Daily Discussion Thread (12/9/19)

MLB the Show going multiplatform in 2021 means the only reason for my PS4 anymore is Red Dead and GTA.
My Nintendo Switch is seriously becoming the best console I’ve ever owned
While I hope it's on the Switch (since Nintendo tweeted this), bear in mind that Sony never really put that much effort in The Show for the PSP or Vita (and I think stopped putting the show on the Vita in 2015, despite the Vita still being technically alive in 2019)
Finally got my CPU delivered and started putting together my machine.
Then I went to inset the PCIE cords into the GPU.
And they were the wrong size.
I should have looked into the fine printer closer. I needed a 650w PSU not 500 😣
Guess who will be taking a trip to Microcenter tomorrow
I love Microcenter, hate the location. Would rather listen to my ex yell me all my faults again that drive in that lot.
I'm sorry that you're having difficulty with your build. Under normal circumstances, a trip to Microcenter isn't a bad thing.
local man outsmarts Silicon Valley
frist of all how dare u
Reddit can't even get all the profane words smh
Edit: Yes cockatiel is censored.
the fact that reddit is censoring curse words during this eagles game is honestly kind of hilarious in that i want to kill myself kinda way
The Rockafeller Skank is the pinnacle of music and none of you will tell me otherwise.
“” - my ass
i guess technically this does count as the scientific method
His dark materials is a good show but I keep falling asleep for a lil but each episode so I feel like I've missed some important details
move the couch outside and then make him sleep on it
Toxic content.
i fucking hate having body hair. if they could isolate that gene that native americans have that means they don't grow any body hair i'd CRISPR that shit into my genome so fast
It is v nice
I've never seen so many toxic people in a place where we should all share a common interest. If you're opinion doesn't appeal to everybody, be prepared to get down voted into oblivion. This sub makes me hate cardinal fans, stuck up, arrogant, snobs....just a heads up, the down arrow, doesn't mean disagree! Hopefully I don't get banned for speaking my mind, because I do enjoy the information I get from this sub, but sometimes it's not worth seeing the pompous assholes in this sub for the sake of a little information....
oh the fucking irony that this comment isn't hidden...
Wait Reddit now collapses curse word comments? When did this start?
So I've been editing this comment back and forth from "bitch" to "
I'm so thankful that reddit decided we can only swear in long sentences. Because a rant is usually less toxic than someone saying "bitch"
wait I got a great idea
Hello reddit I am thinking about posting a potentially toxic comment.
Lol 🦅
Watch your profanity
Good evening! Apparently it's Llama day. Anybody have any fun llama stories? Please offer your best llama stories to
Is your mama a llama?
reddit has tagged you as potentially toxic content.
This is an interesting development
The Cardinals need to get Big Cock Joc or Corey BigDickerson
I know what you mean
Song of the Night
Stepping’ Out-Joe Jackson
Anyone watch the final season of silicon valley? Thoughts?
I'm interested as well. I felt the show went downhill after TJ Miller left. Despite the reasoning for him leaving to be spot on. Silicon is very funny. But it has always felt too repetitive to me.
Always blue
it felt like they had a really hard time thinking of where to take the plot. didn't like it nearly as much as the previous seasons
DC Crisis On Infinite Earths 🌎 part 2 is tonight.. Anyone watching? (I like Marvel and DC so kinda silly when people argue with who's better cause they both have their strengths ya know)
I dont do CW shows, despite me being the biggest of DC fanboys.
I feel like if we run out next year with the team we currently have we could be a great team that’s fun to watch or the most lethargic offense I’ve ever seen
50/50 shot
We'll have Dylan "Albert Pujols" Carlson
have we signed the entire pool of free agents yet
John Mozeliak addresses the media, circa Dec 2019 (colorized)
welp, the straws have finally broken the otter's back. it's time to start seriously looking for another career.
First day of being "on my own" at my job am I'm so overwhelmed lol
I've heard that the best thing to do when one is on one's own is to walk the rainy streets of Paris at night and sing about it.
Nick Cannon is going after Eminem LMAO
I thought Ozuna was supposed to be signed today by the White Soxs. Then again i think it was Boob who reported it so...
Jon Heyman said it was fake, and that the Sox GM said he never had any discussions with him
Shipped. Still waiting on my gift
I haven’t received my gift yet, but I have sent my gift and it has been received, and I can only hope that my attempt at being original is actually somewhat clever/well-received/just not hated.
Ive shipped and received
My phone interview I just had went well, and I should hear back next week. I would appreciate any prayers, positive vibes, thoughts, sacrificial goats or peanut pretzel nuggets you guys can offer.
Positive vibes
If I can get a job, you can too. Best of luck, my friend!
Hell yeah dude, I'm rooting for ya
Just got
Edit: Thanks
Glad you liked it!
50% of the time I’ve put into RDR2 has been just dicking around in the woods shooting every animal I see
If you see an animal with three stars, you have to shoot them with the correct weapon in one hit to get a perfect pelt. Even if you are paying attention to what you are doing it still takes forever
wow Strasburg secured the bag. Deserved
Guess that means we acquire Cole any second now.
