN conference. Passing a resolution condemning Israel is so blasé, so last season. It's been done so much it's flat out boring. Instead, I'm going to try something that hasn't been done; get Palestine upgraded from an observer state to an observer state with special powers allowing it to sponsor resolutions (like the EU has). It's not membership, but it's better than nothing and I think I'll be able to tie it into one of the topics
I think you should declare war on Denmark.
How to stop making half of my answers just disagreeing with the premise of an assignment.
Wait this isn't google
Just watched Beto’s Morning Joe interview from this morning where he as pressured directly on the details of the mandatory buyback, and he just completely floundered. At this point I think he just doesn’t have a plan at all, which is just baffling to me considering how in depth a lot of his policies are, and how long he’s had to actually formulate a plan for it.
I think it’s just time for him to go home if he actually thinks “Americans will follow the law” is a remotely decent answer to those questions, it’s just an asinine answer, and I’m speaking as a hardcore supporter. At least talk about ratcheting up fines or something man, come on, it’s so frustrating to watch.
you mean I just napped through Jared Polis arriving in this sub
At what point do you cave and turn your heat on? My house is in the low 60s rn.
I wait until it hits the 30s outside. I might be the weirdo in this sub
Like 50 degrees or so. Ideally to warm it up to 62-64 degrees
68 degrees
lol imagine being
No way, wasnt she 9 stocking you last week
Seriously fuck this judge. If I'm reading this right, now (idk when it goes into effect) providers and insurers can discriminate against transgender patients for any medical care?
It's a sacrifice we all have to make to keep those poor christians from being oppressed.
Fucking Texas
One of
Slightly drunk and extremely sleepy take: I just went to my first local open mic comedy night in 6 years. There’s still a lot of anti pc edgelords but they get almost 0 laughs now. To the point that I get sympathetic and try to laugh for them. But I cant because they arent funny.
In retrospect I’m pretty sure undergrad was the moment when my freedom/responsibility quotient peaked.
Now just to put in the time until retirement.
i loved school and completely would go back if i could.
I'm a bit worried I'm going to be spending the rest of my life trying to reclaim the happiness level of my senior year of college.
I’d stay in college forever if it was free
Like wow that headline... fucking shoot them into a black hole.
How can anyone say NYT is anti-Trump when they do shit like this
Holy shit Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is so good 🍒🌾🍺
Sam never misses
My wife was talking to her dad about her job dissatisfaction and he said something to the effect of "if you are stuck in a job you hate because of health insurance, you aren't an at-will employee, you're a slave."
My extremely conservative, Trump-voting father-in-law... Who complained endlessly about the ACA...
I doubt your father in law is some conservative wonk, but there are more conservative healthcare systems (in the grand scheme of things) that minimize the job lock problem. iirc Switzerland's insurance system isn't employer based.
A FiscLib / SocCon party could be incredibly successful in America and we’re blessed that it hasn’t really happened.
Pete is kind of violating one of my golden rules for candidates who want my support: you can't be a dick to other Democrats if you expect to lead them.
There are ways to distinguish yourself and even criticize other Democrats that don't cross that line. Almost all of them have crossed it a little bit here and there in heated moments, but he's been pretty intentionally disingenuous recently.
That's pretty much the one thing someone can do that's guaranteed to cost them my support. I think it demonstrates a lack leadership potential.
For all that I don't intend to support him, I think Joe Biden probably does the best job of anyone on that stage of not crossing that line even when criticizing other people up there.
Idk, Biden's bit last night about the CFPB that's been making the rounds was pretty shitty
Though full disclosure, I didn't watch the debate so I'm not sure how bad that was in real time
He came off as “I alone can fix it” last night
this event message in CK2 saying I caught my daughter having an affair with the prince leaves out he is my son.
Male privilege smh.
The media is going to get us all killed.
Imagine actually believing shit like this
Just planned out my schedule for my last semester of college... feels weird
just keep extending for another semester lol
Gonna rent a motorcycle tomorrow and head to skyline drive
i forgot you were not in LA and i googled it and was like why is he going to drive a motorcycle on a short ass street off mulholland.
do you have to pay for electricity used by heating in the US/UK/whatever cold countries?
Uh yeah
This is like me asking if hot countries have to pay for air conditioning
The really cold and smart countries tend to have very good insulation for their homes though
Yeah. Though in a lot of places it's gas instead of electric. Also you get your heating shut off if you don't pay the bills.
I love the vibe in used/indie book stores. Too bad I don't have the attention span to read books anymore.
i legitimately blame the internet. I used to be able to read a book in a day or two up until around my junior year of high school when I got really really online. Now it's a struggle to get through a single chapter of a book without the urge to look at my phone
I don't read much anymore, but I have the attention span to listen to audiobooks for the first time in my life. Yay long commutes?
I used to read before bed in college, I’ve picked the habit up again and it’s helped me get through some books
me irl now that I'm 2 months away from my first grad application deadline
Time to conquer the world with hockey bitches
Pattern for china when I'm first gentleman of West Virginia.
