We have officially come full circle

I work at Nordstrom, in the department that sells these.
I have sold so many it’s unbelievable; people are mostly buying them as gifts for others, so I am kinda expecting them to get returned, especially if the gift receiver realizes the cost.
Can you reveal the profit margin?
Innovation at its finest!
Gosh only 60$? I’m sold!
Can’t afford not to!
It costs only 60$ to save you from losing your 300$ airpods! Such a bargain!!
give me ten
I still don't understand what are the alleged benefits of airpods vs normal earbuds, besides the cable mangling thing (and there are even zero cost solutions to that).
The benefits are for Apple, not us. If you don't use Airpods, and you wear traditional style headphones, they plug into the charging port (there is no longer a headphone jack) which means that you can't charge your phone and listen to music at the same time unless you have an extra bit that will allow you to do both, or wireless charging, which are conveniently sold by Apple.
I have been using airpods for 2 years now. something I use every day, 100% worth the price (for me). Not having wires is surprisingly so convenient. I run and go to the gym a few times a week and they are especially useful there. I find they also fit my ear better than the earbuds that came with my iphone. When I run, my earbuds would always fall out at some point, I realize now it's because of the wires rubbing against my clothes. I have never had an issue with airpods falling out while running.I just bought a second pair as my first pair were close to dead, but after 2 years of daily use and several hours a day, it's worth it (again, to me)
It's all about little conveniences here and there. For example, you can listen using only single earbud while the second does not dangle in annoying way. They are also pretty much always on so it's nearly zero effort to start using them.
I'm pretty sure it's about iPhones just as much as it is about wired vs wireless ear buds. A headphone jack is an obstacle to making phones ever thinner and more water resistant.
You can use them with smart TVs or AppleTV which is great when kids are sleeping and you don’t want the volume so low
I actually like wireless earbuds (I don't have airpods it's a different brand but similar). They're good for working out, because you're free to move without having a cable, and you can put your phone wherever. They are also easier to use while doing things like cleaning, for similar reasons. You don't fully realise how much better it is untill you try it.
Also the chord is a common breaking point for wired headphones, and my wireless ones have lasted much longer.
I think if you are on the phone alot, they work great. You can keep them and answer the phone very freely without cables always dangling.
You get to feel like you’re not even wearing them. Also if you’re having a long call and running low on battery you can take one out to charge, then swap them.
I prefer true wireless. Because without a wire you don't feel them and also I take one out and it doesn't feel weird hanging there. Also imo they look a little better when you are out and about than wearing more conspicuous headphones.
Really handy for highly physical jobs where you’re moving, climbing, and using tools a lot. Cords get in the way, can get fucked up easily, and can lead to your phone breaking when working a job like that. That’s why I like them anyway.
Turns apple into a trillion dollar enterprise.
I have an idea for a product!
A cord that plugs into your phone which hooks up to and charges your air pods! Makes it easy to keep up with your pods, it gives you charging on the go! Buy now for only !100
Honestly a woven cord on wireless earbuds aren't a bad idea, means cords won't get wrecked - but fuck apple and it's overpriced "innovation"
60.00 for something that was made in China for fractions of a penny on the dollar!? Fuck that noise! Hard Pass!
You've literally described almost every product ever.
It's a shoelace.
What's your alternative, genius?? A piece of string and some tiny rubberbands?! Good luck getting those for less than $60.
$60? Is this real?
Is this a $60 piece of shoelace?
Not even. Shoelaces serve a real purpose.
Shhhh. Fanboys don't wanna know.
Nice, now I can have cabled earbuds and slave children digging for cobalt in the Congo. Have your cake and eat it too!
As a bonus, it will outlast the ipod and possibly human civilization in the landfill it will enter probably within 2019.
I have Bluetooth headphones (not airpods) that wrap around the neck and I can never go back. Wireless has changed my life. As a woman 99% of the time I don't have pockets so it's been good to not have to hold my phone in my hands especially when I'm outside at night
Bluetooth headphones are so handy but IMO airpods (and all the similar earbud styles) are the last resort of what I'd buy when looking for a pair. And then selling a fucking rope to hold them for $60??? Why not just buy the pairs which wrap around at that point?
I love those Bluetooth speakers that wrap around the neck. They're both wireless and much harder to lose. All of the people who wash dishes where I work own a pair. But fuck airpods and the marketing campaign they ride in on. They're super easy to lose and loads of people treat them as disposable.
It went from 20 dollars for regular headphones to 220 dollars for airpods + strap, they increased the price by literally 1000% for the same thing but worse. Fuck Apple.
these arent made by apple pepega
I'm sure somewhere on pinterest there is a hack to use those glasses hanging rope things, if not three will be soon.
Those things have batteries (which get worse every day), must be connected via Bluetooth, can easily get lost, are very expensive, look awful.
Earpods sound like a good idea, till you start thinking about it.
Don't forget the weird little case you have to keep track of lest you lose the ability to charge them.
This was a moronic inevitability. I'm questioning all the he and his pronouns in the description. What is this, an ad out of cosmo?
How much is a piece of string?
A couple cents
about the same cost as a traditional wired earbud.
Is it made from the chemically poisoned skins of tortured and murdered creatures? I'm sold.
$60 for a piece of string. What? You expected flying cars and climate-change responsible ethical shopping?
I buy mine at Daiso for $2.80 work fine. lasted over a year so far
They’re just making fun of you now.
It's funny how the product itself doesn't bother me, but the fact that they're charging 60 dollars for what I could make with a couple rubber bands and a piece of string is absurd. I'll never understand why people would overpay like this for anything.
I'm all for anticonsumption but these might make sense to me. The earbuds with a cable always shorted out on me no mater how expensive a pair I bought. I understand I was rough on them but just the facts. Bluetooth but with a strap so I can let them dangle without worrying about shorting a wire. I'm ok with them.
Edit: although $60 is outrageous