Post Match Thread: 1st ODI - New Zealand v India

1st ODI (D/N), India tour of New Zealand at Hamilton, Feb 5 2020

So this is what not losing feels like.
I could get used to this.
When victory looked certain but the runs started to dry up, and then Neesham got out, then de Grandhomme got out I thought we were going to see NZ once again trip at the finish line.
So happy when Santer smashed that 6.
Mods don't want us to have a happiness thread 😡
My guess is that the sadness thread spanned multiple games. Maybe if New Zealand started building a positive streak that is special in some way other than mere wins that a thread would be allowed. The super over sadness threads memorialized the troubles that New Zealand has with super overs.
However, I could be wrong.
Unfair that mods always keep all the sadness threads of NZ and one day they post a
Not cool, mods.
Fuck the mods
It truly deserves a celebration. Definitely thought they'll choke again.
Also fuck mods.
In the mods defence, sadness threads invokes empathy from the winning team, celebration threads are like rubbing salt on the wound.
Friendship ended with 20 (and especially 21) over cricket
50 over cricket
is my
Best friend.
I've never liked 20 over cricket, this makes it easy to continue not liking them.
mad props to Latham, haven't seen him bat at that pace for ages. He played his role perfectly
Had to make up for his fuck up with the bowling.
Latham was the silent killer, not unlike Kane in that 95 run innings.
Since NZ's last win
Oh, and Epstein still hadn't killed himself.
It’s been a really depressing few months, damn
Man, Episode 9 sucked.
Ah man why'd you have to chuck kobe in there :'(
Tim Southee 85/2
TS beats ST by 5 runs.
Kuldeep 84/2
Top shit quality comment. Take my upvote and GTFO.
Kuldeep and Thakur together went for 164 in 19.
Southee and Bennett went for similar numbers
They were in T20 mode.
Ross Taylor is our greatest ODI player ever.
I want Roscoe to get 10k ODI before he retires
Ross Taylor is probably our greatest ever batsman.
Theek hai
He's your greatest player ever.
I have to say, each game in this series is exciting as fuck.
Your flair explains a lot
(They have been exciting but NZ are all in despair)
Our second highest ever successful ODI run chase. The highest incidentally was also at Hamilton in 2007, and also featured Ross Taylor!
I still remember that. It was Maccas's greatest ever innings.
Why is this one not our highest? I know we ended up on a higher score in the Aus game, but the score we were chasing was 346 (compared to 347 today)
Big thanks to all the Indians in the match thread being so cool to talk with. Glad we finally got a win though. Man us Kiwi's were just in despair..
You guys had no real cause to be in despair though.
Having 4 players out to injury and still taking two matches to a Super Over and a 3rd to the 2nd last ball ...
A small improvement/roll of the dice is enough to win at that point.
Now you have latham, neesham etc in ..and a couple of guys plays responsibly, and you can generate a win.
But I'm still looking for India , too , to pick themselves up..
No worries. We are used to our team giving first match away for shits and giggles.
Lost first odi against Australia, first T20 against Bangladesh and before that first ODI againsWI!!
I was this close to travel to New Zealand to hug you ppl lol and shout F at everyone sad. Kiwis have had a very very rough time, sometimes quite undeservingly..
Not sure what it says that when de Grandhomme went out I assumed we were somehow going to blow the chase
Praise Lord Thakurji and his remaining 2 overs.
It's weird but I felt confident we'd win when Santer was out. Santer is not especially talented or skilled as a cricketer, but he has a good head on his shoulders, and he doesn't do stupid shit too much. Usually when he fails with bat/ball it's because he was outplayed. Not sure if that's worse though
Highest chase by a team againt India
359/4 - Australia at Mohali, 2019
348/6 - New Zealand at Hamilton, 2020
322/3 - Sri Lanka at The Oval, 2017
322/6 - Pakistan at Mohali, 2007
Highest chase by NZ in ODIs
348 vs India at Hamilton, 2020
347 vs Australia at Hamilton, 2007
340 vs Australia at Auckland, 2007
339 vs England at Dunedin, 2018
Two losses for India within the span of a year after posting mammoth totals suggests India should look for better spinners and all-rounders for ODIs. Jadeja, Thakur, Kuldeep and Chahal haven’t been doing their jobs of taking wickets in the middle overs or being economical either. None of these are dependable or consistent anymore.
