Orangutan letting a caretaker touch her new born. Originally posted on r/gifs

I love how he just holds it for a second and gives it back.
Looked like mama was holding on to him by the shoulder to make sure he didn’t get too far with the baby, he felt the tension and figured it was best to end it quickly
No sudden moves or that gigantic ape would wookieize those arms quick
It's really fascinating to me that they realise the fact that a child means a lot to humans as well and they want to share the happiness with the people they spend the most time with. It's really something else
My biology teacher told me this back in the 80’s so I’ll probably never find the source, but there was an incident of an accident at a zoo where a very small child fell into the gorilla enclosure and one of the female gorillas came over to the boy, who was barely moving, and she just stroked his back with her finger and kept the other gorillas away from him until they rescued the kid. Gorillas look at caretakers with their children all day long, for years at a time. I can’t prove it, but I feel like there must be some sort of recognition there. there was a gorilla in a zoo around here a long time ago who had a gorilla that would play with the kids by touching the glass where they touched the glass (terrible enclosure from many years past) and mimicking their movements. If an adult tried it he would ignore them.
he's been up all night for the tenth night in a row. Take him. Please. I need some sleep ....damnit
Thank you for your wholesome statement,
My best friend brought her 2 month old over and my dog was excited to see the baby and definitely acknowledged my friend as the mother. It was adorable, but also strange, because it seemed so human-like. My dog is a pit so she’s highly sensitive and engaged, anyway.
The Great Ape Project fights for the right to life, freedom and prohibition of torture for our distant ape cousins. You can
They know we’re apes too
I think it just shows that we don't fully understand the depths to which animals can experience feelings and emotions.
Damn this is beautiful my eyes have moistened
Most species of mammals seem to recognize the babies of other species and often treat them differently. The oddest I've ever seen was the wolf pack that adopted a baby deer.
By the looks of it the caretaker gives 0 fucks about it, so it seems its quite common for him
Look at this,i made this,ok give it back
look at this do you like it? okay you've already looked it too much
I love this. Love the way he cuddles the baby, and the way she keeps one big hand on his should while he does. That baby is loved and well cared for.
I like how gentle he is with the baby- you can see him supporting the head as he gives it back. He obviously has experience with human babies .
Mama on the other hand, grabs baby by the arm and lifts it up over her shoulder lol. Orangutan babies are not so delicate
The mother's trust melts my heart
And pride! "Look what I made!"
Mama: "Here, hold my most prized possession but Ima keep my hand on you to keep you in line just in case you decide to do something stupid."
Dude: "My mama didn't raise no fool." quick kiss "You can have this back now."
Hand was on him because baby didn’t let go of mama’s wrist fur.
Singapore zoo is amazing especially for Orangutans. They are not put in cages but are actually free to roam anywhere in the zoo if they choose to. But they stay in their enclosures and hang out (no pun intended). The caretakers call for them and they come out to them and interact like this.
Agreed! Beautiful zoo and animals were very well taken care of.
Notice mom's left hand on the man's shoulder when he has the baby. She's trusting but not letting him out of her reach.
Baby also has a death grip on mom’s fur
Cool picture of an orangutan
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What purpose do the flanges serve?
Can I spell it o-rangutan? Or is that just too crazy...
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Who actually spells it orangutang? I've always been told that pronunciation is wrong.
This interaction occurred at the Singapore Zoo in 2016 and was extracted from a video by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.
Source video
Is it Ah Meng?
This is unbelievably adorable!
Oh this is sweet. And the reason I avoid eating anything with palm oil in it.
Yes, thank you! I always talk about avoiding consuming products with palm oil and the sad thing is that it is present in most of the stuff found in the grocery store. Ban palm oil!
That caretaker obviously knows his job very, very well. Mama gave him her baby and he took it and gently showed his appreciation. Mama never took her hand from the caretaker's shoulder, so he gave the baby quickly so mama wouldn't get too anxious. They've forged a respectful affection for each other, and it's really special.
I like how she keeps one hand on his shoulder... just in case she has to rip his arm off and beat him to death with it.
More like, orangutan letting its new born touch a human.
Oh man that’s cute. Mamma was like “look at this, human. I made this! Ok that’s enough, give him back”.
Orangutan: "smell this thing"
Caretaker: "wtf is that stank"
Orangutan: "lmao, right"
The world needs to expand 'human' rights to encompass more creatures. We could start with our fellow apes.
Isn't this just animal rights?
Start by giving up meat if you haven’t already.
And we've got to quit being so selfish by making so many of us. There are 3 times as many humans as there were 100 years ago, and 10X as many as there were 300 years ago. We take up too much space
How about we could start with every animal? Or are pigs and chicken and cows inferior to these views just because most humans can't empathize with them?
that orangutan is placing a lot of trust in that guy
Looks like he earned it.
When you ask someone to hold your baby and they almost immediately give it back
And to think that we're destroying this 😒🤬🤬🤬
I know this is frowned upon, but I couldn’t hold myself from using this emoji 😍😍😍
Is this the Singapore zoo
Yes it is.
Here look, take this, NO TAKE
Wow what an honor.
We don't deserve this world
So damn cute
Such trust
I said the same thing out loud. Amazing.
Mark, can you please help with the baby I’m exhausted!
“Look, look. Check this shit out. Alright cool, I’ll take it back”
This melted me
That hand on the left shoulder though.
You sick bastard lmfao
Oh no
I wish I could upload you more for your bold ideas.
I feel like she was asking for a hug, not her baby.
How beautiful. Thank you. ⚘
So precious.
Did he intentionally boop that baby's nose just as he handed it back or was that an adorable accident?
This, is how I hand my kid to people
This just warms my heart.
An offering to the gods
Legitimately made me tear up. So beautiful, all things considered.
You know what I just realized... I’ve never seen a monkey/gorilla/orangutan etc have a baby on tv. They must be really hard to film!
apes together strong
I just dont understand why they dont have more rights.. Then i see how we treat actual humans and its not that surprising.
Keep in mind that we live in a world where it's okay to put your pet down if their health begins failing, but it's illegal in most western countries for you to help a human who is choosing to die rather than suffer.
/i all she saw was another orangutan
These creatures are maybe my absolute favorites
I just think the 80s and 90s were a wilder time. People didn’t think so much about child proofing things. I mean even infant car seats were not the standard. I’m sure many more cases of kids falling in enclosures happened back than.
Baby’s death grip on the mama’s arm hair is making me wince. My kids have done that to me and I always end up doing an embarrassing wheeze-screech from the pain.
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When you gain the trust of an animal, especially in this particular situation, I gotta tell ya, there aren't too many things that will make you feel that good.
I made dis
Plot twist: Caretaker is dad.
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