Terry Crews just took a selfie with Big Bird

My childhood hero and my adult hero, both in one photo!
Looking forward to the Sesame Street episode with Terry. I will check it out on YouTube.
Big bird doesn't look too big anymore! lol
that's a step up from a white chick
The wholesomest character of the wholesomest show on TV. Seems about right.
Doesn't matter how famous or accomplished you are, meeting Big Bird has got to be a life highlight.
Terry did a thing!
He better be careful. Standing next to someone that tall, he risks becoming "Tiny Terry" all over again!
Dee, leave Terry Crews alone you bitch!
Terry or Big Bird
Terry or Big Bird
Terry or Big Bird
Terry or Big Bird
Terry, I’m sorry. I love Big Bird. Almost as much as I love, and I mean LOVE Grover.
I’ve pretty much seen everything you’ve ever been in. You’ve, well you know you make us laugh, you brighten my heart and make me smile.
You are so strong and one of the physically MANLIEST Men, I’ve ever seen.
You hold family up high and fight for all, you ENCOMPASS what it is to truly be HUMAN.
You accept humanity as it is and make no excuses for anyone. No matter their stature.
You are a beautiful Soul and YOU are a blessing to humanity.
And I Thank You Terry, for that.
For giving us that Spirit we may have never seen if not for you. For showing ME, that a MAN can care, and a FATHER can love.
Sesame Street is the only positive kids, many kids, can have.
I had Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, and Fraggle Rock.
Terry, you beautiful BLESSING, now are up there with them.
But seeing you with my Big Bird... I couldn’t tell who I loved or admired more. If it was my Grover, I’d feel protective of him.
Because when I see you, I feel the same Peace, that I feel with him.
It’s security...and only through a screen.
It’s the parent dynamic if you were lucky to have them both, and have them...able.
I looked from Big Birds face to yours, to try and see or separate specific emotions within myself.
I couldn’t.
Even though you hadn’t existed in my eyes as a child, now as an adult recollecting, it made no difference. You weren’t an outsider, you were family.
That comfort and belonging that I had never felt from human contact or interaction, resonated in your demeanor, and with Big Bird no less.
Out of everything I’ve seen you in or read about you, this pic was that moment, that realization of everything I’ve just described.
I feel bad for Big Bird, I never thought that day would come, or was plausible.
It honestly caught me off guard enough to make me write to a person that is never gonna read it.
And that’s ok.
Maybe this post is meant for someone who understands what I’ve said and feels alone. Maybe it’s meant to be nothing more than letters and words typed on a screen that are completely drowned out at this moment and won’t even be an exhale in time.
Maybe someday these words will come as a whisper in a dream meant to encourage you that you Terry, are not alone. You Terry are appreciated and loved, by so many people you will never know, and that’s alright.
It isn’t who calls, it’s who answers.
Now terry gonna say big bird tried to fuck him
No, Terry Crews just took a selfie inside Big Bird, and he took it.
I took my daughter to see Sesame Street Live! We got the chance to meet Big Bird. That costume is literally 8 feet tall. That puppeteer must have some serious shoulders.
Looks like he just smoked one with big bird
Big Bird better watch his hands!
A little change to the lighting and this could be a horror movie poster.
You know you win at life when you make it on Seseame street! You rock Terry!!
Big bird looks like scrambled eggs.
Best two smiles!
Ah I loved sesame Street, it taught me the alphabet. I still say 'zee' instead of 'zed' (from UK).
He sure did age gracefully. The oversized bird that is
Why does Terry crews have almost as big of a beak?
That big fella is so handsome. I don’t let the nephews watch him do his muscly dance anymore.
Best thing I've seen all day!
Probably grabbed his big bird too #metoo
Why the bird looking shocked next thing the bird is a part of the metoo movement
Dee shut up. Birds are dumb.
Is Terry going to be on Seaseme Street?
Terry likes birds!
Which one is which?
Sesame Street is the greatest kids show of all time. As a father of twins, it’s a lifesaver sometimes. The moment the theme song comes on, they’ll go from crying hysterically to clapping their hands with joy.
