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YuXin Kylin 3x3 V2 M or YJ YULONG V2 M
Currently have Qiyi Warrior W and want to upgrade.
Also considering getting lube for it and my YuXin Little Magic 4x4 M but don't know what to get.
I prefer the yulong
Both are fantastic cubes, and you won't be disappointed by either.
Is it possible to be sub 3 or sub 2 on 2x2 with only cll
Yes, you probably can be sub 3 with Ortega even. But that requires a lot of practice.
great day today with two PB's!
OH: 20.xx (EP PLL so im kinda disappointed it wasn't sub 20)
5x5: 3:49 (Last PB was a 4:32 so really happy about that)
What does .xx refer to?
Does anyone a efficient way to pair the F2L case when the cornet is on the bottom layer and the edge is on top but the front corner piece and top edge color do not match. The algorithm I know only sets it up, but doesn’t pair it.
put the peice so that the white ofthe corner and the edge are on the same side and do righty twice
I watched J Perms video on how to solve a ru kid cube blindfolded and I didn’t u sweat and one thing. I understood the concept of the buffer and letters for each edge but I don’t understand where I should start or what algorithms I must remember. Can anyone help guide me here?
I think Noah Arthurs' videos on the cubingworld YouTube channel are better and explain things more.
Newbie here. Is solving a pyraminx possible without looking it up?
Say, with only knowledge of beginners method?
Trying to decide how long I should spend trying it.
For a benchmark, I would never have attempted figuring out a 3x3 on my own, but when someone said a 2x2 is just like it but without the centers, I was able to figure it out using what I learned from beginner method about orientation and permutation of the corners.
Yes. It's the only puzzle I've figured out on my own (I don't have much patience for that sort of thing), I still haven't really learned a proper method for it :-)
I was still using a beginner's method for 3x3 at the time.
As a puzzle, pyraminx is orders of magnitude easier than a Rubik's Cube. But it's also a completely different geometry, so your speedsolving methods that are tailored for the 3x3 (even if they are beginner methods) are irrelevant here. Pyraminx is easier, in comparison, but it's not a "simpler version of the 3x3" (unlike the 2x2).
Do yourself a favor, avoid spoilers / tutorials, and try to figure it out yourself over the next few days. Observe how the pieces move and interact. If you succeed, it will be like a mental switch in your brain: you will "get" how most new puzzles should be approached, even
Now, solving a pyraminx for speed is a whole different story, with specific optimized methods, but trust me, you're in no rush to get there yet. Try to figure out "a" solution for now.
Hey I just got a cube with pvc coating and the clear plastic overlays and I’m wondering if I can peel the overlays off
The overlays are part of the PVC coating, do not peel them off.
I've been very intrigued by SuperAntonioVivaldi's videos. It's been intriguing to see someone talk about strategy rather than just speed. Without revealing any personal information, does anyone know what field he works in? Sometimes he speaks like a medical doctor, but his analytical style makes me think he's an actuary or something along those lines.
There's been a few mini-clues spread throughout his videos, but nothing concrete.
My guess would be some kind of engineer, in one of his videos he mentions something like "breaking down a problem into smaller problems, which is kindof what I do in my day job", but that really could be anything :)
I binge-watched his videos early on when I got the twisty-puzzle bug, I ended up stopping when I realized I was getting spoilers for puzzles that I was likely to get at some point in the future. Now I limit myself to watching him solve puzzles I've already solved, or puzzles which are so expensive that I'm unlikely to ever get my hands on. Hoping he does an updated collection video soon!
Does anyone know a place to get a 2x4x6 under $30 in the USA?
How long on average did it take you guys to learn and become fast at f2L?
My Cross and F2L takes 12ish seconds and I've been practicing for 7 months
40 years and counting.
5 months
I asked the same a couple of days ago. If you are interested in the responses I got check this
Been out of the loop for almost a year now, I was wondering if I should buy a new cube to get motivation to come back. I have a 356X and some other like Valk M, GTS3M and Valk power M but I don't use them because they're as stiff as a brick right now.
Why not cleaning and lubing them? Those are great cubes, not sure if it's worth spending money on new ones.
you can just set them up properly, they're still awesome. If you want something new, Valk Elite and Gan Xs seem to be marginally better
"How to Magnetize a Stickerless MoYu 15x15x15" (by CKSuperLevis, the king of big cubes)
Ha, I'm actually flying to the city of my favourite magnetize dude at the end of this month, and we've already agreed he's going to do my 12x12. I'd actually love to do a giant cube myself as a project and looked everywhere for a while, but the more (conflicting) info I found on what magnets to use for my 11x11, the more confused I got. He did such a good job with my 10x10, so I just let him do it :) maybe one day I'll work up the courage to do my 13x13 :D
Edit. It's not even the risk of ruining a fairly expensive cube that holds me back, I'd just be so very annoyed if I spent hours and hours magnetizing it, and the result turned out to be underwhelming because of a wrong magnet choice...