In gold and blue.
Jesus Christ I've been confused for a long time and just realized china meant like plates and cups and stuff.
You marrying Governor RLL?
Is this West Virginy rock, paper, scissors?
My radiator keeps making these weird banging noises.
is it the gas kind that is in the wall.
Chances Tulsi loses her house seat in a primary?
1 in 5
Kai seems pretty involved so lets hope
15% right now imo
Wait J-Pols was actually here?
Nice try Jared
We talk a lot about people trying to speak for all members of a group which they aren't a part of, but often it can be just as bad when people do that for a group which they are a part of.
e.g. any ambassador in the trump administration
How do I go about figuring out what size I need for a prison jumpsuit costume?
What size are you in athletic gear?
Measure your inseam, chest and waist. Then look at the size chart and match it up as best you can
get arrested
I suggest robbing a convenience store
go commit some felonies, then the feds will size you for free!
Only recently did I realize that having to learn everything about trans identities from Reddit taught me some really toxic shit. Like, up until a few weeks ago I felt guilty about my aversion to being seen as androgynous because I thought it was enby-phobic, but no, it's not. I am allowed to not want to look non-binary or GNC, because I am not those things.
In some ways trans Reddit was extremely helpful and I probably wouldn't have gotten here without it, but at the same time it's so far from a complete and realistic resource that at a certain point you need to move past it for your own sanity.
I remember a friend of mine said she was accused of having internalized transphobia for wanting to pass. Like isn't that the whole goal for most trans people?
It's seriously fucked up how recently certain policies regarding the natives are (and how many of those are still in place).
The one I only recently learned about which really shocked me was how a lot of native children were taken away from their parents in the mid 20th century and adopted by white families to forcibly assimilate them.
Are we allowed to make hot takes here?
Hot take: While our treatment of the Natives has been atrocious and we should work to treat them better and more equally, and allow them to coexist in peace, I still roll my eyes at the people who suggest that their land was "stolen" or that it's "their" land. It's not their land, it's "whoever can defend it"'s land, as its always been, and will basically always be. No one stole their land, they lost it. That's happened to basically every civilization since the dawn of human history, and also happened between native tribes. They conquered land between one another, so no reason we should feel guilty conquering it from them.
sperm from a sperm bank must be pretty nasty. its gonna be there for months in cryogenic conditions. when you take it out it must be like, cold, and not sticky at all. it's gonna just be... cold... sad... babymaking milk.
Welcome governor
Ballsack bisque
Must resist urge to tag Polis again so he has to see this too...
The issue with being a mod is even if I remove this comment for being so cursed I still have to see it
I mean, he liked the Greeks, so all evidence points towards it being... EO!
I could never be a politician. I couldn't go from place to place, saying the same thing over and over again. I think I'd blow my brains out if I had to do that.
my old roommate is getting into a debate over the ethics of veganism with a guy on grindr
Native Americans in TV/movies are almost always the most low effort stereotypes I've ever seen.
Credit to Northern Exposure for being the only show I can think of with a significant number of native characters who are neither asymilated nor stereotypes.
At least Nightwolf in MK11 is cool.
I kinda feel this way about Ken Watanabe on Parks and Rec but at the same time his character is hilarious.
R/nl liked both my joke about potato skins and my Waterboy quote. Smh I'm goin back
good. we don't need pearl jam haters here anyway 😤
!ping Swiftie The acoustic version of DBATC Taylor did for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert is fire
Taylor Swift Tiny Desk? 🙌🙌🙌
Oh shit I'm gonna have to listen. Thanks!
honestly Yang's answer on the opiate crisis was damn near flawless.
I found it to be lacking. But no one addresses the opiate crisis adequately, imo.
I liked it too.
Lol they are turning against each other
i slept for 3 hours today and i am dying
Me irl for the past few weeks.
Are you leaking spinal fluid as well?
still my favorite vine ever
You may not like it, but Napoleon is the most modern His Imperial and Royal Majesty The Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the Helvetic Confederation we've ever had.
Tag urself I’m chaotic neutral
Lawful neutral or neutral evil
Lawful neutral at work.
Both neutral good and lawful evil outside of work: best regards
Lawful neutral or sometimes lawful evil if I never want to speak with them again.
Neutral good.
Neutral evil
Neutral good since everyone has apparently decided that "best" is the best...
I hate it though. Totally prefer "sincerely", so I'll go true neutral sometimes.
Where is vr
Lawful neutral
(I actually write "Thank You,")
I move between lawful neutral and neutral evil
Neutral good, lawful evil when I'm being formal.
Wait I'm automatically lawful evil since I'm a moderator
Lawful neutral
You may not like it, but Trump is the most modern president we've ever had.
College counseling center "therapists" are the mental health equivalent of "have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?"
Have you just tried like, not being sad?
You mean Liability Avoidance Associates?
"In November you said you didn't think you were depressed, you were just having issues with anxiety. Now in April, despite you being much worse and realizing you've had depression for a while, I'm going to push back on saying you have a clinical condition! Try mindfulness!"
