How are you spending today (Sunday)?

So it's abt 7:30 and I am just getting my day started.

It's 8:15 a.m.
I'm still in bed with my cat practically smothering me while I look at my phone.
I'll probably get up and eat some leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast while watching Fancy Fast Food and Ear Biscuits on YouTube.
I have a feeling a nap on the couch will happen.
Then I really need to do some adulting: dishes, recycling, clean the bathroom, do laundry, go grocery shopping, get the mail. I will probably only do 2-3 of these things and spend the rest of the day farting around until 9 p.m. when I will feel a crushing sense of guilt and regret that I will stuff down with melatonin and then pass out on my Purple mattress with my cat practically smothering me.
Haha could relate 100% to the last sentence. It's 9 pm long week ahead should get ready for bed but wait I am not sleepy oh right cause I did nothing all day but ah well still need to rest more, where's my melatonin. Every Sunday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Full day ahead of you.
Lol @ "smell less like teenage boy"
Haha. Is the Nirvana song going through your head as you clean? It would be in mine...
Teenage boy smell is no joke, bad enough from just one, but a whole group, no thanks, lol. I remember it took weeks after my son moved out for his room to smell normal.
As someone who has a younger brother, I can smell your house from here. That’s a very distinct smell you will never forget.
It's my last dat of vacation so sitting on a terras drinking sangria and enjoying the sun while reading my book (American Gods) and well just relaxing.
That sounds lovely. Are you liking American Gods?
Great book!
Enjoy it to the max!!
trying intermittent fasting... watching the clock until I can eat.......not sure if this is the right thing for me but I'm going to try it... today anyway.
Then my grandma's funeral. She is in peace praise God.
Happy sunday ladies.
Sorry about your grandma.
My boyfriend moves in today!
My current foster dog is going to a kennel, whole he's a very good dog he's not going to get along with the toddler I nanny.
Then a friendsgiving.
Normally a Sunday is spent meal prepping just like you!
Too bad it won't work out, hopefully doggy finds a good home.
That tofu recipe sounds delicious. Best of luck for your interview on Tuesday.
Good luck on your interview!!
Packed day, you still have a lot of do before the day is over.
I walked to town this morning and went to the bakery and then the grocery store for a few items that were on special this week.
Then came home and had soup for lunch since it was cold out and then did a general house pick up.
Next up is prepping the stew for dinner and then cross stitching!
Sounds like a fun day!
930am here. On my way to work a 12 hour shift in the Emergency Department.
I work in healthcare also. Good luck with the post Thanksgiving mishaps and craziness! 🤞😬
Good luck!
Same. 6:45am-18:45. 😴
8:20 am.
Having coffee on the couch with my husband and cat, listening to the quiet house (my FIL lives upstairs but is away for the weekend with his dog and girlfriend).
We will probably have breakfast, shower sex, work on our line of driftwood planters for a bit, get groceries, go for a walk and see if it snows, make dinner and watch a movie.
Sorry about the breakup. I was in Australia earlier this year, Melbourne was a fun city. Hope you have fun down under.
Going out to breakfast!
Then coming home and finishing laundry.
Maybe try to get a walk in if it doesn't rain.
Then going to nephew's birthday party at a kid's gym.
Then home to chill and watch tv.
I have a crazy week ahead as we plan to tell clients we are shutting down their program indefinitely at the end of the year.
Sounds like a good day. Good luck with breaking this news to your clients.
For Work - Six 4th grade progress reports written; twenty to go. I also need to preview my science lesson plans for the week. In a perfect world, I'd finish planning Wed - Fri in math, but that's not going to happen, and anyway I want to see how well they do with the concepts early in the week before deciding whether to go forward or keep practicing.
For Home - I'd like to clean my fridge and do a light grocery shop. I've got to do laundry as well.
For Me - I'm reading the book Sabrina by Nick Drnaso, and I have about 45 minutes left on a sewing project (skirt alteration). This evening, I might listen to Dolly Parton's America while I sew and/or glue glitter to figurines, which is my current soothing project of choice.
ETA: It's 8:48 AM where I am. I am skipping church because of the progress reports.
Fellow teacher here. We do progress reports 4x a year- Nov, Jan, March, and June. Godspeed.
Wow!!! You definitely have a lot going on today!
It's around 4:14 pm. Washed some stuff packed some books (some of which were soiled which upset me) for a move I'm planning, now sitting next to this dog who visits me while on reddit after watching YouTube looking crappy and dusty. I've eaten biscuits.
You've already been through most of the day already. Sorry about the books.
It's ice storming here. I'm holed up in the basement in my little rag-tag studio playing guitar w the amp cranked up, loving every minute. I wrote a song last night and was so excited about it I shook. Haven't felt this happy in a long long time.
Wow, what a way to statt the day!
It's pretty early but I mostly finished the Christmas pajamas for my kids and I that I started yesterday.
