#輪廻 #バンドメイド BAND-MAID / 輪廻

This put the biggest grin on my face.
I feel you! Could not stop smiling the whole MV and even a bit after lol
One of my first thoughts was that I hope Misa was wearing shoes during that shoot.
The 8mm film and the set give the MV a great gritty B movie feel, but the song is A+ rock. Might be my favourite MV, stylistically, since Domination. As for the song itself, it's heavy, with a low 'dark' vocal style. It rocked live, so I was really looking forward to hearing it on the album, so this MV is an early bonus. There is a lot going on, as with all their songs, and will take some time to unpack, but my first impression is very good.
My first thought was that “they are showing Miku’s guitar close-up” much more than her face.
The first MV to do so.
She’s getting there! Awesome hardworking pigeon.
Well they are releasing 3 instrumental videos with the Limited Edition Conqueror so I shouldn’t be surprised.
And multi-channel video... camera on Miku all the time? Looking forward to see what’s in store.
I just got a telemarketing call, after choosing to speak to a live person, I put this one for them. They had the audacity to hang up before Saiki's vocals kicked in.
Band-Maid's music drives evil away.
I totally gotta try that...........thx :-)
I guess that answers the 'will it be a pop record' question. Will need a few more listens to get the details, but I'm liking this a lot already. Chorus is so interesting.
Edit: This song rips oh wow. Akane is incredible.
I just keep pushing replay. Love it.
Fantastic. No other words that wouldn't just echo that sentiment. I really like the use of, what looks to be, real film 8mm (or Super-8?) for the vid to give it that grungy, grainy and "vintage" effect.
*Edit: Just read thru the rest of their description and it is indeed 8mm!
Super-energetic, driving rhythm with a "shining" chorus and killer instrumental break(s) [especially the Hi-hat and double-kick work]. Vocals are, of course, on-par with Saiki-san using her deeper tone a lot. The videographer seems to put a lot of focus on everyone's guitar work here (including Pigeon-san).
Speaking of our little Pigeon, I feel like she is getting closer and closer to her own full-solo soon. So, to put a bow on this little opinion package...I love it! Po. :)
*This will hit 1 million views real quick.
62 thousand views after one day. This is not a best result for Band Maid songs. "Domination" - 107, "Bubble" - 84, "Dice" - 74. We will see what will happen after the first week.
Well, THAT blew the cobwebs out of my headphones! Well done to Band-Maid. Interesting MV, Saiki is saying it was 8mm film..Gives it the gritty appearance the song suggests... "Rin'ne" (Translates to Reincarnation). Presuming Kanami wrote the melody, who wrote the lyric? Or was this an 'outside' song?
Nowadays it’s always Miku with the lyrics unless they specify otherwise in interviews.
Watching now. Heavy
Holy shit I like that intro.
Band-Maid and Scandal both releasing hard rocking tunes on the same day makes for a great Tuesday.
Yea it was within like an hour or two of each other. It was like Christmas morning waking up to those notifications lol.
It's raw and goes hard, yet is still really catchy. Only a few listens in but this is definitely up there in my top 5.
Yep - It's really, REALLY close to perfect.
This is why I love this band so much. Very solid, very versatile, not afraid to mix genres. They always rock our world. \m/
I like it! The chorus falls a little bit flat for me but the rest of it really rocks, and has a certain dirty grittiness that is different than anything else they've done. This is a keeper!!
The music video looks a bit like a sequel to Dice as if it was filmed in the same abandoned warehouse most other MVs are filmed in.
Shout out to Miku for improving her playing. You can see and hear it in the song. Well done, po!
Okay so this is different, i like bits of it a lot but theres a lot going on here so it might well take multiple listens to see how it syncs with me, but yeah not messing around in this one thats for sure.
I love the MV's style, it definitely fits the song. Pretty good song too (although I prefer endless story. Might take a few listens).
This is important for them.
