David Backes NOT to play in Providence

Sounds like Backes' time in Boston is over.
It’s a damn shame we couldn’t get him a cup.
AccorDing to Fluto's piece last week in the Athletic:
Decline the AHL assignment
Backes would then be in violation of his contract. His deal would be voided, making him an unrestricted free agent and eligible to sign with any other team. The Bruins would be off the hook for the rest of his contract.
By doing so, Backes would be forgoing the money left on his deal this season. According to CapFriendly, Backes is due a $1 million signing bonus, which he would collect on July 1. He would also say goodbye to the $3 million in salary he is owed in 2020-21, the fifth and final season of his contract.
Seems like Backes is doing the Bruins a solid if this is the case
I think them announcing that both he and the team made the decision, it's not going to void the contract
It’s a mutual decision that he won’t play, so no violation of contract.
Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. It is a mutual agreement between Backes and the team. I believe the plan is to look for some sort of trade, which likely means Boston will have to give up assets to move him. If no move is made by the deadline, it is expected Backes will play in Providence.
Still worth noting, Bruins are saving approximately $1.1 million of Backes' $6m cap hit by not having him in the NHL.
Can anybody smarter than me tell me why?
Maybe it's a gentleman's agreement. Backes doesn't want to risk injury playing worthless games but Boston wants to both still keep him as an asset in a trade and also protect his pride a little bit. I'm probably not smarter than you though so
I’d guess we’re looking to trade him, probably for another bad contract but hopefully one that ends this year instead of next year.
It's probably best for everyone but I'll still miss the guy
I’m going to miss that smile :(
Best smile in the NHL!
Hope he has a good time in Anaheim
The ducks don’t won’t contracts like his. They want younger players under contract who aren’t quite performing as they should, and might need a change of scenery. They’re looking for current day Ryan Spooner, and to lesser extents, Danton Heinen. Although I think trading Heinen to the ducks would be a huge mistake.
I think they are being accommodating because he’s a respected veteran and he asked to not be forced to report and play in the AHL while he thinks about his future. Just a guess.
In the hopes that he can be worked into a trade or retires I would give him a lot of leeway if I were Sweeney.
Even though he wasn't a big scoring threat, he made up for it in grit and I'll miss his presence on the team.
Hmm...interesting. Totally guessing on this, but perhaps there's some personal stuff going on. This isn't just him not reporting or anything like that.
I remember Cassidy talking about his issues with concussions and having young kids. So you may be right.
Announcing that he's "fit to play" is a weird addition to the press release. It's not like he was out due to injury before he was put on waivers.
It’s in there to let it be known that he’s fit to play and by not doing so is in breach of contract. If they can’t trade him then they can get out via a breach in contract.
This is sad. Backes is a great player. He got stiffed in the end of the cup last year which I felt was stupid seeing we were playing his old team and we needed his toughness. Now this. He deserves to play. 🙁
So what happens now? He cleared wavers so does that mean no one wanted him?
No one wanted him at $6mil. If he was cheaper, someone would probably want him. But he isn't.
He's in breach of contract, no?
Probably not since it was announced that both the team and Backes came to this decision
I think this is going to lead to a retirement announcement soon or in the off-season.
I think since they announced that both the team and Backes feel the right move is for him not to report, that's them paying their respect to him and not just voiding the contract, essentially they're letting him resign as opposed to firing him.
Since at the end of the day, the Bruins are still competing to win, I would imagine they wouldn't make this kind of move and just eat the rest of his contract or pay to trade him. 6M is too much to pay for respect, especially for a guy that isn't a cornerstone to the franchise
Can he do the same thing as kovalchuk and sign league minimum deal with a team like Blues?
This doesnt result in a contract termination im pretty sure
This means his cap spaces clears right
Okay I read on instagram on hockey.empire that the bruins and kase from anaheim was possible so would backes go the other way?
No, because that sounds like pure fiction
To be honest we have a lot of assets to deal out so if they are doing this for a trade and they would have to give a 2nd or our 1st with him id be pretty okay
What a mensch!
Remember boys and girls, there is an expansion draft coming up here the end of June or so. Backes will be left unprotected, if he waives the NMC. Backes and a package to Seattle?
I don't understand this at all.
So, instead of Backes being on the 9th floor, "fit to play", and getting paid every two weeks, Backes is now hanging out at home, "fit to play", and getting paid every two weeks?
Does the paper move to the AHL mitigate the cap hit?
Otherwise, what is going on here? Instead of a mostly useless, but PRESENT, asset, the Bruins now have a completely useless asset that isn't present? How is this in the best interest of the team?
It sure seems that the team is being 'too respectful' of Backes. He's a great guy. But he wasn't worth the cap hit when he was on the active roster and he's really not worth the cap hit sitting at home. Unless there's some sort of cap relief, this makes less than no sense for the Bruins.
It frees up over a million dollars in cap space.
They free up some cap space, plus they end the speculation on when he may play and when he may not. Just removing him completely from the rotation helps. I don’t think it helped team moral to see Backes constantly not dressing for games when everyone knows how much it’s killing him. They needed to rip the bandaid off and I’m glad they did.
Best thing in the world: Backes retires, allowing the Bruins to free up that ridiculous amount of cap space, but takes a job on the bench in Providence, where they pay him the exact same as he would be earning anyway.
Is that too simple, or can they actually make it happen? Everyone wins.
It’s clear Backes will never lace up again but he’s also clearly a leader and would probably love coaching. It’s also clear I would think that any hopes of him being packaged in a trade died when he actually cleared waivers (any team that wanted him for cap reasons would have taken him for nothing).
Getting paid to spend time with his family now.
Would love to hear everyone's takes here. He must realize this is the end, right? Can you transfer salary into a advisor role?
Not exactly but he can retire and be hired by the team in a managerial/scouting capacity and i am unaware of any restrictions on how much a team can pay or even if the salary must be made public
So... Fit to play, he's not going on LTIR, he's not retiring, and he's not reporting to Providence...
His money's back on the cap then?
Is he suspended for not reporting? Is he in violation of contract?
As others have said in these comments, since it was a mutual agreement between him and the Bruins he can't be terminated or suspended or anything for not reporting.
If he's fit to play then it indicates he is not willing to play there, in which case he can be suspended then have his contract terminated, making him a free agent, I believe.
And I believe it comes off the Cap Books
is there a reason to even keep him?