Destiny 2: How to Reach Legend in Competitive (2020 Edition) Part 2 Builds and Stat Analysis

Video Guide available here

Love how you suggested actual tier numbers for armour. Thanks!
I was running 10 intellect and thinking that was great until I learned that the last 3 levels were only adding less than 8 seconds each! Reading CrucilblePlaybook has changed my load-outs so much and I wanted to contribute
Nice post on the stats. Thank you.
Fyi for people wanting to know - a set of modded masterworked armor from the 2nd season pass set (which is fixed and everyone can get) allows my Warlock to have: 4/7/8/6/4/4. 33 total.
My Titan with a decent IB set from last season modded masterworked has 5/7/7/3/7/4. 33 total.
Can swap 4 of those of those around to other stats. I'm on console so run traction, if it matters. Not sure what the highest total possible is but 34 should be doable with a full set of 60+ pieces. Not sure about 35, but should be possible if you get perfect rolls with no wasted points (like a 79 recovery has 9 wasted points).
EDIT: The Obelisk mod from this season give +20 mobility, so might be able to get a modded set with 35-36 total points.
I'm old and slow so I value resistance a little more than some. If I play below 6 I can immediately feel it. Probably not best for everyone but my reflexes are not what they used to be.
I never get any good recovery armor for my Titan so I try to build into mobility/resilience so I can tank a few hits then run the hell away. I
Is that with 60+ on each armor piece before mods? I'm at about 63 on each with mods - total is 25, adding in the hidden +10 from traction.
7/2/7/3/4/3 for a total of 26, which seems low to me, but I don't know how to get much more than that.
Great info on numbers, I should've included how much total stat package to aim for. Your mention of over 30 total is definitely a great goal
Note the difference between stat and basestat in DIM: The first one includes mods (which can both increase and decrease stats) masterworking bonuses, and "switchable" perks on pre-shadowkeep armor. The second one filters by the fundamentals of the item.
You want to use stat only when quickly selecting pre-configured pieces of gear, and you want to use basestat when deciding what to shard or what to re-mod.
Thanks for that, I should do an in-depth guide on dim and other tools. There are so many tips and tricks, heck I only just found out about the loadout optimizer. Do you have other tips about dim?
I've tried using dim, but it doesn't work well for me. For example I currently am running an 8, 4, 8, 5, 6, 3 build on my hunter. But when I try to duplicate the build thru the customization tools it shows my highest mobility with all my gear is a 5. Lol I have no idea why it shows so low.
Great post. Just a little nuance to add, you don't need to go T10 for ability builds if you need to sacrifice something else. For instance, using your contraverse/HHSN warlock example, T10 Disc is a 32 second cooldown, T9 is 37 seconds, and T8 is a 41 second cooldown. If the choice for instance is "4 resil, 9 recovery, 10 disc" vs "5 resil, 10 recov, 8 disc" go with the 8 disc (or 9 or whatever the exact example is). Sure 41 seconds isn't as good as 32 seconds, but in my opinion it's still fairly quick and will be up most of the time you want it, and its definitely worth it to drop it a little to make sure you are hitting the other stats.
For instance, I don't have all the "best armor" that I currently want, so I need to make due with what I have. I can run 10 disc and 8 recovery, or I can run 9/9, or I can run 10 recov 8 disc. I can't have them both while retaining 5 resil and 8 mobility. So I choose to go 8/5/10/8/X/X (I forget what my str/int are offhand, they are like 1s or 2s), instead of something like 8/5/8/10, or 6/4/10/9 or something. Sometimes you have to compromise a little until you can get what you want.
