Toronto Raptors (24-13) @ Charlotte Hornets (15-24) [Jan. 8, 2020 - 7:00 PM ET]

I just got my teeth extracted and I was supposed to relax or else the gums might bleed too much. The hornets sure did choose a perfect night to pull this crap in me. Thanks, world.
So, you gonna pick up a saxophone, change your name to Murphy and mentor a young jazz protege named Lisa?
What a shitty loss, they were obviously gassed and we gave up
honestly man that was frustrating
Dont be a sore winner. Talking shit after winning a close game like that is just pathetic
What he say tho?
Don’t know what was said. But it wasn’t a good look
He looked scared out of his mind when Terry turned back haha
Borrego I want to like you but you are trash sometimes
Unlucky boys. Get em next time
well that was shitty
Borrego is not part of this team's future
Kyle Lowry is a veteran
Ugh, we gave up too many 3's. Fuck man.
Go for a two and get it to OT 2. Raptors are too old to keep up. Hornets are young and can play the long game.
Too old to keep up or have 3 starters and the 6th man down while playing on the second night of a back to back and in OT? I also hope you knew that the average age of the players who played today is much lower than the hornets average age.
They also played in a thriller yesterday
Who will inherit the Lamb mantle?
Exactly. We need a raptor fucker. Aka a “meteor”
Just throw it to PJ and let him yam it on someone
Get me a Terry 3 for the win. Nobody wants to play double OT. Let's get a shot to win up
this some bullshit
2 idiotic calls we could've challenged, but JB used it on the one that was an obvious call.
Run a play for Terry please. He has been amazing in OT so far.
Ibaka is traveling all the time but these refs has already decided that Raptors are gonna win this
what the fuck
Are you shitting me
All of Lowry’s complaining all game finally paid off for him. Good thing ball doesn’t lie
Block imo, but it was close. Crazy he missed one though.
edit: both?wut
That was a push ffs
That is ridiculous..
wth is Zeller doing?
Devonte shouldnt be in rn hate me I know but still
Terry out there making a believer out of me
God Tae is SO bad at finishing
Jeez sad we gonna haven’t won this already Toronto has no business winning
Bruh sick of these random players getting career highs against us
I swear we LOVE leaving clearly hot shooters open in the fucking corners. Its literally every single game. How do we never learn?
Wouldn't be a hornets game without a no name player getting a career high on us
Miles hasn't touched the fucking ball once this entire 4th quarter crunch time + OT, we deserve to lose
He was wide open on the final play of regulation too
keep attacking, Toronto doesn't have any legs left
INJECT THAT INTO ME. Terry steal and spin move with the drop pass to Graham.
What a play Rozier!!
wow nice job Terry, that was insane
Free basketball on a Tuesday. Y;'all should be happy
Yeah...oops my bad
It's Wednesday, don't scare me like that
Raptors are playing Kyle Lowry and their bench off a back to back, we NEED TO WIN THIS GAME
That was close. Lamb would've made that shot tho.
Lamb was hella good at that little floater
Like how our most efficient and leader scorer all game had 2 shots in the 4th
Devonte, what the hell was play? why did you wait till 3 seconds to get into scoring distance....
That was arguably his worst play of the entire season
We do not deserve to be in OT lol
Come on devonte... :(
Wtf don't dribble that out for 17 seconds
if you don't score and the other team gets it they have a chance to score...that's the right move..
Oh yeah, get the ball into the hands of our worst shooter in this game, and then just have him play iso ball. That's a good idea.
I hate that play
when i saw devonte had it i knew it was ot.
Soooooo close!
That was not the play I would have called, but im glad we are going into overtime atleast
Disjointed play, but it was a mere inch off and raptors didn’t have a chance to come back with a shot. Not good but not bad
This game is on Borrego, beyond trash
Cool your jets young gun
TERRY 2 CLUTCH. This changes things...
Monk 4 the win
Remember for like the first two weeks of last season when they called that "foul before the inbounds = free throw" and then they stopped because everybody hated it
ooooohhh I like this development
I have no sound, what was the call/stoppage?
Ibaka tugged the jersey on the inbound. That gives us one free throw + the ball apparently
Wtf the refs are bailing us out.
Not really. Ibaka and a huge handful of jersey
Man, you can't let up an offensive rebound with the game on the line there. Might have lost it
Can’t remember where I listened to it but it was some podcast. The bloke said he doesn’t know how hornets fans hearts can deal this season. So much exciting drama late in games
God damn it is Jeremy lamb around
Monk can't be happy. Borregos rotations down the stretch have been god awful.
just Monk? y'all are something else
If we got that rebound the game could've been over right there smh.
We deserve to lose. It will actually kinda be a travesty if we win lol
what the actual fuck was that
lol pj just got out of the way
They gave that to Lowry. What a fucking joke
Devonte not looking for his shot hurt us all game
So you can just foul all you want when the ball is way up in the air? Also what the FUCK were those 2 posessions? Can we run a damn play?
What a fucking choke our players miss defensive rebounds like it's their job
I mean we deserve that for putting Biz in.