I need to clean and meal prep.
I'm planning to go to the farmers market and a board game thing too. Maybe.
Hope you accomplish all you set out to do.
What Christmas movie on Netflix?
Im taking it easy today. Mostly reading ...downloaded a few Kindle Unlimited books last night. All horror. Just in a mood. Doing laundry and cleaning my apartment later while I catch up on my Podcasts. Gotta get tickets reserved to see "Knives out" later this week with my Mom.
Its a dark and cold today. I love it.
Its this movie called "Holiday Rush". It's chilly where I am too. Perfect weather for reading.
I spent the weekend upstate with my parents so I’m at the train station loaded with leftovers and goodies hoping to get back to my apartment before it snows. I’m hoping to treat my skin (period incoming) and read and maybe nap, but I have plans with a friend to go on a tour of the Saks 5th Avenue windows tonight. Christmas movies are also on the offing!
I also still need winter boots from the holiday sales - my cold toes are reminding me!
That tour sounds like fun!
7:30 here, still laying in bed. Going to grab a shower in a few then walk my dogs.
After three dogs are dealt with I'm going to hit the gym for a bit, I love how empty my gym is on Sunday mornings.
Back home for a few chores, dinner before noon.
Netflix and a new book for the rest of the day.
Lovely day! Enjoy!+
My husband and I just finished having coffee, and then we're going to go grocery shopping and pick up our christmas decorations from our storage unit . We're going to decorate the tree and cook french onion soup and banana bread this afternoon!
Woke up around 8, husband made some tasty breakfast sandwiches. We're rotting on the couch right now drinking coffee and watching soccer.
We belong to a running club that does a 5K every Wednesday and Sunday, so we're probably going to do the 5K run today around noon.
Our favorite wine shop is doing a big tasting today, so we'll hit that up.
We got a Christmas tree yesterday, but it needs a new stand so we'll probably get a new stand and then decorate later- it's supposed to snow this afternoon/tonight, so it will be super festive!
We're trying to decide on what to make for dinner- maybe a pot roast or a stew. I'll probably crack into some schoolwork (I'm a teacher) since I haven't touched anything since Tuesday.
A lot going on today!
You have a lot going on today!
Stayed in bed till 8am because two of my three golden retrievers had me pinned beneath my sheets, demanding affection. They only get this treatment once a week so I have to oblige.
3 golden retrievers, Im so jelly.
It is cold, and raining. I am spending it eating pretzels and hummus and watching Netflix. Bliss.
It's 11:43 am and I'm sitting in my office waiting for other staff to arrive because today is WINTERPALOOZA at our library! We're throwing a Frozen-themed dance party and then having a meet and greet with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff. We have over 1000 interested on our Facebook event and we're all a little nervous we're going to have too many people!
But I'm excited. This is really the only time I get to event plan (I'm in the Marketing department, but we don't do too many large events) and I just really love my job. Not even mad I'm here on a Sunday :)
Taking myself to see an early matinee and then redeeming credits for a free lunch (trying to treat myself).
Picking up some lunch for my parents.
Finishing up one last load of laundry and sorting through old moving boxes that I had left here years ago.
Eventually, driving the two hours home and then hopefully relaxing with a book. Meal prep is basically thanksgiving leftovers.
Trying NOT to think about all the various stressors in my life.
Free lunch is always a plus.
Got up about an hour ago (9:30). Gonna play videogames, eat some food and have some coffee, then play more videogames. Will also do some laundry later, and maybe some yoga before bed.
About to get out of bed (8am now) to get ready for work. I work retail so it’s been a long few days and on top of that I started my period so I’m extra exhausted and my body hurts. I do have tomorrow off though so that thought will get me through my day today. Luckily I still have some thanksgiving leftovers as well to help with the day :)
It's 11:22 am here. I decided to start my bullet journal today. Hopefully it will help me do everything I need to for Christmas. I did my weekly shopping yesterday, so today I am planning to go through my mail and do some organizing.
It’s 11 here. So far this morning I fed the animals and my son and relaxed on the couch watching Prisoner of Azkaban. Cleaned up a little.
Next I plan to shower and start some laundry. Entertain my 6 year. Go to the grocery store. Assemble and decorate Christmas tree. Cook dinner. Make preliminary packing list for our family vacation next week.
Feeling a little blah after the holiday weekend. I wish I had some alone time.
It’s almost 11.30 and I’m still on the couch cuddling my pups. Just finished my coffee and will probably make another cup.
I plan on going to the gym, I definitely need some quality sauna time. Then I will Clean around house, its been rainy here so the dogs have tracked in.
Tonight, I have a date with a man I’ve been seeing for a couple of months. We are getting dressed up and going out for a nice dinner...at 5! I have to work at 4am this week, so early dinner and hoping that I can get some sleep!
Hope everyone has a great Sunday!
