Columbus Police In Viral Punching Video Named In Civil Rights Lawsuit

Our tax dollars at work. The city will settle the lawsuit, and the officer's involved will walk away scott free. How many social services could have been provided to the community with the money the city will spend on this mess.
This is why the officers or the union should have to carry liability insurance. Even if they aren't required to shoulder unlimited liability, they should at least be on the hook for the first $1-5 million. They need to have skin in the game to not cause these types of incidents in the first place.
Honestly, even if the city is 100% in the right, it’s often cheaper to settle. Easier to throw some asshole $20k than to use the legal department to defend themselves in court.
Last time I said something like this I kept getting downvoted and told I shouldn’t live in UA
It's a shame, but true.
Which comments have been racist so far?
What I’m not understanding here is that they ordered all the adults to leave the house while they kept the children inside and searched the house without a warrant. Why leave the kids inside? Separating juveniles from their guardians while you search a house without the legal authority to do so is sketchy at best. Then they arrest a man for “interfering with police business”, when that “business” was performing an illegal search.
This is so fucked up.
I really like our police department. But this is one instance is a obvious fuck up. The guy had his hands down at his sides and was talking with a police officer. If the police officer he was talking to didn't act like he was in danger why would another officer feel he needed to get physically involved? Also I thought when you had a rifle like that it was police policy not to physically get close to a suspect due to the chances of it being able to be removed?
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What part of the CPD are you a fan of? The corrupt Vice unit, the dancing cop here that unloads on the guy or the countless other examples of overzealous policing? By the way, I’m white middle aged and reasonably affluent with no criminal record. I think most cops are assholes.
I agree. I have no background in law enforcement, but I have watched many hours of Active Self Protection and other police bodycam videos on YouTube. In this instance, the cop throwing the punch escalated the situation, which was terribly dangerous given how uncontrolled the crowd was. Any one of the bystanders could have had a firearm (they were responding to shots fired). Very disorganized and haphazard approach taken by the officers here. Glad it didn’t turn any more violent than this.
Additionally, if the officer who was talking with the man who was punched felt threatened, he should’ve taken steps back and drawn his weapon to begin issuing commands at a safe distance. He didn’t react, so we have reason to believe whatever the man was saying wasn’t threatening enough to warrant use of force.
I think watching the body cam footage from the officer that actually threw the punch is a clearer picture of what happened. He saw the man running towards the other officer and then he reacted. It’s easy for us to sit behind a computer or phone and say he should have reacted differently. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be a police officer in such situations. There was so much screaming and yelling and so many people running around, it would be very difficult to process the situation perfectly. I know that is their job and they are trained for these situations, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still tremendously difficult.
Also Anthony Johnson seems to be far from racist if you follow him on Instagram. He seems to do a lot for the community and bringing people together.
Clinched fists at your side and puffing your chest out is a pretty obvious stance of aggression; I’d expect the same reaction if I did that to most people. Honestly, how hard is it to just not further provoke a situation?
Plus, the woman recording the cop in the Instagram uploaded video is probably the worst of them all with the constant rambling & victim mentality.
The guy who got punched was yelling “or what” in the officers face with the gloves, he was an antagonizer and got what was coming for acting so stupid.
This is my neighborhood. Police are always driving around fishing for bullshit. They will come door to door saying their sound equipment detected shots fired. Detectives said this and came to my door asking questions just 3 or 4 weeks ago. They said their equipment picked up a shot fired basically in my backyard. No one on my block heard or saw or reported anything of the sort. As this area is being gentrified, the police are “cracking down” on long time residents. I see them patrolling our streets and harassing people. It’s bullshit. Know your rights. Always refuse searches and don’t speak to law enforcement without a lawyer present.
Considering "snitches get stitches" would you expect a squealer, even if the squealer is honest?
Fuck the police. Bunch of power tripping assholes who wanna "play soldier."
Statist pigs.
fuck 911. who is called for help the majority of the time police arrive on scene to encounter someone who resists.
Lady recording might have the most god awful annoying voice ever
She’s terrified for her friends and family.
Be a professional? Be better at controlling the situation? Do the job the citizens are paying you to do correctly? Any one of those three things would have prevented this situation from happening.
found the cop
You mean when they are trying to get away with a warrantless search (that yielded nothing) and isolating children from their parents like a bunch of armed thugs? They justify these calls by saying their audio surveillance equipment detected shots that didn’t even happen. I live here and I’ve witnessed it first hand.
It was stupid to punch him but the body cam footage shows the cop and the guy who got punched in the car talking it out afterward. They both admitted they fucked up and let things get out of hand and then came to terms with each other.
It was a dumb thing to do but still, this cop has done more to improve relations between police and civilians than almost any other cop out there.
I imagine you're being downvoted because many of us believe any conciliation arrived at after being assaulted and placed under arrest doesn't absolve the officer of acting irresponsibly. The other party could be expected to say anything under those circumstances to de-escalate the situation.
What is the suspect supposed to say after that? I wish I could just punch random people at work when I'm frustrated and face no repercussions because I "admit I fucked up"