That was also two possessions straight where Terry missed a wide-open Devonte'. I know he's not hitting much, but these are the types of shots Te' has been hitting all season. Tunnel-Vision-Terry is worst-Terry.
On the other hand, Attack-Monk is best-Monk.
Terry also missed a wide open Monk in the paint on one of those possessions.
PJ is a bad bad man
PJ scoring their points so the mortals have a chance
How noble
Fuck it just feed PJ he the only one stepping his game up
Miles and maybe even Bacon should be out there honestly
This is what I've been begging for all game. When the offense bogs down, give PJ a designed post-up by himself on the low block. He's money
watching borrego saying fuck it do whatever you want is frustrating.
Why take Monk out? Tae isn't doing it tonite
tbh we should be closing with Monk/Bacon/Bridges/PJ/Cody.
Hornets are playing young and inexperienced. Vet team would have put this game away.
PJ needs to pump fake and take the pull-up shot.
Rozier can't rush a possession like that with the floater, outnumbered in the lane for a rebound.
Wtf are these shots that Rozier is taking?
That was the worst 2 minutes of basketball we've played this season. I'm not even exaggerating. we were up 10, created zero offense, gave them like 6 great looks in a row and they even missed half of them
TO please
We are consistently inconsistent
Game of runs
My nerves cannot take another stressful ending.
Best thing for it is to expect a loss
Ah yes, let them come all the way back, THEN call a timeout. Genius.
take that 3 PJ, that's what you do best
Call timeout JB god damn
Borrego you have 3 timeouts ffs use one
Cmon guys keep it together.
we are so good at destroying our own momentum
that dunk attempt was 3 inches away from being the dunk of the season
I was 3 inches away from keeping my girlfriend
After a stretch of earning very few assists, Malik currently leads the team with 7 for the game in only 21-minutes
Malik almost committed murder
Thomas Davis still attending games... Miss you bby
Just a note, our love for Biz, Miles & Tezza today doesn’t diminish our love for Graham, even when his shots aren’t falling
Raps ran out of gas but this is a big win for a team that regularly loses these type of "schedule win" games
Terry has the clutch gene
He's simply an elite spot up shooter. Doesn't get rattled and change his form in the moment. same shot every time.
He's simply an elite spot up shooter. Doesn't get rattled and change his form in the moment. same shot every time.
For those who love salt please refer to the Toronto game thread
They're literally calling us try hards, like no shit its the NBA. Do you expect us to go easy on you because your starters are hurt?
Don't, people who post in opposing team subs to gloat are annoying
Rozier has been a better shooter the past month than Tae. Love em both, but it's true.
He's getting more open shots off the ball. Everyone is keying on Tae this past few weeks
Lowry going to fucking lose it lmao
Biz revenge game
The refs have been pretty kind to us tonight
Lowry's not getting these calls because he is calling out the refs every play. He needs to cool
We'll never be a good team unless we do all the little things, we need to box out, stay focused on defense the whole shot clock, and not make lazy passes
Marv looks so fresh
‘Nick Nurse looking for prescription for what ails him’. Swear down Eric Collins just sits at his desk all offseason with a pad of paper coming up with these nuggets. I might actually love him
doing way better without devonte now.
Gotta win this one
Jaynay and XUHOUELEOU. Please cream your pants.
Malik Monk drive assist to a Rozier catch and shoot 3.
Monk diming
LMAO Raptors announcers salt is absolutely incredible
I'm on local feed. give me a salty taste
Cody a Beast
Zeller is manhandling Boucher on the boards right now
As he should, he has to have 50lbs and 4 inches on the dude
Watch us give up another 10-0 run now that we've finally got the lead
edit: blessed
Been sick all day this game got me pepped up
I swear if Miles doesn't even get 30 minutes
That was delightfully delicious last three minutes
Y'all should be throwing a parade here!
A line up of:
Monk : PG
I've watched in every thread and discussion as the vocal guys here begged for Monk to come in as a PG and push Rozier off ball. With Cody at center
replace Bacon with a red hot Miles Bridges and I'm thrilled
The last few mins were nice! Keep it going
ATTA BOY DWAYNE!!! These Hornets never quit
Wtf was that
yiiiiikes RHJ's three is the worst looking shot I've seen this year
I'm dead
Cody in that kid's head
Lmao Boucher talking to Cody Zeller please young man don't play yourself
lol how did Cody not get T'd for that
These refs straight up are bending us over.
Cody has been straight up terrible tonight
but that was not an offensive foul
Raptors defense is great, but also our offense has gone completely stagnant. Why can't we just post up Miles or PJ?
Raps fan here, Bridges is giving me Jeremy Lamb PTSD
He will join Lamb in the Gerald Henderson Memorial Hall of Raptor Killers
Haven’t been able to watch due to traveling, is Miles really playing as well as his stat line?
Hes been hitting every corner 3 he takes, just missed one near the middle tho
He can’t miss a 3 ball
Is miles feelin ok?
Wtf is this halftime show. This is like mocking the french culture not celebrating it..