Moronic Monday (Dec 30 2019) - Your weekly questions thread!

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GApps can't seem to access mobile data. Wifi is fine though. So far, G assistant, YouTube, Play Store Play games don't work. Chrome and Gmail are works fine. All other apps work fine.
My phone has a feature for blocking the data of some apps but I have double checked and I haven't blocked it.
My fiancee and I both have OG Pixels from 2016, hers is having hardware problems, 2nd battery now starting to fail and mine is starting to brick on occasion.
Other than something like the Pixel 3A, what are some phones to consider with a headphone jack and a decent size battery?
Any of the Galaxy S10 phones (3100 mah/3400/4100)
The LG G8 (3500)/G8x(4000)/V50(4000)
At the lower end, Moto G7 Power (5000)
Galaxy A20/A50 (4000/4000)
Does anyone know of an app that on press of a physical button, logs the time that the button was pressed?
I switched over to a Pixel 4 from an iPhone a couple weeks ago and I can't figure out how to access my voicemail without going into the phone app and pressing 1. Is there a way to set up a shortcut icon I can put on my home screen? I feel like I'm using my old Blackberry when I access voice mail like this.
Edit: I'm on ATT, not sure if that matters.
my samsung s10e lock button has jammed. can anyone recommend a widget or action in nova launcher that lets me lock the phone? it's not always convenient to wait for it to time out. unlocking the phone is no problem, just locking it again.
Use the built im samsung features lol. Whacca using a Samsung for.
One hamded operation+ allows ypu to add extra gesture on for some actions. I omly use screenshot and lock tho.
Nova should have an option to set a double tap on the screen to lock it.
My brother is looking for a budget-friendly stylus tablet to take notes. I recommend the Surface Go. What do you guys think? Anything better on a budget?
There is the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with an S-Pen, which is worth looking into, but it is going to have to be imported, which raises the price. Also, no warranty.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 also has an S-Pen, but it's still quite expensive new and finding it cheaper used might be a struggle. I'd stick with the Surface Go as your best bet.
Bought a Pixel 3a a few days ago. It's annoying me already because it seems to have a weird backlighting issue going on, the left hand side of the screen is brighter than the right hand side.
I'm going to return it but I'm not sure what to replace it with. I do not TRUST Google pixels anymore. I think I want a simple budget phone that can support android 10.
Literally all I use my phone for is Spotify and to show my bus pass. I went a month without any phone and my anxiety instantly shot up on getting a new smart phone.
I'm going to get the Samsung A70. Does anyone know if it supports android 10?
I used to be able to play a YouTube video, pop it out and browse on chrome or just on my phone while it keeps playing on a corner. I can't do it anymore, I've looked up on Google but can't find the solution
That's picture in picture mode
Make sure it's on in the "general" settings in the YouTube app
Considering the Pixel 3a
I know that Google is likely going to release the Pixel 4a at their annual event in May. I'm just curious if you think it's worth the wait.
My phone is about three years old. The 3a is likely going to be above and beyond what I currently have just in terms of specs and functionality. I'm rockin an LG Stylo 2 right now.
In your opinions, considering what Google may or may not be bringing to the table with the Pixel 4a, should I wait or should I just get the 3a?
It seems either the One UI 2.0 or Android 10 update broke Google Translate's tap to translate feature? Before I updated, it was only when I copied some text that the tap to translate bubble would pop up. Now it displays 24/7, which is rather annoying. I can't find any way to change the functionality to the way it used to be, aside from just turning the popup off entirely. Any ideas?
edit: Apparently the feature was removed due to security issues :(
Is there anyway to switch back to the vertical recent apps in One UI 2.0?
Goodlock is currently fucked up. I can't believe Samsung released One UI 2.0 without it working, but that's beside the point.
I absolutely hate the horizontal recent and would love to switch back to vertical.
If you're feeling really adventurous, try using
Note: if you try this, make sure you install a second launcher first, and be aware that you'll need to factory reset to get access to the stock launcher again
I can't send group texts, but I can receive them. I have a redmi note 7, and I use Google messages as my text messaging app. "Send group an MMS reply to all recipients" is on in the advanced settings for google messages
I'm stuck at the "Downloading... do not turn off target" screen, and when I boot my S6 is unable to get past the Samsung screen. I rooted my phone with TWRP prior to this, then tried a factory reset and somehow ended up here, not being able to do anything. Is my phone broken or are there other solutions, such as directly installing a new OS via the PC, and how would I go about it?
Thanks for reading.
Edit: Fixed it by downloading the firmware for my device and flashing it via Odin.
Hi, I just updated my phone to the newest security patch, and theres something called "Ad Blocker(im not sure if this is the right name)" appearing on my nonification bar and it displays the fake fishy websites such as "Dangerous if left! Virus on your phone!". I couldnt find this anywhere on the internet.
That's definitely a virus. Get rid of it immediately and use Malwarebytes.