Xi’s Pooh bears are formed and ready to conquer your local fantasy league. RIP to everyone that dare cross us
Is my grandfather listening to country opera?
I didnt realize either of those could be made worse somehow
She's such a bad person
No Judy Woodruff? This isn't really newshour!
There's like 15 or 20 potential grad advisors I still need to email in the next few weeks 😬
this is why going into academia is a mistake
TIL WWU has a planetary master's program and a lot of their work is related to what I'm interested in.
Bellingham might not be as good as Seattle but it's still a pretty damn huge upgrade over where I'm at now so I should totally apply there.
I remember up until a year or so ago, I would have horrible existential anxiety about having to move somewhere like Des Moines or Kansas designing air conditioning units for the rest of my life until I realized there's a very easy way to avoid that:
Just don't apply to jobs I would absolutely detest in places I wouldn't be happy.
Like this post if you were dubbed a Gifted Child at age four and spent the next twenty years relating better to adults than your own peers and using academic success for validation and it left you completely alone in your early tenties with a drinking problem and so little experience with rejection that getting a job offer turned down fucks you up for weeks.
I suppose I can relate to this, particularly in terms of viewing my existence as validated exclusively by academic success. That said, I'm very experienced with all kinds of rejection, as much as I loathe it.
This but drinking problem due to being raped freshman year of college
Not me. I only did all of these things but the alcohol.
Not me. I was a gifted kid but sometime around middle school I realized there were gifted kids (like me) and then there were absolute whiz-kid prodigies (like a few kids in my class) so I set more realistic expectations for myself early and don't feel that much pressure as a result
me, but also with a large number of your friends not particularly caring about you because you kept prioritizing people who would pressure you to learn more and mature faster over people who would actually emotionally support you
This, but your family is high achieving to the point you can't handle verbal affirmation from outsiders.
mods please remove this dox
unironically me irl if I move to Tempe next year
I think I’m the only person who liked Tom Steyers tie last night. Lol
I actually didn’t absolutely hate him like I expected, I expected another centrist billionaire like Schultz or Bloomberg
I need to meme equally about my future life in all of the grad programs I'm applying to so I don't feel let down if I get rejected by my top choice.
There was a three team bidding war over the Bills in the DFD fantasy league, in case you needed another bit of evidence for us living in a meme timeline.
Clifford after I end up going to ASU, eating at the Tempe Portillo's and post about the total lack of Liz Bruenig lookalikes eating there
Also my advisors when I just want to graduate 😭
Saw my first 2020 commercial.
For Tom Steyer
did it give you any insight into what he wants or who his supporters are?
The weather in Sydney is so perfect today, 84 degrees.
Or 29 celcius for the euros.
I'm going to eat lunch in the park and watch the bin chickens.
29C is sweltering tbh
Oh my god
meme from a leftist
This can be done with basically any ideology which has a hyphenated version
what the actual fuck
Getting gently made fun of by a sitting governor was the bucket list item I didn't know I had.
What if he told you to apply to ASU? 😳
Just gave my speech on expected value. Got a ton of laughs 😎
Way to go, getting ready for P I see
Was that the expected reaction?
Earlier today I decided to try a veggie burger from a brand I hadn't seen before but when I flipped it, it just crumbled into nothingness.
I should have known better since the brand was called "Dr. Praeger"
Best vege burger is beans and beetroot.
Never thought that my governor would've been the first politician to come on here and see you people's thirstposting
You don't know that I don't screenshot my comments and send them to Tim Ryan.
Only it turns out it was Seth Moulton.
Pretty soon Warren herself is going to show up to be like "I'm not your fucking BDSM queen".
A governor? In my d4ddddddddt? It's more likely than you might think!
Fucking beyond moronic.
I'm thinking for my Pokemon X playthrough I swap out pokemon a lot because of the abundance of available pokemon and the Exp Share making things easy that swapping out wont be harmful
Now I feel like I have to up my quality of posting.
You do it that way to avoid hepatic portal circulation.
You guys are such big nerds
Expand the earned income tax credit and make the standard deduction refundable as well as the entire child tax credit.
Make tax filing automatic, with a chance to amend if you disagree. Otherwise, the IRS just does it for you.
Make disbursements monthly instead of annual.
Boom motherfukers: you just stealthily passed a minimum income program
Ok but now add in baby bonds somehow
Of fucking course a trump fan posted this
A trumper man could never handle carrying and then delivering a baby to term, and then get zero sleep for weeks after surgery because they wake every 20 minutes.
Well that's where my opponent in the two major parties to increasingly vote down the party should have looked into it more attractive for good employers to move farther out to afford to not work for you! and so does Senator Gardner! I've supported expanding trade opportunities in Congress and by running for Senate in 2008.
~ jaredpolis
This needs to be a regular season game like the dodgers
You know how some people after they shake hands with a celebrity won't wash their hands for like a week? I can't delete this account now
The projectionist is playing. Very unoriginal.
Pelosi: Trump had a meltdown
Trump: no u