[XB1x] It is officially 2020 and Borderlands 3 still causes console hard crashes. What gives?

This is wholly unacceptable. This is an issue that shouldn't have existed to begin with, but most definitely should've been put as a priority over other things.

Yea, the hotfix patch said it was going to fix the coop lag issues, my husband and I still have to coordinate using the menu so not to screw up the other person's jumping/fight/existing
The lag seems to have gotten worse with the patch for us. There are times when someone opens a menu for 5 seconds, the lag will continue so badly after closing the menu that we have to quit out and reload to be able to play.
Ridiculous that such a game breaking issue has not been fully addressed this late into the release, it really teached me not to pre-order going forward, the game is surprisingly cheap now
The lag got better for us with the patch but we were at each other’s throats for a while
Yeah it's pretty ridiculous that this day 1 bug is still around, and as far as I know has never even been acknowledged by Gearbox. Despite my deep love for the franchise, and the fact that I've already paid for the season pass, I just decided to our BL3 on the shelf for a while. I have a lot of other games to catch up on, and I am just sick of the bugs and co-op performance issues. Maybe once all the DLC is out, GBX will have gotten this game to the state, stability and bug-wise, that it should have launched in.
I wonder if performance will improve on consoles once they remove the Denuvo DRM crap. There is still stuttering on PC and once they remove that garbage, the PC versions will absolutely get better.
Good question....I asked this last month and got downvoted into oblivion
Yup, don't even mention patches, fixes or complain about anything.
I posted on the Takedown “event” being postponed, downvotes werent the worst of it. I had self-proclaimed programmers absolutely tearing into me about how “coding is hard” and “youre a Karen and fuck you for judging others work”
Always thought reddit was a nice place 😐
It's not what you say. It's how you say it...
Apparently 7 years wasn't long enough for gearbox lmao
I have only played Bl3 on my Xbox one X and i have only had 1 crash and neither have been hard crashes.
I'm not pointing this out to claim your not having an issue. But to point out despite us having similar hardware(in theory the same) we are having extremely different experiences with this.
If they are having a hard time reproducing the crashing it is most likely going to take a while for them to fix it.
Do you play a lot of multiplayer in which you aren't host though for Borderlands 3? The Xb1X hard crashes I've had have almost all have been exclusively from joining friends online in Borderlands 3.
I've only had it crash the game itself a few times at all. Never a hard crash. Hell I've only had the game crash in coop once and that was yesterday
I'm only using a plain old Xbox one and only had one crash, and it wasnt a hard one either
I've had a similar experience: just over 87 hours of play (almost all split screen multi) on an XB1X, and I experienced my first buzz hard crash last night.
Side note: the split screen menu lag has gotten better and worse. For us, it has improved significantly in both launch time and effect on the other player, though we still have to make sure we don't do it during jump puzzles to challenges. However, the time between loading a new map and being able to launch the menu seems to be getting longer and longer.
1X here as well. 2 or 3 game crashes, 1 hard crash. Didn't know this was specifically an issue with BL3.
Personally, I've had at least 5 hard crashes. Full shut down of my xbox one x. It seems to be happening for me when I fast travel somewhere, arrive, and then immediately go into my menu to change my gear or fast travel again.
Imho the problem is linked to Resolution Mode. I had the hard crash problem until i switched into performance mode.
I’m using an XB1S and I think I have had 1 single “buzz crash” in all my time playing, and I rarely experienced the frame rate drops that people experienced either, but I am not playing split screen which seems to be where all of the main problems occur.
I actually had a base xb1 when bl3 launched, and then later got the 1X (Black Friday sales 😂) so from my experience on both; base xb1 had a few crashes/dashboards nothing that doesn’t happen with quite literally any game you put this amount of time into. 1X has had zero dashboard crashes, but has had 2 or 3 hard crashes. Not as much as others are claiming, but imo ONE hard crash is too many, I can understand the dashboard crash, something in the game bugged it happens, but for the entire system to just give up? Beyond me lol. I play co op as much, if not more than I do solo for whatever that’s worth.
Xbox One X users please dont brush this off because you dont think it's an issue if you're not facing it directly.
The hard crash that I'd say is most common is if you try to join an online game from an invite or from the main menu. If you play solo or mostly solo it's possible to run into minimal crashes, also ir you're hosting the online games most of the time. It's a known issue from what Support has told me and they've been saying they've been "working on it" since release time but here we are.
