WhatsApp down around the world as users report issues with multimedia

I can't share any media in Melbourne Australia , messages are fine though
There's actually an interesting project operating out of Melbourne, they're launching a pretty cool decentralised, encrypted messenger in the next few weeks.
Nothing happened for me. It's still working on my side.
Update 1: Can't attach any media. Messages work though.
Fixed for me now too (UK)
Seems to work again (EU)
It's back up now
Cannot share media in the Netherlands...
Video quality sucks and swallows.
They have been messing alot with the video quality. It is becoming really horrible Recently. I now share links to my google photos instead.
like a year ago or something they removed the photos from being processed by Google Pixels visual core as well so the photos look like crap on pixel phones.
For me it keeps the original file when in the correct format and under 16MB
But.... but that’s awesome
I don't know about your specific zone but here Instagram have taken the top "video" share app podium, specially for socializing with all the stories stuff.
WA it's more for casual conversation with groups, casual memes and family, therefore stories in this app (with video included) are only used by old people (like facebook stories, and facebook in general).
Why do i need to download the video to view it. Its so fucking annoying.
My aunts and cousin sending me some dumb shit.
Can I watch a video without downloading it?
Cant share media here.
Lol at all the people trying to get everyone on board with with yet another messaging app.
How about pushing for open standards with encryption that works on everything including pc, Mac, and Linux without a phone number.
Phone plans need to die in a horrible fire and should only need a data plan. Unless you like spoofed numbers. When that happens we can have a actual white pages again if we need to look up someone's "number".
Tired of needing a specific app to message someone. And yes I prefer Skype but it needs end to end encryption, no ads, and be open source.
One of my biggest pet peeves is this crap. I miss AIM from when times were simple.
Pidgin used to use XMPP protocol, and you could get plugins to do end-to-end encryption (PGP I think). The problem was you still need an XMPP server (Google talk used to support it, then they phased it out) and so theres no money in this, and people don't want to pay anything, and some people want encryption but I would wager most people jsut don't give a shit (those that do use Signal or something).
The end result of all that is that is the mess we currently have.
Good luck, no one seems to care.
You might like Telegram and Signal.
I binned all my social media after that whole Cambridge Analytica debacle and since then i barely hear from or see a lot of my friends. They all seem lost as to how to contact me and keep telling me to get back on facebook or get whatsapp and dont seem to want to understand the reasons why i dont want my data and browsing habits to be at the mercy of every company under the sun.
Its almost like i don't have a phone number or something...
Okay but who pays for that
Old Skype creators made exactly what you’re looking for (Wire).
so what you want is
Oddly, my wife can't get push notifications.
why not use Signal with wife? it can deal also with SMS, you must have some app for SMS anyway so why not diversify and add also superior messenger to it? plus it can also share media in much better quality and your wife can customize chat colors to distinguish easily her lover from husband
I wonder when they're releasing dark mode
isn't it in beta already?
What, Whatsapp has no dark mode? That app really is years behind in every aspect. Unbelievable
why does a person to person messaging app need a centralized server?
It doesn't.
Because doing peer to peer on 3rd world internet thousands of miles away from each other would be a horrible experience
TIL Malaysia is in Asia
edit: why deleted though? it was funny. added quote to my post
Time to move to Signal or telegram. Facebook have way too much power.
Signal is the only one you can semi trust.
Couldn’t share, its okay now
I've felt nothing
It's been fine for me...
I have had problems with sending dashcam video clips and get a message along the lines of "this media cannot be transferred", but I'm guessing it's a separate issue since it has been going for so long.
It could be a codec issue, try to send video as a document, it should work fine. I have the same issue whenever I try to forward any downloaded video from Reddit, I figured out that the codec was culprit. Whatsapp can't encode those video hence it doesn't send them.
SEA, just had a call, seems normal. But haven't tested media.
Attachments didn't send for a while, now seems to be working.
It's working now here in Sweden
Just tested it's fully working in Ontario Canada.
Bluffdale, UT's data center is humming ya'll...
Huh. I know something was wrong. It's fixed now.
Working fine in Ireland
Oh so that's why I can't download any images.
I missed two video calls, as well, this evening. That has never happened until now. I just lift my phone and see a missed call. Like it didn't ring at all.
Laugh in Telegram
Love you forever, Telegram <3
Happy to report zero issues on Signal which is an app similar to WA but E2EE and not a FB product.
Check out the talk of Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Signal at 36c3 in Leipzig. I saw it live and was shocked about his thoughts about centralization of messaging.
His e2e algorithm is used in FB messenger aswell. The Signal Foundation was founded with 50Million Dollars from a FB founder called Brian Acton.
I would consider them both very close to each other
WhatsApp uses literally the same encryption as Signal.
the main reason regarding this topic should be MUCH higher quality of shared photos/videos, nobody really cares about privacy
plus it can handle also SMS (and you must have some app for that, so why not have messenger which can do both) and you can customize chat colors to distinguish mistress from wife
these are arguments to use to sell product to end users, not dumb encryption and Facebook scaremongering nobody really cares about except few nerds (like me)
Use Signal
why would you share media through WhatsApp anyway? the quality is atrocious, actual reason why i switched to
Memes don't need quality
Why the fuck would anyone still be using whatsapp
Because that’s what the people you know use? If they were on Signal or Telegram or whatever, then people would use that instead. That’s really all it comes down to
The same reason people use Facebook, sms, [insert messaging tool here], etc. it’s a convenient way to talk to people.
It's useful in countries with cheap data and limited texting plans, and you can text people in other countries for free. Other than that I have no idea. I know so many people using it here in canada with expensive data and unlimited texting, and I know its not because of the encryption lol. I think its just user loyalty/popularity at this point.
related news a: As of December 31, 2019, you will not be able to continue using Whats App on any device with Windows Phone operating system, and it is possible that the application is no longer available in Microsoft Store from July 1 of 2019
telegram shares original quality anyway
end to end encryption by default and video calls like WhatsApp and signal when, 2030?
I think it's now fixed.
Nothing to do with Android
It's a huge app used by more than 5 BILLION devices, it is absolutely relevant
no end to end encryption by default or video calls like Signal and WhatsApp, though signal send media in much higher quality than WhatsApp plus can manage SMS
Leave WhatsApp
Leave Telegram
Use Signal
This! Fuck end to end encryption by default and video calls, who needs those...
Telegram fanboys
...or you could just move from WhatsApp to signal which can handle also SMS messages and share media in MUCH higher quality than WhatsApp plus have custom chat colors to distinguish each contact
Again and people still use it
If you still depend on any single service for all/most communications it's your own fault. There are multiple options available, don't put all your eggs in one basket, eh? Although with most of them depending on huge Someone Else's Computer™ providers like Google or Amazon that may be pointless...
just use services with E2E encryption by default
They are bypassing the end to end encryption somehow and the change caused downtime. Calling it now.
There was an article how Facebook was going to capture info once it landed on the device.
Payment option when
And people wonder why Americans still use MMS
I've been unable to attach photos for nearly a week now. Everytime I try, it crashes not only the app, but also my phone
not WhatsApp's only issue. the entire system is riddled with problems.
Works fine for me.
Working ok🙏 India🙏
I rather be without WhatsApp for an hour per year rather than using SMS or MMS for 5 minutes. It's so useless. Thankfully nobody uses it in Portugal.
What's the point of this? Apart from sounding edgy?
SMS/MMS what generation is this HA!
WhatsApp is WhatsCrap. Telegram. Future.