What is the best 4x4 oll parity alg?
I really like these two:
Rw U2 x Rw U2 Rw U2 Rw' U2 Lw U2 Rw' U2 Rw U2 Rw' U2 Rw' (which is the right hand version of what the other guy wrote and is called the Lucas parity alg)
Rw U2 Rw' U2 Rw U2 Rw U2 Lw' U2 Rw U2 Rw' U2 x' U2 Rw2 U2 (you can just not do the U2 at the end if you want)
Lw’ U2 x Lw’ U2 Lw’ U2 Lw U2 Rw’ U2 Lw U2 Lw’ U2 Lw U2 Lw
If you enjoy a challenge, the
Non-WCA is where all the fun is at :)
Egg Pig
Curvy Hexagram
Meilong 12x12
Guys, this is gonna sound really dumb but I just got a GAN 356X from AliExpress (sorry, no local retailers anywhere) and I got a frosted cube? It does have 356X's magnet system but the faces are frosted just like the XS. I wanted an X EXCLUSIVELY for the glossy finish. Is this a manufacturing mistake or are all new GAN 356X cubes now come out frosted as well? I'm a bit disappointed. It is an original GAN cube btw with the card and everything.
It feels buttery smooth but my other cube is frosted as well and I hated how I couldn't grip it. Hope my 356X gets better...
Yeah they appear to have changed. I'd love for someone who understands these things to explain, because I don't get it.
But now Gan is switching their flagships to it? Gan, whose average cube costs a kidney?
I'm just seriously confused.
The Gan X V2 is frosted -
It looks like GAN is spreading it to all their stickerless puzzles, it must be cheaper to manufacture.
GAN went with newer batch of GAN 356X (also called v2 in some stores) with frosted plastic and some of the XS improvements.
I'm not sure the answer to your question, sorry, but I just wanted to say that I believe in speedcubereview's videos he mentions that the grip of the Gan frosted cubes get much better over time, with use. He also has a video
What about the tensioning system? I recently saw a video on the new GAN X with the tensioning system from XS but with changeable magnets like the original X.
Also, I've heard some people get their 354M with frosted surface too, so it looks like GAN is switching to frosted surfaces everywhere.
Coming soon...
Oh gosh... will it ever end?
How much better would a cosmic gan 356xs be compared to regular? Same with gts3m..
Also why is cosmic little magic m like $40 while the regular one is $6.50... lol
In my opinion it is not that much better. Just buy some Traxxas 50k, some fast lube and put it in yourself. A YLM is never worth $40. With a little bit of patience you can setup your own cube, it's not hard, and you can just retry by cleaning the pieces. Also, the Gan 356 XS is already very good out of the box.
I have the PVC Coated YLM from
The cube is very different from the stock version. Aside from the PVC coating, lubrication and tensioning - they must have done some other modifications because the cube feels as stable as a Valk and as fast as a GTS3M.
I have given it to various competitors to test it out and the common reaction I had was "wow... What did you do to that Valk 3? It feels amazing".
You can tension, lube and mod the cube on your own or pay (like for the Cosmic cubes) for a pro shop that has experience to do it for you. I wanted to try out such cube after doing so myself and was really pleasantly surprised from the outcome.
This all depends on how you like your cubes set up. The Cosmic versions of puzzles are tensioned and lubed by SCS. If you get a stickered puzzle, you can also customize the sticker shades used.
I personally prefer to set up my puzzles myself, but there's plenty of people who love and swear by the setup services offered by various shops.
I don't know about Little Magic, but Gan XS is so awesome right as it is that I can't imagine what can be further improved.
Magnets and glue cost money, and people don't work for free either.
My rubiks brand 5x5 broke off and i cant fix it since you cant take apart the cube. Do you guys have any ideas?
Take it to any forest, tie it to a tree and run. Then buy yourself any other 5x5, that thing is terrible. There's some very decent budget options available now.
Did my first ever ao100 today, 22.62!
I’d say you’re at least sub 24 then
My centerpiece (Gan 356 XS) keep falls off every time I try to solve it. Are there any ways to fix it?
You can lodge it in place with a little piece of paper. Or a small track of gummy lube.
