Poll: Most loved Vault Hunter. I will post the results later


Bro, you're real cruel making me say any of the BL2 hunters are my "least favorite"
Same for pre sequel. I honestly love every character in that game.
This was my thought as well. I eventually chose Sal sense I never used him and probably never will... Although we can start at level 30 now so maybe I will...
Sadly had to say maya...... Good character but her ability and playstyle I'snt my favorite
Thats easy. I really never liked Salvador.
I think claptraps class is fragtrap. Dont quote me on that though
And Claptrap as: a mistake.
I think you're right.
I mained him in the pre sequel, he's a ton of fun to play especially in groups especially when you use your action skill without warning everyone and it picks "can't stop firing"
So is this based on who you liked playing as the most, or who you liked as a character the most? Because I'd choose different characters based on that.
Well which is more important to you in a game? Who you liked playing the most or who you liked as a character the most?
Right? Because everyone knows that Zane is best Boyo, but because he was awful for so long they don't know that he's also good now with the right gear.
Yeah this really changes the question. Imo Nisha is one of the most fun Vault Hunters ever but at the same time fuck Nisha.
Can you post the result link as a comment to this post as well? just in case i don't see the result post
Of course, I will edit this post with the link of the results post
I second that
As the games and story progress, they really took a big crap on Lilith. After all the ‘talk to Lilith’ and ‘hey killer’ she definitely became my least favorite
"ThE LaVaS rIsInG. GeT tO hIgH GrOuNd"
Aw Lilith will always be my girl.
She still has a place in my heart, but man did they ruin her character, especially in 3.
Salvador for sure. He was absolutely everything I wanted Brick in BL1 to be, I had several thousand hours in BL2 (after OP8 looked like the final level cap) before I even tried another class, he was everything I needed out of the game so never tempted to try anything else.
Salvador is one of my favourite characters from a game in general. He’s fun to use, skills are all useful, and obviously the ol’ middle finger to your enemies is a hilarious melee override. The one liners, and the god damn back story echoes! Such a fun character to use
If you haven't, you should try BL2 again at OP10 lv. 80. Sal finally has enough points for Bus That Can't Slow Down, so you're running at Doomguy speeds. So fun.
I’d be shocked if Krieg doesn’t win.
I voted for my boy Zer0 all the way
Likewise, if claptrap doesn’t lose
He has the shiniest meat bicycle, ofc he has to win (but probably won't coz many ppl didn't play him)
Voted him favorite and least favorite. Fucking salt the wound...
Had a hard time picking between both bl2 dlc characters.
Same here Krieg is my second favourite of all time and most people I know like Krieg
I played through as Kreig too many times that lunatic and the lil voice in his head hold a very special place in my heart
I feel like Mordecai has a good chance
Gaige and Deathtrap.
I actually thought maya would be more popular. 100% my favourite. Doesnt seem like it from all the comments
Gaige, and it's not even close.
Anarchy baby!
ETA for posting the results? No rush of course just curious.
I will post the results tomorrow or maybe after tomorrow
Don’t sleep on Moze like I did. I took Fl4k to level 50 then I did Amara next. I was hesitant to start another play through since I haven’t heard much good about Zane or Moze but I gave in and started a Moze play through and I have to say I think she’s my favorite. She’s so fun.
Moze was regarded the best for a long time lol
Same. I finally got BL3 this past weekend and my brother and I split screened all weekend (rip his PS4 lol). I was super hesitant on choosing Moze between her and FL4K. (My brother chose Amara) I ended up picking Moze and kind of dreaded it because I felt her ult. was a bit meh and slow. But let me just say... After buffing... Wow... So. Many. Damn. Homing Missiles! I'm definitely loving Moze. Iron Bear comes in clutch soooooo hard
Secondary poll: why is your favorite vault hunter Krieg? If not, why are you wrong?
They’re jealous of how shiny his meat bicycle is
Right?! I ordinarily pass on melee characters, but Krieg was something special and his inner voice has always held a warm place in my own head. #omgomgkriegomg
Woulda chosen Krieg but I had never played him and I couldn’t do my man Zer0 dirty
BL 1 most favourite: Roland. I dunno, I find the "soldier" thing kinda fun, and use assault rifles the most.
BL1 least favourite - Mordecai. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and the character, I just wasn't that interested in long range combat back then.
BL 2 most favourite: Axton. He was my choice when I played BL2 for the first time (well, technically it was Zer0, but it was on a friend's console and I never played on it again, so it doesn't count). I feel he's kind of versatile in various ranges of combat, and kind of balanced. Also one of his heads reminds me of Mad Max, so yeah.
BL2 least favourite: Salvador. The whole "gunzerker" looks like a lot of fun, but it didn't attract me as much. Yeah, not much else.
TPS most favourite: Jack, baby. Do I really have to say it? Chiseled jaw holograms of handsomeness fighting for you? The double of one of my favourite antagonists in video games? His voice lines in the game? And the fact he's alive and well on BL 3? I think not.