Also, need to improve catching and ground fielding. Their fielding abilities have nosedived drastically in the last three months or so beginning with the Bangladesh series. Do many misfieldings and drop catches.
I just want to ask one thing. Shouldn't the 348/6 in today's game rank ahead of 350/9 against Australia? They were chasing 348 today and 347 against Australia.
In my understanding it depends if we are calling it "highest successful chase" (which depends on the target) or "highest score in a successful chase" (which depends on the final score)..
Ross Taylor at Hamilton in ODIs
19 matches
871 runs
62.21 average
4 100s, 5 50s (45% conversion rate)
Rootometer shattered with disbelief
Hmm this is a weird one because I seem to recall him scoring 68 or so in a WC Quarter Final match at Seddon Park (Hamilton) against Bangladesh. Is this match not counted or have I got his score wrong?
I frankly don't believe what has just happened, although knowing India they'll come back and take the series 2-1. I don't know what it's like to not cry myself to sleep, what do I do.
Simply add 3 left handed batsmen and we win.
Southpaws rise up
(I'm a right hander who's cross dominant so I guess can say this)
I almost forget what it felt like to win. This is exciting. Why can't I stop yelling?!?!
Not that it cost us the game today, but can someone explain why are we playing Kedar Jhadav over Manish Pandey if we're not going to bowl him?
I don't understand.
Lathams knock made the difference from the T20's IMO. Took pressure off Taylor to score and took the spinners from 5rpo to 7rpo
yeah I felt Taylor starting to feel the pressure from here, it really calmed him down when Latham started cunting it everywhere
Latham making a case for being in the T20 team.
Except for the 3 off 13 start. Wasn't until he swept that spinner for back to back 4's that he started to look good. Would he have enough time to do that in T20s? Or would the score pressure be a problem?
He is an exceptional player of spin. He gets more overs of spin in the middle overs in ODIs than in t20is. That's why he is better in ODIs.
India did bowl badly today except bumrah ofcourse but how good were New Zealand. Especially Latham just changed the momentum and completely negated kuldeep yadavs threat. Ross batted throughout the innings and did his job.
Pretty crazy that they didn’t play saini
Roscoe 👅💯
Highest successful chases for NZ v India
348, Hamilton, 2020 - Taylor 109*
281, Mumbai, 2017 - Taylor 95
279, Hamilton, 2014 - Taylor 112*
Most M.O.M Awards for BlackCaps
Guptill - 30
Taylor - 26
Astle - 26
Vettori - 25
Fleming - 24
Kane - 23
I reckon most of Guptill's MOM would be against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and West Indies?
This loss was long coming for us, we've been getting lucky off the Kiwi's choking for too long. If we can't defend decent totals then I fear what will happen when we face a team that doesn't choke as often
If Indian bowlers cannot defend 347 they're useless.
Has happened before the WC too against Australia. India made 358 and lost the match by 4 wickets
The lack of a 6th bowler probably didn't help, nor does India's continued ignorance of Jadhav as even a part timer.
Am totally baffled by Kohli's lack of intent to chuck the ball to anyone else (hell even himself) when both Thakur and Kuldeep were going for plenty and it was clear someone else would be needed to cover them.
Hey, Bumrah was one of those bowlers, too..
Considering NZ did't had experienced players like Kane, Trent, they really played well while India had experience bowlers with Jadeja, Bumrah & Shami. Congrats NZ for FIRST WIN in 2020
Indian team missed 3 of their first team players too. Rohit, Dhawan and Pandya.
Why on earth would you not throw the ball at Kedar when Kuldeep and the others were all clearly getting hammered?
I regret that I was not able to watch the match, even though we lost would have been sweet to see Iyer get his maiden 100.
Tell me one reason why thakur over saini in the next match? I know a lot of people said don't shit on players for having one bad day etc but still. Would you still persist with thakur and not give a chance to saini?
Time to give Roscoe the keys to the city of the Tron like B-Mac in Welly IMO
I think one of those awards is a bit more prestigious and coveted than the other...
S h i t
S h i
S h
S h
S h a
S h a r
S h a r d
S h a r d u
S h a r d u l
Just reiterating this.