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What to do:
Type your new flair, then click apply. Then go back to where you can change your flair but don't change anything, just click apply again.
This seems simpler to me then opening the browser version.
Please let me know if this fixed it for you!
Did anyone buy the cosmic wr m? Does it come with stronger magnets?
you might as well buy a WR and some magnets.
I'm trying to learn 2 edge pairing for 4x4 using this CubeSkills tutorial:
My problem is, most of the times I try to replace the solved pair by the counterpart of the moved away piece, the second pair gets not solved but in opposite positions when I slice back. So I have to flip the edge using R U R' F R' F' R and continue trying to pair 2 edges at a time - or just solve this opposite-located pair by Uw' (R U R' F R' F' R) Uw. Am I missing something?
You have to pay attention to how you insert the pair. I think you're inserting the pair that has the piece you want, but you're not checking whether that piece will end up in the top or bottom slice.
I want to get into cubing, what are some budget-ish beginner options for me to consider?
This is just my own opinion, but of the budget cubes I have owned and tried, my winners are the yuxin little magic or the MF3RS3m. Try the latter. It is a little more expensive but it’s magnetic
I would recommend sticker bc the budget cubes turn and feel great but the stickers where fast I have had a little magic for only a few weeks and they are already wearing
Meilong, or Little Magic.
Try the meilong. It’s only around 4-5 dollars and very good for its price.
The only recent budget cube I’ve had experience with is the Yulong v2m, which at $8 is an excellent value.
What's your budget? The Gans 354 M is a nice magnetic that you can get for about $30. Keep in mind it's ever so slightly smaller than most other 3x3s, but the size difference has never bothered me.
Gan XS arriving tomorrow!
It’s a fantastic cube. My settings are springs on fourth click and tension on 1, so very tight
Have fun with it!
How do I explain to non-cubers that using/learning algs is not "cheating"?
My argument is that the point (at least for most of us) of cubing is to get as fast as possible, not to learn from scratch every time we pick up a cube how to solve it. So we use algs as an efficient way to remember how to solve the cube, and we memorize new algs to make ourselves even more efficient. Cubing is a sport of memory and finger dexterity, not puzzle-solving per se.
From the point of view of someone who doesn't know how to solve a 3x3, it's not suprising that they consider following someone else's algs to be cheating. To them, working out how to solve the puzzle yourself is the challenge, not just trying to get fast at it using someone else's methods.
My wife is like this - I tried to teach her how to solve a 3x3 using the beginners method, and she hated it - she didn't want to just learn algorithms. Then I tried a different strategy, and explained to her about commutators, and she was much more engaged, to the point where she managed to solve all of the edges of a 3x3 using commutators.
Speedsolving is obviously a different beast to general puzzle solving, and I'm guessing that most people on this sub will heavily focus one or the other, with not a huge overlap. Your explanation of speedsolving sounded good to me, try using that :)
Make the distinction between the cube being a puzzle to solve independently and speedcubing being an activity that uses the cube as a piece of equipment. Also, anyone who discovered their own solution and then got into speedcubing would look up better algs anyway.
Is looking up strategies and useful combos for Street Fighter cheating?
Do mathematicians physicists "cheat" when using known formulas? Do they need to use only formulas they invented?
Do Chefs and Cooks "cheat" when they use or learn common recipes? Do they need to create all components from scratch?
Do dancers "cheat" when they take dancing lessons or not intuitively create their own dances?
Do singers and musical instrument players "cheat" when they use known songs and note sheets that other people invented?
There is a lot of ways to do a puzzle. Someone might want to solve it themselves - someone did that with a rubik's cube originally, after all. Then multiple people invented improvement.
I think you should explain it exactly like that.
Gan 356 air sm 2019 or gan 356 xs?Both are pretty light so which is better?
Is there even such a thing?
If your talking about the normal SM, almost everyone that got the X mained it, and now most people have switched to the XS, so its presumably better than the SM.
When you promised yourself not to order any cubes for a month or two, and then mo'foing
I still haven't got an Egg Pig, I don't think ziicube ever got it in stock? :(
Best puzzle of 2019, hands down.
That Phųk Hình pig
When people say they're sub x, do they mean average or one solve?
Most of the time its AO100. Some people use AO1000.
This is just a question for those who have tried a Qiyi Wuwei, what cube would you say the Wuwei best compares to?
It feels similar to the WR M
Jperm just made a review and he said its different
Why does FMC not use STM? Seems sort of limiting. I'm a total noob at FMC, so I may be wrong, but there will be situations where using slice moves will be more efficient right?
