How do you deal with almost-god rolls?

I was going to write generic cases but it ended up doing the opposite of making it easier to read so I'll just write what happened to me:

I have a slideshot / quickdraw mindbenders with rifled barrel/ full choke, but with handling mw and light mag.
Let me tell you I'll never run more hallowed lairs again.
You just get used to it. I wreck in pvp with it and I'm happy. Could I get little more range? Sure. Could I just play better. Yep. To me that's the way to go.
I have one with FC, accurized, snapshot and QuickDraw but with a stability masterwork. I was actually hunting for the curated roll, but didn’t get it after a couple of hours and thought this one might be good.
I love it, and don’t intend on farming for another one. I don’t feel like the ten less range has ever really hurt me.
I came back to D2 after dropping it since year 1. My friend was farming the nightfall for months non stop. He invited me to help him and I got the godroll first try.
He never played D2 again lol.
Very jealous. I ran it quite a few hours across 2 days (I know, I should have done more) and only got ONE drop. If I get something remotely like yours, I'll never farm that damn strike and that bitchass immune-every-five-seconds boss
I have a full choke/rifle barrel slide shot qucik draw mind benders with range MW and Light mag and that's just fine. Fuck you hallowed Lair.
my exact roll, and it works just fine for what I need it to do.
This is really good advice, I have the same roll on MB as you and I wanted a better one this week. I ran probably 30 NFs and got 3 crappy drops. I was feeling pretty bummed out so thanks for the good words.
I have slideshot, quickdraw, Accurized and corkscrew.. Reload mw.
Last night I figured I'd have another go, rifled, Accurized, snapshot, quickdraw... Reload mw.
I think I'm done.
When I farmed for it, over like 30-40 strikes I got about 10 rolls, and not a single one of them had quickdraw.
Curated Mindbender is still the best roll I have for it and while I'd love to get a quickdraw roll, fuck Hallowed Lair, that's good enough for me now.
Mine is openingshot rampage, i wish i had any other roll but fuck no i dont want any of that strike
Depends how easy it is to farm. For things like Obelisk weapons I'll keep farming until I get exactly the roll I want (though I'll hold on to and use near-misses until I get that).
For world drops without Obelisk or Menagerie style farming, I give up once I'm close enough. Ain't nobody got time to farm an exact roll in those situations... eg. for things like Spare Rations and Mindbender close enough is good enough (for me).
Agreed. For most thinks, I won't sweat being a perk off as long as it's roughly the right set. But when the Sundial is giving me four shots at a gun and Timelost Arsenal is giving me two choices in my far-right slot, you better believe I'm going to keep on rolling until I get something perfect.
Yup, difficulty of farming is the primary factor. I’ll never run Reckoning again to try and get a better spare rations, but I’d do obelisk of menagerie or any other direct/targeted farming until I’m content.
One perk or MW off is fine as long as you have the non-negotiable perk, such as quickdraw for mindbenders/retold or rangefinder for spare rations.
Agreed on both counts. If it’s something annoying to farm, I’ll keep it on the backburner for the end of the season when I need stuff to do.
I agree, with spare or mindbenders I might do a couple runs a week but I totally let go of the godroll grind tenacity if I get something even decent, but with Sundial I will not rest until I get my dream rolls.
You can farm this in the menagrie only reason to farm in the dreaming city was for the curated and you already have it
Ooooh good point man, I can add menagerie to the weekly farm along with ascendant challenge, for those double reward chests that I think you get thrice per week.
wait... he has the curated and doesn't use it, If I got the curated twilight oath i'd say goodbye to every other sniper i've used
At some point, you gotta stop farming for that perfect roll and start having fun with what you got.
Ok gtg I’m off to T2 reckoning.
You need another? I’m trying to get that 3 two spare rations...
Best comment here by far.
The chance of getting a perfect roll is so small that depending on activity and enhancements possible (E.g. chalice menagerie or double perk sundial) you would need between 50 to 10.000 drops to get it. Calculate your chances first then decide.
E.g. I am hunting a sundial scout: 1/3 x 1/6 x 1/3 x 1/4 = 1/216.
