@BNightengale: “The Los Angeles #Dodgers and Cleveland #Indians continue to be engaged in serious trade talks for Cleveland All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor, with Cleveland seeking a package of Dodgers prospects including Gavin Lux and Dustin May.”

Gavin Lux and Dustin May are legit and major league ready. Would need more to add onto that to make sense, though.
Loving the big ask. This is where the conversation starts. And to think, Dodgers fans don't even think either Lux or May should be in a Lindor trade.
If Dustin May is involved, I feel like Kluber should be on the table. Our rotation is already crowded. We could probably bring back a couple more solid pieces if we throw in Kluber
I don't want to trade Frankie anymore than anyone on here, but if we're going to trade him, this is the deal that needs to happen. Send him as far away from Cleveland as possible and bring back two top 25 prospects, plus some smaller pieces. Gavin Lux is going to be a stud, and if we accept that Lindor will be traded, a deal centered around Lux should be our goal
Plus, LA is not the Yankees. Seeing Franky in pinstripes is more than I can take.
Two top 25 prospects isn't enough to be the center of the trade, imo.
went on LA’s subreddit and they are all bitching that this is too much. i almost flipped shit like come the fuck on. Frankie is a top ten player and they are prospects. this is how trading works LA
Lmao 2 top 30 prospects in baseball plus more added on for a guy who’s finished 4 straight seasons top 15 mvp voting and 3 of 4 were top 10 in Mvp, with 2 years of control who is 26 and you can more than likely resign. Lux and May only is a severe underpay here
Well their struggles are pretty similar
Me too. I was genuinely surprised by their delusion.
Then there's
Do they want the best shortstop in baseball or not? Ya know.
May as well throw in Kluber and have them send Seager to us
Can we also throw in every coach and FO guy and get their owner(s) in return?
No crying in baseball, right? 😭😭😭
Rightfully so. If we’re even considering trading him to the dodgers the return HAS to start with lux and may
Yeah, if they can get a mega return from the Dodgers, I'm in. Do it.
i pray they don't for the sole reason of frankie is such a special guy and player. i enjoy watching him, i enjoy him being part of the cleveland team, etc.
I'm sorry, but I can't enjoy watching him play the way I should knowing that he's not our future. The sooner we move on with the most return the better.
Im prepared to be heartbroken. At least it isn't a division rival, Yankees or Red Sox.
If we do this trade and Lux & May turned out to be top tier players, we would just lose them in 4-5 years just like Frankie. Meanwhile Yankees gave a starting pitcher 40% of our entire payroll, glad to see all teams are on even footing!
Salary cap is needed ASAP. But instead Manfred wants to force relief guys to pitch to 3 batters. My love for baseball is wavering by the year.
It is really difficult to watch this league sometimes. Not that all the other leagues aren't also clusterfucks.
I try to imagine what I would do if/when this trade happens... I like to think I'm just going to draw back from it (because it shows you not to get attached to anything and that the league doesn't give two craps about most fans), but... usually doesn't work.
Seriously, this kind of stuff demolishes any sort of interest. What's the point if you're just going to have to be a farm team for LA or NY or root for them because your favorite players inevitably end up there? I'm so fucking annoyed by the expectation that those teams both deserve and will get every big name every year. But no, Manfred is more worried about managers being able to shift their defense to the left a little. Then you hear people complaining that baseball isn't inspiring younger fans. WELL DUH. Keep pretending you need to shift the fundamental rules to appeal to a modern demographic, ya shits!
If I hadn't been involved with baseball since I was young, would I even bother stomaching this? All the trade talk makes me sick and tired as it is. And we've gotten consistently screwed by the financial setup.
Lindor/Kluber for Lux/May/Peterson and a few other lower rated prospects is my guess
Please just let this happen so I can be mercifully released from caring about the Indians.
I understand the reasoning and rationale, but this one will hurt if it happens.
If one player decides your fate of fandom, you’ve chosen the wrong franchise.
How do I change my name 🙃
Take the emotions out of it and this makes a lot of sense if we can pull it off.