This is probably why they are doing this variety of songs for this album. There are those that love songs like endless Story more... and there are those that love songs like rinne more.
With World Domination (there was Daydreaming and Anemone, but most people wouldn't have known that because there were 13 other HARD songs), they mostly only attracted people who liked songs like rinne.
They wanted to show that girls could write and play really hard songs. Now they have already established that, they want to show that their idea of "cool" songs is not limited to just hard songs.
One complaint I had about their recent videos was the aspect ratio. I guess that's one way of fixing it :)
The entire MV was shot in 8mm film. It was in the video description.
This is quality, I am very happy with the new songs so far, even if the softer songs are getting some hate from fans. I love that they don't stray too far from that heavy sound and also have a few songs to sing a long too. I hope they play this next time in the UK!
Slight correction.
Should be "getting some hate from SOME fans". There are literally thousands of other fans that love their softer songs.
I wonder if another reason for calling it an endless cycle of birth and death is because you end up listening to it endlessly.
Haha the video dropped right as I was getting on a plane, and the Youtube app cached it. Guess what I listened to about 20 times in the sky?
No, I want the whole album already!
Heavy tune. I guess they've graduated to their "Rubber Soul/Revolver" phase. Akane sounds incredible and that snare sound kills me. Who produces their recordings?
Aight.. I'm gonna say it! LOVE THE SONG... hate the video... They could have just used the old-film effect at beginning then proceed to a clearer picture.
Anyway, that first 20 seconds though... I think I grew some chest hairs just by watching that. These maids know how to slay!
I read somewhere that it was really shot on 8mm... haven’t had time to read for myself because I keep replying the video!
Edit: Oh it’s written in the MV description. Shot entirely on 8mm film.
Before judging 輪廻, the endless cycle of rebirth, or any Band-Maid song, I suggest listening to it seven times. The first time just to get an overall first impression. Then five more times listening carefully to each player: their parts, their sound, their integration into the song. Then read the lyrics, if available. Finally, crank it up one last time to experience the song as the creators intended. THEN... make a judgment and any comments.
I have found that, because Band-Maid songs are dense (or content rich) that it takes many listens for me to like and appreciate just what the hell they're doing and how rad their writing and playing is. Yeah, this band of superwomen produce immediate rock-out fun. But they also bring a level of sophistication and freshness we haven't seen since RUSH and a small handful of other supergroups.
Absolutely true - I just listened to it once and really liked it but the next, oh, 30-40 listens are going to get even better.
Gosh darn, guess everybody was right about this new record company destroying this band, forcing the girls to be miserable and abandon all the heavy stuff & make them go completely pop.
I mean, damn. Ths might be the heaviest song they've done. I guarantee when you'll be listening to the new album as a whole, even if you're not a huge fan of the poppier stuff, something like "Endless Story" will be a welcome change of pace every now and then if you have a couple of these before.
It's not like their more pop songs are bad either.
When are they going to release some more heavy stuff like Start Over?
Instant upvote
Holy shit! Best way to start the day! Such a heavy intro, loved the chorus , THE SOLO! The MV looked great as well. Can it just be December already?! I want my album even more now 😩😅😁
It's straight up metal. I wouldn't have thought that this is a Band-Maid song.
If you read the recent interview, Kanami talked about the different songs in the upcoming album and Rin-ne was described as a metal song. Don't expect any of the others to be as they are definitely going for variety this time as opposed to World Domination.
It's metal, but I can still Band maid sounds on it
As with every new BAND-MAID song I'll have to listen to it multiple times to fully appreciate it. After first listen though, wow. That's heavy.
This song puts to rest people's fears it will be a 'pop' album lol. Definitely sounds different than most of their previous songs. I love that they're experimenting with their sound and can't wait to hear the rest of the album if this song is any indication.