I get roughly 7 drops per run so it’s about 30 runs. 3 per week = 10 weeks = doable.
But E.g. a specific spare rations drop for the two main perks: 1/36. And with the large time investment to get even a single drop ... be happy with what you get.
And when we talk about mindbenders ... :(
what roll are you looking for?
I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good
I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good
First make sure it's actually worth getting upset over that you didn't get every single perk you expected. As with your example, I've seen people flip out over getting Smallbore rather than Rifled Barrel on a near perfect shotgun. That's a difference of only 3 points in Range and doesn't have a penalty -15 Handling. How far do you think +3 Range actually increases your reach? I don't think that's even measurable it's so minuscule, especially given the random nature of shotgun blasts. Large increments of +10 Range have been found to only add a fraction of a meter, maybe 0.5m at most. Most seem to let their imaginations run wild gazing at stat bars rather than looking at the objective results of testing.
An even more amusing example is people grinding for Erentil angry they got something like Signal instead of Torch not realizing how the stats actually work. Signal will easily give you an extra ~3m reach because although Torch has 3 Range more, Signal has nearly double the zoom, which extends your reach far more than a sliver of the Range stat. It's amazing people will spend a dozen hours grinding for a certain roll but won't bother spending 2 minutes testing them in a private match or the Tribute Hall.
I stopped farming mindbenders as I was only getting a drop roughly ever 4 or 5 runs, settled for my decent roll as I was just sick of running the same strike.
If you are still happy to grind for it then by all means go for it, but if you are sick of it keep in mind bungie keep recycling the same weapons and you may have an opportunity to grind for it much easier in the future
Got a FC / quickdraw / range MW / useless shit perks last night. Never doing a nightfall again!
I keep the best roll of each weapon that drops for me. I check new weapons that drop against the roll I already have. If the new roll better, I dismantle the old roll. I hate keeping duplicates, but I will if I get something that looks interesting.
If I'm truly after a particular roll on a weapon, I'll grind the activity that drops it until I get it or, after a lot of attempts, give up because it's probably too rare. I cleared one of the damn forges on Nessus over 120 times to get a Blast Furnace with the mid-range scope, steady rounds, feeding frenzy, kill clip, and a stability masterwork. The closest I got was one that had everything except steady rounds. Grinding that forge dozens of more times simply isn't worth that one perk if the gun is otherwise great.
I think we tend to overestimate the value of God rolls. God rolls won't make you a better player. If anything they will, in some cases, cover up our shortcomings. God rolls won't improve your decision making or your game sense. Ofc having a Snapshot/Quickdraw MB or a Snapshot/Quickdraw Beloved its good, but I believe that, unless you have an insane amount of time and will to compromise on hunting the perfect roll, just get something that is good enough and actually use it, otherwise you'll end up on a grinding loop chasing this elusive roll and when you get it you'll end up feeling like the your perfect roll performs just like your average roll.
I stopped chasing god rolls. Just became so repetitive and boring. I play too many other games to dedicate untold hours going after 1 gun with a specific perk set. Hell I did Hallowed Lair grind for maybe 2 hours with no drops at all and said fuck this, I'll go play something I actually enjoy.
keep them in my vault for months and forget about them until i'm running low on vault space and wonder why i kept those guns in my vault for so long
I will typically hit an activity hard until I get a decent roll and then go and enjoy it in whatever activity I intended to use it, life's too short to do the same thing over and over. If I really want a roll I will continue to farm but at a much more relaxed pace so I can still do what I actually enjoy doing. Only exception to this is temporary content like the season stuff but so far Bungie have been good at making these easy to farm and now with additional perk options.
I have a full choke accurized snapshot quickdraw with handling MW. Would it be cool to have a range MW? Yeah? Am i running hollowed lair no. The time id spend getting the perfect roll would be better spent getting good.
Frankly, the difference between an insane roll (that is pretty easy to get for most weapons, let's face it) and an actual God roll is minuscule. Let's say, random numbers here, you have a Mindbender with 10% less range than optimal. 5% of your shots the not-God-roll will fail you over its superior version.