Another Armor based Note for Season of the Dawn:
Unless you really need some solar/void mods for some reason, your best bet in this season is to use high stat/low mobility Arc armor, because of the powerful friends mod which can give you +20 mobility for 4 points, which is clearly a fantastic deal and will allow you to get very high mobility without sacrificing any stats (remember that the powerful friends mod doesn't compete with the normal stat mods, so you can double up and run things like +10 disc/+20 mobility). Now, I only have 3 viable pieces of arc armor at the moment (and one are arms that I can't use with HHSN and Contraverse, but that's another story), but theoretically if you can 4 pieces on + your exotic, you can basically get a free 80 mobility, which allows you to run only 20 base mobility and still max it out to 10, without having to sacrifice other stats (although you do have to sacrifice other non-stat mods). This can allow you to have the kind of builds where you can really max your stats as much as possible, since you are getting such a huge mobility boost.
Great point on T10, it's all about opportunity cost, and what is most valuable to your playstyle. I recommend T10 for ability-based builds since it "forces" a player to commit. If someone liked their gunplay more I would recommend a neutral based build instead.
Also great add on the season of dawn armor, that mod is pretty nuts.
Great stuff! Thanks! Can't wait for Part 3!
Thank you so much, working on it today
after an all-nighter it is done,
Please let me know what you think
Keep em comming mate
Thank you for the support, is there anything specific topic you would like to see?
This is more geared towards the PC meta right?
I do play on PC, but the numbers and cooldowns analysis numbers I am pulling should apply to both pc and console. I am also using Charlemagne discord bot to pull data from multiple platforms
Yes. If you are on console just play a hunter with max mobility, stompees, and mindbenders. This is what 99% of people at legend are using.
T9, T5, T10, T4, T2, T4. Spilt I’ve been using after farming IB and raid armor and IMO the best for Competitive on almost all builds. LOTS of mods were used to get this.
Great split, you have a total of 34 tiers so that is definitely on the high end.
Good guide, but I have a question: how does using HHS and Contraverse Hold strategically and effectively constitute an "abuse" of the intended utility of these perks?
I appreciated the effort that went into this post, but the way in which OP went on about Warlock's melee there, with an obvious emphasis on prejudice, well it just came off as a bit of a rant.
Abusing is not the right word, I think maximize effectiveness is a better term now that I think about it. I really like Handheld supernova and Contraverse hold, but let's be honest, surviving a shotgun blast 1m? That's dirty
Good work thank you! I can’t wait for you to post more of this series so I can get better as I lost about 700 glory today trying to get twitch to record my broadcasts!!!! (I finally worked it out) :-)
RIP, looking forward to watching it. I want to start a series of watching gameplay footage that readers send to me, going to call it "The Sweatshop"
Keep it coming Tommy! I wanna see my homie succeed. Can’t believe the quality you’re putting out for someone who just learned all this content creation stuff just the other day - wow.
Thanks man, the videos are taking waaaayyyy tooo long. 10 minutes is actually around 6~8 hours of script writing, footage capture, and editing with voiceover.
This is awesome
Good shyt
To all the people that are looking at this guide thinking it is too complicated or difficult to reach legend.... I recently just came back to destiny 2, i have around 7 exotic weapons and don’t have forsaken or shadow keep. Keep in mind my stats show me as an average player. Only around a 1.4 efficiency. I reached legend today solo queuing. The main weapons I used were the Service revolver and a solar last perdition as I have been grinding for lunas howl. Also used a fate cries foul for awhile to try and unlock revoker. Moral of the story is, you don’t have to be even a good player to get to legend. Play smart. It is easy to see what strategy your opponents are using on each side of the map and how to counter it. I find most of the time the problem I had was I had teammates that would take stupid gunfights against coordinated teams. All you have to do is team shot with your teammates!!! Even if you think you are the best player in the world. A few decent players teams hitting you will take you out!! Figure out what you are good at and use it to your advantage as best as you can. I am god awful at shotgunning in this game for whatever reason, so I stuck to longer ranged encounters. Pick your battles smart. If you can learn to snipe do it!! I can not stress this enough. So many people say that shotguns are overpowered meanwhile, 90% if you rush with a shorty you will get maybe a kill or two and then will get punished. Sometimes you won’t even get a kill if you rush a good player. Meanwhile, if you use a sniper, you can pick your battles much better and most of the time getting a pick won’t result in a trade. Lastly, You are the shit dude just do it already you don’t need any of those fancy weapons. I know you are the kid that always runs around shoulder charging on his titan and using supernova on warlock. Bud cmon.
