An argument for something outside the modern trinity

The modern trinity is a name i made up on the spot for the atheists, theists and agnostics.

Hey all. So OP is back with another post and continues to demonstrate his inability to engage in honest debate, and refuses to provide evidence for any of the claims he makes. His arguments, as he says, “transcend logic”. Gonna drop a thunderdome on this one, have fun.
correct. Science is important because we can actually test it and verify that it works. Name any experiment that any scientist did and I can do it myself to verify if it matches reality.
demonstrate magical abilities?
That is a fair opinion to have too IMO.
this is a word salad. what do you even mean by transcends non-existence?
if you can't know what a chance object is... then why is it important to study it? You cannot know more about it... What even is a chance object, can you define that?
The rest of it is pure word salad.
1 through 3 was not my argument, rather it was a set of limiting coordinates through which i created the 4th proposition.
It transcends non-existence by not being non-existent or existent.
A chance object would be something like a set of dice or deck of cards. You can't know the outcome, and you study it through studying what it produces in outcome. Through meaningful interpretation.
So if I follow you, you postulate that God is a being transcending all concepts of logic and reality and is interacting with us through means undistinguishable from non-directed randomness, correct?
If I'm indeed understanding you correctly, here is my rebuttal:
No It's not, you're wrong.
Yup, that's all, because you have not provided anything for me to refute in the first place. The only thing you did is make a falsification-proof claim with zero evidence to back it up, so I can just handwave it like that. See, while you made yourself a case that can't be disproven, you also made it impossible for you to prove it in the first place, and that's when our good ol' burden of proof comes around. It's your job to reject the null hypothesis, and your three paragraphs of word salads completely fail at that sooo... yup, it's all pointless.
But you have also failed to provide any evidence to the contrary lol.
You could totally proove me wrong with a test, but you can't because that would require making something in existence cease to have ever existed.
Lots of word salad. Lots of assertions. Zero evidence. Zero proof. Feel free to keep engaging OP in this philosophy, but at the end of the day this thread contains zero verifiable facts to check whether this concept actually is true or false. If I may ask OP, why do you speak with such conviction and certainty when you’re holding zero evidence?
Because i have evidence for the effect the beleif creates. Rather then arguing over the validity of some claim of this or that, i can go anywhere i wish.
Be aware that trolls have
Further be aware that comments and responses in public forums such as this are not only for, or even primarily for, the participants. The vast majority of people following along, and reading without commenting--perhaps much later--often gain insight and knowledge thanks to many well thought out comments, despite the unfortunate troll's attempt to entertain themselves in a sociopathic manner at the expense of others.
The majority of consequences to mental illness are actually the other persons imideate reaction to said delusion.
The fact that words can't be used to describe your god doesn't mean that god is a transcendent concept beyond time and space. It means that the concept is meaningless. Furthermore your own way is un-falsifiable which is enough alone to dismiss it.
I didnt describe him, i said what he was not.
This does not appear to mean anything in particular.
I went above the ideas of the modern trinity of beleifs. God isn't real or not in this definition.
The real question is, where are you getting any of this? It's all just made up nonsense. You don't get to just invent deities because the idea makes you feel good, you have no means to validate or verify any of this in any way. Therefore it's all just a fairy tale.
Uh, fairy tales are fun, atheism is a good one too lol.
Lots of assertions, nothing to back them up and give anyone a reason to accept them ...
To quote Hitchens: "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"
Therefore until you provide evidence to show that your argument is sound, I'm dismissing your assertions as baseless and thus your argument as unsound.
Oh and just an fyi, atheism doesn't require any position on science, you can get atheists who don't follow science.
My argument transcends this concept, because the existence of its own denial is permissible, but sends you to a less temple. ( As you don't see what is beyond its hall )
You are making a bald assertion. Where is the evidence for your claim?
How does one provide evidence for something that is neither real or false? You couldn't define that proof as something real or false.
As saying it is true, would be wrong, and saying it is false is also wrong.
You are negating the definition of the word “chance” by using it this way. I’d suggest you at least start using “apparent chance”.
It won’t make your assertion any more valid, but it will make it more clear.
Add me to the list of folks who would like to know why you believe this.
I define chance as simply not knowing the variables that brought about the event.
Something can't be "neither true nor false". I'm sorry that "understanding basic binaries" is beyond your abilities, but I guess you're struggling with "God doesn't exist but I don't want to admit that".
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Except this is wrong, this is like saying I don't understand what i'm saying because you don't lol, something can lack any two given variables lol.
Op has admitted to trolling
When did i do that?
I'm sorry I have no idea what you mean by this. Either something is real or imagined, I don't see any third option.
I don't know what you are saying this god is, why it exists, or what it means to "transcend".
If you do not believe a god is real, then I would say you do not hold a belief in any gods, which is what I mean by the term "atheist".
He isn't real or false. As i am denying both propositions as being a valid description of what God is.
this fucknut again?
ffs - kid - you're not clever or funny... you're just another retarded asshat.
you should get a new pastime.
trolling people who seek honest debate only reflects poorly on you.
I do seek debate tho lol.
Alright, you can have your stuff. Does this god which is beyond existence affect us in any way?
Through uncertainty.
If you don't understand how propositions work, you're much more likely to make meaningless word-salads like this.
How do you know thats a "word salad". Are you a doctor lol.
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I'm for 4: God might exist but it's retarded to believe in him and science is important independently from that cause it actually works.
No, he doesn't.
Your account is brand new. Welcome to Reddit.
I'm glad you have transcended knowledge and truth. Enjoy your enlightened existence.
Blathering word salad. What is with the illucid rambling lately? Did they get internet at a group home recently?
You worded this very well but tbh it's still a stupid argument.
> This would be the beleif that God transcends non-existence as well as existence
Please define how a thing can "transcend non-existence as well as existence." Existence and non-existence are opposites, X and not-X, and are therefore mutually exclusive and exhaustive.
> and that it is more important to study chance objects then objects or magic. So they study more in interest the art of objects chance outcomes. Through their unknowability.
Please re-word this into a comprehensible sentence.
Why do you believe this?
Because God if he was with nothing and created something , would have to have been greater then nothing and something tonhave created just something.
God is pure cringe and he is incarnated in this post. He is the alpha and the omega, the ignorance and the arrogance, forever. Amen.
If this god you propose is beyond existence then it become utterly inconsequential. Thus atheist becomes the only rational position.
Lol no, he may be beyond existence , but that doesn't mean he can't effect it through the motion of the objects around you.