[General Discussion] Tribe Talk - Wednesday, September 25, 2019

General discussion, shower thoughts and memes!

Hey everyone! We're creating some community awards and need some ideas! Only requirement is we need to be able to create a small, square icon for it :)
We’re at a point where all speculation, and rumors, and storylines are thrown out the window, and there’s not much else to say, other than, win.
It’s nice, and it’s also frightening. Yes, I believe we’re going to make it in, and obviously, I think we can do damage. But I can’t lie, the thought of not having baseball every night is scary, and every year at about this time, I wonder how I’m going to make it through the winter.
These next few days will entail quite a bit of scoreboard watching, hoping, and maybe even some praying, but damnit, I’m here for it.
Just keep winning.
Winning out gets at least a game 163, as we'd tie Tampa due to their off day on Thursday
Don't know if this has been posted yet but...HOME RUN know bro
Is it normal to cry tears of joy upon watching this? asking for a friend of course
If battling the hamate bone was what started Jose's slump, and he's going to be on fire now then I can't wait for next season.
Also hope we re-sign Kipnis and Puig, but won't be surprised when that doesn't happen.
I have faith in Lup/Mercado/Allen/DJ/Naq in the event we don’t get back Puig.
But if Kip wants to come back for a ~5 mil one year deal , I’d hope the club would say yes!!!
Go. tribe. Baby.
Also, blessings to our Oracle
Feeling super good about this little playoff chase today. So good to have Jose back!!!! Game thread was absolutely lit yesterday.
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I’m blessed! And hopefully it’s contagious.
Thank you! I’m so glad people like it!!
I also added a Cookie award and would love to hear suggestions for more awards!! 😊
A's are starting Montas tonight, first game back after his 80 game PED suspension... Good to see a player ineligible for the postseason do his part to get the team there, but it's fine, I'm sure the effects have totally worn off in 3 months
I'm fine with him pitching tonight. Pretty good chance he gets smacked around after that much time off.
Really hope he gets lit the fuck up
I'm very interested to see how the team handles the pitching situation this weekend. If nothing is clinched (doubt it will be before Sunday), do they run Clev out there on short rest on Saturday? He didn't throw too many pitches last night and it was all relatively stress free. Then do you run Bieber out there on short rest Sunday if needed? I think that's much riskier. First full season and he's already thrown a ton of innings.
I really don't want to go to Plesac in these must win games. If we do, it should be 3-4 innings max and to the pen.
Last time Bieber started the pregame show said they've been taking as many measures as possible to ease his workload, knowing this is his first full season. Pulling him a little early, skipping off-day throwing here and there.
At this point, why in the world are you worried at all about any of the starters we have? Sure, piggyback Plesac and Plut if you need too, but good god, man, they've all been stellar.
I'd say roll with the guys we have as scheduled, but don't hesitate to go to the pen early, especially with guys like Plutko and Plesac. These guys helped get us here, let them take us to the playoffs
Just keep winning!
The Tribe has been doing GREAT during the second half of their season with a little bit of hiccups along the way. I know that it's frustrating that the Rays refuse to lose, but don't let those frustrations take away from what the team is doing. :)
What's frustrating is we got swept by the Rays. Even winning one of three against them completely changes the circumstances right now.
What happens if there’s a 3-way tie between us, Tampa, and Oakland?
Scenario: Three teams tie for two Wild Card spots
If the A's, Indians and Rays were all tied, the three teams would choose/receive A, B and C designations. Club A would host Club B, and the winner would advance to the Wild Card Game. Club C would then host the loser of the game between Club A and Club B to decide the other Wild Card team.
Again, the three designations are decided by head-to-head records. The A’s went 9-4 against the Rays and Indians, the Rays went 9-5 against the A’s and Indians, and the Indians went 2-11 against the A’s and Rays. So the A’s would have first pick of designation and the Rays second.
This would present a fun dilemma for the club with the first choice. Would the A’s prefer two shots at advancement (one at home, and, if that doesn’t go well, one on the road as Club A), despite the impact that might have on their pitching with yet another sudden-death game looming in the Wild Card Game proper? Or would they prefer to take their chances on a single home game (as Club C) for a chance to get to the Wild Card Game?
The universe collapses
I just realized: we have a better record than Washington. I was pretty worried about this weekend, but knowing that I feel better. I just hope Scherzer doesn't pitch!
Thankfully, they clinched a WC yesterday. So, they will hopefully be in "rest mode."
Won't be able to watch with you all tonight because I'll be attending the funeral of one of my old teachers. He was a lifelong Tribe and Browns fan who lost his battle with cancer last week. Even at the end when he was in hospice, he would ask visitors or nurses to put the games on TV or radio so he could listen. Everyone pour one out for Dave tonight!
RIP :(
Let's win for him!
Good Morning Loves. The sub makeover is phenomenal. GOAT Bless you all.
Let's give the White Sox a bleating.
Goat bless
We need to make the playoffs first, but it would be nice to have Bieber or Clevy lined up for the WC game, or a game 163.
Bieber is in line to start the WC game as of now
Woke up to a pleasant present from the Angels.
This next week is going to be a ride that has huge implications for our team. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
Only 1 behind Oakland now with their loss last night. Even if the rays keep winning if Oakland loses 1 or two we could try to pass them instead
Any chance we could have a GOAT flair?
Let me work on it
A’s lost last night. This is great! I’m smelling a home wildcard game.
Tbh, even if we play in TB it’ll be like a home game.
I only live a few blocks from the trop and every game I’ve been to we’ve outnumbered them. Although the same can be said for most teams...
Tbh I don’t really think that home field is essential for WC. I’m too lazy to look up the complete stats but I believe home teams in the Wild Card have not necessarily fared well. Plus I was at the 2013 game and I don’t want to relive that night’s extreme disappointment.
Why can't the Rate just lose???? Ughhhh! Edit: I meant to say Rays stupid autocorrect lol
It’s the freaking economy man.
Because we were at guaranteed rate field.
I was so mad to wake up to see they won. What is that.. their 4th extra-innings win in the last 6 games? I don’t get it. But the A’s lost so things are getting interesting with 5 games to go!