Congratulations Kiwibros - absolutely clinical chase today, orchestrated by the greatest Kiwi ODI batsman of all time by faaaar, and one of the great batsmen of the age. Supreme stuff.
Well played Kiwis !
Can we now please get rid of dube and thakur from the team? Also Thakur has no business playing ahead of Saini.
I don't get why Dube was called up, not because of lack of talent, but because he doesn't fit into the gaping hole that Pandya has temporarily left behind. Dube is clearly (according to his record) a batting-all rounder who can bowl a bit, whearas what India need is a hard hitting bowling all rounder to act as sixth bowler and finisher. He's being used as a bowler when he's actually a batsman, but he's not good enough to play as a pure batsman above others.
India must miss Hardik atm
Gary Stead with the team, Black caps lose. When he's away, we win. Coincidence? I think not.
He was the coach at the World Cup. That has to count for something.
Was a really great fight. Loved Nicholls opening the batting. Would’ve loved to see blundell get a few more runs but overall great to see in finally get a win
Why are Latham and Nicholls not regulars in the T20 side as well? They scored freely enough today.
Also, I reckon that the golden period for Kulcha is nearing it's end. We should start investing in some backups for them going forward.
Wonder if now is the time to think Rahul should probably be getting more time at the crease given the form he's in. He batted at 137.5 sr. Could've been 365?
Who would fill in the #5 role?
Can't be keeper and opener. The dude has just started keeping and not sure his body is ready for the rigour. Last thing we need is losing him to injury.
Thakurji banging the ball into the ground at ~130 kmph is so comical, even bowlers hit those for six!!
Finally... Finally...Congratulations New Zealand!
Bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahi...(In God's will there can be delay but never denial)
Fucking FINALLY. Christ, those were some dark times.
Is there an idea for when boult/ferg are back?
They're out for this ODI series unfortunately.
Could sense hessen was sweating on his boy santner to get NZ over the line
Much needed win for the kiwis after the T20I disappointments.
I am happy that NZ won, it was good to see some hard hitting through the match
New Zealand beating India in an ODI bringing me that great deja vu
Kohli goofed up overs think. 3-4 overs from Jadhav when spinners were getting butchered would have been nice cover for kuldeep/ Thakurji. And he's have saved 2 overs of Bumrah:Bumrah/Shami for last.
Jadhav hasn't been a legitimate 6th bowling option for an year now.
I think in the past 12 months or so his er has been close to 10 or over.
It’s weird that I’m not that happy, more relieved given the ending
NZ ODI side is still really solid, they really needed this win too, been a tough summer for them.
Why would you give the ball back to Thakur in the last few overs if he's the main reason for giving up so many boundaries during the middle innings?????!!!
Because everybody else had already completed their overs
I've been saying this for a while now. We need to start looking beyond KulCha as our frontline LOI spinners.
These two are quite often at the weaker end of the bowling attack in spite of being specialist spinners from a country famous for producing spinners.
In addition to that neither of them is a good fielder. Chahal can be expected to hold onto most catches but with Kuldeep you absolutely cannot.
And neither of them can be expected to do much with the bat.
Before anyone quotes me their stats. I'll urge them to only discuss their performances in the last year (since the CWC).
Wouldn't harm anyone if Shreyas Gopal and Krishnappa Gowtham are given a chance. Gopal turns the ball a long way at a decent pace and has a sexy googly.
Why are you bringing in Chahal, give him a long rope like kulya.. I trust him to do better, also Ash should come in place of Kulya.. While kulya hones his game mindset and mental conditioning in first class
Daniel Alexander back to spewing shit. Not surprised at all
Man probs watches more indian matches than indians do. lol
Become way too predictable now. Let India win the next ODI, he will retweet his own tweet, against India, you play against 14 players because umpires.
Honestly this has been a cracker of a series. A lot of ups and downs but the games have been really intense. Thanks India!
congratulations .
love from india
Bernardino or kick it up a notch with Lindauer?
For a few minutes I thought about the worst.
Thankfully Taylor pulled through.
Was just watching the wickets from the NZ innings and I noticed that the back seating of the stadium is really dark. Surely they'd install some lighting out there.
