Who is your favorite and least favorite Democratic nominee?

Favorite: Sanders
Least favorite: Probably Gabbard
Favorite: Sanders
Least Favorite: Yang. His presence isn’t that awful but the cult surrounding him is Trump-tier.
Favorite: Warren
Least Favorite: Gabbard
Favorite: Bernie
Least favorite: Gabbard
Favorite: Undecided between Pete and Warren
Least favorite overall: Gabbard
Least favorite candidate that matters: Biden
Favorite Warren, least favorite (of those I can't just ignore) Biden.
Favorite: Sanders
Least: Biden
Favorite: Booker
Least: Gabbard
Favourite: Pete
Least Favourite: Gabbard
I like Harris the most.
The only candidate I actually dislike is Gabbard.
Fave: Mayor Pete
Least fave: Bernie
Why Bernie?
My favorite is Sanders, but I'm honestly pretty happy with the nominees.
Except for Gabbard.
Favorite: Warren.
Least favorite: Biden, with Yang as a close second.
Favorite: Pete
Worst: Williamson or Gabbard
A lot of people here said this. Why?
Favorite: tie between Delaney and Bennet
Least favorite: tie between Williamson, Yang and Gabbard
Good choices
Favorite: Harris
Least favorite: Sanders
Fav: Bernie and I'll point that I think Castro has gone above my expectations and said like one really good thing every debate.
Least: I think Pete might have passed Biden this week for me. A bunch of bad stuff all surfaced on him this week.
What bad stuff?
It's pretty interesting that "a bunch of bad stuff" always seems to happen to whatever candidate BS supporters are afraid of, at the moment.
Best: Delaney or Bennett
Worst: Gabbard or Sanders
Just tallying the results so far.
I like how both sides can at least agree Gabbard is terrible.
Looks like Buttigieg is also starting to get more heat from the Bernie gang than Warren. They must have woken up to those Iowa polls.
The non-Bernie supporters are unable to reach a consensus favorite, as expected.
Fave: Bernie
Least fave: Pete or Biden
Pete’s the best Bernie is the worst.
Favorite: Bernie
Least favorite: Pete
Probably Biden or Pete? Tough call
Favorite: Bernie
Least: Gabbard or Pete
Favorite: Yang
Least favorite: Gabbard
Favorite: Sanders.
Least favorite: Buttigieg.
Fave: Bernie
Least fave: Pete or Yang
Favorite: Bernie
Least Favorite: Mayor Pete or Amy Klobouchar
I do dislike Tulsi more than Pete or Amy but Tulsi has no shot of winning
Favorite: Warren, because she will alienate any purple or red voter out there with the school-marm routine and general awkwardness. Trump won’t even have to try to inspire memes against her after the whole 1/1024 debacle.
Least Favorite: Kamala, because she has always been my biggest fear in this election. A well known and accomplished woman of color would be like Kryptonite to Trump’s campaign, but thankfully she turned out to be a narc.
Why do you do this? Why do you form give strong opinions about topics and then go on to show that you have no idea what you're talking about? This is the type of purposefully ignorant and obstinate comment that leads people to believe that you switch over to troll mode from time to time. Your thoughts on Warren do not match the reality of the situation in the slightest.
When she has spoke in front of traditionally conservative groups she has quickly won them over. She has proven to be very likable in places like