Lastly, I wasn't expecting a new MV this early. I thought they'd release one a week or two before the new album drops like they did with WD and Domination but I'll take it :)
EDIT: Finally got a chance to sit down and listen to it multiple times. LOVE it for sure 🤘🤘
It’s their break week and they are headed for a super packed concert schedule starting this weekend. Makes sense to prep the fans for the upcoming shows?
OK, I guess this album isn't going in a softer direction! Nice song.
They have actually repeatedly said that the album would be going in different directions. There will definitely be softer songs... for example endless Story, Wonderland. Azure has been decribed as medium-tempo as well although I have not heard it yet.
Will there be a pigeon-only vocal song this time? Will it be a softER song again?
Then there's Bubble and Glory, both of which I love.
It won't all be like Rin-ne.
I was just recalling
The verse absolutely sounds like the almost-monotonous chanting of Bhuddist sutras and I believe it isn't a coincidence at all.
輪廻 ("Samsara" from Sanskrit) in Japanese context is a Buddhist concept after all.
Omg this is fucking awesome
‘Rinne’ Digitally available on 11/06 00:00 JST
Time to be greedy.
Will they release another MV as a surprise this time? 3 MVs for 1 album?
Blooming sounds like a candidate if they actually did do it.
But I’m just Daydreaming.
Bubble and Glory will both be on Conqueror, so that makes four MVs for this album. I'm guessing that their next MV will be a single that they recently made during their band camp.
I'm with you. If they decide to release another MV hopefully it's a week before the album which is actually when I expected this one to release.
It would be a great way to hype it up even more. It hasn't even been a day yet and the video already has more than half the comments as Endless Story. Releasing another MV would just build on that momentum.
Then again their tour is starting again so unless they already filmed it, I doubt we'll get another this year.
Is today somehow special? Several Japanese bands are releasing music videos today, with BAND-MAID and Ningen Isu releasing theirs at the same time.
Lucie,Too as well.
Has to be some kind of agreement between Japanese labels when it comes to releasing new videos. There's no way it's coincidence.
Whats the English name of this song?
Good job throwing some much clearer English lines in the song too to make it more internationally appealing. Also much better pronunciation by Sakai on those lines so people will recognize them.
This has been playing non-stop since I woke up an hour ago
Are you still alive my friend? How many times have you reincarnated?
Seriously....... this is what I was hoping for but afraid of not getting. Such a cool song. I think this album will be their best yet. F%&K YEAH!!!!!!
Same here.
I get the sense that they're under so much pressure to go "more pop", in order to appeal to a wider audience. So what do they do? Why, they kick off their new album with a jaw-dropping, pulse-stopping ground-pounder-of-a-rocker instead!
At this point, everything else on the album is just gravy. This one song makes the entire album worth it.
Just like with endless Story, I tried listening to it straight from the phone, then with bone-conducting headphones, then in-ear monitor earphones, then good covered headphones...
It's all a different experience... and I keep hearing more and more details, just like with endless Story (and most of their songs, in fact). Love it.
"Band-Maid are going pop oh no"
>release heaviest song to date.
"This is surely a pop song, Band-Maid is going pop, I quit!!!!"
This is 146% a pop song, Band-Maid's turned into pop, I'm done!!!
Here you go m8 ;)
It's obviously made to be karaoke song, their management forced them to make this. Why can't they go back to their hard rock roots like Summer Drive or Evergreen?
Love it! Especially the intro, that really got my blood pumping. Someone on Twitter I think mentioned similarity to Slayer, and OMG I can hear it! Lol! And I kept thinking that Kanami harmonic thing reminds of something, finally figured out it's Disturbed's Down With The Sickness.
Can't wait to be Conquered by the new album! Only a little more than a month away!
It is just me or does what the band and the girls have posted on instagram seem considerably clearer and easier to see than what I'm watching on Youtube?
Maybe 8mm is just better when smaller. I'm watching on a 55" 4K Tv, so perhaps the 8mm just gets worse the larger it gets.
There are a lot of compression artifacts on YT right now. Perhaps YT will further process the video later and it will get better. 8 mm has good resolution but it can be grainny which mpeg-like algorithms do not cope well with.
