Rob Boss, painter of sorrows

Rob Boss, angelbeater
My autistic son dressed as Bob Ross for a Halloween party today. I got a call right before it started saying he'd punched a fellow classmate. A girl classmate, to be specific.
Ironic that this is posted today bc I've laughed (secretly) all day imagining it. It's everything awful and wrong, but life's just too much and you gotta find the funnies sometimes.
Angel of death
This time, he’s gonna beat the devil INTO them.
Whoa! Step in to see what kinda guy this Rob Boss is and you're telling me he beats Angel's like baby seals as a hobby!
I wish I can forget that anime. If only so that rewatching it can make me not-depressed once again.
ssor bob: bob ross's evil twin
When he beats the brush on the easel there’s a diabolical laugh instead of a warm smile.
Happy cake day!
I don’t get it
Who is this?
Kim Beom, he screams during the strokes. I was always told to exhale during paint or pencil strokes, so I guess this is similar?
Here you go!
Rob Boss, painter of sorrows
He is the antiRoss.
My favorite scream is at 1:13
Who is he? Green Lantern?
Fuck this guy.
The pictures are in the wrong order.
You’re supposed to read it like manga.
Nah he just repainted over all of the first one.
He beats the devil into the brush.
now lets sprinkle in a little bit of Gahlrans ass claps
Hnng, Calus, I'm trying to sneak around with this Hive-ass crown, but I'm dummy thicc, and the clap of my Ascendant ass cheeks keeps alerting Savathûn.
Wait how did we end up here, we're smarter than this!
Thank you for sharing I very much enjoyed this
I was expecting an autotune. Nice
surprised this wasn’t a seth everman video
The PAINter
The ARTagonist
He doesn't have happy accidents he has sad atrocities
If so my bad
Who is this dude.
I'm so stoned it took me nearly 20 minutes to tap the link
Nintendo dark doppelgangers be like
Evil Sakurai
It's Ssor boB
Every god has a devil
Every time I want to get some action!
Looks like a repost. I've seen this image 3 times. First seen at
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Good bot
We don't make mistakes we make sad mistakes.
My dad knew a guy named Ross bob
Now we'll add a little suffocation blue, and a touch of gangrene.
Sad accidents
I smell repost
That really helped me I feel free
One time I drew a Rob Boss on a whiteboard table. It was just Bob Ross with his beard and hair reversed though.
"beat the devil into it"
Hideo Kojima designing bosses
Is his name Russ?
Talks about fear and paints in yellow. I'd say this is our yellow lantern corps representative.
Damn even anti ross is wholesome looking (minus what hes saying)
Literal Boss fight
Savathun painting Hive themed pictures.
I think he meant Sob Ross
That would make a nice shoegaze album cover.
Sobb Bor.
There are no happy accidents, only mistakes.
Wor Ross
He could paint Darkseid the anti-life equation
Junji ito
Ross bob
Sob Ross
Looks like the beginning of a abstract sponge bob
Rob Boss: Oh ho, you’re approaching me? Bob Ross: I can’t hug the devil out of you without getting closer. Rob Boss:...
Patton Oswalt had a bit about this, but with some German dude as the anti-Bob Ross. (IDK the name it's not my era)
Happy little screams!
Angry little trees.
Instead of peaceful paintings
He does stressful sketches
Lob loss
Great example of how fucking shitty
Asian, flat hair, doesnt smile, ominous speech, bright background, scary painting. The only thing missing is that hes not a woman to become the true anti ross
The true anti Bob Ross is Brian from Spaced
You couldn’t turn out to be true
It might not be Ghost Boss material yourself!
We really need him!
Now I need an anime fight scene where Bob Ross is fighting with squirrels and happy trees, and Rob Boss is fighting with bats and the souls of the damned!
The only way you can defeat him is with the Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink item
don’t you mean Ross bob
What are some real life bossfights? Like boss against boss?
Boss trying to hard to be an astronaut.
junji ito
I made this (with others) years ago:
FYI bob ross has a twitch channel that streams a 24-7 marathon on the weekends
It's because of the stupid camera bump wobble.
This guys videos are gold
And here we had a screaming square of agony. Can you feel it?
I hope someone creates a fan art of him fight Bob Ross
Hopes of finding this thread is legendairy
Which fucking moron put the two images in the wrong order...
ssor bob
“Gotta have opposites, light and dark and dark and light, in painting. It's like in life. Gotta have a little happiness once in awhile so you know when the bad times come. I'm waiting on the bad times now.” ~Rob Boss
Hi waiting, I'm Dad!
"Now we'll just add in a depressed little tree, and he's depressed because all of his friends have been cut down by this woodsman. This woodsman here, the one crushed under this log. The truth is that no one wins in this world. We all suffer, we all die. We appear on this earth, take as much life as possible, then die ourselves. That is the truth that we are trying to capture in our paintings."
This feels like it would be in The Good Place
my favorite part is when he screams
Bob Ross shows up. Rob Boss: "Why do i hear boss music?"
Some might say I'm the reverse.
Kim Beom!
Sounds like a minor anime villain
Bob is short for bobtthew
The Antibob
He looks like Mr.Sakurai from Super Smash Bros
Kim Beom of Earth, you have the ability to instill great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps.
ching payne
Why does everything have to be so god damn yellow? And why does yellow make me sweat?
Love this guy he screams at the paint
Kim Beom
We can say he's the reverse
Who is this
The paintings are in reverse order.
he just screams everything
Sob cross, illustrator of demise.
Satan’s right hand man...
Oh. I make mistake. Is ruined now.
That's just hideo kojima
I can’t believe I’m low enough to post random shit online that I did not make. Please ban me ASAP
Rage against the lime green!
Beware Ssorbob!
color of the mad!
I need this dude’s youtube-link if he had one
Rob Boss, Painter of Sorrows
A blessing separated Bob Ross's sorrow from his body, which festered and manifested as Rob Boss, Painter of Sorrows, also known as the Legendary Pain-ter. His only purpose is to spread misery through abstract art. He does +5 damage with Unarmed Strike against Celestials.
Bobu Rossu.
Wow. I have no idea what Kojima has in mind, but I’ll probably still play this.
Yeah, not only is he spreading the opposite vibes, he's bad at panting.
It’s Bob Ross’s sasuke
Bob Rao
Hideo Kojima?
Repost, shitty meme, not a boss fight.
Must the manga artist from Jojo: Part 4
Huh, maybe we shouldve bombed Hiroshima