We went for a really long seven hour road trip yesterday, so today is a relaxing at home day. We went to see a Christmas village and then to a light show. It was a really nice way to get into the holiday spirit. We also decorated a little bit for the holidays. I had my floors done last week and had to put away a lot of stuff, so I spent this morning carefully taking each bubble wrapped item back out and putting them on the shelves. I am now vegging out.
I slept in til 830, then snuggled with my daughter (she's six) while she played on her tablet and I enjoyed that feeling of being between awake and asleep.
I made waffles and coffee (chocolate milk for her) then spent three hours writing a paper for school.
We just finished lunch ("garlic bread pasta" we call it... Buttered noodles with garlic salt and parmesan) and are watching a Christmas movie.
Next, I have more school work and some laundry to get done. Prepare for tomorrow (Kindergarten for her and Preschool for me - I'm a teacher). We have library books to read and snowpants to pack up!
Mostly we will stay cozy and cuddly while we watch the snow fall.
I finished a 90-min workout at Orange Theory🧡💪🏽 at 7am. Tidied up the house. Ran the dishwasher. Cuddled with the hubs 🥰 Made the kiddos breakfast 🥞 Currently screaming at the tv rooting for the Niners ❤️💛. Last day of vacation will be spent eating leftovers and watching the rest of the afternoon games.
Tidied up my sewing room in the morning. After lunch, I went to plant a couple hundred acorns to grow trees. Went to pick a Christmas tree with my boyfriend. Baked cookies.
I was very wholesome all around.
Wholesome indeed! Made the mental note to plant myself soon some plants. By propagation, if google serves right. Tis the season for this also.
I spent the first half of my day taking care of my adorable grandson and the second half helping my mom clean up after our Saturday Thanksgiving dinner. It's been a really good weekend.
All I did was sit on the couch with my cat watching YouTube videos all day. We do that a lot! lol
I woke up at 7ish and read a book.
Went back to bed,lol around 9am.
Deep cleaned my bathroom from 12pm-1pm.
Took a shower and got ready to leave the apartment.
Around 3pm I ordered tacos and queso to eat at the park while laying about and people watched. Noticed they got the order wrong. I went back to get the right stuff and ended up with double the food, lol.
Stayed at the park listening to YouTube and doing some guided journaling for an hour until it got too cold. Leaving around 5pm
Then I came home and started laundry. I also made some gravy to go with my Thanksgiving leftovers. Now I’m burning candles and resting in bed.
Drinking Diet Coke to wake up right now. Middle of the day, I'll meet friends to play Ars Magica. No plans for the evening.
Sound like a chill day.
I'm developing a coaching program for release in February 2020 and today I'm working on writing copy for the lessons, creating a couple of worksheets, and two printable standalone products that are related to the course.
In between that I'm going to do some laundry, the dishes (my dishwasher broke and I'm waiting for a new one to get delivered), meal prep for the week, go to the gym.
Edited: I'm going to a huge conference in a couple of weeks and I'm in the middle of a massive rebranding so I'll need to design some temporary business cards to bring to the conference.
A lot going on today, good luck with everything.
Just finished feeding my kids breakfast. We just got back from a trip and I caught their colds so I'll be staying home, finishing unpacking and laundry while my husband goes to sing in the church choir. I'll try and get the kids to play with each other while I work on my bullet journal or read my book. After my husband goes grocery shopping we can put up the Christmas tree and start decorating for Christmas.
Feel better soon!
I just got back from vacation yesterday so I will be finishing an assignment for grad school due tomorrow, going to yoga, grocery shopping, meal prepping, laundry, unpacking and cleaning the house. Also hoping to get some quality time with my dog (I missed her so much while we were away) and maybe going for a long walk later this afternoon. Oh and I will be figuring out my ring size as my boyfriend and I will be getting engaged soon :) It's a happy but busy time!
Congratulations on the upcoming engagement.
It's 9 am here. We'll be mostly inside- we've got an ice storm today, and it's already pretty slippery out there. I do have to go and pick up groceries that I ordered, so now I'm looking for the winter spikes for my cane :-)
Other than that probably not too much. We celebrated American Thanksgiving on Friday for my husband, so I'm going to make some soup and a couple of turkey pies and then hopefully just sit around and read and hang out with my daughter. She's a massive Star Trek fan, so probably a lot of Next Generation today. Life could be worse!
Stay warm!!
It's just after 2pm here. I'm a little behind on my Christmas commissions so I'm working today. I'm finishing up this portrait of someone's grandmother and she was beautiful and I'm enjoying this too much to consider it work. Once I'm finished I'm hoping to have some time to declutter my MIL's pantry and then after dinner I'll wind down with a book (Hamilton's 20000 Streets Under The Sky) and a glass of wine.
Such a lovely Sunday.
Lovely day indeed.