I'm in Georgia for work if anyone wants to hang out. Buy a peach or a coca cola or a turner broadcast or something.
I'm in ATL but IDK what we'd do if we hang out. Probably just sit and be bored together.
Have I seriously not shitposted anything here today yet?
Jeez but time do fly.
Mondays... amirite?
Stras woulda been cool but oh well.
high quality.
Looks like it’s time to pay Jack now and hopefully let him develop into a “bargain” Cy Young quality pitcher like DeGrom is with the Mets. Keeping him around for the long haul is absolutely crucial.
In what world Is a player who plays once every five days worth 35 million a year? Massive overpay. Cole isn’t even worth that.
if anybody should understand the value of starting pitching it should be a cardinals fan after last season, for fuck's sake.
Who cares if he plays every 5 days if he’s the most valuable player on the field whenever he takes the mound? He can singlehandedly win a game, which a position player can’t do. And he’s especially valuable in a postseason round, when he can almost win a whole series.
These Winter Meetings are gonna be fucking wild
Does anyone have a minute? I’d like to talk about something. 2011 game 6 is called the “David Freese game” but I urge everyone not to forget about what Berkman did for our team. Both had 3 RBIs. Freese’s triple is often recalled, but what about Lance’s 2 out 2 strike game tying single? Berkman had a WPA of .828 in the game vs. Freese’s .964, I assume because he hit the walk off. This is in no way intended to downplay the latter’s contribution to the game, only to bring attention to an arguably equally clutch performance that is often overshadowed. Thank you.
Berkman probably should have won the MVP award for that series. I'll never forget the quote he gave about feeling completely calm and at peace as he came up in the bottom of the 10th.
What SPs are even left on the market? Cole obviously is, but there's absolutely no way he comes to us. MadBum is asking ludicrous amounts of money. Who else is there that we might have a chance at? I feel like pitching is the area we'd really want to improve on right now.
In short, there are lots of SPs available. The list is available
Wade Miley, MadBum, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Rich Hill, Dallas Keuchel, Homer Bailey, and Tanner Roark are the ones that immediately come to mind that the Cardinals might take a look at. I’m partial to Ryu
Edit: no more Pineda
Ryu, Keuchel, Roark, Teheran, Miley, and then it goes downhill from there
Considering the contracts these guys are getting? No thank you. Our 5 spot will be a bit of a question mark until one of Ponce, Gomber, Helsley, Cabrera, or Reyes emerges and shows some consistency
Apparently we checked in on Wade Miley... 😬
E: Also Keuchel
Fuck it. Go for Rendon now
i really hope we've been in on him from the start. he is exactly what we need
Cole man about to get BIG paid
Strasburg re-signed with the Nats
That’s great to see, hope he’s a Nat for life
Edit: Passan says it’s 7/245. Cole is gonna get $300 million now, holy shit. 260 is a joke if Stras got 245.
Always expected Strasburg re-signing with the Nats but did not expect nearly that much. Cole is gonna get PAID holy shit
WS champs and they sign an ace. Incredible
It would've been odd seeing him anywhere else.
Cardinals plan to “improve offense from within” according to Goold. What does that even mean? They don’t have a blue chip prospect just waiting for the MLB like a Bryant or Acuna. I like the talent Carlson and Thomas have but why would they think it’s a good idea to rely on them to replace Ozuna in their first full year in the bigs? This is just extremely poor management. Literally a team that made it to the NLCS and lost because their offense could not hit a damn thing is going to do nothing to fix it. Shameful complacency from the FO.
This should have been expected from day one. By WAR standards Ozuna is easily replaceable. Not so much pure counting stats
We aren't getting any players.
1 week unemployed, still looking every day.
I've had 2 interviews with no forward momentum from either one. And my unemployment insurance is "under review" which is another kick in the pants.
This shit sucks and being home all day while looking for work is driving me nuts.
Going on five plus months with no job and I have a phone interview in an hour. Don’t worry Pham, we’ll get something that’s right for us
EDIT: Shiny hunting Pokémon helps pass the time pretty well
Song of the Day
To Forgive-Smashing Pumpkins
You know what I didn’t need today? My dad going “Jacob, your hair looks like shit!” as the first thing he said to me when he saw me today. And then proceeding to grill me about the last time I got a haircut (Thursday) and then going “where do you go?” “Who cuts it?”
arodg doing an AMA tonight. yeet.
Mad dog sports radio reports that MadBum wants min 5/100
Yeah, if he's asking that much there's no way he's a Cardinal and to be honest he might not be anywhere. He's not worth anywhere near as much as Wheeler, much less Cole.
Yeah that’s craziness for a 30 year old pitcher with a ton of miles on that arm. Hope Cards stay away.
Because that worked so well for Kuechel
Interviewed at the credit union--went great! Apparently they're willing to extend an offer after I pass a background check.