This reminds me a lot of A Perfect Circle's 'Judith'. Not the song, but the way the video is shot.
It makes me wonder if this is a callout or inspired by that. Misa is a big fan of Paz Lenchantin, so I would bet she has seen the video. Even if not I can't wait for the album...
for reference:
If so, I think we would have had a scene with Misa putting her hair in a ponytail in the middle of the song.
Their heaviest song yet, absolutely love it. As a metalhead this is the stuff i really enjoy, i can see why other people who are not into metal might not like this but common this is awesome. And if you disagree well there is always endless Story. (Not that that is a bad song btw)
What a song! This is right below Secret My Lips for me. It is so repeatedly listenable to me even if the YT sound seems sort of compressed. Rinne must be spectacular live. What a band!
Anyone been able to find lyrics yet?
As with most of their tracks, repeatedly playing it will help me warm to it but it's already a decent enough sounding track.
Unpopular opinion coming though; the Kanami solo isn't actually that great, particularly the second half of it. It's highly technical probably, but it isn't memorable (yet at least). The best part of that latter solo part is actually Miku's and Misa's backing.
Not a fan of the video though - I'm glad they did something different to the usual colour grading effects that they've had several times before, but I can't see enough detail to appreciate their location or even playing half the time.
If you think this is a pop song then you probably need a new set of earphones. Myself I prefer Bose. This song is darker then what I've heard before, they sing about Reincarnation, living and dying, sprinkled with some speed metal in there and I'M LOVING IT. Though they are more of hard rock band then metal, I CAN"T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM TO BE RELEASED! I'M BUYING IT. Still video could have been better.
Good track, finally a song without the Millennial whop
The girls ARE millennials.
What songs of theirs, besides Bubble, have it?
What's a millennial whop?
First removing most albums from Spotify, now publishing on Youtube MV not only without English subtitles, as usual, but also with the title only in Japanese, which probably happens for the first time in the history of Band Maid. OK I understand. Congratulations to Japanese fans. And the song is nice, the strong, punk rock beat, it resembles a slightly relaxed version of "Screaming", without this famous, piercing guitar riff.
BTW, as I read
Is there a reason why they removed them?
It's not the first time. 夜明け前 from Maid in Japan. Also some songs with gairaigo titles モラトリアム、ハニー
Not liking it that much. It lacks personality. It sounds generic metal to me, which I do not realy dig. Fun to read the (childish) comments: "for those who thought they were going pop" Well, imo this is metal-pop. Or "is it hard enough?" To me that was never the problem. Daydreaming, Awkward and Anemone are among my favourites. This song is not particularly annoying to me, but it is not fun to listen to. Now I have heard 5 of the 15 songs of the alnum. Maybe there will be some gems in the remaining 10.
It's clearly heavy and metal but damn where is the melody ?
You have criticised every song so far. Are you a troller otherwise why bother still listening ?
This. On my first listen I thought "damn they really went metal right there", I really enjoyed it and then went to do some chores around the house, and while on it I realized I didn't remember pretty much anything about the song other than it was quite heavy, and after hearing it a few more times it seems like it lacks a melody or "hook" like in previous band maid songs.
Don't get me wrong to me it's still a solid 7 or 8/10 song, but I felt the same way with Screaming, they're great songs but I wouldn't dig a whole album with this style. I do have to admit that there's quite a bit of information going on in the song, so maybe after a while it starts to click on me, let's see.
Yeah, this just feels like noise IMO, there isn't much melody or rhythm in the song. Seems like most of the female hard rock/metal bands in Japan tend to do this.
I agree. Vocals sound monotonous and flat; Saiki keeps doing something like A#4-G#4-F#4-D#4 which translate in my ears like a long boring D#4. I think D#4 is too low for her, it breaks her voice and the timbre becomes unpleasant. The instruments only perform some flourishes and the end result it is just not fun imo.