11:30 pm here. Repotted some of my house plants, cleaned out my rooms and practiced for TOEFL exam that i plan to take by this month. Now lying in my bed, looking up solarpunk art on deviantart and messaging my only distant friend about this new obsession i found out. Ate salmon-rice for breakfast and chicken thigh soup for lunch and drank copious amounts of chai in between. All in all, it was a lot more productive weekend than most, since i also finished meal prep for the week on Saturday.
Way to get ahead of the meal-prep!
What is your native language, and how long have you been speaking English? Are you applying to school in the US?
It’s almost 8 am. I work from home as an overnight on call coordinator. I had napped and set my alarm for 6:30 so I could update notes and pass off report to day shift at 7. That’s done now.
I am eating toast and then will probably go take another nap and then watch football and order food, which is my usual routine when I work back to back shifts. I will go back on call tonight at 7 pm and see what the night will have in store for me. I expect it to be moderately busy so I will definitely try to get some good sleep in today just in case I have to be up all night working.
Hope you get some sleep before the next shift.
Cooking early then relaxing and watching movies!
Sunday Funday!
I walked the dog at 6am, went back to sleep for a few hours then spent way too long watching music videos on YouTube.
I’ve just got back from the supermarket to buy delicious cheese topped crusty bread rolls, proper butter and some chicken slices. I’m going to eat my sandwiches then continue reading a book called “Healing the Child Within”.
I do love a proper lazy day.
Me too, lazy Sundays are the best!
Today I plan to do some decluttering, have brunch with my friend and perhaps shop for a new couch and coffee table. I will practice either piano or flute also.
Furniture shopping, thats exciting.
OP: Would you recommend Dave Ramsey's book? I have always been curious to read it.
For me: 1. Coffee, gym.
2. vacuum and Swiffer my apartment, light some candles.
3. Work on some customer orders from Black Friday (I own an online dog goods shop).
4. Work on a huge puzzle I got for myself to help me "unplug" from social media.
5. Start watching the Irishman on Netflix with fiance
I am reading right now, "Financial peace revisited". Previously, I've read the total money makeover. I'm also a big fan of Dave's podcast. I agree with most of Dave's principles, he has a well laid out plan for helping people get out of debt.
At some point I have to shovel snow (again). Will it ever stop snowing? I also have a three hour dress rehearsal for a choir I sing with. Other than that, I am going to try to take it easy. It has already been a busy holiday weekend getting the house ready for Christmas and trying to finish Christmas shopping while entertaining my two kids who have been bouncing off the walls because they haven’t had school since Tuesday.
Hope you get some relaxation time in today!
I'm jealous of the snow! We rarely get it :(
Tidying up my room, opened my advent calendar, planning a menu for a little dinner party I’m planning around Christmas that has to be gluten-free, and unearthing all my festive jewellery to wear. Can’t wait to wear my new red plaid leggings!
Yea for reg leggings!
I work Sunday through Thursday, so today I will be at work
Hope you have a good day at work!
Slept in, sat on my pc for a couple of hours doing... Not much - a bit of studying. Then went to feed the horses, do a few hooves, now about to pop pick the pasture. When I get home, I'll clean up and put up Christmas lighting. Maybe do a load of laundry.
Just woke up at 9am. It's almost 9:30am now. My husband will be asleep all day since he's on the night shift :(
This is my first day of my 4 day weekend without family around (in laws!) so I'm looking forward to spending a day by myself and having some breathing room!
Yesterday we up the outside lights up, so I will probably set up the tree and all indoor decor today.
right now, trying to get my 2yo to clean his legos.
we might go to brunch with friends afterwards.
i probably won’t do much else for the rest of the day other than try to keep my kids entertained.
Had some friends over last night for dinner and drinks so I’m cleaning the aftermath of that. So thankful I purchased paper plates, lol. That’s all the cleaning I have to do though because I clean a lot during the week so I don’t have to on Sunday. Not even laundry.
Waiting on my coffee from husband. Will reddit until we go to the annual Christmas show then visit my mom
Up earlier than usual (7:30) on a Sunday thanks to a hangover from the cider growler I drank while playing DnD last night. Second session of a new campaign, everyone is married w/kids (or soon to have kids) but this campaign is super hilariously NSFW and we are all literally dying blushing and laughing all night.
Headed to my parents later w/hubby for Christmas cookie baking and some annual tradition Lou Malnatis (didja know they ship nationwide?! Awesome!) and maybe watching It's A Wonderful Life.
After that, probably catch a movie. Knives Out is top of our list. We have Regal Unlimited so we gotta make sure to get our money's worth!
Then probably watching some WWE on their app - currently going through the Attitude Era WWF classics.
And bed early, because fuck Mondays.
They're coming to do the termite treatment on the house I have under construction so I need to put plastic over all my new windows. I have a contractor but to save money I'm doing what I can myself.
Tonight I'm going to go through all the tabs I have open for Black Friday sales and decide what to pull the trigger on. Most of it is stuff for the future house so it's got to get bought sometime but spending $$ is still hard.