Now think about it: how many entire comp games are decided by one guy leaving his opponent at 10 life instead of 0 because of a "faulty" shotty? Almost none, I can tell you.
Things like your own skill, your loadout, your teammates, communication, salt management are much, much bigger factors in games. It's easy to focus on what is easy to control (ie the rolls) but you really shouldn't obsess over it. They're almost a non-factor.
Bottom line is, you should pursue the absolute God roll only if you enjoy the chase, the intrinsic pleasure of it, not the extrinsic reward. It will only make you miserable, and you should do other more fulfilling things with your life.
I got a Mindbenders with Full choke, Range MW, Quickdraw & Snapshot, but lightmag.
Given, I hadn't grinded too much to get it, but you won't catch me running that damn Nightfall again unless I somehow get roped into helping a mate.
I'd love THE god roll Mindbenders, but if my positioning's good and I play well, that fraction of a metre doesn't make a difference 99% of the time.
Personally, I rather PVP to PVE so if I get close to a god roll, I just run with it. If you have time and nothing better to do, you could grind a bit more but the chances of getting another even close to your roll could be very slim.
A bad roll weapon can be just as deadly as a god roll in the right hands, so I'd just say play with what you've got, and with practice, you'll still shred :)
4/5 and better and I stop, till then I keep farming.
At some point you're met with diminishing returns for your effort.
I have a Mindbenders with Slideshot, Quickdraw, Full Choke, and Range Masterwork
It has been ruined by the shit round perks (Steady Rounds, and Tactical Mag). I swore some of my enemies have survived at 8 meters because of that.
I decided to go back to my older one with Slideshot, Moving Target, Accurized Rounds, Full choke/rifled barrel and Handling MW. Doesn't have Quickdraw, but it's better than having bad round perks.
The only reason that I didn't farm Hallowed Lair this week is because I was away from home all week. Now I have to wait another fucking month. They should just bring it back for one more week.
If you use full choke on both shotguns and not use steady rounds on the first shotgun, wouldn't the range be the same?
In my whole d2 life, i farmed only 2 mindbenders. One was the curated roll and the other snapshot + moving target acc rounds. I got both in like half an hour and i am happy with it. So i dont need to look for the perfect roll anymore. In the case of oath, if you really want to max out that handling maybe you don't even need to look for that roll because you can use dragons shadow for that if you are a hunter...
I stop once I have had enough and become content with the roll I have. Mindbenders Ambition this past week for example...I could only take so much of speedrunning the Strike before it just became dull...I found the curated roll which isn't the greatest (no quickdraw) and then found one with Quickdraw, but a shitty Stability this point I am burnt out. I will farm the strike a few more times next time it comes back into the nightfall rotation and take my rolls into Private matches and test out which one is better. I'd recommend you do the same. Always take your weapons into private matches and see which one feels better
The odds of getting a 100% roll are so astronomically low that if I get one that is really close that's usually good enough for me.
Never give up! Never surrender! Think we all face this situation and my vault is around 480 because of it!😁
I have a full choke, accurized rounds, snapshot sights, rampage, range MW mindbenders. Ideally it would have quickdraw instead of rampage. But having 1 perk from a god roll doesn't make much of a difference at all. When you go into crucible, how many people do you see with a god roll or even a near-god roll? The answer is very very little. So to start with you're at an advantage having an almost-god roll to begin with. And that 1 perk is rarely the difference between winning the right or not. My opinion is having a roll which is 1 perk off a god roll is ample.
I really don’t farm for a god roll for long tbh. I keep the best roll of each weapon because I never know what the mood I’ll be in.
Probably grind 3-4 hours most - and that’s for like weapons like spare rations.
I figure over time if I keep saving the my best roll or two and have most of the weapons I’ll always have something competitive and so far so good.
Although I’m trying to get a full auto explosive rounds patron of lost causes so I might be a hypocrite because you get so many after each run I feel like “I’ll get it next time for sure”
Honestly, I just decide it's not worth my time and move on. Just about all the meta weapons are naturally good enough that any of them will be a good one.