Over the course of a 40-minute interview, I went from "Is it gonna be weird that I'm there" to "Wait, they bring Indian food to every meeting? Hell yes, please hire me."
Is this the real-world equivalent of "traded pending physical"?
Way to go!
My own feeling that Marvin Miller shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame is of course a minority opinion, but it's comforting to know that Miller and his family both share it.
He only went on the record as being opposed because Bowie Kuhn (the guy that Miller made a fool of) was voted in and he was not. He was opposed because of the cronyism of it, not because he didn’t work for the MLB.
From reading that, it appears to me that Miller was more opposed to the process of voting people in to the Hall of Fame rather than being opposed to being in the Hall himself. I think that his criticisms of the Hall are very fair, and his wishes should’ve probably been taken more into account. However, it’s my personal opinion that he is more than deserving of being in the Hall of Fame.
The ozuna trade thread is gone. Does that mean it was fake news??
The Bitmoji said it was fake yesterday, so do with that what you will
CBS Sports predicts we trade Dejong, Edman and Oneill for Lindor. Would you be happy?
I would hate it. Dejong is locked up on a team friendly deal and is an extremely valuable player. O'Neill has a ton of potential that I'd be hesitant to sell low on. Edman is the opposite but I'd hate to see him go after seeing how important he was to our team last year.
Probably not enough honestly.
we should throw in like a pitcher instead of the EdMan
the only one I’d be upset with losing is edman tbh
I like Lindor a lot, and I would love to see him on the Cardinals. That said, I think if we made that trade, it would be a slight overpay for Lindor, even considering the fact that you have to pay a bit extra for a star like him
A little less appealing than the rumored Betts trade but I think this is also a no brainer. Huge upgrade from Dejong to Lindor, O'Neil is expendable, and Edman is a wildcard tbh. Sell Lindor on the 'Cardinal Way' and sign him to an extension.
I doubt it will happen, but I think it would be a net plus for us. I was assuming O'Neill was the guy for LF this year so that leaves the spot open for Carlson/Arozarena, but that spot was gonna be a question mark anyway. Hurts to trade DeJong, but Lindor is a proven guy with 2 years of control left. Edman we should totally sell high on. I wouldn't be upset if this happens.
Meh. Probably not. 2 years of Lindor for two solid infielder and ONeill. Lindor is overrated imo
The Nike swoosh isn’t that bad imo
Just read this story. It's the worst, just the fucking worst.
Agreed. Think it would be better on the sleeve, but it isn't the end of baseball as we know it like some people are making it out to be. I really only absolutely hate it on Miami's uniform because it looks like a slightly misplaced accent.
respectfully disagree. I wasn't sure I was gonna hate it at first but now that I've seen it, ugh. Just totally ruins the cleanliness of the uniforms
100% dependent on whether your team wears pinstripes or not. Absolutely ruins the pinstripes. Tolerable and not egregious on the home uniforms, at least.
Ok something has gotta happen soon with the Winter meetings otherwise its gonna be a long day of doing nothing at work.
Happy Winter Meetings day!!
Cole + Rendon + Ozuna to St. Louis
The all white jersey and hat on Shildt in this picture,
KKK day at the ballpark
That was players weekend this season
3 finals today F
On the bright side, you’re getting them over with ASAP
I'm really digging the Cardinals' new alternate uniforms
beau'iful bird, lovely plumage
They should wear my concepts on Blues night
Obviously I’m kidding
Decided to pick up Screwtape Letters last night because I remember it being funny. Was not expecting to be called out on faith by C.S. Lewis constantly. Feeling like a pharisee rn
The audiobook is really interesting because if I remember right, there are a couple of additional chapters that were added in. Apparently there are some print editions with them and some without, so the book “ends” and then they read the two or so more chapters
It sucks that a signing/trade could happen in the winter meetings and we won’t know about it for 2 hours because it’s in the stupid pacific time zone 😒
this album fuckin slaps and I recommend it.
tesseract - one
These _____ [day] things are getting out of hand. WTF is Green Monday?
Can we start a petition for Baseball Thursday for opening day? And can we get the day off?
YES. we need 2 new national holidays (that everyone gets off), Opening Day and Election Day.
The promoted ad on this sub is for salad, today is going to be a good day. 🙂
You ever just get really existential in the shower on a Monday morning?
Yeah I always step out of my shower looking like Kierkegaard
are you even real??? 🤔
Golden Globes nominations are going on. I don't care about TV but the movie categories just speak to what an insanely good year it's been for movies. Also Best Original Song is between Beautiful Ghosts by Taylor Swift and Into the Unknown from Frozen 2. I'm so conflicted.
One critic wrote that "Frozen 2" played like what would have been a direct-to-DVD Disney release back in the day, and it's true, and partly demonstrated by how "Into the Unknown" is so mediocre.
After this past weekend idk if I can drink like I used to.
The legendary status I achieved wasn’t even worth it.
49ers 11-2
11-2 and this is our QB
That was a great game.
F Brees, go Jimmy G
drew lock tho
Ok, you rite, you rite...fuck those guys