The honeymoon is over. This is not a AAA game. I shall explain why.

Hey guys,

I'm enjoying it honestly it has problems but I like it.
So am I, loads of people saying they’ve finished it at 10-12 hours. They’re clearly much better players than me, I’m on 9 and I’m barely into act 2... I like to plod!
And I prefer the price-upfront model over the F2P-with-microtransactions model. It's worse for the devs, but for players it's great!
It’s so funny that the comments defending the game are exactly the same they were for Anthem.Stop defending rushed and under-developed games saying that it will be better with updates in future.You are just defending shady tactics and rewarding them.
It's hilarious when someone has to preface they're statement with statements that were previously mention in other prefaces in other games.....
This post has more upvotes and comments than the official "End Game + Season Pass Information" thread.
And this is saying a lot. If the devs don't release a day one patch and add more content/end game in the near future, there won't be enough of a player base to care about.
They said from the beginning they were releasing new content regularly plus having seasons and new endgame modes. Some of these same complaints could be leveled at D3 when it was released.
It would suck if this game wouldn't be expanded upon (like a proper maps/greater rifts mechanic) cause the core gameplay is solid and fun. Agree with with you said btw, I guess now we kinda knew why they were so quiet about endgame. I hope the devs don't tuck tail and abandon the community. The potential is there!
Inquisitor Martyr was doing very poorly and still is supported. This game is mechanically much better, so I expect they'll sell enough to keep them afloat until an expansion or so.
Zero end game. I’m in full red gear just farming act 1 boss for red items on chaos 3-4.
Edit: 14 hours and I'm done. Missing one item for my full 3 set. Got every red item in the game. Biggest waste of money.
How quick are you killing the Great Unclean one on Chaos 5?
The game has 4 classes, so around 15 hours per character. Yeah I'll get my moneys worth, especially if they expand the game with DLCs. Considering vanilla D3 had even less going for it at the endgame.
I hear ya. I wish I waited. They have a good foundation but not much past that.
I'm so glad that I refunded right away after the first beta, played it for 1 and a half hour and I was already like WTF is this. Still disappointed though...
I mean shit..... I get that there needs to be more content. It's game play is in a great spot though.... What gets me every time is people who consume the content at a cycilc rate and then complain. I can name more than a few games with shorter completion times.
Yup. And I laid 80$ to play sooner. Such a regret. Will never pre order a game again. I was doing so well. But let the hype from reviews get to me.
Being able to complete the game quickly seems good to me. Don't have to spend too much time on endless grinds. Wish more games were like this.
I'm still glad that I paid for this game and not fallout 76 or anthem or destiny 2 and so on. 15 hours of bugfree and loot friendly gameplay is a rarity these days
Unter den Blinden ist der Einäugige König
It’s a fundamental flaw. You shouldn’t be able to be decked out in full red gear in less than an hour of gameplay. Boss rush was a novel concept but completely ruined end game.
It felt like I was cheating. Started with Chaos difficulty. Tried Relic Hunt and then tried Expedition, and finally boss rush. Each boss rush was between 0-4 red items. It took around 2 mins per run, which gets faster with the loot you acquire. Then you go to Chaos 2 etc. 1 hour later you’ve got all 3 heroic sets, all other red items, and you’re crushing Chaos 4-5.
You shouldn’t be able to? Says who? This isn’t Diablo 3 or Path of Exile or any other RPG. It’s Chaosbane for better and for worse.
Here we have another game that doesn’t launch with a perfect, fully fleshed out endgame. It doesn’t exist. All of these games go through growing pains.
I think it is just that the balancing is a Bit off. Wait for day one Patch. Game is still in early access.
Most people are white knighting the game just because it has Warhammer in the title. Get ready for downvotes even though you are 100% correct on every point.
I am an old gamer and old time redditer. I know I will get downvoted. I did this post just to shed some light into what this game has to offer. Reddit karma is nothing to me, making sure people wont fall for the false advertising of this game is what matters.
Well no he’s not correct on every point.
You also have the god tree which lets you add even more customisation to your build with the second god trees coming out in season pass which is even more customisation.
All in all given they are a small company in my opinion they have actually done a decent job. If the game was not worth the price I reckon it would be close to worth it. Maybe OP do some actual research before making points about a game. The fact that you could not even go into the main menu and check if you could turn player names on shows your laziness.
What if I told you that you can think the dude is 100% correct, I can think he’s like 50/50 and someone else could think he’s completely wrong and we were all correct?
The game is mechanically good. People want more aRPGs. I don't think we should shut down every game just because it's not D3 or PoE. Average games have a place in the gaming industry. Not every game should be the best.