I've never gotten more than a decent Spare Rations roll, but I have no problem slaying out whenever I use it. My favorite Spare Rations roll missed out on one or two perks, but it's still a perfectly good Spare Rations.
Funny enough my almost god roll Spare Rations got a lot better with the range nerf, since it has rangefinder + stability MW
at some point you gotta go out and enjoy the game. my erentil could be better (i'm that guy, sorry!) but it's good enough to get me some wins and have some fun. if you ain't enjoying the game, is it worth it?
I decided to stop trying farming Erentils when I got this one:
Almost max range, but has backup plan instead of RangeFinder, and I know some people like backup plan but I'm sadly not one of them.
But no way I'm running menagerie expecting a better roll than that, what are the odds, now I just go to the Banshee from time to time and that's it
On my final mindbenders run, I got the shotgun.
I looked in my inventory, snapshot/QuickDraw...OMG it’s what I wanted.
Masterwork is range!!!!!
Check the barrels, it has rifled and full choke!!!!
No accurized rounds....I was so confused in my elation and simultaneous disappointment.
So close yet so far....?
I may never run it again, because I feel that the odds of lightning striking twice but giving me accurized next time are very slim lol
Same thing happened to me, except I got corkscrew rifling for the best barrel and had accurized rounds.
If it comes that close to my ultimate dream roll then I just keep it and consider my grind over—but not entirely... I still do whatever activity it may be (hollowed lair when it's up, 3 menagerie runs, etc.) but just way way less than the initial grind, and I always weave in bounties or quests to it as well. Deep down I am definitely one of those people who cannot be truly happy until I have THE roll, but I've learned to chill and be happy with what I've got. At the end of the day the game has to be fun and whether it's fun is mostly up to me and how I interact with the game.
Keep it and use it, the chances of you getting that same roll with the better perks are slim.
Delete 'em
I've kinda gave it up on so called God rolls, for example: I have a rapid hit swashbuckler spare rations which is very good to pve and ppl said it would suck for pvp, however, using it along with bottom tree striker and the skull fort and it wreck in pvp, since as a Titan you punch everything, so the 5x stack will be up for that time, after that, 2x tap anywhere! But, I have a rifled barrel/snapshot sights/moving target mindbenders which is kinda lame, but, it wrecks on pvp! So, to each his own
Keep em. I've gotten one spare rations and one mindbenders, neither are great rolls. But I slay with them, and I don't waste my life grinding garbage PVE activities
Unpopular opinion:
If you need a god roll to be good at the game, you're not that good at the game.
I usually can't. I have bad ocd and I will die IRL if I use a non-perfect roll. Especially if I've already invested a ton of time into the farm. What's 10 more hours on top of 40? Lol
my man!
honestly tho I bet half the people here saying they stop with a near perfect roll don't actually do it, they are just trying to feel better about their own rolls.
I'd say spec for sniper handling with the enhanced perks and move on. If it super bugs you, farm the first 3 menagerie completions on each character each week until you get what you want.
IMO 4/5s are basically instant masterworks, no sense in chasing 1 in 2000 rolls/unicorns unless you can farm a dozen every day easily...
Newbie here. I read the thread but could one of my fellow guardians please explain the term "God Roll". And if it's dope how do I get one?
Sup, short explanation:
god roll = weapon that has all the perks you wanted
Long explanation:
Most legendary weapons in the game drop with random perks, you can check the possible perks that them can have in sites like
When the community gets to an agreement about what is the best combo of perks for a certain weapon (and for a certain cenario) that combination is titled a "god roll".
But you can have a personal god roll, like my case with the exact Twilight Oath I want, which is: flutted barrel + handling masterwork + accurized or steady rounds + opening shot + box breathing
Hey man i have that exact roll. Not worth it, it is not as snappy as the curated. the way i see it is , either curated or opening shot max range with ophidian adpects or dragon shadow.
Yea I think you are right, I searched in my vault for a max handling roll and I have it.
It doesn't have good last 2 perks but I used it to test the snappyness, and for some reason max handling is not as snappy as having quickdraw (both cases without snapshot ofc).
