SDF Hyuga & Muller are coming on friday

They look like cleaner versions of Asian Qualifier Hyuga and green trunk Muller from the event.
But most importantly, what happened to giving HA to older dreamfests ?
the cards are already out hyuga is red with paddle to the metal 15% and Muller is blue , but his passive i heard its something new, which is inside penalty area 15% not outside i heard a rumor since the card is still in Japanese text still.
Called it on the previous thread, i don't get why people were expecting Club Hyuga, his Juventus period was the worst of his carrer, everyone keeps telling him he sucked and got a weird body.
I said it that club genzo and DF muller will be out by the end of the year, but i didn't see that LR genzo coming instead of DF, it should have been better to put him as DF. JY again, meh, please make muller red.
Junior Youth is pretty disappointing, where are the club players ?? It should have been the first super dream fest, it looks like KLab is doing everything backwards
Great! 1k DBs are ready to be fired at this banner
Red needs a top Japanese striker and a new top GK, so I'm not sure who will be red. The thing is that the other DF should be blue, so considering that Hyuga has a DF version (still very good), Hyuga should be red and Muller blue.
An advice if you are playing latin and after this new DF between jp and eu stop pull on latin stop at all
So... colorful... must... return... to... gacha... no, not really.
Total skip except if there is a blue Latin DF inside
What about the HA for old red Diaz???
or give us a new Red Diaz ffs
JY archtype is becoming more & more appealing and rainbow too, so you won't be screwed by a direct counter color.
Actually mix jy team is one of the archetype that can counter most teams at CTDT. You got 3 JY GK that still can be viable:
1.) Zino is the most common due to his passive
2.) Genzo strong against Germany and buff JY for 2%
3.) Muller strong against Japan and buff Euro JY as well
Some good DEF:
Strong DM:
Too much good AM:
Good FW:
If some of you have those unit i mean all of it, you already counter 90% teams at CTDT including SA. Euro club still not count yet due to limited players that we have in the game.
So no Green player in SDF 3 times in a row?
I'm praying that Hyuga is green. If it's not green I don't see Muller being red
green had 4 DFs in 5 months and 2 more DFs than red and blue overall, they don't get to complain this time.
4 months in a row with a green DF would have been a little too much
Nobody sure about that,just some speculation
I feel like Red needs Muller more then Hyuga so it'll be a red Hyuga
Yes most likely Blue Muller to trolololo us, green is Zino as EU DF so i take that one out of the color pool chance. BUT would have liked a new EU keeper far more as SSR DF like the Netherlands one
Sigh...i only had 120 dbs
So Latin America really is the hated archetype again. 1 shitty banner vs better step up banners and sdf characters for Japan and Europe.
I got destroyed today by my first full Latin America blue team. With how lopsided that was I'm glad they don't have more players.
But hopefully Jan has some SA love
This could leave the door open for Jan DF to be SA
I can't believe it.
I just dislike JY players right now. Spected then to be at least from club
There is also a leak of a dream pot with another Hyuga and Muller.
Those pic are NPC characters and image seen during special moves.
For example, the muller pic in the pot is actually the image of blue WC Muller whenever he does a skill. The Hyuga one is I think for when DF Hyuga does his move.
Yes and i hope Hyuga green there and decent chance to get and not like 10% to get him MAYBE :(
Hyuga dreampot is a picture from original DF Hyuga and maybe New Muller on dreampot. Probably Blue DF Muller and green pot Muller... Who knows
Red de Amorós on june(?
Red has 1 DF Goalie: Espadas
Green has 2 DF Goalie: Genzo and Zino
Blue has 1 DF Goalie: Ken
Remaining Goalies for DF:
Salinas Muller Morisaki
Unlikely DF units (but what do i know... KLab made a S tier Kishida, so )
Amoros* Doleman*
Kishida is S tier for people who dont know how to deal with him. He is very weak on the ground against dribbles and ground shots.
They are jy(sub-16) Nice, it's op right Now(?
JY has been OP since DF Zino, Margus and Schester were released.
Well fuck.
DC Takeshi is gonna be even better
Damn I was just checking DC Takeshi HA. He is going to make V2 DF Hyuga a monster. He not just gives 10% boost to Hyuga but also 2% additional boost to JY players (6% guaranteed and 6% partial chance to hyuga). DC Takeshi will be pretty useless in the match due to his passive in red japan team but Hyuga...
Problem with DC Takeshi is that 97Takeshi is a much better player. But yes I see DC Takeshi being used just for this Hyuga.
Oh boy can't wait to get absolutely crushed by red Japan or basically any Europe team now.
Which was basically most of the year anyways.
Red Hyuga and Blue Muller. This distribuition seems right.
The last Red Hyuga was 2018 WC. And Green already has a DF goalie. It makes sense making Muller Blue.
most likely yeah, one thing for sure, Hyuga isn't blue and mueller isn't green.
Seems about right, matches my guess with "what color would be the highest chance"
Both Red japan and red euro are hoping that their SDF characters are red
Knowing GrinchKlab, they will screw over one of us (if not both) X"D
Why red? Because u running red u want all of players in red XD then I wish they both will coming in GREEN!
Lol what if muller is blue and hyuga is green??? Both red nationally players will be screwed 😂😂😂
wouldn't surprise me if they're both green :p