I like this game because it's an upfront price without microtransactions. I can wait a year for the content after I've gotten all classes to 50 with some good gear.
Also it's a great WHFB game. Has all Chaos Daemons, all Greater Daemons, and a lot of enemy models. I would like to see Chaos Knights / Chaos Champions as mini-bosses. Chaos Champion models already exist (the guys who turn into Greater Daemons).
For me, reviews saying the loot was underwhelming was more than enough to know.
tbh, this game is so fucking good if it has a 15 usd price tag or less.
This post has more upvotes and comments than the official "End Game + Season Pass Information" thread.
And this is saying a lot. If the devs don't release a day one patch and add more content/end game in the near future, there won't be enough of a player base to care about.
When did price set what rating a game got being A or AAA or something else that has no actual bearing on a game? The price set is the price determined by the dev/pub based on factors we aren't advised about and quite frankly don't need to be. Anyone actually know what the cost is to license a Warhammer game as I believe that's what is driving the cost.
If you charge the same price as what is considered the “high end” AAA experience then that is your competition. EKO Software has no one to blame but themselves. Doesn’t matter if the license is what’s driving up the cost. You put yourself in that price range than that sets a bare minimum expectation for people. Everyone can have their standards. I think the game might have been overpriced but it’s certainly not a horrible video game by any metric.
I would understand if this game was in "Early Access" but holy shit, 50€ for this?
Yeah, I'm glad I held off. No endgame is a deal breaker for now. See down the line how they add to the game if they do.
Same here, I will continue to play 40k martyr which I just picked up for $17
Same here.
Well that sucks. I’ve been waiting for a Diablo replacement for ages. Looks like I’ll have to keep waiting ...
Expecting this to be better than Diablo 3? You played yourself. This game was never going to be that.
Try Titan Quest. That game is a lot of fun.
20 hours into the game and I got my fill red set and doing insane performance.
Did expedition on C5 and got literally no reds. Doing relic hunts or boss rushes in C1 is better.
This feel like a great template. I would strongly recommend it on a discount. And definitely come back in a year to see how it evolved.
Also none of the in-game mechanics are sufficiently explained. Game feels rushed. It's a good base, but needs work.
Edit: I don't regret my purchase. I got the fun I wanted out if the game. And I'll wait for more content and features without worrying since I own the game. I also like that there's no MTX.
Enemy variety is great though. You got all the minor daemons with models for Heralds of all the Chaos Gods, all Greater Daemons, a Daemon Prince, cultists, Ungors and other models.
They could've had more models, sure. Tzaangors, for example. And they could've made Chaos champion into mini-bosses. But I'm not gonna count that as "low enemy variety".
The lacking endgame is its greatest weakness.
The gameplay is super smooth. I really hope they are able to evolve into a solid game in a year or so.
For the average gamer, it's a 6/10. And if I recommend it to any WHFB fans, it's a definite 9/10.
Edit 2: I'd say this game is more akin to Vermintide 2 than Diablo 3. It's more about repeating the same content than upgrading the gear.
The problem is if too many people wait for discounts or a year later those updates won't come. If the game doesn't sell well it won't be supported beyond what was already planned.
They spent too much time making a pretty game with zero clue on what ARPG genre and expectations are.
Btw you forgot to mention how each chapter is go to town, skip a stupid storyline text go back to same map 10-12 times each chapter and they call it a ARPG story campaign
True, i forgot to mention that.I also forgot to mention that there is no reward for upscaling the game difficulty. The rewards are the same on Chaos 1 as on Chaos 5.
does the mastered and superior versions of any skill/passive stack? like do i keep the channeled dmg increase from fire breath Superior to fire breath mastered?
I don't believe so. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure you just get the skill you select.
No. It is a variation from one tier to the other, without including the previous. Like master skill add poison while superior skill roots the enemy, with poisoning him....
Sounds like too much conflicting info from people on both sides who don’t know how to have a discussion of differing opinions without hurling insults. I think I will wait and read reviews from trusted professionals instead of relying on said individuals on reddit.
Who said it was "AAA" it's a super small team. With a publisher that does smaller games.
The price said it.
What annoys me.. us my mage lightning skill level 2 and 3 crash my xbox 1 x . And even crashed my friends xbox
I had similar opinions but before the game even came out in the closed beta version, I was wondering why the map where all the same, A little different sometimes but 90% of the time it’s the same, only the boss fight where a cool things, but too easy because I could literally stay behind a pillar and kill the great unclean with ranged skill from elessa.
