Rebadged my car to remove any symbolism to class or consumer tribalism

Man, I sure love Automobile™, the best car brand out there.
when I was a kid, I was amazed to see how many elderly people were driving Oldsmobiles. I imagined them going into the dealership on the first day of their retirement or something like that.
I prefer Frod
You know what’s even worse than the car having it’s brand on it? Dealerships that mount their shitty metal name on it and around the license plate. Ugliest thing that people just accept.
Here they're legally required to put it on the plate.
Need to go further and make it
TIL there are speed trials for sheds.
The drag on that must be insane
XD! I wonder if there was any shed speed record before this?
I’m not sure that buying products so that you can pretend not to have consumed other products is really getting you anywhere.
Its more than the sum of impact. People can make statements. This is closer to art than a practical tip but thats still valid if you ask me.
Yeah, better option would have been to sell the car. Or just do nothing.
It was probably fun to do though. Don't take everything so seriously.
Or claiming anticonsumption after putting new badges on a car to show that your against consumption. Wat?
OK Ron Swanson
I'm not the OP
When the ‘accord’ placard fell off my Honda I did the same thing ... anti-consume
But didn't you have to buy the "automobile" badge?
What’s the point of having a Honda if you can’t show it off?
Fell off? I’ve never heard of that
Yet you are consuming it and consuming a badge and time doing all that.
Do you buy literally nothing? Do you know how to freeze time? Teach me your ways.
Woah, I love this idea. I'm thinking of doing the same. Are there any legal/practical drawbacks? Like if you get pulled over and the officer can't find the "make" of the car?
Just gotta look elsewhere on the vehicle I guess. Or you know, at the registration card ;)
No not really. Car mods can go pretty far before becoming illegal
Oh my gosh I feel inspired to do this to my 2001 Kia seadan. It already lacks rear badges, but I could replace the front badge with a 3D printed 'automobile". I've been meaning to put this "V8" sticker I've had forever on the back too, this is going to be great
It's nice to know that's still going. Is what you've been looking into printed on vinyl and wouldn't you have to fill in recessed areas so the sticker would grasp better?
Okay this is to much
hey! thats a car!
I have been looking for a replacement front badge for my Subaru for years. Short of 3D printing one, any idea where I could find one?
What kind of Subaru?
I wonder if it makes it harder to get ticketed
Why would that make it harder to get a ticket?
or insurance
How many hp at the wheel does that add?
Lol, your username is sure relevant
This reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in Sixteen Candles.... when Long Duck Dong says “Automobile?!”
I don’t think that a Suzuki has anybody thinking that you overspend
This is a great idea.
I have always wanted to do this with a vehicle. I would never wear a shirt with a logo on on it - why should I accept it on my car?
I like it!
I like this lol
Decommodification! Love it
This made me so happy today, thanks for sharing!
Oh man, I laughed when I saw this. Good on ya. Nothing is more annoying than truck guys who argue about which brand is better. All while making huge payments on a truck they don't even need.
Why don't you throw away the whole car to really remove any class symbolism.?
Have fun living in rural America car free.
Thanks for all the comments :) My 97 suzuki has everything you need in a small car, they didn't need to break the mold. The combustion engine has peaked and cars don't need a new shape or unnecessary changes. Hopefully my message reaches the automotive marketing department and they decide to start making cars with universal bolt patterns and we can hand our automobiles down to the next generation. Bring back the peoples car!
I've always had their shop remove the sticker ads and license plate covers. If you aren't careful you can damage your paint (did that once...learned).
badge was DIY, you cant buy them