Performance mode/changing resolution doesn't change the results of this particular crash/bug. I've had many hard crashes and have used performance mode since day 1. The only semi consistent solution is to goto Sanctuary before joining another game.
Yeah, i've never had a solo crash. Only when joining a multiplayer match.
Yeah it used to be only when joining other peoples games for me. Now it just happens randomly while playing and gives me the overheating message every time. My console is well ventilated and not even slightly warm when I check it. Gearbox please just give us some kind of idea what is going on here.
If you're actually getting the overheating message and are on a One X I strongly suggest getting your thermal paste replaced or sending your console in under warranty if it still is. I just did mine because my crashing progressed to solo games with the overheating message and found the paste was completely dried out... Haven't had any major crashes since, only the annoying one while joining friends which can be fixed by making sure you join their game in sanctuary from your game in sanctuary.
Instead of opening or sending in your console, first make sure your game is set to performance mode in graphics for Borderlands 3. This is less taxing on the system, but you'll get better framerates at the cost of minor detail. Also, make sure your One X is adequately ventilated. Air is sucked in through the back and comes out the sides, so you want at least 2 inches on both sides, and some space above the console. I gave mine 6 more inches of vertical clearance by removing an unused shelf in my media cabinet, and stopped having this problem.
...but this game still crashes the console, just not for overheating.
Not sure on the matchmaking part but I know that the hard crash during gameplay on the Xbox One is due to particle effects. Same bug still exists in Remastered BL1 and that’s where it started for me and I think it’s far more common in that game.
BL3 does it less but it’s always the same general thing - some type of explosion causing a flash of particles. Flakker, barrels, shooting stuff in a vehicle.
Weird, mine only reboots my console after I exit the menu after sitting on the map menu for a couple minutes.
I've only crashed once in Xb1s, but there's still a big problem with menus in co op
We have reached the beta development phase. On release, it could have been considered pre-alpha as it seemed pretty obvious that it was barely tested.
I’ve given up on trying to play it and have uninstalled. Entirely unacceptable that it’s gone on this long. The only other game to cause my console this much grief was Anthem...
BL3 is literally unplayable for me, just before I made the decision to uninstall I thought I’d give it another chance. Tried to join a friends game for some co op and my console hard crashed as soon as I hit join.
I’m not destroying my console for this trash.
I havn't had any crashes yet but the freezing when flash troopers teleport is fun.
Performance still sucks on the base ps4. I'm guessing GB is just planning to ignore all performance issues and keep doing a mighty fine job on the game's meta issues like droprates! woo!
Not for me. Playing on OG PS4 since release and the latest patch fixed nearly all bugs and issues. Yes it crashes ocassionally (once every 20 hours on average), but not anymore on fixed spots like at Valkeries. Only minor issue thats left is that the UI still isnt as smooth and quick as it should be especially in Multiplayer, but i can live with that. So if your game is still running bad on PS4, it might be a issue with your PS4 itself.
the gearbox official forums are a better place to ask this question, this is a little like going into your treefort and asking your neighborhood friends rhetorical questions
Not really, GBX isn't responding there either and there are less people on their forums than here on reddit to get a good idea of how many people are truly being affected by this issue.
Here is the thread on their forums for reference -
It Wont Let Me Fast Travel To Sanctuary
Nice to know it’s not just me. I’ve had multiple hard crashes and one soft one in the middle of cistern of slaughter. A friend and I were grinding boss kills and found we couldn’t restart the game and team up more than 2-3 times without it happening to whoever had joined up. Happened to both of us. Weirdly enough he says it doesn’t happen to him when he plays with his wife, who uses an OG Xbox One.
What's a hard crash? Like does it shut down the whole console?
Yup. I routinely get to see the One X boot screen, which I saw only a handful of times on the original One in 5 years of ownership. This is the only game that has this problem. More crashes than any game on console since I got a PS2 in 2003. (And Skyrim on 360 was holding the record for a while...)
Has happened to me a few times on my PS4 Pro as well. Not an outright crash, but it freezes and locks my whole system up while continuing the noise around me. Can't go back to the home screen, can't open the pause menu. Have to restart my PS4 and it comes back up with an error about the software.
Here is the official forum post if anyone is interested -
My buddy crashed his Xbox 6 times in a row trying to join our group. He finally quit, we havent played since. It takes the joy out of it.
