Crypto Daily, Edition: August 05, 2019

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Guys we need a new banner. Give us something aesthetically pleasing or dank. Taking submissions now
I sent through the automod change last night to adjust the time on the daily, but didn't get a confirmation back (and the new daily isn't up obviously). Weird
Ow my Nano
Some alts might be about to B R I C K. Give it about a month. Buy the bloodshed and enjoy Sat gains for years.
I will be messaging you on
Parent commenter can
Ya done good tonight
am tryina do my part dad
Since March, Tether's market cap has gone from $2,000,000,000 to double that in 5 months. Why?
I won't claim to be right on this one, just my intuition and opinion here...But why the fuck do we need double the amount of Tether in circulation as we had just 5 short months ago? For the most part, everyone believes Tether is used to pump BTC. Every time Tether is printed, Bitcoin has a substantial move upwards, which causes FOMO, correct? Why then, would we need more Tether, if that Tether is put INTO BTC? Wouldn't there be a legit surplus of it?
So that brings me to my next point. Where do the funds go then, once 'Tether has been used to pump Bitcoin?' Cashed out to FIAT? Why cash out to FIAT when you can cash your Bitcoin into Tether, then cash your Tether into alts as many times as you want, especially if you have the right funds to move prices on extremely illiquid, low market cap coins?
Why are alts falling like a brick and have been? I would think if this is a legit bullrun, alts would move accordingly with BTC. Yet, they're plummeting. In 2017 alts were moving right alongside Bitcoin, some of which doing 1000x's+. Bitcoin in very short order hit $20k. Imagine buying $250 worth (in BTC) of an alt that did a 1,000x, after you bought Bitcoin at say, $500. Half of a Bitcoin that put into an alt went up 1,000x, then went 40x on TOP of that. So for a $250 investment, you're looking at almost $10,000,000 if you made the right moves. Now imagine if you put say, $10k into BTC at $500 and then put it into the right alt that did even a 100-500x.
So then, what is Tether actually being used for? If Tether prints, then Bitcoin moons, why?'They' are selling you their bags, and you're happy to scoop it up from them. Everyone falling for the 'this is the next Bitcoin bullrun!!!' meme is about to learn a very painful lesson in months to come. In fact, I am becoming increasingly more confident as time goes on that this is nothing other than a correctional bullish impulse, or a very short lived new all time high in the making to around $40k.
Have fun holding Bitcoin you paid $10k/$20k+ for when we hit triple or even double digits. You will be adding to the capitulation volume. :-)
Mark my words.
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I feel like as a sub we should all go in on a tiny cap coin. You know, so we can lose money as a team
I'm in.....I enjoy losing money
Wownero. Scammiest of coins.
RANK#: 97
PRICE: $0.000117
VOLUME (24HR): $900
CIRC SUPPLY: 465,107,478,370 TRXC
CHANGE (24HR): 221.56%
Good job coin market cap. This is the type of quality information I come to your website for.
TRONCLASSIC is our new official mascot
$900 volume...we could pump it to hell! Lol
So when binance officially shuts doors on the US, where are you burgers going?
Coin Lion?
Joe's Bitshack?
VPN Binance wassup.
Kucoin, probably.
I was so close to getting some Coin Lion today. May sleep on it and buy in the morning
They're here already. Let the shillfest begin. NO high quality comments are allowed.
BSV or bust?
I really want to see another push to 12k.... but the daily red dildo leads me to think we range down to 10.6k before bouncing.
But bitcoin never does what I want it to.... so we'll see a new ath within 90 days probably.
148 to go
Matic, I'm going to need to go ahead and pump to 200 - 400 sats
You are also invited to pump higher than 400 sats
I've been waiting for the retracement on ONE but it's up to 25% gain so far. Similar story with MATIC.
I'm secretly hoping we see some insane gains like MATIC saw when it was first released.
