Wilder Paying No Attention To Hearn's 50-50 Talk For Joshua. "After the (Fury) fight we’ll see if they keep that same energy."

He’s not asking for more than 50/50 - what are you lot on here smoking?
They didn't read the article
Prior to the Ruiz loss I would have said that 50/50 was even ridiculous for Wilder to demand. However, now i think 50/50 is just but if Wilder is seeking the bigger share he must be crazy.
Isn't the Fury fight 50/50 with 60/40 to the winner in the rematch? That sounds fair to me.
He isn’t seeking a bigger share - he’s saying he thinks Hearn is talking shit and only saying they’ll split 50/50 because they aren’t in actual negotiations.
Wilder would take 50/50 in a heartbeat
Man, as a person that is neither American nor British, my opinion is that a 50/50 is insane if you look at the numbers that Wilder and Joshua pull in.
Additionally, we are talking that Joshua is the one that collected the 4 belts, giving Wilder the chance to unify without going through the journey of picking them up one by one.
They gave Parker 30/70 split. Theres no way less than 50/50 would have been fair before the loss to Ruiz. If anything the Ruiz loss made AJ a bigger name because of all the attention it brought.
Wilder is right.
First he has to beat Fury and then it is time to think about a great unification fight.
Right now, the number one goal is to beat Fury.
Wilder has already seen Hearn make great sounding offers whenever he's already preparing for a fight, but then go back to poo poo offers as soon as he's actually available for a fight.
It's gonna be the same story here. The moment Wilder-Fury is done with that 50-50 is going to go away again.
A lot of people in these comments don't even sound like they've read the article, and instead seem to have taken away that Wilder is saying 50-50 isn't enough.
None of them read the article. They just read the headline and assumed it's about Wilder saying he wants 50/50 or more
Whether you think it was the right decision or not for Wilder to turn down the $120m offer, that offer was made before Breazeale-Wilder was announced.
It seems Hearn/AJ can't do anything right for Wilder. They literally offered him around $100 million for two AJ fights and the Brezeale fight (That Showtime ended up not even putting on PPV) and all Wilder had to do was fight on DAZN for them.
Wilder talks about being the best and all the "one face, one name" stuff, but he's not exactly being proactive about making that happen and the fact is unfortunately he is STILL ducking AJ and I don't know how you could think otherwise. Yeah I know he's got the Fury fight to concentrate on, but it's the same old energy from Wilder.
What a shame because I love watching Wilder fight and it would be a true 50/50 matchup.
AJ and Hearn turned down 100 mill themselves. AJ didnt want the Wilder fight for years and now that he finally wants it Wilder says that he'll see if they're serious after the Fury fight and your take is:
"It seems Hearn/AJ can't do anything right for Wilder"
Edit: It was 50 million not 100.
I get that Joshua lost to Ruiz, but Wilder's sure as hell riding his last 2 fights. A 50/50 before Brazeale was just unspoken of. Joshua has 3 titles to lose, what the hell, you honestly think that's fair?
Also the fact that Wilder brings in probably a third of the revenue AJ does. You get paid on what you’re worth and Wilder certainly isn’t worth 50/50. I guarantee you DuckSquad will demand 55 or 60% next if he beats Fury.
Your titles don't mean dick when your pull is getting as close as theirs is. AJ's losing the lead, and Haymon and Wilder don't get tricked by the SA bump.
There's no way that AJ/Hearn will give 50-50 for a fight with Wilder.
50-50 is what makes fights happen, that's why.
Wilder only is worth 50/50 if he gets a big win over Fury.
He’s still not worth 50/50 even then but let’s agree to disagree.
When 50/50 was first proposed by Wilder and Showtime, it was that Joshua was guaranteed $50mil as well. There's a video of Joshua asking for $50mil, and Wilder gave him 50% ppv. It's a fair trade off for Wilder to get 50% because Joshua was offer the $50mil guarantee. Hearn had the nerve to say, " they dont have the funds". I never heard of a network not having the funds. Papa Hearn even said they didn't want the smoke and was happy they didn't take it. John Skipper said it was his own fault the deal didn't go through because he thought they needed him to get paid, and Skipper regretted that.
A 50/50 split with AJ would be a very good amount for Wilder. Don't price yourself out champ.
he's saying he wants 50/50 read the article
As I said before on this very topic, if they fight in the states 50/50 is fair because it would be the best purse Wilder has received. Now if they go across the pond, where AJ is without a doubt the bigger draw 60/40 or 55/45 in AJ's favor would be equivalent to what Wilder would get in the states. AJ has a loss so there's a looming threat of him losing again. And if he fights the way he fought in his rematch with Ruiz 2 his stock will drop, especially in the states.
Wilder should only accept 50/50 split if the bout is in America.
If Hearn and his corrupt refs/judges are pushing for a uk fight, wilder deserves 55-45 split
I totally agree with 50/50 in the states. It makes the most sense (cents) for Wilder. In the UK AJ should get 55/45 or even 60/40 because he's the bigger draw there.
Let's not pretend the judging isn't suspect on both sides of the pond. Not that it would go to the judges either way anyway.
The lack of insight required to make this statement after the scorecard from the first fight...
Right. So you didnt watch the first Fury vs Wilder bout?
Ducksquad at it again 🦆