I have the issue on my Xbox 1 x. Hard crashed everytime I threw a hex grenade. And pretty much any time it felt like it. But I could recreate the crash at will simply by throwing a grenade. Even the pipebomb caused it to crash. Everytime.
So I stopped playing completely for a while. Then decided to give it a shot on my old Xbox 1 which I bought at release. It works perfectly on it. Hasn't crashed once no matter what I do to try and force it to crash.
Frustrating that I can't use my newer and supposedly better console to play it. But maybe this will help other people
This is a problem GB SHOULD be working on instead of nerfing the various VHs skill trees/mods or everyone's favorite gun/grenade.
Im on the Xbox 1 X and experience minimal issues with the game.
Oh they'll fix it with a gigantic patch that takes months to produce and that breaks more things than it fixes. The most frustrating part about it is that Borderlands 3 is a fantastic game that doesn't function well at all. If the game sucked, nobody would care. Gearbox needs to stop with the add on content and the DLC, they need to stop with the huge patches, and start focusing on fixing the game with smaller and more frequent patches. Once the game is performing well, then and only then should they start releasing DLC.
Why put in the title that it’s 2020, you think gearbox is going to come back from vacation early to fix an extremely rare bug just for you?
Can't be that rare, I imagine reddit is just a small portion of people who l play the game yet its a pretty vocal issue here, but many different users. So it's has to be at least a common issue
I stopped playing because of this issue.
Must be only on Xbox. I've only ever had one crash on ps4 and I've been playing since day 1 with over 130 hours
It's not just Xbox. My husband and I played on PS4 when the game came out. Nearly every time we played, our game crashed. We eventually shelved the game. With the crashes and struggle just to play co-op, shelving it was an easy decision. Not sure when we'll be back to it.
Though not as frequent as xbox, I have a brand new ps4 and I get the occasional blue screen from this game
It's still a 50/50 whether or not the game will crash or load every time I boot it up. Main reason I'm having difficulty playing.
Did the game you create have console crashes in 2020?
Been playing since day 1 haven't had a single crash... Also know of about 10 other people I play with that haven't had a single crash.... Im starting to think people with this issue might have console hygiene issues.
Yep, I’m on Xbox One X and it kept a hard resetting my Xbox until it fried it and the bricked the system. Still occasionally shuts down my new One X so I basically stopped playing all together and waiting for it to be fixed, which has been heartbreaking to not trust one of my most anticipated games ever.
My 1 x crashes playing this app the time yesterday I got to the last wave of the last round of slaughter shaft buzz crash. Relaunched went to takedown got halfway through Wotan buzz crash. I get frequent crashes throughout the day some of them completely shutdown the system as well.
I’ve bought it on Xbox and pc since I’ve switched recently in hopes that they get their shit together. I’ve given up for now and uninstalled. No point in playing if the game is constantly laggy on both console and pc. Such a shame that they are letting us down like this. Hopefully they figure it out, but I’m not going to play test the broken game anymore.
Neve done this with my ps4 pro. The game frooze once that's it
Oh man that suuuuucks.
Is this a One X issue? I haven't had any issues on my Xbox aside from the dropping from a map and one crash, and the slow menus
One X for hard crashes to the boot screen, yes.
Weird I play on Xbox and it's never crashed once for me, although I do have an issue where you just randomly lose some sounds like shooting and reloading noises and all you can hear is some dialogue like grunts. It's super annoying since it's hard to know you when your getting shot. Hard restart the only fix.
My console never crashes, but it does take a good 3 or 4 try’s to actually start it up
Honestly my PlayStation has never crashed or had a single probelem with BL3 :p but I’m sorry you guys are dealing with this. It sucks not to be able to enjoy such a good game
More people need to talk about how the game is broke on certain platforms instead of just fanboying and saying well my Pro/X/PC works fine. There’s a ton of people experiencing issues on a variety of different consoles. For my PS4 this game runs horrid, been waiting since launch for a patch that’ll make it run like it should.
I will not play the game until they fix that. Already broke my hdd in my OneX because of to many hard resets.
Performance and player controls on PS4 is so bad, I can't find any enjoyment in the game in it's present state.
This used to happen to me alot (X1X) but has largely disappeared in recent weeks. It used to be pretty bad though, not just crashing to the dashboard but turning the console off.