I was naively thinking it was to prevent some sort of « leaks » so they could have kept the full content for the launch...
Boy I was wrong, it’s still the same dull linear content over and over, act 2 still no difference, voice acting is terrible and not having a vendor was my first complain about this game.
I think I saw some indie games with less budgets doing better than this, they can’t even compete against diablo in this state, I should have let my pre order fail the first time and waited for him to be cheaper.
these wanky titled posts always beg upvotes get awards and then are proved wrong
Yikes..i was mildly hyped for this but reading this killed any i had. Gonna skip this one
This is misinformed. Im not even through the game yet and know “4 maps” is a lie. Do I think the game is great? Not sure yet, but if you were to criticize it might as well use facts.
Act1 has the a few sewers variants as well as the castle walls. Act2 has the somewhat destroyed town, hell-like town and forest. Act3 has the snow forest, the crypts, and thats as far as i’ve gotten.
Also, you mentioned the only way to get rid of loot is drop it or through donations. There is a merchant.
You neglected to mention two decently interesting features in the god tree and the bloodlust mechanic.
Now is the game brimming with content? No. But if your going to sway opinions to hold off on a game, don’t exaggerate to fit your narrative.
Edit: Not white knighting the game because I am somewhat disappointed as well, but I have been having a blast so far, and will continue to play all the characters since it is a foundation-ally sound ARPG which doesn’t grow on trees. Just don’t see the point in swaying opinions if your going to over-exaggerate to prove your point.
The merchant exists, his shop does not. The feature to actually trade isn't implemented, all you can do is donate to get rid of inventory.
The sewers are all connected in Act 1, it's the same map with different areas shut or closed?
Where is the merchant? Asking for a friend.....
It really is disappointing because I love the Warhammer universe and the engine for the game actually feels really good. But pretty much everything else falls flat. Glad I was able to get a refund still.
Nowadays, gaming is more about "what am i going to do tomorrow?" than "Am i enjoying it so far?" .... It's sad
I agree 100% with everything that the OP said. EVERYTHINK!!! I just lost 80€ for a 35€ game at most !!!
Devs, read the OP's post and do some changes.
Add some king of end game.
Infinite floors that get harder with each floor.
Bosses at the end of the floors. Arena with endless waves with boss after each 5 waves!!! Why do WE (the consumers) have to tell you guys(the devs) what end games needs to be in an ARPG in 2019?!
So you want Greater Rifts from Diablo 3 or Mythic Plus from WoW ? I’m excited just to have an ARPG in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Considering how the norm for most video game developers release content ( look at MK 11 and the kombat pack) after launch these days I’m sure they will put something out.
You didnt lose anything. You made the decision to buy it, no one twisted your tit and forced you.
I got downvoted for a similar topic yestarday but your is more complete and people had time to spend more time on the game so they will realise you are right. The story is barely 8 hours so everyone will be in a similar situation very soon. Empty game, too fast and boring very soon, if it didn't have the tag warhammer and his good environments it would be very bad. I tried to ask for a refund with steam but i don't believe it will works sadly. Avoid this game if you can.
Update, i've got a full refund on steam eventhough i have ~10 hours. Not sure if i have to thank steam or if devs allowed more flexible refunds anyway if you are unhappy like me give it a try.
I hate posts like these, and I hate that they get to the top of the subreddit.
This game is $50, not $60, so technically not AAA pricing. If you got 14 hours out of it, then you only spent $3.50 an hour for your entertainment. That's not a bad deal compared to the price of a movie or most other entertainment.
Each act has more than one map. For example Act 1 has both the sewers and the outdoor city sections. Act two has winter forests and the city of Praag. Each of those are also broken up by set pieces interspersed between the levels. Come on man, at least tell the truth in your review.
Also, congrats on playing the broken character. Go back and try the bosses and leveling on hard with the not slayer characters, it's a much more difficult game. It's also a way to extend your play time.
No game is going to be perfect, especially from a smaller developer, but this game has pretty high production quality, well thought out characters that all play differently, and some fun boss fights. People seem to feel they are entitled to 1000+ hours of content in every game these days, and it's not realistic. I've spent more than this on much worse games, you need to chill out.
You're the one who need to chill out with your "I hate posts like these, and I hate...", every one is entitled to his own opinion.
This is basically what I said.
The game is just a small indie, and gamers have been ripped off paying full price.
No one has been ripped off.. We weren’t actively deceived/lied to and in 2019 there are so many options available to gather information on a game. Don’t act like the developers pulled any wool over our eyes.