Edit: if anyone would like to help me identify this, i can share some pictures through pm
So this is a serious question I've been having for a while: People who complain about 64 gb of storage not being enough, do you guys not own PC's? Beside my usual apps and a few games I don't really have anything on my phone. I take a selfie every once in a while, some pictures for school and maybe some screenshots of things I might need sometime in the future. I don't need to download music because I have Spotify and I can listen to music even though I don't have the Premium version (with some limitations ofc). I keep my family pictures and everything else on my PC
It's nothing hard to understand. People have different use cases. Many people take tons of pictures and videos, and they add up fast. I was happy with my 32gb phone, but my gf has to have a 256GB iPhone. And people are generally lazy, they don't want to manually back up stuff to their PC. And they want instant access to all of those pics and vids, so they would just keep everything on their phones, which justifies phones with huge storage.
Swiping left on my home screen my old Xiaomi show tools, widgets, etc.
On my new motor z3 it shows Google feed, I can disable but I want to have something different, how do I do this?
Yeah if you like the old stuff on your xiaomi, get poco launcher or something.
Download a new launcher
Hi all, my wife and I have Huawei mate se phones and on my most recent virus scan (the built in avast one) I got a message about Google allo having a virus named evo-gen. The app hasn't been used or updated in months since they stopped supporting it. Could this be a false positive or should I uninstall?
If you don't use it anymore, just uninstall the damn thing.
Nokia 6.2, Android 9, Kindle app. I downloaded a bunch of books as this is a new phone. Went to open one and it wouldn't open. Got an error message eventually that I had to remove and re-download. Did so, but each time I open this book to read I get the same message - remove and download again.
Any clues?
How do people stress test new phones they've received? I want to make sure my new OP7Pro isn't defective.
I transfer all my data, pictures, settings, emails, etc from my old device and test those out to make sure they work. I then take pictures and videos to make sure those features are working as they should, then play videos or stream music. I make sure I test every feature of my device within the 1st week to make sure all as well. Oh, and one of the 1st things I do when obtaining a new phone is registering it with the manufacturer's warranty program.
Pixel 4XL 128GB or OnePlus 7T?
Both are priced about the same with my carrier despite the off the shelf price being less for the 7T, so ignore price (still works out cheaper because I get a heavy discount).
I was set on a 4XL but bought my wife a 7T last month and it is absolutely stunning to use so now I'm torn between the two
I'd go for the OnePlus. The only downside is the camera in my opinion. And even there, the OP7T has one more lens.
My wife smashed her S8 a few weeks ago and evidently our back up phone is too old now, the battery drains immediately (Iphone 7).
I am looking in the market and is seems a refurbed S8 is EUR 300 vs 270 to fix hers. I also see the A70 can be bought here in Spain for EUR320 but am unsure if specs wise it really is an upgrade over the S8? The a50 is also available for a little less.
Her needs are good camera for our son and good battery for podcasts and music whilst she is out all.
She can use Android or iOS no problem but prefers Android. Screen Size etc doesn't matter too much either. I would prefer not getting heavily skinned version to make setting her up easier.
The pixel 3a isn't available for a decent price here.
Recently my phone start to warn me about low storage, i already check the installed apps and other file on my internal memory and it only take about 4.5GB.
My internal storage is around 16GB, do system file or android OS can take around 10GB or more? Do factory reset will downgrade my OS to condition before i update it or it will stay the same?
Your OS version will stay the same.
Galaxy M30s vs Redmi note 8 pro, what should I choose; too many options makes it so confusing.
Or should I wait till similar phones with Android 10 is launched as phones don't get upgrade soon enough. :(
Maybe not the best answer but installing custom rom without google services is a good idea. The phone won't overheat unless you do cpu intensive tasks, at least my phone with snapdragon 800 doesn't. Look up xda-developers for instructions.
You'd be surprised how much power does an old flagship has with a cleaner software.
My mind is going crazy thinking about getting a new phone.
Asus Zenfone 6 : $400
Asus ROG phone 2 : $500
Samsung s10e : $700
The Asus phones are chonkers and not sure how they'd hold in everyday usage. The zenfone has expandable storage, while the ROG doesn't. But the ROG has 120hz screen, OC SoC, better speakers, and a side port for charging while being a heavy mofo.
The S10e is perfect, has better cameras, better display, a better dac, smaller size, but Isn't worth that much given the investment size.
My rational mind says "Get the smaller device, you don't need a tablet in your pocket, and Samsung has better resale values, especially on flagships" , but my heart says "ROG phone 2, because you're tired of being afraid of depleting the battery before the day ends ". What do you guys think?
I had the same phones in mind, but in addition to these I was also considering the OnePlus line up. Got the seven pro, and honestly, I couldn't be happier. It's a beast and feels so good to use and hold, even though it's a HUGEE device.
Out of the three I'd go with the s10e, you could always consider OnePlus 7/7t/pro
I would say avoid Asus. Their software is crappy and unreliable when it comes to their entry level phones.
