She's hugely popular on Instagram, I will never understand why people do this to themselves!

Tbh, I’m impressed with those leggings. Still not see through considering how much they’re being stretched
Honestly I bed this is at least partially photoshopped. There's just no way
I best she also can’t wear other pants now
I’m 34 and “doodoo butt” made me cackle. 😂
“I've got a doodoo in my butt And I don't know what to do With the doodoo in my butt”
There are an unfortunate number of people who find this cartoonish distortion of features attractive, whether butts or basketball sized implants. Ugh
I don't think there's many people who actually find this attractive. I like a nice ample ass, but its all about proportions. And this is just cartoonish. What "doctor" in their right mind would even disfigure a woman like this.
Welcome to hentai
How does she sleep on that? She must have some serious back problems.
I see she went for the more natural look.
Instagram really says “thousands of others” now??
I think I remember hearing talk of them doing away with likes entirely, they’d only be viewable to the person who posted it or something along those lines. Seems like they’re starting to slowly introduce it!
This has got to be photoshopped. I’m not expert, but look at the glare on the wall in front of her.
I agree but it's crazy we're at a point where you can't immediately know. Shit like this does exist. The glare jumped right out at me too though.
That’s a full diaper!
When she site down, she’s three feet taller
No joke
They could be doppelgangers
Her butt takes up half her thighs?? Like her ass is halfway down her thighs?? How is walking??? Wh??what??
She's the turkey wing legs to society's chicken wing legs.
I’ve noticed most people who are addicted to plastic surgery like to have horribly distorted features. They really do have a perception problem.
Probably fake likes and comments honestly.
Well she gon be dead if a monster drove her to a small gap that needed to crawl through sideways
My mate jarrah would have a boner the size of my forearm over this monstrosity.
If you are reading this jarrah get some help.
What’s gonna happen when the fashion trend reverts to small and slender (like it does every few decades?)
Millennials didn’t have Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, so who they supposed to gawk at? Huh?
Are there people who find this attractive?
I'm sure. There's subreddits of girls who look like they have beach balls for boobs, and those guys love it.
So I'm sure there's similar taste for butts.
I will never forget the time I saw a tabloid headline that said "Kim Kardashian's Butt Implants are Leaking!"
How do people like this sleep? I always wonder how they can comfortably lay down...
She's like octomom but with pewp
This is a sign of the apocalypse.
That is just not hot at all😨
It's like sticks poked into apples
If people stopped "following" her she might actually stop doing this shit to herself. Kind of a feedback loop going on ....
I like asses, if they fit in my hand, they're perfect. I won't mind a bit smaller/or thicc-er ass either, but that shit is something Jordan would dribble on a Saturday night game.
the fact that she just came back to social media after being impregnated by her pimp doesn’t surprise me
Why does it say thousand of others like it? Why can’t you see the actual number
ok this might be a dumb question, but... is she famous for... her big butt?
I can't believe that there isn't some level of photoshop going into this
She did that to herself so that she would be hugely popular on instagram.
It looks like she’s hiding two hot air balloons
Idk what brand she’s wearing but I always have good luck with Buffbunny leggings. A little pricey but worth it
I’d love to see a picture of her sitting on a chair, I bet it’s weird as.
How is this possible? I don't understand. If they are implants, how are they lumpy. If it is fat injections, where did they get all that fat? I just don't understand how it can get this big.
She can literally use it as an arm rest. This thing is a couch
Some people have more money than sense.
How do you even find pants that expand that much in the ass but are tight fitting around the waist and legs?
How does she line her asshole up with the toilet bowl?
Those are illegal silicone injections, right? It can’t be a brazilian butt lift...
Her ass looks like airpods
Portable beanbag chair
My wife used mc donalds to have an ass like that.
You know how bad her ass smells? You can not effectively wipe or shower with that
That’s gotta be a high wipe
Yours says a quantity of “others”? Where are you using IG?
I just want to know how people who get this type of surgery find pants that fit properly. I have a hard time and I'm not grossly out of proportion. Also are the implants weird to sit on?
I see a lot of women like this in public and when you see them walking and in movement they look very fake and comical, like they are wearing Ill fitting diapers; so naturally everyone looks including other women, myself and my husband, because it looks ridiculous but you can tell from the smug look on their faces, they think people are gawking at them because they look great, when in all actuality, we are staring because it’s hilarious and pretty sad.
There are people who find this tumor looking ass attractive??
to become hugely popular on instagram
Can you imagine the swamp ass/chafing though?
But seriously where do people find pants to fit these asses and thighs
She's supporting her elbow on her ass, lmao!!!
How does she even sit on the toilet and take a shit?
Idk what people dont get about "thighs gotta mach the ass" Thighs support your thiccnes, therefore, must also be thick
again, men seem to like this
It concerns and confuses me when ass implants stretch around to the front of the legs like that. Like what is going on???
How do we know this is surgery, honestly. I see women with all kinds of body shapes, some with incredible proportions, definitely not surgery.
Im not saying this isn’t just I see a lot of asses in this sub that Ive seen equivalent walking down the street.
That’s a whooty
She’s a sweet girl.