Unknown developer making a game based on a license that has a pretty shoddy record in terms of video game quality. Anyone not willing to accept some flaws with the game or just buy it expecting something amazing screwed themselves.
Very true. Overall big disappointment for now. I'm glad i bought a PC version wich is just 23EUR for me for Magnus version. If devs will continue improving the game it might turn out pretty good to sink some time into.
The limitaion to only four tileset turns out to me real bad. Every time i start relic hunt it's always sewer map where degen pools drain my 93k hp so fast on very hard difficulty so i can't progress because my hp regen doesn't help and cooldown on hp pot way to long. :D
“I stormed through the game in less than a day and there is nothing to do.”
I work 10hrs a day and can ever barely finish games anymore, I struggle finding time to play these games with my buds.
I envy you.
Campaign is like 7 hours. I can kill act 1 boss in under 2 minutes, so gearing in full Heroic is like 1 hour (to get all the 3 sets) than maybe 1 more hour of grinding some relic hunts to "bless" the whole sets. That is not 70 euros worth.
Sums it up nice, if this game was around 30-25euros it would be great. Division 2 is a great game tho
The steep entry fee (high price tag) & lack of open/free trial/demo was already a giveaway that this game was just a money grab.
If any developer truly believed that they have good game, they will lower the entry fee (easy access) to their game to attract more players & let the good experience of those players earn them more money. That's why we have F2P & low cost indie games.
The steep price tag (cost of a AAA game) only works if you have a AAA game made by AAA developer or game franchise.
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Comparing the development of W:C to D3 is the dumbest shit I've seen in a long time. Just the scope of the development teams alone makes quite a few of you look ridiculous. I think the best part is, you bought it. You day-oned it, in an extremely toxic time for games, and that's on you. Regardless, I think it's safe to say- many of us are getting our "monies worth". How do you judge value, entertainment, or "fun" on how long the game takes "some" to beat? It took me around 10 hours. I've been min-maxing builds through expeditions and boss runs.
Apparently, D3 and the massive Blizzard team have spoiled some you.
Lastly- it literally has an expansive roadmap. Day one/two bitching looks pretty damn funny to me.
Any gameplay video before release showed that this is AA at maximum, most likely A!
My progress just reset after I got to act 3 wtf . Not about to run the missions again so I'm done with the game. What a horrible glitch .just starts me back at the starting mission
My loading a times are between 5-7 seconds on an SSD on a PS4 Pro.
I wouldn't bash it like you did but i also think that this game has a AAA price but not AAA content. You need the Magnus edition if you want to enjoy the game in full and 70 bucks is way too much. I am forced to buy it from a key seller if i want to play it.
Although i had fun while i played 2h on steam before i refunded it. The price simply isn't worth it.
Spent 70 euros on this. My partner experienced the first game breaking bug and stopped - she is currently unable to progress anywhere in her game and the quest objective is set as something she did a few quests back, can't access any dungeon entrance at all.
I appear to be the second casualty, I'm at Skraeling. I beat her every time, and just as she is in her death animation my character slowly dies due to the blood debuff DoT. I then watch the Act 3 dialogue, see the loot i earned on the floor but after can only 'try again' with the boss.
I wanted to like this game. But it is absolutely not on that it is being charged as a AAA game. Because it's clearly a beta.
Sucks cuz they have a good base here with the combat, designs(some), and universe. But that’s all it is, a base.
I feel this is a good review and part of my thoughts. I'm gonna skip this arpg. Thanks for the good points.
It would be one thing if it was just what it is, a budget title, but a little longer.
But it’s sooooo limited with just four worlds. It’s almost like they took vermintide and made it top down. Which doesn’t work because a game like vermintide or L4D might not be super long but it’s a first person shooter; it’s more complex of an interaction than a top down click game.
I don't know how this took you guys even 10-12 hours to beat. I got to 50 and did the whole campaign in about 7 or 8. I probably could have done it faster had I not been checking gear and skill trees and such. In either case.... I'm pissed off at myself for spending 80 on the bigger edition. I feel so ripped off. I have 3 of my red set too and have been playing on Chaos 3 for a while. I see nothing that will keep me going.
The fact that they are charging an extra $10 for this is fucking insulting.
Wait, so there is no vendor? I was expecting that maybe I needed to level up a bit or something.
I couldn’t disagree more. Also they are updating for free many new things and fixing bugs. It’s a solid foundation and as I love arpg this will hold me over for some time as I await d4. Poe just didn’t cut it for me.
i agree i paid 80$ for the magna version for ps4. man do i feel like they ripped me off. i don't see 20$ worth of game so far. just upsetting.
i will wait a 60pct or more promotion in steam to buy it.
