Big Boss Daily Discussion Thread - January 03, 2020

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Arre ye mc Twitter trend chalane ke liye kitne paise lagte hai?
Aur ye karke kiska fayda ho raha hai bhai?
Shukla is rich, Asim ke trend ke paise kaun de rha h? Aur kyu?
Mostly Diehard fans + pr
PR paid articles
That was the only thing left to see
Found a video about chukla from 4 years ago. There are comments from his bigg boss fans here as well.
PR imo
Guys can you please tell me whats the best way to watch undekha tadka online? I cant access voot from where I live and its too slow with a vpn.
Voot yt channel
Mahira is really irritating. I mean this is too much, she should leave now! She's nothing without Paras. Her points are useless and she thinks too cheap, so immature. In fact, This season is bullshit!!!
Read on NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. He’s a malignant narcissist! 🤷‍♀️ Can’t believe people are shipping sidnaaz. That’s girls gonna go through hell after the show just like Rashmi and he will still manage to play victim.
Good find, bhai is returning the favor for that tweet
Rashmi should leave the show but not before slapping that Chukla , Maslahira , Zeher wali and parush.Arti
I feel the same. She should leave the show and slap all 4
From Twitter-
Nobody is real in this season. Especially Mahira, she is so annoying. I also don't understand why Salman doesn't take any action against her. Every weekend, I wait that Salman will say something to her, but in the end, I get disappointment! Well, I only found Shefali Jariwala as a strong contestant.
Salman is losing respect on this season. I understand he is just doing his job but he shouldn’t be biased and shall make some judgement call too. I understand that the channel might have given him enough money to keep his temper in control plus he is getting old, his movies aren’t working in the box office. He needs a job. Next year and the year after next. But shan’t do the wrong thing if he can’t do the right thing by showing chukla his place which is bashing him in his own words and then makin him feel like shit for weeks and then throwing him out just before the finale week.
Sidharth: mujhe koi problem Nahi hai Sana Kisi se bhi baat kare to
Also sidharth: Sana bol Rahi thi ki Asim bohot sensible hai Tab mujhe wo baat khatki
KRK tweet:
The next winner of BB ..folks.
Heard Salman bashes asim and rashmi again? Also, Salman told rashmi to leave the show if she has so many issues. Wtf
Bhai is sold. Show has become spineless. Setting a bad example for the youth.
Go watch each episode and listen carefully to what is said to Shukla and for no good reason. The man listens and lose his cool...he cannot keep what is said SO he gives it back when provoked. Gives it 10 times more powerfully. Religion or no religion, those who are seeing Asim can only say he talks like SHIT.
Do you watch show regularly or just started recently. If you started just recently you won't get any context who is doing what and why. But if you watch from start you will get why is someone behaving in a particular way.
And don't believe in this twitter BS, nobody cares about religion here, look at the number of people supporting rashmi asim here, do you really think we all belong to Pakistan and from a particular religion? If yours is a PR account, don't really care about this discussion here, we are just handful of 10-15 people who discuss show here nobody cares about us, not even people who regularly visit the sub. Hume humari bhadaas nikalne do yaahan please 😂😂😂
Arey ye Vindu yahan bhi aagya.
Please answer anyone of these
Pushing people is bravery??
Slut shaming a women is bravery?
Giving unreasonable power to just one person is just and right?
If someone else abuse chukla then they are wrong?
Chukla even told mahira dads abuse in the third week. He has said this to almost everyone. He called rashmi b!&@h in the secret room. Who was provoking him there?
Please answer these otherwise you are a blind follower with no analytical skills whatsoever
repeat this after i call you chutiya ka Bacha 10 times.
Right from the beginning, Sidharth Shukla has been his own man—a big boss in the house of Bigg Boss. He was provoked and lo, he gave it back. He is a big man. He was bitched about by Rashami Desai’s team. He gave it back lock, stock and barrel. Now people who are plain stupid or who favours Asim for his religion, are either stupid or uselessly writing comments. The game is commencing and as per what is happening Salman Khan is taking rubbishy Rashami to the cleaners. I love the show and have followed each and every episode so far. So haters just shut up!
Ye hamiyan punjabi hai ya dindu loser?
Hey kamya (punjabi?)
Om Swami 1.0 is that you? Did you know there was 2.0 version of yourself this year in BB?
Username checks out.
In can bet most of people here are atheist, keep your religion logic to yourself. N you guys will be surprised to see just today I say this comment under TOI’s article that people who are Pakistani or Muslims are supporting asim. I don’t think it’s coincidence. Man our country is so fucked
what a fucking idiot. Go back to twitter
Religion? I have never seen here anyone mention religion, also I am an atheist so it doesn’t even matter to me which religion these contestants have.
By your 2rs logic, you should stop watching the show because Asim and Salman have the same religion lmao
The moment you wrote religion and that’s why Asim gets support I realised you’re a piece of crap and not worth even engaging here. Get lost to twitter venomous idiot
So going on someone’s dad is bravery?
