[ML] WHy is there such a wide range of reported life under socialism/ communism?

There's a lot of factors that play into an answer for this.
First, do not assume that our western countries (most people on reddit are American, so I will assume you are as well) do not still propagandize. We know they did the past, there is zero reason to assume it still isn't the case.
On top of this, assume that the media will propagandize as well. They are capitalist, they have profit motives, naturally they will be inclined to defame anti-capitalist systems as much as possible to prevent them becoming popular here. Chomsky has done plenty of work about the propaganda model and the interplay between the state and the media, feel free to check out his work.
Additionally, we have to remember that when it comes to attempts to bring about socialism, they will be targeting one overall group to "harm", that being the owners (landlords, capitalists, lords, etc.), for the betterment of the workers. This harm comes in the way of securing their property for redistribution, in simple terms. This is much the reason for all those who fled Cuba following their revolution--business owners, plantation owners, landlords, capitalists, etc. etc. If you were to ask only these people, of course they would tell you life under "socialism" is hell and you have no rights. This applies to any other country in question.
For the ex-USSR states, they are rather sympathetic to and nostalgic for the USSR days because, frankly, life actually was better for most people. Housing was a guaranteed right with rent control (in fact it was illegal to be homeless), so there was a nearly zero homelessness stat. With the fall of the USSR in 1991 came privatization and commodification of the economy and industry--and, subsequently, a very dramatic rise in homelessness that continues to this day. This is just one example.
TL;DR pro-capitalist anti-communists will propagandize and say it's hell on earth, pro-communist anti-capitalists will propagandize and say it was mostly alright but could've been better. I won't trust pro-American, pro-captialist sources for information on their greatest enemy in the world, anti-capitalist "communist" USSR, just like I wouldn't have trusted the USSR to accurately portray American life. And make no mistake, is not at all "balanced" or "fair" in this discussion, lmao.
So all the people who continue to flee Cuba are just having property seized and are all lying about the conditions there?
Socialists these statements seem accurate to you?
Cuba doesn’t have the best healthcare in the world. It has the best healthcare among nations at its stage of development.
As to why it isn’t as industrialized as Europe and the US, you try living under US sanctions for 50+ years and see how far you get developing your country’s industry. You know, the same reason they drive those 1950s cars around.
Why would the US trade with a country that steals from it and points missiles at it?
Cuba doesn't give a fuck about their people, their communist leaders want power and if pointing a gun at the most armed person in the room is how they achieve power then that's what they do. The blame for cubas impoverishment lies with your comrades in Cuba, not the US.
The same reason there is a wide range of reported QoL under capitalism; corruption and entrenched power structures. People still starve to death in the US and we have most of the worlds billionaires. As a lib market soc my biggest gripes of both socialist and capitalist systems are mismanagement due to corrupt and concentrated power. It seems to be the one element that all failed or failing systems have in common.
You'll find the most propaganda comes from the right.
This isn't gonna answer your question but technically the ones doing the lying and propaganda here are your sources 3 of those (FEE, Mises, and Washington examiner) are not very credible sources.
Neither Mises nor FEE are the sources for the data used.
You don't need people on the internet to tell you. You're free to travel to these countries and see how good they are for yourself. You can visit America and see shelves stacked with food or you can go to Cuba and see them still driving cars from the 50s. You can see the golden age of medicine in America and Europe or you can see China's national healthcare system failing to meet its peoples basic needs. See for yourself and make your own decision.
Instead of visiting the exploiters and the global upper class, how about you visit the exploited, like India, any country in africa etc?
Commie apologists guarantee that wherever a Jack booted foot steps on a human neck, someone will yell that at least they have free health care.
The jackboots are typically worn by capitalists, not socialists.
Hm yes very measured, good contribution to an interesting discussion on propaganda and perspective.
some people rather like authoritarianism
Pew has done the same survey for 2019, you should check out the 2019 numbers as well. It's pretty clear 2009 was a low point due to being in the tail end of the 2008 crash. The more recent one does show most post-communist countries think the move to multiparty system was a good thing, that life is better now, and even the move to markets was a good thing.
What's more, those poll numbers never translated into votes for communists. If anything those countries have seen an upsurge in the far right much more than the far left fringe.