This is absolutely wrong on a variety of levels. One small example; the skills aren't 'improved' they are variations. Three different variations of the same skill, yes, but variations none the less.
This post felt more like a 'this game didn't do exactly what I wanted, so it's wrong' more then a constructive, even honest, interpretation of the game.
Please do gamers the favor of not posting anymore, or atleast if you do, be a little more honest. No, the game is not ground breaking, nor will it change the industry, hell, it's not even that enveloping considering the immense amount of lore and historical resourcing at it's disposal, but, it's by no means the failure you're are trying to portray it as in your entitled way.
You picked one thing and basically threw everything else out. Where did he lie? Is there more than 4 maps? Is there a ton of monster and boss variety? Show me where he is entitled because I don't see one lie or exaggeration in his post.
I am kind of sad because i like the gameplay ( with controller ), its much more fun than classical type of click click arpgs like PoE or Diablo. That being said its really lean on the content, and that sucks....
That being said. I feel that game has potential, if devs decide to add more content. Since arguably the game was developed very quickly ( for today standards ) and that explains lack of content.
Game is great. Dk why people are complaining. Steady updates and content rolling out. Even launch was better than poe.
Ha- someone is carpet karma bombing all the comments which put the game in a negative light here.
I played it for the first time yesterday and I was utterly disappointed. I totally agree with all your points.
Div 2 a disappointment?:(
havent personally played outside of their beta weekend, but everyone I know that played D1 say it is better than the second and that D2 didn't really change much up, just felt like an expac
Yeah but I never played 1. Just got it for 17 bucks on PS4 and loving it.
Everything you wrote is true! I have to admit that the game is fun (so far) and runs very smooth (coregameplay is nicely polished) but it is definitely one of the badest arpgs I played so far. I am returning to Grim Dawn after this project.
To the DEVS: Don’t waste good. The game has potential. Please push the game further.
For starters, who ever said this was a AAA game? Nobody. Falsely claiming a game is a AAA game and then hating on it for not being that is just disingenuous.
Second, why did you spend 14 hours already in the game rushing through it? What is up with people just fucking rushing through games and then getting upset it's over? How about you take your time and enjoy the game like a normal person? Also, you played one character. There's 4.
This desire to do everything you can to find a reason to complain is so fucking old. I'm so sick of seeing posts like yours from jaded bitter haters. You want perfection and bitch if it isn't perfect when nobody claimed it would be. Seriously, the negative people around here make me hate the gamer community.
To answer your questions:
Stop flooding the sub with this cry baby stuff do you know how disheartening to see people just talk non stop shit about a game others are enjoying. I love this game but your post and all the others like it make me feel like shit for playing the game and having fun. I'm 20 hours in an on act 3 I'm playing with my 3 buds doing a 4 man playthrough it's a blast and it doesnt matter if the endgame is shitty we all work full time and plan on getting the plat. With only 2 hours spare a day its gonna take us a while to blast through easy a month or 2 so I chalk it up as a win in the ARPG genre. So again stop flooding your negative opinion of the game as unlike you other people are actually having fun and like me have been invested in warhammer for 20+ years so why dont you give it a rest mate it's people like you that make devs shit them selves and stop working on a game or force them to rush out patches if you've got nothing good to say just keep quiet.
That's an absurd argument. We have a right to voice our concerns and opinion. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean we should keep quite. Games won't improve and evolve if ALL types of feedback are not given. If you don't want to see negative reviews of this or any game I recommend you not read the posts it's really that easy man.
You are the architect of your own misery.
So just because my opinion on the game is not positive I should not be voicing it ? What is this, the "glorious" communism era ? Ever heard of freedom of speech ? If you get offended that someone posted a negative review regarding something you like well than stay off reddit.
Downvoted, the game isn't even out yet talking about honeymoon lmao. While i do agree that some stuff warrants immediate attention, it is asinine to say the game isn't worth the money. Ive been playing for 6 hours and i'm barely about to finish the story with my Soldier, then i want to try it with the other 3 classes which by the end i'll probably get my money's worth. Combat is fun and feels rewarding, the enemies feel fun to kill. Also the loot part you wrote is simply not true, there's like 3 sets every 10 levels plus the heroic sets. If you don't like it that's fine, but stop talking for everyone and saying " game isn't worth the money".
You are being delusional. It is a fucking AAA priced game and it lacks all I mentioned above. You count the leveling sets ? In an arpg where end game loot is the main focus ? Is this your first arpg ? And 70 euros for what ? 4 acts and 4 bosses ? Because that is all this game has to offer.