APPRECIATION: 9 years Ago today, Henry Cavill was cast as Superman

Just give me this one thing. Get Henry back WB.
Great casting.
I remember leaping for joy the minute the news dropped that he was cast.
So many names were thrown around of potential candidates for the part and I didn't like or agree with many of them... And though I didn't see Cavill in many things, I'd seen enough of him to know that he was the most ideal casting choice of the bunch.
It would truly be a crying shame if he doesn't get another chance to play the character. He has the look, the acting chops and the PASSION to play the role and he deserves to stay. Hopefully, WB has seen the success of The Witcher is enjoying and will reconsider getting Henry back for the part.
Time flies. Crazy to think it'll be 7 years this June since MOS came out.
I remember watching it for the first time, I had a blast.
Look at how far superman and iron Man characters' arc have gotten in their respective 9 years. Fooken WB man
Hell Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Falcon, the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Black Widow were in more films than Superman during that time period. Imagine hearing that 9 years ago.
That’s not entirely WB’s fault though
Oh lord how time flies.
And only THREE movies in those 9 years??? Shame, Warner Bros. SHAME!!!
WB can fix that by pumping out Man of Steel sequels all in good time :D
This man is not out enemy.
Zimmer Score intensifies.
Hasn't been Superman in three years. Banished to the Phantom Zone.
And in those 9 years, we've seen him in 3 movies
WB needs to greenlight 'Superman Reborn' with Brainiac as the villain.
Personally I like the title “Man of Tomorrow” for the brainiac sequel. It speaks to the sci-fi aspect, it invokes hope and that new things are coming, as well as being in the family with “Man of Steel”’.
I’ve been trying to come up with a third “Man of” title for the potential 3rd film to complete the trilogy but I can’t really think of anything resonant.
“Man of Eternity” perhaps?
And very little of lois lane
Give us another Superman movie with Cavill, or we riot!
Henry is my favorite.
My favorite live-action Superman and Clark. Wish he gets the chance to play him again sometime soon.
And my favorite Lois and Clark as well. Their chemistry was perfect. chefs kiss
Wow, almost a decade and the sum total we've got is about a movie and a half of Superman.
While playing Warcraft lol
Damn, I’m getting old.
I can't believe how hard WB has dropped the ball not making more use of him as Superman
Man of steel blew my away, the casting was perfect and that first flight almost got a tear out of me.
Great superman
Forever my Superman ♥️
Maybe people and warner bros need to accept that fact superman is a niche character. Crazy i know.
Superman has a niche audience. A small devoted audience.
How could a masterpiece like man of steel not make over a billion? Because the character does not have as wide appeal as many people think.
Man of steel is probably as good as warner bros will ever get.
Even if spielberg or someone of that calibre made the film, it still would not gross as much as other films.
Superman is a protector, a flawless symbol who sometimes struggles with his destiny. I think modern audiences do not relate to this. The comic book and general audience have become accustomed to constant jokes, lightheartedness, superficial story with limited requirement for thought or imagination. People do not want to be inspired, they want to see fat thor with their mates and have a laugh. They want iron mans sarcasm and jokes. They want captain americas shallow pitiful struggles "bucky blahblahblah".
They do not want this story of mr invincible who "feels sad". The modern sarcasm that infests todays society cant connect to this. Superman is a beacon of hope and the disease of sarcasm in the modern world deflects that hope.
Commence the one sentence replies ending in lol
Thor and Tony Stark aren't that shallow. Lots of moments featuring their respectives lives are pretty heavy overall, grief depression and emotional issues are all portrayed in their paths. But I get what you're saying ; the lazy entertainment part often overshadows the movies a bit too much imo. Endgame was better in that aspect, but Ragnarok and Infinity War were kinda overload
I would really like more superheroes movies with the early DCEU tone, a well written well directed Justice League movie who takes itself seriously is a really good idea to me, the potential of each hero is fantastic.
Aaaand we lost him :(
Now Ryan Handley is Superman
Then he left because he hated the movie and loved being a Geralt and a fan loved actor
Jeez that's a lotta upvotes