How you know you’re depressed: just reading this thread makes you want to go back to bed.
Yep. Me too. Thinking of living the way real adults live made me feel a bit panicked.
it's about 11am as I'm writing this.
I woke up at around 9, fed the cats and myself; I'm proud of myself because I ate real breakfast instead of having a slice of leftover thanksgiving cheesecake
Spent the last hour and a half watching a couple of The Good Place episodes (just started watching this season) while cuddling with the cats on the couch
I'm about to get dressed for the day and go to the mall - I need to refill some cosmetics from LUSH and might ogle the apple store quickly. I'll probably stop by Trader Joe's on the way home. Hopefully the rain will let up a little bit, but it might also keep people home so that's good too
The rest of the day I'll probably work on some plushie patterns for an upcoming marketplace I am vending at and play some Fallout 4
At some point I'll have that leftover cheesecake, and my husband is supposed to make mashed potatoes
Before the night is out we need to take the trash out to the bins and move the recycling to the corner
Hope your (OP) recovery is going well!! I had my wisdom teeth removed about 2 years ago and remember the first couple of days being rough for eating. Thankfully mine weren't impacted and healing went really smoothly - wishing for a quick and easy recovery for you!! Remember not to poke at the holes with your tongue ;)
2 of mine were impacted, like growing totally horizontal. Thanks for speedy recovery wishes.
Cleaning and prepping for the week. I have a nerve ablation in my neck on Tuesday morning which will put me out of commission for the rest of the week, and work a 24 hour shift on an ambulance on Monday, so today is my last day to get everything all lined up.
I am a single mother to 8 and 13 year old girls, so today I’m going to the grocery store to buy a weeks worth of easy meals that they can pretty much make themselves with minimal supervision. We are also going to decorate our Christmas tree. I should really get off reddit.
Good luck with your ablation procedure.
I'm at my in-laws house, 3 hours from home. There is freezing rain outside and they're trying to convince us to stay one more night. I'm on parental leave from work and husband is self employed so neither of us have work committments in the morning.
My son is napping and I want to leave after he wakes up and has lunch. We have a busy week and an appointment to get winter tires put on tomorrow (which is hard to get this time of year). I don't know what the rest of my day will turn into because of the weather. But I do know that I miss my own bed and not having to be on my best behavior. While at the same time, they're excellent cooks and one more nice dinner being made for me would be pretty great...
Only time will tell.
Happy Sunday everyone! Stay warm and safe out there. ❤
It’s 11:15. I got up at six. So far, I worked out, which was a bit of a bust as I’ve been getting over a bug, did some reading (Vonnegut), did some knitting (scarf), tidying up, cooking, discussed our cell phone plan with my husband, found a leak (ugh!).
Now I’m screwing around on reddit and trying to figure out why the cat is staring at me and whining. Snow is coming soon.
We stayed in bed too long and now we are gonna get up and go watch football with friends. After that, need to menu plan for the week and get groceries and tortoise food. Then fridge clear out of thanksgiving leftovers, take out the trash, put away laundry, and decorate the holiday tree. Probably followed by some tv.
We just got Disney+ so that's how I intend to spend this lazy Sunday. Recuperating from the holiday week and traveling, just relaxing before the work week.
Gym, work from home for a bit, shop for a few necessities, planning/packing for my upcoming vacation. Might bake a loaf of bread.
On Sundays we make ourselves breakfast in bed and watch Netflix. (The Crown today) And chat. He’s taking a shower and then we’re off to a small farm to pick out the Christmas tree. The rest of the day will be tidying up, meal planning and then grocery shopping together. Then we’ll end with a simple dinner so we can get to decorating the tree together and I’ll put my childhood Christmas records on.
I’m gonna take a shower, grab a coffee, relax for a little bit.
Then I’m going to head to an Office Depot or someplace similar to scan (a lot of) documents to send to my attorney regarding my lemon law case against Honda, which is finally reaching a resolution after almost 3 months.
I’ll then go on Amazon and try and find a planner for 2020.
Write in my current journal/planner.
Get my scrubs ready for tomorrow’s work day.
Relax until bed time.
It’s 9am here. Just finishing an Irish coffee, trying to wake up after I took my mom & some girlfriends to see The Nutcracker ballet last night. Waiting for my kids to finish emptying the dishwasher so I can make them pancakes. Then open day 1 on my cheese advent calendar.
Later today I’m going to do some yard stuff maybe, and help out a friend finish the deck he’s building for me. I might take my kids for a hike this afternoon if it doesn’t rain. I also want to make some hot pocket type things with some leftover pork roast I made last night. Maybe clear the tchotchkes off my book shelf to get ready for Christmas decorations.
Tonight, give kids baths & then couch time with my partner while we watch either The Expanse or The Boys on Amazon.
It’s a little after 11 am and I just woke up.