Good luck ;) from all of us Hunter mains.
Great points, I actually am rendering and am about to release my next video on exactly that topic, teamfighting. Good coordination with team trumps meta weapons all the time!
(Booooo hunters, stop running away from us titans)
Thanks for the videos! I watched them this morning and made a few adjustments to my settings and gear. Changing my ads modifier by one tenth of a point really helped my snipes! I went from about 4100ish to legend today with an 11 win streak to boot. It's the first time that I have reached legend, so I am ecstatic. Thanks again.
Glad it help. Congrats on an 11 win streak and legend! Next is Unbroken baby
Exactly, even if you solo, all you have to do is help your teammates out. Play your supers smart and remember that their lives are your lives. Even if you haven’t died all round and have a few kills... your team might be getting killed. If you. Can keep them alive you have second chances yourself, and you can’t forget about winning by life advantage.
Did these change with season of worthy?
I didn't notice anything in patch notes. Should still be relevant unless something changed that I didn't notice
I loved your first video! Great! I wish you success!
Thank you so much, is there anything specific you would like to see in future videos?
I ran the old invader set, lol. People were like wtf!!
Lol if I saw someone with a full invader set in a comp match I'd either think he was trash or godly
Thanks to War Mantis gloves, my hunter stats are like this: 8 mobility (7+Traction, 10 if I use Spare Rations), 5 resilience, 9 recovery, 2 discipline, 7 intellect
Looks really good
Are you actually matched with people in your tier now or is it still random? Because I was in elimination and 4-0 a team while being in a 2v3 with a random who’s whole point seemed to just figure out the craziest ways to die. Like it’s to the point now where people are saying I’m hacking for doing stuff that I’ve always felt is super basic and easy.
Mostly matched in my tier, but I think there is some give since after playing for a few hours I'll start getting matched oddly.
Step 1: Lord of Wolves
Step 2: 5500
Lord of wolves is still really strong but I struggled using it at higher than 5k glory since it's a 0.2s ttk and plays more like a short range pulse rather than a shotgun
Do we really need another one of these?
Rather this than 'is this Mindbenders ok for comp'
Need more than just another. Very helpful.
Took me 10 seconds to look at your post history where you've yet to provide any well written or interesting content. In fact, here is one of your more recent OPs.
" What does everyone think? I am personally hoping for a nice rolled Last Hope sooner than later but for now I am going with a Dead Man Walking with kill clip and threat detector with a range MW. Haven't yet used it in PVP but hoping for the best. "
That's, it, that is your entire thread. It has a total of 6 upvotes because it's fucking worthless.
Go kick rocks. The analysis posted in this thread is leagues better than anything you have ever posted in this sub on reddit. Stop throwing stones when you live in glass houses. The only thing you contributed here is your shit attitude and complaining about people who actually put time into creating content for others to read. Absolutely fucking worthless, entitled, garbage. Fuck the fuck off with your stupid ass opinions and shitty ass posts. This is so much better then ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER POSTED.
And I'm not even the OP here. Just sick of neckbeards who contribute nothing and fucking whine like toddlers.
If you want to keep going on the subject, I'll keep reposting more of your shitty worthless fucking stupid topics. They take about 2 seconds to find, since it's all your god damn posts.
I would like to contribute something useful and new. Is there any specific topics you would like to get covered? Reading so many spreadsheets and breakdowns I'm actually just skimming the surface on technical details.
I definitely don't want to rehash the same material as everyone else, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!
My hand held is gonna be so much nastier now. Thank you.
Send me some footage of your nasty plays and I'll feature it in my videos!