I'm fine when playing solo or coop
I play the xbox one s and I've only had 1-3 hard crashes but once I got to play it on pc- basically broacasting it to my pc- I have no performance issues at all. (Unless it's by my internet- which sucks)
I had an issue for a while (play on original Xbox One) where I simply couldn't start the game. It would show me the cover art for like a solid minute then it would say "error, Borderlands 3 took too long to start" and it would close. I ended up moving it from external storage to my pitiful internal storage and the problem stopped.
I am lucky I believe to have never experienced a hard console crash though. I have had a number of earrape buzz crashes, which is really not a surprise with most games nowadays. I usually only get them if I've played for a really long time.
As a console player I'm sure as hell never buying a borderlands game within a year of it's release. It's atrocious how slow they have been to fix this stuff.
Yikes just the size of this 2 day old thread. That should be enough of an indicator of how much GB cares about the people who already spent their money. and to actually defend a AAA title saying that its hard for them? That it takes "days" to find and fix bugs because the game is so big. If only they had say... a game series that has literally brought in over 1 BILLION in revenue and a team paid to fix it? We understand it's not magic dust and wands, but it is hard work, that can be done if the team is passionate and dedicated. Which they are showing us all they arent, with lack of response and providing content we didnt ask for while the state of the game is in shambles. I'd love to play some bl3 again but seeing the game for what its worth after finishing the weakest main story so far. It's all in all just not worth it. a lot of us rode the nostalgia train thinking of playing as Zero in highschool, but the series we all loved is long dead.
Can confirm it’s still happening almost every time I attempt to join/start a session. For reference I’m playing on an Xbox One X, and paid for the 100 dollar Super Deluxe Edition of the game and the issues have been so bad I’m not even half way through the game, at this rate I doubt I’ll finish it.
Just happened twice in a row for me, but only when trying to join a MP session
Mine played fine a week ago, I've tried loading it 3 times, goes to sign me in and I'm back at the Xbox home screen. Die hard player, but gearbox, fix our shiz! You're worried about a dlc I can't buy because my game won't load.... is this the next fortnite?
We've crashed 5 times today while trying to play our first run through of the cartel DLC (the boss quest after you collect of the 30 quest items). Tried playing co-op with my GF across an Xbox X and Xbox S. The Xbox S crashed 4 times. Then we switched to us both playing on the X where it crashed again.
Borderlands 3 was the buggiest console game I ever played at launch. 7 months later it continues to be the buggiest console game I have ever played. The company and the development team should be embarrassed by the poor quality.
June 12 2020 on xbox one x still crashes insane amount of times on matchmaking and then idc about crashes just whole xbox resart and the longest bl3 loading screen ever is what rages me
With a huge game like Borderlands 3, like other triple A titles, it's not as easy as flicking a switch when finding bugs and fixing them. No software as huge as this is perfect. There will always be bugs. Saying it's unacceptable can only be partly true, it's not easy to find all the bugs and squash them, it's the reason they deploy a ton of hotfixes and patches.
It is a priority over other things, but then again it takes a lot of time to trace it and to figure out a solution to fix it, it's not easy. Even just tracing a bug with a weapon skin can take days, what more if it's an event mechanic bug. Also that there are different development teams in Gearbox, as with other companies. Some are allocated to create new content, maybe a team per content type. And another team for bug tracing, one for bug fixing, one for bug testing. It might not be accurate, but this is the typical resource/personnel allocation for these kinds of development.
Just wait for announcements. If they addressed that they acknowledged the issue, that means they've already set allocations to prioritize a fix for it. If they set a date that means they're just compiling the fix and sending it for distribution approval (consoles). If they haven't set a date, that means they're still trying to figure out how the bug is being made and how to fix it. The best we can get is the acknowledgement of the issue. If they never addressed it, coordinate with their official channels, forums, support and stuff. If your post doesn't reach the front page or no youtuber or community official discusses the issue then you definitely won't be seeing anything about it.
If I were you, hop off reddit and contact Gearbox support to get an actual answer. Then hop back in reddit and inform everyone of the status. Would be better than sitting ducks here.
Sometimes the new fixes can break the old fixes and reintroduce the bugs.
This guy gets it. Remember when games used to drop and what you got was what you got? There wasn’t micro-criticism coming from every angle of the Internet.
This should be the top comment.
As someone who has dealt with numerous hard and soft crashes on XB1x, I am also frustrated at the user experience. It’s unfortunate that they weren’t able to fix that before release, and that it’s still out there.
