NDSU football going back to the White House


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How would NDSU do in the average G5 conference? How about P5?
Game 1 is against Oregon next year at Autzen, your answer awaits
Feel they'd do well in the MAC
Kind of hard to compare apples to apples with hypotheticals like this, but fwiw NDSU is
C-USA: continue to win every year
Sun Belt: back and forth with App State
MAC: above average. Often winning, maybe ~40% of the time
Mountain West: they would be heavily challenged, although their odds would raise IF they replaced Boise and didn’t have to compete against them. Would take 6+ years to win the conference
American Athletic: very poorly. Would be competitive, they are a good team after all, but would need to grow into a conference like that
P5: would devastate the program.
There's a few teams that should move down tbh and they can take their spot.
Something to keep in mind: the Mountain Valley is the highest rated conference in FCS per Sagarin ratings. Even still, that ranks below the worst FBS conference CUSA, by quite a bit. They’re just not being challenged at the FCS level until they reach the title game.
They'd be a solid G5 program. And they've won 5 road games in a row against P5 so they'd at least be competitive against most teams.
Bad. 50% of the G5 schools would dominate the FCS
I think they would dominate a G5 conference and finish solid in most P5 conferences.
G5: probably start off strong, 10+ wins and in the hunt for the NY6 for the first 3 years. One suboptimal coaching hire though would send them plummeting to where 8 wins is pretty good.
P5: I'd say maybe 8 wins a couple of times while everyone figures them out. Then they drop off hard. At that point, it's going to depend on how much the admin wants to be a football powerhouse.
Regardless of whatever, for the most part, being invited to the White House is almost the highest recognition for achieving something great. Congrats to NDSU for being perfect this year.
I don’t care for our current president much, but if I had the opportunity to go to the White House I’m taking it.
Hopefully they can get our guys Chick Fil A again.
After away game Wins that’s their meal coming home in the airplane.
So that’d be fitting
Culver’s, or they decline the invite
Rocky Mountain oysters and PBRs
One Presidential Cheeseburger please
A take.
Pro teams should never visit the WH. It should be a whole experience specifically for college teams. They aren’t in it to make any political statements, just excited for the chance to be there.
I would like to see pro players go too.
I would also like to see them say "I don't agree with/like this President but I would love the opportunity to meet him/see the White House, etc". I get why they choose not to and don't judge anyone for not doing that but I would love to see someone try to take a stand against some of the divisive us versus them mentality there is in politics. Saying just because I don't agree with someone's politics doesn't mean we can't have lunch together, I think, would go a long way with some people.
Why not both?
I love that idea!
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Enjoy your hamberders.
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I dont understand why they're still in the FCS make them go compete.
This summarizes it pretty well.
Not a great geographic fit for any conference that would make sense for one. Whereas the Summit/MVFC make a ton of sense in that regard.
Financial concerns as well. I've been away from the state for a couple years but the North Dakota University system had the hatchet taken to them a couple years back after the Bakken went bust. Maybe I could see the push if low population North Dakota only had 1 flagship state universities but it has 2 which makes things much more difficult.
It's also a relatively small school. In the MAC, for instance, it would have the smallest school enrollment
They’re really not competitive in any other sport and their geographic location is awful. The closest FBS school is like 800 or miles away.
I love hamberders!
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Those guys must really love Wendy’s
Sucks to be them.
Getting free Chik-Fil-A never sucks.
Isn't getting free burgers an ncaa violation ?