My dog is laying next to me waiting for me to let him out to go to the bathroom.
I have a Christmas party at my supervisor’s home this afternoon so I need to make my contribution to the meal (Hot Taco Dip).
I need to shovel, again! It’s been snowing since Friday afternoon. Then get ready for the party and enjoy the rest of my night.
I work in theater so I have a matinee today. I slept in, opened my yarn advent calendar and cast on a new project with today's yarn. I am about to take a shower and head to work. One of my oldest friends is in town and coming to my show, so I will give him and his wife a backstage tour after the show, then we might grab a drink. Tonight I need to spend an hour or 2 picking up my apartment when I get home, and I think I am going to make a savory carrot tart and kimchee fried rice and some soup to eat next week.
Going to the flea market with my husband. I have an online shop selling vintage paper items so I hunt for treasure every weekend. Then grabbing lunch where I’ll try to find something moderately healthy... and might fail. Then going to the bird shop to buy supplies for our birds. Then probably home where I will try to combat my anxiety which has been really getting to me lately.
Need to get some more grading done that I’ve been neglecting all week. Later I’ll go to dance. Maybe wrap some gifts in between.
It's 9:21 am.
I'm sitting at the computer, just finished my first coffee, breakfast is frying.
Bugged the cat for a couple minutes, will probably bug him again in a bit.
Making banana cream pie after breaky.
When SO gets up we'll probably go for a walk, eat pie on the couch with a fire going and listen to music and chat. We decorated our tree last night so it smells heavenly in here.
At around 4 we'll head to our town to eat free hot dogs and hot cocoa and watch the Santa Claus parade.
Then maybe a show and then off to bed.
I have a sore throat and probably got a cold from relatives while traveling for thanksgiving. I’m on the couch watching tv and intermittently grading student essays/homework. This evening I will prepare for Monday classes. Also need to clean the fish aquarium and finish some laundry.
It's 9:31 am here. Woke up an hour ago to take the dog out and get her breakfast. Laying on the couch with her for a bit while redditing and listening to the symphony of snores from the bedroom.
Going to order groceries soon (because it's raining and I don't want to go outside) and start the routine of dreading Monday. Laundry is also on the list of things to do.
Put up the tree and decorations yesterday, so that's taken care of at least. May start on Xmas shopping lists. Probably play some video games.
I loved Dave Ramsey and his books and radio show. Worked for me. Was awesome. Anyways getting my day going waiting for bf to finish cooking breakfast then maybe something fun like a day trip. Cheers
I'm planning on folding my partner's laundry (they didn't get a chance to finish it before having to go into work on their day off), watching a cheesy Christmas movie to try to feign myself into the holiday spirit, and maybe shaving and showering later.
Been in a pit of despair lately, but I'm hanging in there!
Just got back from a coffee date with my partner.
We have to go back to work on Monday after having most of this past week off, which sucks, but we're ready. We're just finishing up our laundry, and have plans to clean most of the house today.
I'm also going to head to a garden center for a certain type of seeds I haven't been able to find anywhere else (I found them there last year this time).
Normally, I would go to ballet class this afternoon, but the studio is closed for the holiday weekend, so it's more chill today than usual.
I'm also cooking about 10 pounds of beans in the Instant Pot so we have plenty for lunches and cooking this week. (We're vegetarian, so beans are a huge staple in our diet, and with four of us in the house, we go through a lot.)
Going to the gym for a few hours, lift weights to stay fit to fight
I slept late, got a little high, and now I’m at a bar eating breakfast and watching the Ravens. When I’m done, I’ll go make a video of me and my boyfriend dancing to Britney Spears and send it to my best friend.
It’s 12:45 PM.
I’m wrapping up lunch, and then I need to head back to my store and grab some flyers.
I’ve got to head to three different board games shops in town to distribute flyers and try to get them to cross promote with me.
At the biggest one I’m going to attempt to broker a deal where we display some of their products for a percentage of the sales.
I’ve got a booking at 4:45, so I’ve got to be at the store by 4 to set up the room and I’ll be resetting the room until about 6.
Barring any more bookings at that point I’ll run home to grab a plate of leftovers and let the dog out, then back to the store to run electrical and DMX for new spotlights in one of our rooms.
I’ll probably be at work until midnight or later working on the programming.
I worked til 7:15, went home and got to bed at around 8:30. Feel asleep at around 9 am, woke up at 15, read a little then I got up at 16, played some Cassic WoW and are 'breahfast'. 19:37 i left home for work again. Will be there til 7:15 tomorrow morning. :)
I don't know. Definitely need to do laundry. Definitely need to shower. Currently making some turkey stock. Definitely need to prepare for the workweek. Probably going to make turkey soup for dinner. Ought to walk to the library to return my overdue book. Ought to do some form of physical activity (but lol, probably not). Ought to do more cleaning of the aparment. Want to see Frozen 2 SO BADLY. Want to decorate for Christmas. Want to get caught up on The Mandolorian and His Dark Materials and all the new Christmas movies on Netflix.