Maybe that whole hunt is just dumb then, and in that case I have some very nice rolls already.
But the topic in general still stands, for other situations. And thx for the reply
I'll typically farm hardcore until I get a solid 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars roll. At that point, I slow down and might farm for the gun every now and then, but nowhere near as relentlessly as before. I still enjoy the chase for godrolls, but I certainly don't want to burn out on the game while chasing them. Stuff like Mindbender's is just so tedious to farm that I've basically given up on the idea of getting my perfect roll. The Menagerie has been a godsend for stuff like DRB and Waking Vigil though and I wish every gun could be farmed like that.
I call Demi-God rolls good enough. Just like optimal TTK on some weapons. You have a tiny margin of difference between winning a shoot out and losing one. Grinding for the perfect roll has netted me almost zero "god tier" weapon rolls. I've had all of my god rolls drop more randomly when I'm not paying attention or just playing the game. It's nice to have the best but if its RNG, there's a chance it may never happen. Just play and try to have fun.
I have been grinding mindbenders, beloved, and spare rations of late and I am of the mind that, if you get most of the perks youre looking for its probably good enough, the "god" roll will only improve it a little bit more, and so with a very good roll you can still be competitive, i think its also comes down to player skill, I mean yall have probably seen frostbolt play, he slays with all white gear so idk,
Almost god roll? Definitely stop or at least slow down.
However, sounds like you still want the max handling Twilight Oath with Opening Shot. That'd be barrel, MW, and opening shot, yet you only have 1/3. I'd at least get to 2/3 or 1.5/3 (slightly worse barrel) before stopping.
Edit: people mentioned Menagerie too. You can force handling, so it should be simple brute force to get 2/3 with Opening shot and Handling MW. I'd probably stop if I hit 2.5/3 with a handling barrel
I ended up finding a crappy roll (outlaw+hipfire grip) in my vault that has fluted barrel and handling MW, got the mw to 9 just to test and it's not as snappy as I expected it to be. So even more reason to stop.
But the topic still works for other situations, the TO was just an example, like my great Erentil
I did a little match and determined that, on average, it’s more than a year worth of time on a full-time job to farm for a perfect roll on an item that takes a one-hour quest.
So, you do what you want. Your average time hasn’t decreased a bit based on the time you’ve already put in :)
Also, I’ve been practicing crucible with most of my time, so my skills are probably improving way faster than the effectiveness of your one-extra-frame of draw time with your perfect roll.
There are no weapon god rolls.
This is only my opinion, I am sub 1% of the best pvp players but that is still entirely your decision to follow my advice or not. dont get all raged up because of an internet strangers opinion mkay?
There are only armor god rolls and here why weapons dont have one:
God rolls in d2 are madeuo hype shit that youtubers and streamers funneled into this community.
A god roll wont make you perform better if your gameplay sucks with that weapon
Play with what you deliver, play with what you feel good and with what you can fuck your enemy up
In a couple days, maybe even today I will post a detailed guide to becomming good in pvp on my profile just save this comment or !remindme if youre interested
Anyways a very important aspect of this game is to not care about weapon type meta, if you play with something solely because its subjectivly better but you feel discomfort using it then I can guarantee you you will perform much worse than otherwise.
Comp right now Is a very good place to train especially becausw of freelance and the survival mode.
And yes a "god roll" rarely makes any difference worth noting so a nearly one is surely worth keeping, hell ive been running around with my trash roll mindbenders since forsaken because I dont wanna step another foot into this damn strike.
I didn't use the "common God Roll description" in my post, I specified what a perfect T.O is for me. imo god roll is more of a quick slang and you shouldn't take it too literally.
And while I understand that you can do very well without your exact desired roll, I don't think it's that hard to understand one wanting a max handling weapon, it's like not having quickdraw in your mindbenders. It hurts to not have it.
But in general I do understand what you mean by it not mattering much, when I decided to grab the comp exclusive weapons I used a good waking vigil but with a reload MW and I did great with it.
it's just that, having the very specific roll you want that fits in that one build you are making, is something else.
