Crane demolition at the partially collapsed Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans goes wrong. Both cranes did not collapse properly. 10/20/19

Has anything gone right with this damn building?
I was thinking the same thing. They even fucked up the demolition. Here come more lawsuits!
It's the catastrophe that keep on catastrophing!
It's been a hard rock life for them.
Short answer would be NO.
Should this sub start having end of the year awards? Because I'd nominate this project for Best Ongoing Fuckup for 2019.
They did one a couple years ago, and the Chinese rocket that launched a satellite all the way into the next village over before exploding won.
Here's the slow mo and a bit closer, not that you need it to see that it's still a shitshow over there.
You can see it kinda looks like all the charges didnt go off... which creates more issues
Was it supposed to fall into the street like that?
No, they were hoping the cranes would collapse into themselves and just settle in the rubble of the building. The left crane just snapped back and fell into the road while the right crane just leaned forward a little and now is teetering over a major road in New Orleans.
Part of it, yes. Not shown in the video is the mats laid on the street to absorb the impact of the jib (i think?) falling on the street. The piece that stuck into the street wasn't anticipated however. It impaled a sewer line but nothing critical (flow was rerouted before teh mayor's press conference).
The importation about the crane piece expected to fall flat on the street wasn't well publicized ahead of time. The counterweights were the big issue and they fell where expected.
No it wasn't. Demolition FAIL
What company was contracted to build it and how do they keep fucking up so much
it's that hard rock lifestyle, catches up with you
The consensus seems to be that this state is super corrupt, and doesn't follow any of its own building codes.
If doing it properly costs 100,000 they just hand out 10,000 in bribes and call it a good day.
Who in the fuck is in charge down there?
People from India and Metairie.
This building is
This subs version of the gift that keeps on giving.
I'm loving it. I live far from it so it does not affect me at all but it's great to watch. Minus the deaths and all, rest in piece those people. But it just is amazing to see
I think they need to demolish that building and just have a nice green space there...maybe get in some holy people to bless it or something.
Yer buildin' be black spotted true and thru to her riggins
aye, scuttle the hulk
Maybe a dumb question but why are they demolishing the cranes? Can’t they just dismantle them?
because the building partially collapsed the other day with them up there and they had no other safe way of dismantling them since it was so unstable from the collapse
Facebook gallery of the event
Fuckup after fuckup. It's the theme of New Orleans in general.
You got downvoted apparently by someone who can't admit to themselves that their city is a total shithole.
Have an upvote to counteract.
Hope the saenger is ok
Minor damage
Saenger sustained no additional damage.
Honest curious question. Do they normally blow up the cranes? I though the would disassemble them. This is the first time I've ever seen them blow up the cranes lol.
No, it's because the building collapsed during construction leaving them unstable. The whole building will be coming down some time later
For normal construction, they bring in really tall mobile cranes which then disassemble the tower cranes and set the parts down on trailers.
In this case, it would be insanely unsafe to disassemble them the normal way. Blowing them down is the only humanly safe alternative.
I guess they’ll be drawing straws on who attaches the next set of charges. One for the lad on work experience perhaps?
Shoot a missle at it already.
The site is cursed. Best just to seal it in concrete like Chernobyl.
just fucking leave it alone by now
How do they plant those charges?
They had a large mobile crane with a man basket. You could see it the previous day in the live video feed.
Demo guy climbs up there and places them?
Jeez, shitty luck
American construction standards seem pretty poor, almost third-world-esque.
Has nothing to do with our "construction standards" we have some amazing buildings here. It's just one guy that thought he could skip a step to make an extra dime. Also what third world country has the infrastructure to build a hotel like this that you could even connect this to?
While the second crane did not completely come down, it was supposed to go into the building, and there were no other damages to surrounding buildings. Officials are saying it went as expected. Misleading title.
It did not go as expected. The right crane is now toppling over a main road in New Orleans and the left crane toppled piece the road and there is reports of sewer line damage and possibly gas line damage, if they expected this they are morons.
If that is the case, they did a really poor job of communicating their expectations to the public. And I have watched all the mayor's press conferences.
The cranes were meant to collapse into each other and onto the building. Impalement on Rampart suggests that did not happen as intended.
Even the NY Times says it didn't go as planned:
@ OP (who’s probably a bot) “Both did not” = neither
Poltergeist 2020, they built it on and alien burial ground.
And WHY did they blow up the cranes? Wouldn’t it have been more efficient and effective to just, oh, I don’t know, DISMANTLE THE CRANES?!?!
Have you ever watched one of those cranes go up? It isn't simple or quick, and it assumes the crane itself is solid and not about to topple.
The cranes were damaged in the collapse and continued to get damaged as they rubbed against the building. Over eight days since the collapse you could see the Rampart St. crane continuing to list more and more.
Any dismantling would put additional crews at risk.