I'm hoping. Been fairly boring outside of the initial pump
Guys...we need to step up the banter. 300 isn't going to happen if we lack the desire to comment on whether or not we are in a bull market.
i eat ass
Wow I've been slacking off here apparently
*banter intensifies
This isn't
what happened to the Nano daily megathreads? I miss them :[
When MATIC hit 81 Satoshis today, I almost sold for BTC for a quick small percentage gain. Literally logged into Binance and had the index finger over the left click mouse button to sell. But then my HODL instincts kicked in and told me to HODL and perhaps just DCA in. I logged out of Binance without executing any trade. And then literally 3 mins later...MATIC starts pumping on the Coinbase tweet. So glad I HODLed, and kinda funny, a small part of me is kicking myself for not DCA'ing more in. Stay strong peeps!!!
Hodl is a good technique with good projects
Reminder not to FOMO into Harmony One. It's already dumping and who knows if they'll actually get listed on CB. It will start bleeding again over the next week.
With that said, I might buy a suicide stack once it's done bleeding. Looks like it could be good tech and a decent team. Don't see it beating ETH 2.0 but who knows.
I don't know man. It's already at where ETH 2.0 is going to be. I think it's a smart buy.
If Vitalik doesn't get his shit together it just might
Also made
Now go back down btc so I can accumulate more
looks like the top TAers are calling for it to drop. 12k resistance was too much.
Last runnup there's was tons of discussion about chip and handle... You're seeing a nicely formed handle there!
I had charted something similar a bit back.
i see that as the bearish argument. Bob Loukas agrees.... wrong tweet though
The western world enters a recession akin to that of 2008 and this send BTC to upwards of $80,000 because people have finally realized it is non-correlated to all other markets and have chosen it as a safe haven from the crooked practices of the Federal Reserve forced inflation/printing, Real Estate loan-providers, and the everyday debtors. What does your life look like then?
Yacht life, don't care.
i think a major recession long term is good for btc....but i think the immediate effect will hit btc/crypto hard until people finally realize that some of this shit/aka bitcoin is decentralized and gov't has no sway over...then it'll fucking balloon.
Matic up 23% and ONE up 26% since the coinbase tweet. feelsgood.jpg
Feedback welcome at
Guys, we need the subscribers to keep increasing. Growth is starting to lag. This means the price of 1 ETH has a chance to catch up. #
-Victor Cobra
Pamp et
i agree with VC's TA. We need to pump the market.
Are you guys seeing this right now
damn - where did you get in at
Hey Jannies - can we get a new banner up....i've had enough ramen in jannie jail.
I would but I'm bbqing and browsing on me phone right now
What you got in mind?
Sold my EVX for matic and so far it hasn’t dumped. I might get lucky
Bought at 105 sats
sub 100 sats was a genius buy....sub 125 sats is a smart buy - just sit on the shit, keep buying it below 150 sats (imo) and when it hits CB... .25-.50 is very much a possibility.
Was going to post
Glad to have you back.
Lmao nice
Guess who's back motherfuckers.
After doing a thousand pushups every single day these last few days, while the jannies had me on lock down in solitary confinement....i did a lot thinking and sweating.
We're moving forward. You won't see the jannies here mentioned the past. We're better than that and this sub is going to blossom and it's going to be a beautiful thing to be a part of. So from now on, the jannies here, myself included are going to focus on the future.
How the fuck have y'all been? What about bitcoin...shit exploded while I was in the yard. Crazy times.
Oprah is actually handing out free green wojaks to everyone in the crowd today, seems legit
Well, well, well.
300 comments on today's daily or I eat my own dick
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Guess who's back
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Mods are back
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Now everyone report to the daily,
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Alright stop:
Shitposting time
New possible coinbase listings
Where my Harmonauts at??