Convention. When FMC became a thing cubers didn't talk about slice moves much because they were almost never used on the rigid cubes they had. So FMC was counted in OBTM, and switching it to STM now would basically make all solutions prior to the change incomparable to solutions after. It'd be a rift in FMC history and there's no substantive positive to switching to STM.
Fellow FMC noob here: when I’m doing FMC I don’t write rotations and deal with it by looking at the center color of the face I’m turning. Slice turns move the centers, which would mess all that up.
Of course STM would allow for lower move counts—STM move count is always less-than-or-equal-to OBTM move count. But why should it use STM? It would make it easier to get, say, sub-30 solutions, but in that case, sub-30 STM would also be less prestigious compared to sub-30 OBTM.
Pretty sure it's just OBTM because the common notation for slice moves sucks and barely anyone knows off the top of their head which way E and S moves go. Even M moves are often confused with M' moves (see e.g. Kevin Hays's Tuesday Tips series where he makes this mistake a lot).
I only have a very basic understanding of NISS, but reverse of the solution for reverse scramble should solve the original scramble, right?
I tried doing it and for some reason, it doesn't work.
I could post ACN links but the scramble is one of the FMC scrambles in the current competition.
Are you maybe reorienting the cube somewhere in the process?
Its inverse not reverse (dk if there's a difference but Jperm says inverse)
Except that detail you're right.
What you have to do is read the scramble backwards and make sure to change every '. So R' becomes R and R becomes R'.
I got my first sub-40 3bld single, a 39.75 yesterday! It was part of a 45.02 PB mean
Congrats man! Incredibly fast :D
If I am sub-40 on 3x3, what times on 4x4 and megaminx are good for me?
Very rough rule of thumb (it works for me, YMMV):
3x3 times 4 ~= 4x4
So you might expect to get to 2:40 on 4x4 and 5:20 on Megaminx once you've gotten to the stage where you don't have to constantly think about what the next step of the method is.
F' R2 B F2 U2 F' L2 B U2 L2 D2 R' D' U2 B U' B2 U2 R
I do but that one just gave me a headache :-D
so what exactly does the word “gummy” mean in reference to lube?? i’ve also heard soft, heavy, plush, etc. and i have no idea what they mean. the only lubes i have are speedcubeshop weight 5 and dnm-37, so how do those terms relate to those lubes??
I've been thinking for a while how to describe gummy, but every time I circle back to "I don't know, just... Gummy, you know" :D
Weight 5 is definitely a gummy lube though. It makes your cube a little slower, more controllable, 'softer' and dampened, and kind of sticky, but not in a spilled softdrink way. I don't know, just... Gummy, you know.
I just got my first sub-10 pyra average. It also had a 6.02 PB single!
Nice man! Gz :)
Take this clock scramble: UR4- DR2- DL5- UL4- U3+ R4+ D6+ L3- ALL2+ y2 U0+ R4+ D0+ L3- ALL0+ DL
What's the best way to make use of the solved line???
Not sure how many people would care about this, but I found out how to scramble only the centers of a 4x4 by hand to practice BLD centers. Just spam (r U2)6 around the entire cube randomly and there you go, you have everything preserved with scrambled centers.
Something like
That sounds useful! Thanks man
I got a budget small stickerless Megaminx, but I don't like that it has White, Cream and Light Gray colored sides all at once, kinda low contrast here.
Is it the QiYi one? Sadly you don't have many options, and markers won't last (and will make it not comp legal).
The Galaxy has the same shades, but comes with a black face so you can replace one color. The Little Magic has better overall contrast.
Anyone know of any tool/app/website for manipulating puzzle algorithm notation? In particular I'd like to
(I had to reverse/mirror a lot of very long algs when trying to solve the Biaxe, a tool like the above would have been a great help.)
edit: fixed a mistake in the examples edit: added (4)
for 2 and 3
Good morning and night!
BeepBop! Do one thing every day that scares you, the 10x10. Here's your daily scramble:
B' D2 F R2 F2 L2 D2 F L2 U2 D' F' R' F R2 U L' D' B D2
Have a nice day!
Source code:
z2 y' // inspection
yx //inspection
green white FB
y' x//inspection
R' F L U B2 U R' U R u' R//xcross+make a pair
U' R U2 R'//setup another pair while inserting this pair
y L U L'//insert said pair
U2 R U' R' U2 R U' R'//last pair
U2 (R' F R F')2 R U R' U' R U R'//1lll
42 HTM, not bad
x2 // inspection
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