If you could change one thing about your country, what would it be and why?

I'm from Finland and I'd change the mandatory military service to voluntary. I believe no one should be forced to go into the army with the fear of going to prison if refusing to go there.

The First Past the Post electoral system in the UK. I'd like to see full proportional representation and more decision making devolved to local areas (although more consolidation of IT systems at a national level). Combine this with reforms to council tax which only serves to increase inequality and I think we'd see some real improvements.
100% I don’t feel like I live in a true democracy because my vote doesn’t count at all - being in a safe seat. All the campaigning and focus is only for the marginal seats - the lucky residents of which get to decide the next ruling party.
I fully agree, I think proportional representation just increases the divisions in the UK. I felt in the last general elections that I just had two choices, whereas in local elections I am more likely to vote on an individual.
I also miss the "voting down the paper" because I'm not loyal to any one party and sometimes I do think I'd be just as happy with another couple of people as my first choice.
Yeah agreed. Proportional representation with less centralisation is what this country needs imo.
The UK has many different places with many different needs, our current system is pretty much medieval and definitely outdated.
The 4 kingdoms having their own parliaments is not enough, policies that work well in Canterbury may not work in Carslile, same goes for Cardiff and Conwy ect. ect.
I'd make Turkey a non-religious country. I don't think I need to explain why but if in doubt just check out recent history of the last few decades.
Apart from brexit it would be decreasing the lauding of lad culture
Roadman culture, I don’t understand why everyone is apparently attracted to doing drugs, gang violence etc
Tbh most "lads" I've run into while a little crude are pretty stand up decent people (when not intoxicated).
I mean you don’t have todo it technically. You can do alternative work
Idk man it’s not fun but it’s NOT bad
What does the alternative work consist of, out of interest?
Climate. After having lived in places like Shenzhen and Singapore, Russian everlasting depressing winters is a real bummer.
Yes, but you can appreciate summer more!
Climate isn’t the main thing to solve in our country. Don’t you think so?
what did you do?
If it was up to me, we wouldn't be leaving the EU tomorrow.
It seems strange to me that this is quite as big a deal as it is. I mean it's a big deal but the EU doesn't impact us as much as a lot of domestic policies do and I imagine there must be some of them you want to change.
aontaim leat, is rud deachair é. Tá muid i spás áit mar tá bearla ró-fucking handy
I’m from Russia and I’m Armenian. So I can speak fluently Armenian and I know Russian perfectly because it’s my native language. But I would change my Russian/Armenian with English. I see in English such power which I can’t in other languages
Bhí mé i nGaelscoil agus tá mé beag nach líofa i nGaeilge anois.
I would like to get rid of right wing mindsets. Internationally if I could, but this question is about my country. So I'd like to get rid of this idiocy in Germany.
I would put jail as a punishment for tax evasion
Aye dude we really need that mandatory military service. There probably wouldn't be enough people in the army if it was voluntary. And also why don't you just go to civilian service if army is frightening to you?
I sucked it up and went to the army. I just don't believe there should be a mandatory military service in a first world country in the 2020s.
Restaurants shouldn’t be so damn expensive
I'd change the sidewalks. Why do they always have to be made of paving brick? Its painfully ugly.
I know where we can get extra land from, its kinda close but just over the sea...
I think we tried this once or twice...
Well you guys have huge wilderness in Canada and Australia. Oh wait...
Oh you have seen nothing yet my man
Yes yes...we need some more living space
Independence please
Beat me to it lol
The mindset of people regarding climate change. Way too many people are buying into the "tHe rESt oF ThE woRlD haS tO ChANgE fIrsT" bullshit. Could we please stop pointing fingers and instead actually do something about the climate change that is awfully visible already?
Agreed. I'm vegan since about 200 days because of people like those you described, because you know - someone has to do something. + I don't like the fact of eating dead animals.
The mindset about the EU.
Care to elaborate?
The taxes. The government taxes us on everything and I constantly looking to impose new taxes all the time. That’s all they do
Taxes are pretty popular on reddit. How bad is it in Switzerland then? Does it seriously hamper your spending ability?
Less rain, please
which county are you from?
Would be quite nice here aswell
I’d get rid of the Queen, and establish an absolute. Monarchy with me as emperor. It certainly won’t make the UK better but it will improve my life and it t be cool to love like a despot.
I wish I could change this horrible situation with workplaces. You are 22-25 y.o. guy just graduated from university. You have a lot of diplomas, certificates and theoretical knowledge. But it would be very hard to get a decent job for you. All companies will reject your attempts because of lack of practice actice and experience. Is it only in my country or you have such nonsense too?
Bruh this is fucked up really but there's always a but. Russia lacks in post-graduate intern/junior/trainee programmes but as far as I know the things are changing with Western companies at least. The issue is complex and when a teen just jumps to university because they see no different way just make it worse; don't forget how monocentric is Russia so there is actually tremendously small chance of getting an opportunity outside of main capitals. Meanwhile IT you can workaround and find a decent job but in other markets I think it's worse. Educational system is the Soviet legacy and must be everhauled. Full-time education often sucks, long live part-time.
