Does Australia need the Religious discrimination bill.

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Isn't it for sacking employees who become atheists and never to employ atheists in the first place?
What Australia needs is less people telling other people what they have to accept and believe. Private entities should be able to discriminate however the hell they like. I have no issue with government entities not being able to discriminate.
This bill came about largely because people are being forced to deal with people they find abhorrent in their own business. Folau was the straw.
So what the hell's the problem with Rugby Australia shitcanning Folau because they rightly find him abhorrent?
Can you provide an example of what your talking about?
O you mean the bigot bill?
It's such an easy no. The fact it's gotten so far with so little interest from the public, yet same sex marriage had to be pried out of them like wisdom teeth and is now going to be undermined anyway is just depressing. Won't stop me from speaking out on it, but fuck does it hurt.
No what Australia needs is a Human Rights Act.
Yes. Australians ought to be legally protected from discrimination based on their religion or lack thereof.
They should be. But the wording and style of this bill allows a person of faith to discriminate against others.
LGBTI people are suffer vastly more discrimination and yet now we can tell them that they are going to hell and are abominable, just to continue the shit they have been dealing with for decades. When was the last case of someone being beaten for their religion?
Other communities and minorities needed these protections too but this bill denies them and gives other groups a go ahead to continue their slander.
Great so to achieve this they need the right to discriminate against others for their lack of religion!
Just so long as employers have the right to refuse to hire anyone who is religious.
Sorry only covers bigotry if your religious.
You will need to start your own religion if you want the right to discriminate like that.
This bill is a fucking ridiculous direction to be taking in 2020. People are already free to follow whatever faith they wish. They shouldn't be allowed to use their faith to be shitty human beings to others in the context of employment and healthcare.
Er, really? What about atheist doctors who have religious patients that believe prayer will make them healthy? Should the doctor be allowed to tell those patients that what they're doing will not help their condition, or could even make it worse if they don't take their meds? Isn't that a form of putting someone down for their personal beliefs too?
I'm still trying to figure out how/why this bill came about. Seems to me it was rushed through - why?
It's been in the works for a while, was certainly a thing even before the israel folau case.
Religious protections have been a bit iffy - depends on the state. Its intention was to stop cases like the following:
And that's a 'NO' from me...
Here's a very detailed answer from me, A Christian.
No. No it does not. There needs to be clear separation between church and state.
Found an actual Christian at last. Ain’t many of you pal
Every business should have the right to choose who they hire and fire. Restaurants shouldn't be forced to hire people who are unhygienic.
Your beliefs, sexuality, race and gender (among other protected categories) has no bearing on your ability to perform your role (unless otherwise exempted such a female personal trainer at an all female gym, or vice versa a male trainer at a male gym) and thus, should not be something used against your for employment, so long as it is not used to cause harm to others.
If you as an employer have certain concerns about hiring people of a particular category, that's an issue with you and suggests perhaps you shouldn't be an employer.
They already have the right to choose who they hire, provided they're not being discriminatory (so they need a better reason than "no cause you're black/gay/female/muslim").
Firing too, needs a better reason than discrimination. Why would you want to change this? So we can be more like the USA?
Unhygienic restaurant workers would fall under poor job performance and should rightfully be fired.
Nothing to do with the religious discrimination bill.
By this standard, a business could have a recruitment policy based on race.
Aalso, hygiene and religious belief are not analogous so the comparison doesn't work.
People keep confusing Religious Freedom with Freedom of Religion, which is not surprising as the proponents of the former deliberately conflate it with the latter. In fact, they are opposites. Freedom of Religion is an individual right to follow the religious beliefs of your choice, or follow no religious beliefs. Ironically, to have Freedom of Religion, you need to have freedom from religion as religion tends to be the greatest impediment to the freedom of choice, particularly State religions. Religious Freedom, on the other hand, is the freedom of religious dogma to impead upon the freedom of choice of others on the grounds that that choice is against the dogma of the first party's religion. Primarily this is intended to allow institutions to discriminate against LBGTQI individuals, (let's be honest) but mission creep is inevitable.
Hellll no, idgaf if you're religious, keep it to yourself, don't expect society to protect your outdated beliefs
I know you don't give a fuck, but I am not religious.
But according to the census I am outnumbered. 71% of people believe.
Define outdated.
Be interesting to gauge this subs thoughts on it
Simple yes and no
I ticked no,as religious people already get a lot of exemptions and free passes in society it doesn't need to become a protected species
It has no purpose that serves the greater community and is quite blatantly a pet project of Scottys. So no, I desperately don’t think we need it.
This bill will just give religious people more freedom and power to discriminate against others and force their religion down people's throats. Pretty sure they only want it to apply to christianity as well.