However, anyone saying it’s “unacceptable” to release software with this many bugs is outing themselves as not knowing a damn thing about how software or games are made. The reality is that software is complicated as hell- You in particular nailed it on the head. Fixing things often does create other complications. It’s a never-ending cycle, and it’s the reason I can’t recall a single AAA game from the last decade that is without bugs- Certainly not at launch.
For those wondering why games back in the day weren’t like this- It’s literally because they aren’t nearly as complicated. Less code= less bugs.
If you have an issue, send in a support ticket if you can. Devs don’t care about Reddit complaints- They either need device info and time to reproduce/make a bug ticket, or they already know and are working on it. The latter is way more likely- and I would wager this is a complicated enough issue that it’s driving their devs nuts trying to fix.
I’m certainly not happy about that, but working in the industry has given me some much needed perspective. The above being said though, this is the only game I’ve ever played that has literally hard crashed my console multiple times over. This fix needs to be a priority, and frankly the poor performance is partly why I haven’t jumped back in to the DLC despite having the season pass.
Are you on a One X? When is it crashing on you?
Oh. You didnt get the memo? Game companies like gearbox dont give a SHIT about you or the product they make. They make games as cheaply as possible solely to profit on their product. They know the UI is shite, that it gives CE errors on PS and shuts off Xbox. They dont care. So what if a few people have to hard reset their systems? only 430 people or so even upvote your post. Is 500 people enough for them to care. Probably not. They put out broken, subpar product and WE buy their shit. Thats the relationship we have all agreed to have with these major game developers. If the game fucks up on you, well. YOU are an acceptable number. They DO NOT care. Id love to have a single comment from someone at that company prove me wrong. Is there anyone out there?
My friends and I have had game crashes on playstation but never console crashes. The most pervasive thing are glitched enemies that can't be killed because they're in the wall or ceiling (generally off the map)!
It gets super frustrating when it happens on wave 5 of round 5. 😭
Nothing like this has happened to me and my sister but I find it annoying how many glitches prevent you from finishing a mission; we were escorting the teddy bear to get the Vault Key fragment and he was hacking the terminal so we had to keep the jabber's away then he just disappears! Wth, Gearbox.
And the lag when transitioning between the map, inventory and skills sort of ruins it for me- the previous games were so smooth
If it makes you feel any better, the pc version isn't much better. Granted, my pc isn't crashing while playing the game, but it can be very choppy and sometimes just lock up for no reason. At this point, stop making content and focus on making the game stable for all platforms.
I've never had the game completely crash. Im on xbox one BTW.
is this a one XB1X issue only? I don't think I've ever had more than 1-2 hard crashes on the original Xb1
Yep XB1X and PS4 Pro (afaik) have this issue. Interesting enough, i "fixed" the problem on my console with setting the game into performance mode instead of prefering resolution.
I know this doesn’t help at all but everyone of my friends had issues with the multiplayer. I was the only one that was fine. I was also the only one with a computer over the specs recommended and after playing since day one I’ve had no FPS issues and around 3 crashes. This game is far more demanding than any of the other games and it might be throwing everyone for a loop. As for why it’s not working on consoles my best guess is that it’s just poorly optimized.
2 week after release the hard shutdown brick my one x and i didnt reinstall ib the new console since
after seeing this am not reinstalling lol
This is literally a nightmare, can take 3-4 attempts to join a game before getting in without a hard shutdown
Day one xbox here... Since release I had no crash.... But sometimes it freezes for 3 seconds or so. In single player it doesn't matter because the enemies freeze too. BUT when playing online and it freezes, the game freezes my input for that time too. So I am running into chaos for 3 seconds and I cannot see what is happening till the freeze ends, but mostly it is too late then. 😪
What gives is that retarded consumers keep giving incompetent developers money and making this sort of behavior seem okay. Next time wait a month before buying a game and start voting with your wallet. Publishers wouldn't put out unfinished and/or unoptimized games if they stopped selling.
Yea my One X broke a couple months ago from a hard crash. It just shut off one day trying to join my little cousin and wouldn’t turn back on. Took it to a 3rd party repair ship and they said the GPU was dead and the HDD was toasted. Microsoft wanted $250 to fix it an the 3rd party place just told me it wasn’t worth fixing. I tried saving up to buy one for Christmas and then ran into a family emergency and had to spend all my savings.
Even if I got a new Xbox I wouldn’t support gearbox. They haven’t even acknowledged the hard crashing officially. It’s like they don’t realize how bad it is. I contacted their support they just said they didn’t know what I was talking about.