Would love to get Gavin Lux as our everyday shortstop to replace Lindor. Dude is awesome. Hopefully they throw in a corner outfielder along with May. Flip May for Whit Merrifield and we are better than last year. Wishful thinking from me but hopefully Dodgers pay a kings ransom after years of playoff futility and missing out on Cole.
I dont want some 'slap-dick' prospect for our all-star Frankie Lindor.
Well you’d better get used to the idea quick cause he’s gonna be gone sooner or later.
Adam the bull said lux and may would be a great start.
First time he’s been right in a long time lol.
Sigh. I hope Kluber isn't involved too. I want him to retire as an Indian. Love the guy.
If he is included that means the front office off loaded 35-40million in payroll just in that move. Considering our payroll was slated to around 110 with them....dear God they will not be able to stop the Dolan is cheap crowd unless they sign Rendon and Ozuna.
insert Palpatine “do it” GIF
Lmaooo I just watched that one the other day.
Anyways, god I hope we don’t do it. But if we do it I hope we at least get those guys. I just wish we could actually keep a star for once. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like any team in Cleveland is able to do that atm.
It’s going to hurt a hell of a lot trading Frankie but it’s inevitable...the only saving grace is I’m glad to see that a trade package like this would be a starting point to getting a deal done.
Hey, at least we have Jose for a little longer!
cries when we suck at the deadline after trading Frankie and we blow it all up and trade Jose too
Rendon is off the market - may make the Dodgers a little more urgent.
Dodgers never offered Rendon a contract. What does it matter if he's off the market if they never offered him a contract?
fuck the mlb and the bullshit model that favors the big markets
Getting prospects and good players is great and all, but can we not...
Are those good prospects?
Lux is the number two overall prospect in MLB, he’s a SS/2B.
Dustin May is a top 25 overall prospect as a RHP.
Yes, Bonita fish are big.
It's their top two projects. Lux (SS/2B) is the #2 prospect in all of baseball. May (RHP) is the #32 prospect. For comparison, the Indians top prospect, Nolan Jones, is #37 overall in baseball.
Does a frog have a watertight asshole?
That's absolutely where the package needs to start and add on from there.
We’re in serious talks or we’re gonna wait a year which is it
Personally, I think that if this deal is struck, the Indians would POTENTIALLY have a better overall rotation than what we all thought last year's was going to be. And that's even if the team trades Kluber.
Bieber / Clev / Kluber / Carrasco / Plesac / Civale / Plutko with McKenzie and some others in the pipeline is already going to be one of the better starting staffs in the league. Add May in there? Arguably the deepest staff in all of baseball.
This makes me sad to see but if we aren't going to pay him might as well get as big of a return as we can get.
We should be praying for a deal that includes lux and may. That would be huge for this franchise.
Must mean they just ordered the room service.
Does this mean we've officially given up on winning a championship in the next few years?
Add Verdugo to that package and you might have a deal
Either they keep Frankie and continue to surround him with mediocre talent or trade him to a team with a contending lineup. There's no scenario in which we are contenders this year with what division rivals are scheming behind the curtain and the lackluster moves Cleveland has made / not made this off season. Frankie is my favorite player, not just on our team but period, so this would hurt BAD but no one player can change a team's total outcome.
Disagree. We arguably have the most talent we have had since 2017. Our starting rotation is going to be really good. We have an okay bullpen and just added Karinchak and could add more in that department. We also still have Franmil, Jose is back to his goat-self, Mercado is just getting started, Santana was on fire, Robo stepped in and caught fire, we also have a young guys like Daniel Johnson and Luplow how could be everyday guys this year. We aren’t surrounding him with mediocre talent at all.
We arguably 3 MVP candidates in the same lineup. Plus a rotation that could have 2 CY Young candidates in it and a former winner in it as well. This team doesn’t have big star power but if they play baseball the right way they can easily have success.
Who and who?
Lux(2B/OF) is the top prospect in the MLB. May is their best pitching prospect and fairly highly rated as well, I believe. Both MLB ready.
It's not a bad place to start. If they would put in that catching prospect Smith is blocking I'd say "pull the trigger"
Might as well trade everyone we can for unproven talent