TPS least favourite: Aurelia. Her action skill is cool, but her character doesn't attract me as much. The whole "I'm richer than you, peasant" thing is fun for a while but not for a long time. Only thing that bothers me is that her character slowly develops empathy and compassion on TPS but on BL 3 she forgets all of that and goes kind of psycho.
BL 3 most favourite: Zane. To this point, I haven't had the fortune to play BL3 due to economical reasons, and I've just seen videos of his gameplay, voice lines and such. They're awesome.
BL 3 least favourite: FL4K. Honestly, all of BL 3 vault hunters are awesome and none of them is bad, I just didn't know what to choose.
Whether that pun about aurelia’s action skill was intentional or not you have earned my upvote either way
It's actually crazy how many playable vault hunters there are over the various games
Fav - Fl4k followed closely by Salvador. Salvador is almost the GOAT but Fl4k as a concept and playable character is 100× better imo.
I love the whole pet character thing, even if it could use a bit of polishing. I never figured I'd see a class like ours, but now I'm a Fl4k main for life.
Least fav - overall would be Brick. As a character obviously he had/ has his lines and moments, but in such a hectic FPS I never grew to love his action skill.
I’m just here to vote Axton as my favorite because I know people gonna do my boy dirty
Favorites: lilith,krieg,Claptrap,Zane
Least favorites (i don't dislike any VH): brick,zero,aurilia,moze
Zero and mordecai are ELITE, then Flak
Someone's a sniper main
Fuck yes! Just finished BL3 with Fl4k and felt reminiscent of my first BL1 play through with Mordecai.
oh ye
Might as well call it now, clearly Gaige is the best by far!
Lillith zer0 and zane those are my picks and i will not be swayed
Dude exactly the same as me
Ill try to predict the final results:
Favs: Morde, zer0, Clap, Amara
Least: Brick, Axton, Wilhelm, Fl4k?
All time fav: zer0, but I also feel like Krieg could win here
All time least fav: Axton
I think the final result would look like this if people vote gameplay based only, otherwise Im pretty sure Lilith would get the least fav
Amara is fun to play but easily the most annoying VH in 3
Maybe its because he was the fiueet character I ever used in Borderlands, but Mordecai is my all time favorite.
Anyone who’s favorite characters aren’t either Gaige or krieg are just wrong.
If Claptrap doesn't win Least Favorite, I'm going to be sad.
Ive played zero the most but kreig is my favorite by far
I was struggling having to decide if Zane or Timothy was the best Had to call a close one and decided to go with Timothy cuz to be fair... I just can't get enough of Jack
Jack did nothing wrong.
I loved the first two Borderlands and when it came to this game, I fell off so quickly after beating it and shortly around the time Maliwan Takedown came out. I don't really like any of the characters of Borderlands 3 and I didn't know how much that really mattered to me until I just couldn't find the drive in me to play it like I played the first two.
Athena is the only reason I played TPS.
Dang it I wanted to vote Ava for the last question.
Favorites: BL1: Brick (prettiest vault hunter) BL2: Salvador (2 GUNS BITCHES!!!) TPS: CL4P-TP (MINION!) BL3: Zane (Howya Shitebag)
Losers: BL1: Lilith (whole story is about lil. I dont care) BL2: Gaige (just had no interest in her character) TPS: Wilhelm (beep boop robot man) BL3: dunno only played Zane cant speak for others.
As much as I hated a lot of Clap Trap’s gameplay mechanics, after everything was said and done he ended up my favorite in TPS, the Flak-TP build with flakker+ boom trap tree is probably my favorite build in all of borderlands.
Elementalist Amara and Storm Athena aren’t super far behind tbh.
Very interested to see how many are like me and love the sirens in every game. She gets a lot of hate but without Lillith I probably wouldn’t have played BL1 as much as I did and fell in love with the series.
Man, It was REALLY hard picking a least favourite in BL3
Moze is always best girl
as it was for me in Bl2 and TPS as well, I only didn't enjoy Lilith in BL1
All time least favorite was lilith.
She might have been fun to play but her entire character arch is just her being a dick to everyone until she has to be the hero and does that by dying
Also she gets talked down to by a kid and does nothing about it
And that kid was ava
Unpopular opinion...I hate Brick.
I hate Lilith. Also unpopular opinion
Okay here are my choices:
Mordecai is the best and Bloodwing saved my ass so many times. Plus his development into a great second in command (he lead the raiders waaaaay better than Lilith did when she got captured in BL2 and over came his alcoholism to raise Bloodwing's kid.
Lilith is my least favorite because the plot suffers whenever she is given the focus. Her hot bloodedness gets the raiders in numerous problems and she never really develops in a genuine fashion, at least to me. Her ability is fun though so I give her that.
Zer0 is super fun to play and while he may be a glass cannon, I loved going melee akimbo and slicing fools. Not to mention he actually was pretty cool in BL3, even if the writers want to poke at his origins (he is a confusing mess of a Snake Eyes parody, ya gotta keep it that way!)