When I get a near-god roll I stop grinding for it. For instance, I'm pretty happy with my Mindbenders, it has Full Choke - Assault Mag - Snapshot - Quickdraw - Reload MW
It's almost perfect. I would rather have a range MW, but it's not that important to me. My ultimate goal is to become a better player, and the time I could have spent grinding for a marginally better weapon would be better spent actually playing pvp. In the end, it comes down to the player not the weapon.
That's not to say that I don't "farm" for it by doing a few rounds a week whenever the nightfall is available.
I farmed multiple spares and Im now stuck with a Field Prep, Rangefinder. I also got rapid hit and one with multikill clip. I'm somehow stuck to my FR/RF one. I love it so much. Crouch for a fast reload.
For quite awhile I noticed many were disappointed in getting Rapid Hit when the perk was relatively new. I messed around with it as soon as I got a weapon with that on it and immediately found it to be one of the best reload perks in the game. It's a mix of Outlaw and Zen Moment, and you can actually use it against a tough PvE opponent like a high level Knight if you were out of special ammo and get the same benefits of Outlaw precision kills plus extra stability. The only scenario in which it doesn't work well is if you are not hitting precision shots, in which case you were going to lose your duel in PvP no matter what perk you had.
In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, and you just have to remember that
I think its more important to focus on improving your style of play and actual gameplay. I used to hunt fur this & that gun thinking if I could just get that I'd be a better player but the only thing that made me a better player was more practice.... Is also question myself on what I did wrong immediately after every death... It may not have been my fault sometimes but I could have always done something better & ultimately it breeds ingenuity & playstyle experimentation
I think of it as a long term commitment. Pace yourself, commit a small amount of time each day/each week to prevent burn out. I will never stop until I get the PERFECT god roll of my desire.
Where did the curated drop for you?
Petra bounties, the last daily one has a legendary engram as reward (plus the weekly ones), I heard it can't drop from the menagerie.
I just wish they'd remove farming for rolls entirely. I stopped doing pve (except for the once or twice a year that my friends so get together to raid) because none of it is content I would play for fun. I only do it if I want better stuff for PvP.
The PvP is the only part of the game I intrinsically enjoy. So it's the only thing I do. I wish bungo would stop putting out half baked horde modes and rework their entire pve structure to be focused on doing things in the open world patrol... Things that matter. Blah...
Mindbenders with Quickdraw, Slideshot, assault mag and rifled barrel, but reload MW.
My game can improve infinitely more than that one perk could ever help me out.
I have a Blasphemer that is literally identical to the curated roll but with a reload MW. I decided to call it there, as odds were low I'd get something better than that for a LONG time. It's been my go-to shotgun for my kinetic in PVP.
Yep, similar case, I have a good Blasphemer but without assault mag that I wanted for the increased firerate, but even tho it's not even that hard to farm it, I really don't like altars of sorrow, so if I decide to run that again I'd prefer to try the sniper.
Same but with stability... Someone told me the cap range for slugs is 65-70.. this gun gives you 80 without range MW. Got it on my first run when it was released... Never had to farm for it again
My mindbenders is smallbore, lightmag, threat detector, quickdraw, range mw
Personally I'd never run hollowed again because this one works well, but my friends want to farm for their's so I do it.
I've played against only 1 person in crucible with what I believe is considered the perfect roll--full choke, accurized, slideshow, quickdraw, range mw--and I annihilated them once I realized their OHK was slightly further out than mine.
Not worry as much about that mythical god roll making you any better of a player.
I more-so play with fun-to-use weapons.
I probably wouldn't like this. Why?
Because of the recoil deviation is 59 and not a predictable pattern
keep it until you have your god roll.
If you want a better one then get a better one, if you don’t want a better one, then use the one you have.
I'm just happy I got my God roll mindbenders after about 3 hours of grinding this week. Full choke, accurized, slideshot quickdraw. Actually had the curated drop at the same time and it got sharded for 7 cores to help MW the other. No more Hollowed Lair for me ever! Replaces the meh roll Retold I was using after only having three of those drop in a full year + of grinding DC drops.