Pushing people is bravery??
Slut shaming a women is bravery?
Giving unreasonable power to just one person is just and right?
If someone else abuse chukla then they are wrong?
And man, don’t bring religion here. Let’s just focus on the game keeping the religion this aside. A sane and intellectual person would never bring religion.
This 2rs numerologist only said generalized statements and good things about every contestant, I feel sorry for people who believe in such fake acts
Even he had negative things to say about asim. Kaise chalegi iski dukaan
Asim would be good in a villian's role? Wtf. Way to fit him in to the channel's storyline. 2Rs fraud astrologer!
Just like vivo caller of the week.
Exactly he only an l has generalized good things to say about anyone and would fumble if anyone asked him something else
Sana-Sid and Paras-Mahira are two truly toxic relationships. But the channel is promoting these as #relationship_goals. Aaj toh ek jyotishi bhi aake confirmation de gaya.
Did anyone notice that personal life wise, positive feedback was given only to these four people? That's probably the channel's way of telling them to continue this drama.
Aarti finds them cute. As usual, no point expecting logic from her.
Positive feedback to only those 4??? Again the same shit. This show has become toxic and is not good for mental health and personal wellbeing.
She is Independent!1!1!1 she can find anyone cute.
Can someone remind me again why are real actual people supporting Shukla. Like just why?
Average people watch only what is shown on the show. At wkw, they see all the siding done to Sid and then prople try to reason with themselves that maybe Sid is not bad and then they support him.
the average joe is dumb.
They only watch, have no brain, also the reason why 2rs bhai movies make 200+ crores
I always thought that I have seen Himanshi somewhere before but was not able to pinpoint exactly where, but I today realized that she was part of this famous music video
But she looks totally different girl without makeup+lighting
Are she is v popular Punjabi model. She even does ads of MAC brand. Himanshi ki kisi time pe har month 2-3 music vdos aati thi. Singing faltu me ki shuru isne, she should rather have opted to act in movies as next step.
There is a dialogue in a recent Punjabi movie about Himanshi and shehnaaz fight. A guy who wants to b struggler calls studio and says paisa bahut hai mere pass, and vdo me Himanshi and shehnaaz dono book krni.
Shit, now i finally know the answer, thanks dude
As per promo again Salman shits on Rashmi and Asim. How they make sure that any non Shukla gang does not become captain
Shukla: Crybaby
Asim: tera baap crybaby
Salman: Do you know Shuklas dad is dead? Asim you are irritating.
Shukla to Asim: Ill put my **** in your sisters mouth. Your dad your mom etc
Salman: Asim dont poke shukla.
Salman and Colors team please lick Shuklas balls on live tv instead of in the secret room/smokimg room.
Asim is a man with foul mouth who enters the conversation without any reason or rhyme. He looks plain stupid when he comes barging in with loud noise ... as rightly said by Salman Khan, he is irritating.
Tbh nothing can be done. Everyone is complaining about bloody Shukla but they’re getting such high TRP’s. Hence, they know we’ll watch the show no matter what shit they put out. They’ll realise once a lot of people collectively stop watching the show.
Ohhh yesss Mazaa aayega call manisha baby have 4some with Paras mahira
I thought will skip watching the weekdays episode and watch wkw but looks like I have to stop watching that too.
Heard somewhere that huge bets have been placed on chukla winning. Shit show it has become.
If someone’s dad is alive than you can go on him? Wow what a logic. All this crap started by chukla only and when the HM are giving chukla a taste of his medicine then the channel can’t take it. Wow.
just quickly scrolled down twitter and alredy so pissed off at this shit. Fuck Shukla and his dumb group. I'm Done.
Stop watching the shot show for good.
I stopped watching bigboss on tv and colors overall, but what happens if you stream it online? Do they still get ratings/money/etc from it? I don't wanna watch where they make money from it basically. A silly question but had to ask haha
Bruh Telegram.
Dont watch it on voot. That still counts as TRP/ratings and revenue for the channel.
Type bigboss13 live and go to first link populated.
Tired of seeing the same old shitnaaz drama everyday
it is on loop, same thing everyday
Ditto bade din bad same day episode dekha. Is saal galti krdi now can't leave. But i will make sure to vote asim
See this
Damn the way Madhurima talked about Vishal how he avoids paying for food shows how bad their relationship really is. she further says that she is joking but she clearly wasn't, she was genuinely pissed at Vishal
dude their relationship is toxic, they have had history of physically hitting each other, like who the fuck does that
Somebody Pls write review. Can't watch psycho family anymore
Bigg Boss written update
Here you go! I just read the update either here or on Tellyupdates or move on.
I was going to .. but after watching the wkw promo.. it killed my enthusiasm
Entire episode was a poop as always.. but promo for the next ep was a shitstorm all together! Manishas efforts are clearly visible.