Matic mean those coinbase rumors were true all a long ATV?
idk what to think of this tbh
Hey fellow crypto maximalists, here's a longish TA/sentiment post I made on the bitcoinmarkets sub yesterday. Just my views on what's goin on:
As some of you know, I'm an alt guy at heart, but that doesn't stop me from posting analysis on Bitcoin. I've actually managed to plot out most of the major price pivots over the last 6 months, despite being incorrect in the assumption that alts would perform well initially. I shouldn't have blindly made this assumption though, because alts lagged for much of the previous bull market.
Anyway, I got the top correct in
I saw someone post today that they just sold their Bitcoin to go into alts. They got downvoted into oblivion. That goes to show you how glaringly extreme the anti-altcoin, Bitcoin maximalist sentiment is right now. It also shows you where most people are putting their money at the present time (I mean, if the charts weren't obvious enough). If you look at the
Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised to see dominance take a major hit as Bitcoin fails to make a new high sooner than many are hoping. A breach of the bullish channel I've drawn for Bitcoin to the upside on various exchanges could happen sooner rather than later though. Even if this happened, I would be surprised to see dominance head up past 77-80% (next resistance, if you go by that chart). I think this would only happen briefly if it did, and I think it would coincide with a higher high closer to the ATH. Otherwise, I think it's getting a bit risky to try to time when dominance may fall.
Also I'll add - one of the reasons I'm not scaling more into Bitcoin at the present time is that my average entries for my alts aren't particularly bad (at least USD wise). Alts won't have to recover too much on their ratios for me to be in a great position. I'm betting on at least some of these guys catching up eventually. Plus I don't want to deal with the short term capital gains tax headache, since many of my purchases are up in USD value.
-Victor Cobra
Great read VC. This makes me feel a lot better about being in alts
I used an on ramp to buy some LTC at $96 last night and sent it to my Binance wallet before going to bed. Woke up and sold at $101.
A 5% gain doesn't seem like much but I was so close to buying a stablecoin instead lmao
Edit: oops -- originally wrote $0.96 and $1.01. Thanks
I don't usually do this but.... LOL @ NANO
Delete this before username see u!
I don't usually do this but...Why LOL @ NANO and not all of the other coins doing poorly? It seems there's as much irrational hate for nano as there is irrational love for it.
Is "LOL @" really the attitude we want?
Also.... LOL @ DOW
If I have to short or long right now, would you short, or long?
I am thinking of opening a short now...
I opened a short 25x at 11750.
Good luck to me and yall
Seeing Coin Lion shilled on biz a lot recently. 1.2M Market Cap. What are people's thoughts? I'm torn between this and
has anyone been on the coinlion exchange? i'm trying to figure out if it's worth going on it or beaxy (or another us friendly exchange) since Binance is pulling burgership.
I've been thinking about picking up a small stack of Coin Lion just in case. It's the small caps that can make big bucks, it's just a matter of choosing the right one haha
seems like just another exchange token, right?
Shit, literally any post thats not about BTC is downvoted to hell in
The echo chamber is ridiculous
the toxicity over the last days is INSANE
I literally get angry reading a few posts and it's not because they bash my bags
everyone is just shitting on each other like a scat party, glad it doesn't smell
Mods out of prison today. Bullish
Lol being banned from cc, for what reasson I don't see any comment wich are breaking the rules
Welcome to the club
You probably looked at a mod the wrong way. Welcome to the club!
Vechain - "yo dawg we heard you like ico prices, so we gonna give you a second chance to buy at ico prices."
😬 I’m really glad I sold off my Cardano and VeChain two months back. Now might be a really good time to buy back though. If only I didn’t also sell my Bitcoin and Ethereum...
Nice to see Nano hasn’t completely shit the fucking bed today.
Lol, Nano's like a really hot girl you take home, wild passionate sex elevating you to new highs. Then she shits in your bed. Leaving a trail all the way out the door.
I just want to get back up to a point where I can actually afford a rope
Good boy, Nano, good boy! Who's a good boy?
It was nice to wake up and see green on a Monday morning for once
Well where do we go from here? Keep climbing or a big drop soon?