Salvador: Honestly this is less of a dislike and more of a positive neutral. Salvador is probably one of the craziest and bloodiest non psychos and I love his midget ass. I just never played him since dual wielding seemed a bit bland when I got BL2.
Nisha is honestly the most evil out of all the VH's in the game and its fun seeing her begin to fall for Jack as the game goes on. Her sadomasochistic ways as well as her really sad backstory,which explains but doesnt justify her actions, makes her really fascinating. Also her ability is awesome along with her skills.
Aurelia is fun game play wise but rich bitch characters are always a bit annoying to me. Plus her characterization is really inconsistent with her verbally destroying Jack at the end of PreSeq and flipping the script and becoming the exact same thing she lambasted him for. However, as a villain she made for a great antagonist for both Montgomery and her brother hammerlock.
Zane Ferocity Deathbringer Charisma Charm Flynt is the best Vault Hunter they have made because of how much fun he always seems to be having. He isn't insane but highly lucid of the crazy reality around him and revels in it. The fact he probably has more combat experience than the rest of the cast just adds to his charm. He also has some tenderness to him, such as when he is consoling Moze or when he kills Troy and says it was for Maya. Also he a Foxy Grampa.
Amara feels like she belongs in a different game at times. The fact she is actually a hero with good publicity is different and makes her unique but her lines are so one note and boring. Like she is nothing more than a straight man to everything going on. At least Moze rolls with it as time goes on. She is strong though.
Honestly for best Vault Hunter its a toss up between Zane and Zer0 for me as both are increduibly fun to play. I picked Zer0 this time since I have so many memories with him, but in terms of personality Zane is the best.
Zer0- the worst in my opinion Claptrap- the best, bc who doesn't love claptrap? His chaotic and randomness proved challenging yet rewarding when mixed with the glitch guns.
Why zero? Is it character or play style?
I will be mind blown if Ava doesn’t win
Hmm. For best character gameplay I'd say Fl4k, but for best personality, I'd say Aurelia. (Except in BL3, she could've been a lot better)
I will always vote for my boy axton
Im voting based on my played time from the games and Maya leading with hundreds of hours.
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Never played the first game so I skipped that but I’m interested in the results.
My most fave to this day is CL4P-TP. What a gem
My money's on Krieg!
I chose
Lilith (best)
Roland (worst)
Zer0 (best)
Axton (worst) I hate action skills that spawn ai.
Jack (best) unless you are funny or sexy.
Aurelia (worst) almost tied with Wilhelm.
Zane (best) solely for his wit.
Amara (worst) solely for her lack of wit.
Overall best: Zer0 (he's too awsome).
Overall worst: Roland (he's persona is defined by he's boring nature and has a lame action skill that 80% of the enemies at mid to endgame also happen to have).
I didn’t like having to choose a least favorite. I felt like I was just choosing one to provide an answer.
Lilith, Moze, Athena, Maya. That is my natural order of favourites
Lilith, Maya, Athena, Amara. I think I have a thing for playing as a siren lol
Dude you ahould do a favorite borderlands game poll vote.
"All of Borderlands favorite vault hunter"
Fuck, uhhhhhhhhhhh
I hope the most favorite is a DLC character and hopefully Gearbox sees this
I like it! Curious about the results.
When can we see the results?
Remindme! 1 day
Krieg will always be my favorite 😂
There was only one choice for least favorite of all the Vault hunters. Sorry Claptrap.
My reply to this My favorite is Zer0 It is a Haiku
Hey links not working for me neither did the other one
As far as the character goes, Zane has more character than the rest of the characters combined, if we are talking about BL3.
!remindme 2 days
I was going to make a haiku detailing why Zer0 is the best, but then I remembered I'm no where near that funny or you're stuck with this comment instead. :)
As long as the correct answer from everyone of you is Maya...then we cool! Applies to most and least....
If sexy Nisha don't win I'm going pull my arm off
Always loved the outlandish type characters in the games (Mordecai, Zer0, Krieg, Claptrap, Fl4k) they always had the most unique playstyles.
My least favorite classes to play are the Soldier classes (Roland, Axton, Wilhelm, Zane) and Salvador. I don’t like Salvador because he’s too easy to play as, I like challenge in my FPS games. Soldier classes are boring to play with imo.
Voted Nisha for my overall fav. She's obviously not winning but I love her character and gameplay.
BL1: most, Lilith; least, Roland
BL2: most, Sal; least Axton
TPS: most, Athena; least Claptrap
BL3: most, Amara; least, Zane
Overall: most, Sal; least, Claptrap
In all of Borderlands I have 1 fav Vault Hunter.
In all of Borderlands I have 4 least fav Vault Hunters.
All of Borderlands 3. Fuck Borderlands 3. Worst game in the series.
Imagine hating Fl4k or Zane more than Borderlands 1 Roland lol