If there are tens of thousands of religions, what makes one religion more true than another?

Every person has unique religious beliefs. No two people share the exact same religious beliefs. People’s religious beliefs are a patchwork of ideas. If you say there has been tens of thousands of religions I say there has been a religion for every person that has ever existed. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John thought of Jesus differently. The question is, what religion is true to you? Is no religion true to you? Do you know your mother’s religion? Do you know your father’s religion? Do you know the religion of your people? Is there a religion that piques your interest? You as an individual either have the need to find religious truth or you do not. Stop wasting your time and start walking the path or forget the idea of religion entirely. Can you?

OP, please refrain from further preaching in your comments.
Religion: A system of beliefs that incorporate a supreme being from whom favor is sought.
If religion is man made, if it comes from man's creativity, we would expect to have unique religious beliefs. We would expect there to be no single system of beliefs. And this is what we have. Yes, you can invoke magic and claim the variance is the result of Satan or sin. But magic is in the same category as a god - no credible evidence to support it's existence.
Which ancient Greek god was real, or true? None. The same can be said for all versions of religion. The same can be said for all the different claims about the Romulans and Cardassians from Star Trek.
> Stop wasting your time and start walking the path or forget the idea of religion entirely.
This is very arrogant of you to think that you know what wasting my time would look like.
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Do people believe only because they seek favor?
All that matters to MyDogFanny is what MyDogFanny believes. MyDogFanny should not let ancient Greeks, Romulans, or Cardassians get in between them and God.
Nothing, since they are all based on delusion
Sure, as soon as theists or followers of religions stop trying to take my rights and those of my fellow humans based on their delusions.
If you had a personal relationship with God would you take other people's rights?
It would help if religious people could agree. If this group of people can talk to their deity of choice, like Jews, Christians and Muslims claiming to be praying to the same god, they should get the same information. Unless God is an asshole.
Person 1: Hey, I spoke with Bob. He wants to eat pizza.
Person 2: Yeah, Bob mentioned wanting to eat pizza. Have you noticed that he was a bit sleepy today?
Person 1: Yeah, I noticed. He said he didn't sleep well tonight.
It appears that god just tells everyone something different. And than orders them to kill those who disagree with what he just said.
I agree with you. Why would God choose the most hated people on the planet to be his chosen people? Why would God choose the lowliest of the lowliest to be the Messiah? If God wants us to worship him, why does he hide from us? Does he hide from us? Why must WE seek him?
The Abrahamic religions are pretty solid in their acceptance of each other, but are rather like quarrelsome brothers. The Old Testament says the Muslims will make trouble with everyone and the Quran just straight up badmouths Christians and Jews IMO.
I think having a sense of humor is our only protection against the insanity of it all, but we are all in this together and though we may rip each other apart, maybe things will be different someday in the future.
One thing is, the religious believe that the nature of man is unchanging. Christians and Jews believe that the heart is evil, that the nature of man is inherently evil. This is not a feature of other religions, including Islam. The man that believes in utopia believes that he can change the nature of man through social engineering. Believers in the utopia are fundamentally opposed to the abrahamic religions. Muslims do believe that there will be world peace if everyone was Muslim.
False dichotomy. One can study and enjoy the study of religion(s) without accepting the premise that they are True, e.g. Reza Aslan, a Muslim scholar who specializes in New Testament studies.
You don't understand your religion until you understand the religion of other people. Religious beliefs are best understood in contrast.
What would make a religion true?
Verifiable evidence for its claims.
The rest of your post hinges on redefining fancy as truth.
Truth is what we fancy. Objective truth comes from God, ultimately, even as a placeholder, unless you do not believe in objective truth.
I was brought up Christian. That is the religion of my ancestors, if you want to put it that way.
I had a religious phase, as a teenager, when I truly believed. I spoke to God often, though he never answered me. I didn't mind.
I started to doubt when I studied the bible from up-close. I had issues with the definition of a sin. For me, a sin is something that hurts another person, whether by intent or by lack of care for the consequences your action will have on others.
And yet, every single text read of the Bible, every single learned person I spoke to, all told me that sex between fully informed and enthusiastic parties, outside of marriage, was a sin.
I never figured out why.
Add in the fun things about how a woman should obey her husband, about how gay intimacy is wrong - even in the New Testament, there's this sort of fun stuff. And even the most tolerant, the most loving Christians I've met said things like "hate the sin, love the sinner".
You can't love someone when you hate what they're doing with their life.
If nobody can me give a reasonable explanation on why something is a sin and God himself is silent, then, well. There you have it.
Now, years later... I don't know if God exists or not. But if he exists and if he is as the Bible describes him, then I don't think he is worth worshipping.
I will not follow, obey or worship a God who does things I do not agree with. God's book commands things I find monstrous. God's people, even the best among them, do things I find distasteful. I will not submit to that.
And if, on the day of my death, it turns out that God was real and I am damned for not following him, then so be it. I'd rather follow my conscience and risk damnation for it than compromise with a master I do not think to be fair and just.