I can't tell who is luckier
This is beautiful
Carful he doesn’t finger you Terry
He probably got his ass grabbed
Cagney and Lacey love Big Bird.
Where's his hand?
Who cares?
Would be cool if he did a spot on Seasame Street about "bad touching" or something for kids. I think it would help a lot of kids growing up to know that it can happen to anyone and that the brave thing to do is tell someone.
I really like that idea. :)
Why is Dee taking a selfie with Terry?
I’m using my first Reddit comment to say how awesome this is!
I feel like Terry Crews is the new Mr. T
Lucky so-and-so.
You get to decide who I'm talking about.
Dee is looking good these days
Big Bird must be so proud!
Big Bird has come so far since the 50s...
That mans an American icon! Hes good shit that guy.
Terry has the epitome of "infectious smile."
Like, bruh. you cheese, I cheese, we all cheesin. Love it.
This is so wholesome
Two heroes.
Why does he have the facial hair of a white man?
Picture is from when he got sexualy haressed.
Not only did you misspell both sexually and harassed it's also not welcome here and not cool at all.
What about that time that Terry was on an old spice commercial with the Muppets
I'm an artist
Stupid lucky giant bird....
Oh, Terry....man I love your face.
He is so photogenic!
I’m so confused, I thought he was big bird. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Now I need one with Grover.
Love him!
Big Man, Big Moment, Big Bird
That’s the tagline for their buddy movie right there. :)
Big Bird took a selfie with Terry Crews.
Either Crews is super tall or big bird is crouching
Who wouldn't take a selfie with Big Bird? I've never taken a selfie in my life and - given the opportunity - I would certainly take a selfie with Big Bird.
Next to Terry he's just Bird
Exactly what i thought! lol
Still waiting on Terry to voice a character in Overwatch!
Or did he do the squeaks on Hammond? That would actually be awesome :P
Okay, here’s a solid tip 4: Mr Rogers, Bob Ross, Crocodile Hunter and Terry Crews.
When he's hanging with Terry he's called little-ass bird
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Can't wait for the
Already made
I’m just gonna mentally block out those greys in his beard.
Nah... makes him look distinguished.
Crews 2020
Two of my favorite people!
Gangly uncoordinated BITCH
My new wallpaper.
Always Sunny and Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover? I'm excited!
What an icon
Apparently he can play the flute too? Was that really him playing it on that rap battle show?
Here from the GQ Interview that was uploaded a few days ago!
Yes, I am a flutist. I play the flute. Let me tell you something. It's the best instrument ever. People say, "What that's a girly instrument." No, it's not. The baddest cat, Shaft got a flute on him. I'm trying to tell you, it's a badass instrument.
He also paints extremely well. He's a true renaissance man.
Yes, watch his interview while on James Corden.
“T is for Terry! And Tricep!” ::flexes animatedly:: “What else starts with T?”
Y is for yogurt. Terry loves yogurt
(his super white) Teeth!
Thick. Tight.
Brooklyn Nine Nine and IASIP crossover????
Thank you Brooklyn Nine Nine for introducing me to this wonderful man.
Him in white chicks is awsome, favorite scene when he is high on e and dancing his face off.
Have you never seen everybody hates Chris?
Why do you have your shirt all undone and disheveled on sesame street? 😏
Made my day!
Was he on sesame street?!
Terry loves Big Bird!
But who was most star struck?
I hate to say it but big bird looks shopped
It's actually from Big Bird's Facebook page. I think Terry was a guest star on Sesame Street recently
Here's a link to it
I was gonna dispute it but I think you may be right. Lighting looks too different and the edges look shopped. Not exactly selfie quality.
Nice giving the big bird to all the haters!
Wow! Talk about role models!
Terry’s looking good!
I just can’t figure out which one is happier!
Dee's looking good.
Big Bird in the House!
Omg hour he calls big bird out on his shit. Bird hit way creepy with me when I was on sesame street