My opinion that cancelation of mandatory army for men should help. This will ease for males the ability to work and study part-time. People shouldn't go for a degree if they don't understand what are they do and what are they want. Unless you do believe in classic education. Me not. Vocational school education but work in IT, 19 y.o. and no will to study in university in next 5 years. Even abroad. World is changing and unfortunately Russia isn't adapting well.
I would change the NATO membership, i.e. I would leave the alliance. The reason is that no foreign Army (except for EU Forces of course) has a right to stay on my country
I'd make us join NATO.
Putin and his cronies...
Scrap the entire structure of the current executive branch and build a new one from ground up. It’s so bloated it is a physical reform-repellent. We need a clean slate.
Graduating system, you have to graduate from "Czech" but it's about useless literature, no grammar at all
Pretty sure we did a grammar test when I graduated three years ago.
Not do Brexit for one. Just read the "Visit Europe from 1 Jan 2021" government page and the list of things that are changing make me sad, then mad.
Failing that, secure Scottish independence. If the UK continues to go ahead as it is, then I am for Scotland choosing something different.
Next up - figure out how and why the education reform isn't performing as it should though I know next to nothing and happy to call myself ignorant of the issue.
Then fix the health of the people and figure out how to get them away from eating so much junk.
“There are few virtues that the Poles do not possess and there are few errors they have ever avoided.”
Get more active on climate change really
We need to consolidate our 6,254 municipalities into larger entities and devolve more responsibilities to them. We have so many useless public servants that do jack shit and only suck tax-money with nothing to give back.
Basically I just want the Danish MLG system.
We should change our history. I'm not talking about rewriting it, but actually changing what happened. Not very realistic, I know.
A lot of folk have posted great answers (that I agree with) such as getting rid of FPTP, Brexit, & the monarchy.
So to offer a different answer, mine would be: I wish we had fast, efficient, and affordable public transport.
Swiss or American style federalism
Canadian style Senate. Equal number of Senators for all 4 UK constituent nations.
German style PR voting system for the House of Commons.
I'm conflicted between the excessive religiousness or the fact our politics is a damn joke
Religion? In Italy? I honestly don’t know one person who practices religion in Italy below the age of 60.
How would we be able to defend our country, in a time of crisis? The fact is, we NEED to have a conscription. And we can't simply afford to have paid army.
If i were to change anything, i would extend that to women as well. But make it more like a Lotta Svärd kind of thing, and 3-6 months.
If Russia were to attack Finland we could never defend ourselves with the manpower that we currently have. The money we currently waste on conscription could be used on something else. Joining the NATO would be a much better defence against Russia.
Make myself president 😎
I wasn’t alive for this time, but somehow I still miss the empire. I would build a wall between Germany and Austria and issue visas to Germans only if they are non-prussians. (Bavarians are welcome) 🙏
Changing Mexican mentality to German mentality.
I wonder what would happen if suddenly Mexicans stop following “Survival of the fittest” to respecting and following rules and laws.
Move it somewhere with a better climate. We only have 1-2 months that are kinda warm. And almost half a year period of almost no sunshine with clouds, rain and occasional snow, which is quite depressing.
High speed railway network, connected to Italian and Austrian lines. Cheers
Homophobia because I don't like homophobia
Omg absolutely our president. It's hard to choose just 1 through student loans and health care they are all kind of tied
🇫🇷 France: Cultural Self-Awareness. I believe people in France have cultural awareness. But this has come at the cost of French culture. Don't get me wrong, it's still part of people's lives. And it's completely fine to be fond of other cultures, even good because only through seeing other cultures can we see our own culture. But this fondness for other culture is leading people to disregard French culture. This lack of cultural self-awareness is very evident in the government's cultural policies. And speaking of them, they aren't making the situation better. But they aren't the only ones to blame. I sometimes see people on twitter complain that there money (the tax on movie tickets) is being used to fond cultural programs. Yeah, some of those programs aren't that great. But it what keeps the French culture (at least, French entertainment) alive. And to see people think of it as unneeded hurts me.
🇵🇭 Philippines: OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) shouldn't be seen as heroes who had to leave their families. They aren't martyrs. They are the visible evidence of a much bigger problem. The fact that the Philippine Labor Market is terrible. What they did, and are doing, is heroic. But I think this attitude towards OFWs is hampering advancement of the country's economy.
Leave EU and take back our sovereignty.
Instead of changing the military law, I would remove Swedish as a mandatory school subject. It is just useless, since only 5% of the population speak it and most of those can speak finnish or english.
maybe get corrupted people out of romania, which might make the country better
Make it illegal to own nazi insignia without a special exception from a museum. Make nazism illegal again. Make ethnonationalism illegal. Make fascist organization illegal again. And enforce hatespeech laws and make it cover ALL citizens, including politicians. I would return the requirements for a representative to be "respectable citizen" which automatically disqualifies people with violent crimes in their quite recent past (youth mistakes can't count forever), also the same for any kind of fraud.