The Superb Bird of Paradise is a species of bird that lives in rainforests. The males have extremely black feathers which can absorb 99.95% of light. This is actually because the structure of the feathers is different, not the colouring.

And their mating dance is an absolute trip. On mobil, and lazy....someone else take some karma for looking it up and posting it.
Nature is trip...man...
Here ya go
The first time I saw that mating dance, I was 4 hours deep into a mushroom trip, that dance made me question the nature of reality, quickly followed by laughing for approximately forever at the flashing light.
My son used to do that dance when he was three and four and we were watching Planet Earth. He’d jump back and forth going chi-chi-chi and make jazz hands. So cute.
Here is the mating dance:
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nature is a trip.... man
Here you go, complete with some classic Aussie commentary. (NSFW)
And they make their nests all pretty with shiny pebbles to attract their mates. That was one of my favorite planet earth episodes!
Crazy how nature do that.
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birds aren’t real
Stay woke
Saw their dance on Planet Earth - Jungles episode. Sick!
Different one
Saw it on the Nat Geo Netflix thing mentioning global warming during the thing
I love all these birds.
Becky, lemme smash
No Ron
Badoop. Skedoop. Fruitloop
Ben is a hoe
Same structure my bank account has... Not even light gets in...
I'm gonna be the guy: light gets in but doesn't go out. I'm sorry, I can't help it.
TIL overdraft fees is faster than light.
Note: by observing this bird you assert that you are not Anish Kapoor, you are in no way affiliated to Anish Kapoor, you are not viewing the bird on behalf of Anish Kapoor or an associate of Anish Kapoor.
Anish Kapoor can go fork himself.
Underrated comment dude. Poor dude deserves it tho.
It's amazing what selection pressures can do to the evolution of a species!
I'm guessing an albino member of this species would have difficulty finding a mate
It’s like, how much more black could it be?
so its similar to how vanta black works, pretty cool
Beautiful plumage
All the female birds are like 'heck yeah, gotta me some of that b vanta-bc"
ive heard they are great for all colors of mana :D
And have you seen the mating dance? I'd definitely tap it.
looks like a mustache with eyes and a mustache
Same idea, but opposite of what polar bear fur is like. I about lost my mind when I found out they don’t have white fur, but hollow tubes that trap light in them.
How do birds even turn into this??
Does anyone see the suit of Nightwing when the bird does the dance or am I just a huge nerd?
He works for the bourgeoisie.
I wish I could do that...might get a date every now and then.
I mean he just looks ungrateful, tbh. I don't see how this makes him any more attractive.
she looks like a pineapple under the sea?
This looks like the face of my sleep paralysis demon
The ever watchful Paradise
It starts at 8:20, I couldn’t stop thinking of these video
vantablack wants to chat
Not surprising to me at all, since birds have so long used structural coloration for blue (and blue-green mixes using blue.) That's because there's only two vertebrates in the entire planet with a natural blue pigment, all the rest of the blue, like a blue-jay's feathers and the blue bit of that Bird of Paradise, is structural coloration created by the microscopic shape of the bird feathers rather than by a chemical substance.
The only two vertebrates with actual blue pigment are two small Mandarin fish in the pacific ocean. I guess it's quite more difficult to evolve the proteins for true blue pigment than to fake it by just having feathers that have their keratin interspersed with the right amount of water so that when the water dries off, the keratin will be spaced right for light to reflect off the feather as blue wavelengths.
That's not awwducatoonal, that's terrifying. That's a bird that comes for you in the night.
Aww is in the eye of the beholder
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The species are from Papua Indonesia
Not quite...they are from the island of Papua, which includes part of Indonesia and the independent country if Papua New Guinea
Wish I could get a hoodie in that deep black colour.
Join me and together we can rule the galaxy! Join me or die!
So that’s the Vantabird!
“Very impressive, but no one is watching”
Those are aliens, not birds.
Thankfully Anish Kapor does not own the rights to this bird
Well that's terrifying
Does anyone have the gif of the guy dressed as the male bird and the girl sees him and her jaw drops?
Inverted mario
Hoho I love that you love his constructive criticism
Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple want to know your location
And on an oLED screen you can actually see what they mean.
Nature giving inspiration to the guys that made Vanta Black.
I suggest we call it the Vantablack bird, from now on.
You should see this little dude dance.
she looks like a pineapple under the sea?
Immediately reminds me of the aliens from the movie "attack on the block"
Somebody call Anish Kapoor we got an unauthorized use of vanta black here.
here is another version
I wrote a paper in highschool about this bird. I don’t remember one thing I wrote about it besides it’s mating dance.
Phantablack would like to have woe with that bird.
How does it compare with Vanta black?
I remember this on the Planet Earth trailer, BBC
Big Black Cockatoo
Like vantablack
The difference of beauty between the male and female of this bird is absolutely ridiculous
i had to look it up but you’re right
would love to see these feathers in bird vision. I bet its fabulous.
Birds of paradise always have the most fun names.
This bird was in a video from one of my first acid trips seeing this gave me weird flash backs
Looks like something you’d see in tloz
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This was on Planet Earth which was one of the first HD content shows on TV, and definitely the first in HD to show so many natural wonders. I bought my first HDTV just a couple days before it aired specifically for it. It was a refurbished 40 inch Vizio for $1200. Prices have come down a lot since then. And DVRs where quite rare back then too; you had to buy 3rd party dvr hardware. Still had to watch stuff when it was on if you didn't.
Comedian Bill Burr's commentary on this video is hilarious:
Bolt the bird!
... Not the colouring. Well, they're still black, surely not white.
Can they say the n word?
Having them and using them are entirely different things
This particular bird of paradise does not look it produces all 5 colors of mana.
You can laugh at their mating ritual but my dumbass told a chick I Ioved sushi and I kept it up right until I coughed some up at the restaurant.
That’s terrifying
This bird must be gaurdian of the void.
This gives me Wild Kratts vibes.
This is exactly that kind of thing?
Actually the same is true for blue feathers. There's no blue pigment, just some difference in the feathers structure.
What does it feel like tho?
I’m told they have wonderful personalities.
Maybe because they look like a ball sack too
Night time!!??!?!?
v o i d b i r b
Vanta black bird, sick
Damn he dope
Google Maps with a different hairstyle.
They also have chlamydia epidemic going on
Demon birb
Vanta black birds are the best
Truegreen7 made a Pokemon out of this
Vantablack birb
Am I looking at its face or its head. I'm so confused.
This looks like a damn earthbound boss
Vantablack bird
The ring! THE RING!!!
Fuligan, the color darker than black
He looks so evilly bored with everything
You could have posted a video of him dancing.
Everyone knows about these guys from Planet Earth correct?
Daft Punk as a bird looking kinda chill tho, ngl
{T}: Add one mana of any color
A super massive birb hole
Disappointed that it doesn't say "superb birb"
Despite this, they can produce mana of any color
He is superb pero he looks...so sad.
There is no way that thing isn’t from a Super Mario game.
Well color is not a physical thing, it's literally how light interacts with the "structure" of an object.