Jesus taught us that we should love God and love our neighbor. This is the whole of the law. Thank you for taking the time to write all that you did and to share your testimony with us. I think you're spot on about sin. I will take your words to heart. The problem is people getting in between us and God with their extra rules. Jesus didn't cancel the Old Testament, but he said that all that matters is loving God and loving your neighbor as you love yourself.
Which is why I would say there are as many religions as there are people and a strong indication that all gods are imaginary.
If God is imaginary, does it still affect Kaliss_Darktide's life?
"There are tens of thousands of hay fragments, what makes a needle so special?"
Your life is precious. You are more valuable than your weight in gems. You are more than a means to other people's ends. Everyone is the center of their own universe. We are all special to ourselves and I believe that God has a purpose for every needle.
Thanks for your words!
Why are you assuming that the word "religion" can be put next to the word "truth"?
What is truth?
I am a truth seeker and I respect other truth seekers. I respect atheists and skeptics because they force me to question my beliefs. Iron sharpens iron. I am grateful for my atheist brothers.
All that matters in this world, to us as individuals, is finding truth.
Ask God, right now, what is true.
I think if I were to pick a true religion or one that interested me, it'd have to be Humanism, since it has no gods or scripture or dogma and is based on well-reasoned morals. My own morals are probably already very closely aligned with Humanism, at least from what I know of it (though I could be wrong).
The only reason I'm not a Humanist is because I don't feel the need to go to meetings.
So, no. I don't really think I'm likely to start walking a path toward any religion at this point in my life (56 years old). My brain has already ossified.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. May God bless you and preserve you and your loved ones.
What is the position you desire to debate?
What position would you desire to debate?
What would make one religion more true than the others would be that its claims about reality more accurately match to reality.
I just want to know the truth.
If religion didn't impact anything in life but the person who followed it I might still be interested in getting involved. Religion can be harmful and people might need help getting past it.
People have used religion to do terrible things, but what will you do with God on your side?
That's probably correct if you look at every single detail. At the end the bigger religious groups all share some basic believes. Like Christianity:
"Its adherents, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the Christ, whose coming as the messiah was prophesied in the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament in Christianity, and chronicled in the New Testament.[1]"
Does it really matter if some details further down the story are different, if the basis of the believe already isn't true (from my point of view)?
Sure, we'll forget the idea of religion as soon as it leaves us alone and stops trying to shove it's self-entitled metaphorical (and sometimes literal) dick down our collective throats.
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"True" is that which corresponds with reality.
Any given religious claim would need to be evaluated on that in turn.
For example a major Christian belief is that Jesus rose from the dead.
People rising from the dead does not correspond to reality. There has been no demonstration and no evidence that it is possible for a human being to come back to life, after having been actually dead. I do not mean "near death" experiences, or "coming back" after having been incorrectly pronounced dead. But dead dead, to the point rigor has set it.
So, any religion that claims someone came back from the dead, does not correspond with reality, and thus, is not "true".
Who has found Jesus' bones? Were the Romans motivated to disprove Christianity? In all sincerity, this proves nothing.
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None that I'm aware of.
My mother was raised Catholic, my father Anglican. They are both atheists.
Most do.
I don't think so. I don't think I can erase my memory.
I hear you. Thank you for your words.
Nothing. A religion is true or false based on the evidence they can produce to support their claims. To date, no religions have produced sufficient evidence to demonstrate that their claims are objectively and verifiably correct. They can't all be right but they can all be wrong.
I'm willing to concede that belief in God is illogical and entirely based on faith. I think that the Bible uses paradox specifically to take our perception outside the limits of logic. Are religious beliefs irrational though?
There is the matter of the resurrection of Jesus which is proof of his unique claims. Was the resurrection a historic event? Some will never accept it. Others base their faith on it.
Catholics and Protestants still share the same religion despite having split hundreds of years ago. To pretend that every single person has a different religion is totally unhelpful. All you are doing is deluding yourself and keeping yourself from having a serious conversation.
Hard to forget the idea when so many politicians are trying to turn their religion into law, and so many people think their beliefs are legitimate reasons to murder others.
So, do you know what an atheist is?
I don't.
Atheism precedes true faith.
Do you mean that we're all born atheist until many of us are indoctrinated into the false beliefs of our parents?
And, what is true faith? As far as I've ever been able to tell, religious faith essentially means belief despite all evidence to the contrary. So, true faith becomes semantically null. If it's true, we don't need faith. We can verify it.
If you have religious faith, you have given up caring about truth in order to accept a comforting lie.
WTF is that even supposed to mean?
Is faith a reliable path to truth? Is there anything that can't be accepted using faith?
Definitely drunk
Im a muslim and dont feel the need to look into other religions. Due to the vast amount of prophecies made by the final messenger peace be upon him and scientific facts in the "Quran" proven to be true in this modern day and age. So if 90% of the things are proven facts i being an intellectual with common sense would likely believe in the 10% that hasnt been proven right or wrong yet.
Thank you brother for your words. God made Muslims, and Christians and Jews. He made us to fight at times and to be at peace at times. We are brothers in that we believe in one true God.