My Thanksgiving Day, Friday, and Saturday were taken up by my boyfriend's visiting parents, so I'm not going to be able to get everything done. Right now I'm as far as letting the stock simmer, drinking coffee, and browsing reddit.
Edit: Oh, and how could I forget! Dreading going back to the work tomorrow in the back (and sometimes the front) of my mind all day long.
It's noon here. I'm in the hospital waiting for the nurses to give me and my brand new baby a clean bill of health so we can go home.
When I get home I'll give lots of attention to my toddler so he doesn't get jealous and then settle in for a chill couple of weeks with the new baby.
wow! Congratulations on the new baby!!!
. This morning, made brunch at home (biscuits and gravy, hash browns, bacon) as roads were too icy to head out for breakfast. Then got some xmas decor at Target, ran a few errands, and got Starbucks holiday lattes. It’s now 3, dropped youngest (19) off at train station to go back to college, and will head home to scoop oldest (22) to go to see Ford v Ferrari movie - he is a gearhead who loves going to movies. Then home to finish Thanksgiving leftovers! He flies back to CA tomorrow (I live in NY state).
Woke up at 6 because my brain doesn't know what a day off is. Went for a run because why not I'm already up.
Got home an my husband is watching cartoons with out nephews who are spending the weekend.
Banged around in the kitchen till I woke their sister up. Made breakfast. Then took my niece to the shop with me and we've been working on her car since.
Stopped for lunch now. Got some pizza delivered.
Boys are making a catapult. Ought to be interesting.
Spent most of the evening putting clothes nicely in my wardrobe so I can find them more easily. After that we had dinner and I did a lot of work putting fake fern branches on a wooden sort of deer my Dad made. The idea is to cover it in branches, string lights in it and tie red bands around it and gift it to my mother in law. It's been a chill advent day.
Well, I just drove five hours home from seeing Incubus last night. I went by myself because it’s hard to find people to go to shows on a holiday weekend. I saw Chevelle the night before in a different city 2 hours away. So I’m really whipped. I’m gonna go pick up my dog in about 20 minutes and will cuddle my cat until then. Then I’m drinking wine, eating leftovers, and taking a nap. I took tomorrow off too, so that’ll be my “get my shot together for the work week” day.
I own an arcade. Sundays we host Super Smash Bros tournaments. My dog sliced his leg open Thanksgiving day and had to have it stitched up. So I'm currently holding my 100lb dog while I call matches for a video game tournament. He couldn't be left home alone, so you make due.
It’s almost 3 pm. I woke up at a record-late time (1 pm) because partner and I stayed up until 3 am. We’d barely seen each other over the holiday because partner had to work a couple of days and I visited family so we could have next holiday local/to ourselves.
We had coffee and are getting our act together before we go out for a bite and to shop for a washer: Old one broke >two months ago and our now-former home warranty company jerked us around on repairs/replacement.
Later tonight I’m working on side-biz website and contract for a side-biz gig I’m doing next weekend. I hear you about Mondays being harder after a holiday, OP, What helps me is working on side biz with the aim of making it main biz so I can quit the cube stewardess life. It’s no way to live.
Current time is 1459. I'm doing homework at my job now that I've finished cases and am clocked out. It's the only way to get this homework done. Also, I'm currently reditting because I need a mental minute break from research.
Drank a beer in the rain with my husband and toddler (he had a cookie instead).
Trying to get these guys to take their nap so I can pay my bills while watching the Dark Crystal prequel.
It’s 4:17 and I’m currently at work. Helping my client finish her 300 piece puzzle while listening to Xmas music on Alexa. It snowing out, supposed to be really bad so school was cancelled for tomorrow. There’s currently 16 puzzle pieces left such she’s so good. Can’t wait to go home though. Can’t wait to change into PJ, smoke, watch TV and start the essays I was supposed to have already completed over the break. My wine and coco is wait on me, til 10.
Children. My day is children. And apparently ice rain.
I have the day off from work so I'm reading in bed all day. Taking a break atm.
It was the first Sunday of advent, so I put up some candle bridges/advent wreaths in our windows and lit the first of the four advent candles (I'm Swedish, and it's a big tradition here). Also made plans for Christmas eve.
I slept until 11 AM (so did my 11 week old daughter), went for a 7.5 kilometer walk with her in a stroller, did some grocery shopping, called my brother, watched loads of Netflix, worked on an oil painting in progress, cuddled with the cats, did some dishes & laundry, ate dinner that my husband made and then followed him to the train station as he works the night shift. Also changed diapers, fed, bathed, talked to, cuddled with & played with my baby throughout the day! :)
Stayed up all night last night partying and woke up at 3pm. Did some light chores, laundry and recycling. I’ll study microbiology now, probably until some gaming or music livestreamer I can’t resist pops up on my phone screen alerting that they’ve gone live. I’m 37, I don’t know if I'm doing this right, but at least I’m old enough to kinda not worry about it.