Borderlands was my most anticipated game of this generation and it broke my One x 2 days after release. I admit I love the series but I won’t be playing/supporting gearbox until they handle this the proper way. This is ridiculous
Damn man, I knew these crashes were bad but I wasn't sure how easy it would be to brick my console. Sucks dude, people will defend Gearbox but it's unacceptable. Triple A game development should lead to at least a working product, Gearbox just can't fix this glaring issue.
These kinda posts annoy the crap out of me. Writing this demanding a fix or update immediately like GB is on your neck and call. Then complaining that AAA games should have 0 defects. Dude that tech in general. The amount of privilege oozing from this post is insane. Bugs and defects happen, that’s tech regardless if it GB, 343, or Bungie. Highlight the defect so they’re aware so the fix can get implemented. Ranting like this resolves nothing and makes you look like a straight ass.
PS - Yes I know I’m ranting against the ranter.
Triple A game developer Gearbox releases a 60$ game that launched with one character basically completely broken (Sorry Zane), horrifying performance (especially in menus), and the ability to hard crash the most expensive console on the market currently (Xbox One X).
This is by far the largest issue with the game. How do I know booting up Borderlands 3 won't be the end of my system after it hard crashes for the umpteenth time?
A triple A developer should never make you question whether their game will ruin your console costing you 400$, but that's what Gearbox is doing months after release.
I think people are tired of the nature of the glitch. Im not one but ive read hundreds of these xbox players that been having overheats and crashes since launch. Unacceptable, for a paid product, is kinda appropriate
You can be as annoyed as you like. You dont matter at all. OP is talking about an issue that has nothing to do with your opinion.
I've never had any bugs except in Circle of Slaughter. No game breaks or anything
Fallout 76 would like a word lol
I still cant play online with friends. I can play with randoms no problem. But people I actually want to play with? Nah. (on PS4)
Get a PS4 Pro. I've had no problems since the first hotfix. It's your console, not the game.
Wrong, it's literally the only game that crashes the Xbox One X. Gearbox goofed while making the version I guess, now there's a 50/50 chance your console with hard reset and potentially brick when joining a friend's game.
The game is causing problems for the console, not the other way around.
Same never had any crash on my PS4 Pro
I play path of exile the amount of crashes on it make bl3 look like nothin
Cos xbox is shit lmao no crashing problems on ps4
Mines crashed twice and I've had frame drops that are insane on ps4 Pro
I've only played on a PS4 original and never had much issue. The only annoyance was the lagoon the inventory and bank. Never had a crash, or a glitch.
I play on first gen Xbox one and haven't had any problems. Should i be worried?
I have had rare issues mostly after leaving the game on for like 3 days, but not like a hard crash right upon opening wtf
I've had multiple hard crashes on my One X, always when exiting the map. Sometimes I was on that screen a while, others just a quick check, generally not in combat. Can't use controller to turn it back on, have to use power button on console. I've only played solo thus far. I don't remember when the last one was, but I also stopped using those menus to "pause" the game, I went back to traditional start button.
I haven't had any hard crashes with the game so far, just lag, and it vastly improved since the hotfixes applied, although it is still noticeable and there's a whole 1 to 2 seconds pause when the other player opens the menu or a vending machine in split screen. My DLC boots up just fine and runs smoothly most of the time, except for the aforementioned issues with menus.
As if its just bl3 with that problem
it's almost like a) not all games are fully patched in like 3 months, and b) crashes might not happen anyway.
and really, if it's THAT bad, it kinda sounds a lot more like there's a problem on your end. try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.
Most people run the game just fine. Maybe they're having trouble finding a console that sucks enough to have the game crash it. That's like step 1 in actually fixing the issue.
What does this mean? Are you insinuating that the Xbox One X is worse than any other console at the moment? If so, you're just really wrong.
Don't get me wrong, Sony has great exclusives. Yet at the end of the day when it comes to the console itself, it's stupid to say that anything is better than the one made with the actual better parts.
2020 doesnt mean all issues are now fixed it just means its a new year. I doubt gearbox even had many employees working over the past two weeks they cancelled there special event so why would you think the lag is gone 😂 come on bro it's not rocket science if they can't release the event correctly you really think they can fix the lag yet 😂 i like your impossible expectation lol
Do you have a ps4?
Change the to prefer performance over resolution or whatever the other option is
Laughs in PC