Well played NZ. Hopefully Kuldeep and Thakur can improve their bowling in the middle overs. Would have loved to have Bhuvi there
So now everyone has seen the real face of Shardul Thakur
Kudos to NZ! Playing an LOI after 14 July 2019 (don't want to mention the obvious!!!)
so this is what it feels like when doves cry
So This Is What It Feels Like When Doves Cry | Simpsons Best Moments (4 years ago)
098% liked -|-----------------------------
No way they actually won something. Where’s the celebration thread?
Mods deleted it 😡
Really hope this was the win that brings the confidence back in New Zealand.
Why weren't Latham, Neesham, and Nichols in the T20 squad? Kiwis are much stronger with them in the team.
Becuase you don't make judgements on a single game?
Latham is a solid option in ODIs and a great test opener by our standards, but last night was very much out of the norm for him in terms of how he batted, he generally has a slow strike rate in ODIs.
Nicholls has also failed in all his T20 opportunities.
Such a weird feeling when an ~350 innings isn't a winning total...
After denying orgasm for so long.
The kiwis finally came today.
India had been trying to lose a game since last 3 games . Finally NZ concede the request.
You may ask, why celebrate? We lost after all.
But did we really lose?
There's a good chance Thakur is dropped for good after this and we won't have to watch him pretend to be a cricketer in the national jersey again.
If that's not cause for celebration I don't know what is. It should be declared a National Holiday for getting rid of a National Disaster.
So, who really won in the end Kiwi bros? Thanks for doing us a solid, you're the best xoxoxo
He did well in the T20s. ODI for sure.
I reckon India need Bhuvi back in LOI. He is so good at death bowling and containing runs. Could have possibly made a difference in a situation like this.
Gg bois 👏
Motm kuldeep yadav is more correct.
What happened to Sodhi? I heard the commentators say he won't bowl again but missed what happened
He's playing for nza for some reason
Looks like we got RossRolled.
But we will rebuild.
Hopefully in time for the 2024 WC
Where can I watch the highlights? Decent quality and length please would be appreciated.
I went to bed after 22th over of NZ innings but bowlers struggled on this pitch. So many wides. I did not see Kuldeep bowl and I hope his stats is bcos he is not match fit. Though feeling the best of kulcha is done as batsmen are more familiar unless they are helped by conditions.
I hope kohli selects Saini ahead of Thakur and hopefully indians dont have another off day from bowling perspective. Also hope kohli wins toss sometime. He seems to lose almost all of them.
TBH Bumrah has been very inconsistent since coming back from his injury. He has a good game and then a bad game. He hasn't been as consistent as he was before his injury.
Still your best bowler, why not look to the other bowlers? He had an off game and still has comfortably the best economy figures. We would be happy to have him in the NZ team haha
Eh, 0-53 in 10 overs in a match in which the average run rate was 7 is still pretty decent. He didn't get wickets, but that might be because of NZ playing out his overs and targetting others.
Eh, 0-53 in 10 overs in a match in which the average run rate was 7 is still pretty decent. He didn't get wickets, but that might be because of NZ playing out his overs and targetting others.
Only Blaming the Bowlers for this Loss!! Not the Tactics and Field Placement and Choice bowling changes of the Captain!!!!
Why didn't shami and Bumrah go for yorkers today?
my understanding is yorkers rarely get wickets. they merely limit runs scored to 0 or 1.
And when NZ are cruising with RR < 6, with 5-7 wickets in hand... it’s easy for them to dig the Yorkers out and keep taking singles. India needed wickets at that time.
One another change india should consider is moving KL to opening and get Pandey for one of the debutants yesterdays. Both of them showed potential but at this point its better to go with best team.
India is a group of great individuals that can't come together as a team. We might win the next two matches due to brilliant individual performances, papering over the team's flaws, and everyone forgets about them and acts like nothing is wrong. India just can't seem to win big pressure ODIs, which explains our consistent knockout failures.
A single loss isn't representative of a systematic failure. We put up 340 without Kohli and Rohit. That's a start. Everyone went for runs today. It's ODIs, it happens.
That being said, it's time to let Chahal be our primary spinner for sometime as well as develop other leg spinners, the IPL trio might be a good start.
Also, #HardikRiseAgain
The extras won this game for NZ
Uhh was a difference of 2 extras between the teams buddy
Call me a Mad man but India should rest Bumrah and Shami alternatively for the last 2 matches with Saini playing both the matches.
Mad man, Bumrah has come back from a resting season and Shami doesn't look fatigued