Its 4:30 pm here. I went to a rave all weekend, which is pretty out of character for me. I woke up at the retreat centre the rave was hosted in at 8 am after little sleep and drove the hour home pretty much right away.
I was home around ten am, I ate some food and watched house renovation shows for an hour before I realized I needed to nap. I just woke up fifteen minutes ago.
I have the next four days off from work, so I will probably order in food and watching Christmas movies.
I am not doing any real adulting today at all.
A rave! I am so jealous! What bad can a rave do once in a while? Are you in the UK? Is there anything that a 45 year-old woman wouldn't look like an alien in? Well, not necessarily a rave, but something fun.
Today is my Monday so I woke up at 11ish and got ready for work for 1PM. Caught up on email and coworkers. I work at a library so I was manning the circulation desk for three hours. This generally involves helping patrons, sending emails, and chatting with coworkers during dead time. Off the desk at 5 so I am running Trace reports then heading out on break to have a nice dinner with friends. When I return at 10 pm I'll be working until 3 am. It's a longer than normal day but it's currently finals so we keep the library open a few hours later for late night studying.
It's 9:18pm. Today is my last day of vacation. I studied all day for my math class. I should have done some laundry but I didn't. Now I'm enjoying watching 90 day Fiance with my adult son.
9:30 cst - I am a guy over 30 so I meet half the requirement of this sub, ;-)
Personal - My wife and I both took our ADHD medicine today because we needed to get some shit done. Hung outside Xmas lights, tidied the garage, trimmed the tree branches and bushes, walked the dog twice, decorated the family room for Xmas (baby steps-rest of the public rooms this week. We are happy with our progress. The kids are bathed and in bed.
Work - I’m getting ready for my day and week at work tomorrow by clearing my calendar of unnecessary meetings and making a short list of what customer facing things I have to do.
If I play it right I might be able to seduce my wife into some sex or at least giving her an orgasm. I relish in pleasing her that way.
My dad didn't come last night, so this morning was spent picking him up from the liquor store where he'd been buying alcohol. The holidays are rough for us because Mom has been gone almost 10 years. I know it is especially difficult for him. So my brother and I got him some soup to help him sober up. I got him home and made coffee for him. Baked him some muffins. He knows he had too much to drink, I wasn't going to make him feel worse. Despite that rocky start, it was a quiet Sunday. Meal prepping, hanging out with my dad, and enjoying blueberry muffins.
Clean the house Finish presentation for my master's defense Panic about my master's defense Figure out what the hell to wear to my master's defense
That was me a couple years ago. My thessis defense was on a Monday. Longest weekend ever, Im sure you'll do well. Good luck!
Snowpocalypse is impending. We spent the morning hauling and stacking firewood in preparation.
I'm also making turkey soup, doing laundry, wrappimg Xmas gifts, maybe finishing up the cards. Basically puttering around the house, doing little things. Later, getting high and relaxing in front of the fire.
I'm time flipped for work, so I've been up since 8pm. Today I've filled my bird feeders, hung out with my husband, chatted to some friends and family online, played with the cats and we also went to the grocery store (my husband and I love going after midnight and having the place to ourselves). I will do a bit more work and then maybe watch some TV.
Woke up in my favorite weekend destination, an island in low season, it is very quiet but still stunning to me. Shower, then beach time and coffee first overlooking the great horizon, with locals. Chat in person or over the phone with a couple of local friends arrange to see them for coffee. Also call a couple of other friends that are long distance and we rarely meet and we don't have time to catch up during the week, meet some people on the island, get some involvement in brainstorming what to do about getting this island even nicer next summer, as a person who travels quite a lot and just loves to see the island progress and the local friends get some more income. It's just interesting. And I like to see people happy in the summertime.
At some point call and skype husband to see if he has any plans so I could return home with the earliest boat so we can go as a family or couple to another weekend place to see other old friends. Husband feels like chilling at home so I stay on the island. I meet a new person and we talk, she sounds very interesting, we have a lot in common. We happen to take the same boat to the city, I offer to show her to my favorite places, there is Christmas decorations, the weather is unusually warm for the season. I end up home and reddit a little before the work week begins. Husband has taken care of everything at home, children's activities, children's social life and party invites, supermaket, laundry and so on. It will be a few good years before we do anything substantial as a couple together, because children are too old to be interested to do anything with us but too young to actually be left alone for the weekend.
I woke up around 9am to go get my brakes fixed. Picked up some breakfast as I waited and was back home by noon. It’s 4:35pm and all I’ve done so far is play games on my PS4. At some point I need to clean my kitchen today and then get ready for the week. Probably end my day with some Netflix. Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!
Church, meal prep and a kids party Every Sunday I meal prep it saves a lot of time during the week