I have used their lower end phones twice only to regret it later. I had Asus Zenfone Max m1 pro whose earpiece would stop working when it's battery was below 10%. I couldn't figure it out at first, but then it would work after getting fully charged.
I'm having trouble opening apps from lock screen. If I tap on a notification it used to open right away (smart Lock) but on my new note 10 I have to swipe unlock before I can open any notifications, and then if I swipe to unlock, I go to the home screen not the notification...
How can I make One UI more like OxygenOS?
You can't mate :(
I did that by moving back to OnePlus 5 from Note 9
Any good penis enlargement apps for Android?
Asking for a friend
I gotchu fam
need a budget phone. Ordered the pixel 3a. Est arrival in Jan 20. Redmi 9t is a lil cheaper, and 9t pro is more expensive but best buy according to mkbhd. If my needs for a phone isn't immediate, and I dont care about camera, should I stay pixel, get 9t, or future proof and more battery life with 9t pro?
Samsung A50:)
Hello, can anyone recommend an android browser that actually lets you select where to save things every time you download something? I've been using Boat Browser for years for this feature, but it's no longer supported, so I wanted to use a new browser that is supported, but it it drives me crazy that they only download to the default download directory without an option to save the file somewhere else. This seems like such a basic feature that I can't understand why it isn't standard.
Is there any way to import my current icon layout from the standard screen to Nova launcher? I just want the exact same layout without labels and maybe a few gestures
There's an option in "backup and import settings" labeled "Import: Try to use another launcher's layout in Nova"
so this just happened about 15 mins ago - I've got a HTC 10, i unlocked it via fingerprint, said "ok google" which it picked up (did the small vibrate), but before the google dialog box even popped up it instantly went into a boot loop. Did around 10 to 15 loops before it booted to the lock screen with 1% battery then died. I've put it on charge and it's booted up normally. any ideas? thanks
Great to have this thread to be able to get all of the questions in one place.
I have a moto z3 play, it is running android 9.0.
I know that one of the new features of android 9 is an upgrade of bluetooth and I am seeing that. It is able to (and does) connect to multiple devices at the same time. It is also supposed to remember the last used volume level of each device.
My primary bluetooth device is a set of earbuds, even when I am driving (yeah I know I shouldn't).
The problems I am having are ...
1 - It isn't remembering the volume level for my earbuds. It always turns them down and I always turn them back up.
2 - Before I get into my car, my earbuds are connected to the phone, once I start my car, the phone also connects to the car. The phone then changes the "active" bluetooth device to the car, which means I have to go into settings and re-set active device to the earbuds.
I have done a little research and know that I can limit the number of active bluetooth connections through the "developers options". I have set that limit to 1 but the problem still happens.
Has anyone else had issues with this ? Is it possible to set the priority of bluetooth connections without adding an aftermarket app ?
I need a USB C hub that will charge my phone while I have a peripheral plugged in, while in my car.
So far I haven't had much luck finding anything of the sort. Microcenter had a store brand 2 port w\ PD but it didn't actually charge my phone, unless I need a PD compatible car charger?
Anyone know where I can source any sort of hub like this?
Would this meet your needs? AUKEY Car Charger, 36W Dual Port Quick Charge 3.0, Cell Phone Car Adapter for iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS, Samsung Note10+ / S10 / S9, Google Pixel 4/4 XL, iPad, AirPods Pro, and More Amazon's Choice for "aukey car charger"
Hey guys, so my friend is bringing an S10+ unlocked phone he bought from Samsung's official website from the US to India for me. I am stoked but really confused if the Phone will work on Volte networks in India. I did check the frequency bands and they seem to match up but I don't know if that is enough. Could someone please help me?
Is there any way to increase the headphone volume on my android?
I just switched from an iPhone 6 to a Pixel 3a. One feature I loved about the 3a was the headphone jack because I prefer wired headphones. I'm using the same pair with my new pixel as I used with my iPhone but turning them up to Max volume is a little disappointing. The speakers are more than loud enough' but I wish the headphones got just a little louder for noisy environments. I looked into it and didn't find much, I even tried a couple of those shoddy looking volume boost apps to no avail. Im even considering getting a small headphone amp.
Best place to buy refurbished or pre-owned phones? I'm looking at a certified refurbished Pixel 3 for $320 USD vs a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $370
Offer Up is a good site too. I bought a new in the box LG V40 from a local seller with no issues.
Not sure about refurb's, maybe Amazon for their return policy. For used - Swappa or eBay.
Could anyone point me in a direction on updating/rooting an old ASUS Transformer TF101?
I'd like to use it for movies/basic games as a tablet, but it's stuck in 2015 (possibly older) and most threads and stuff I've found are all dead threads.
I'm at work now, but I believe it's running Android 3.5?
What could I use this for if I wanted to keep it as a tablet?
After taking a quick look at xda-developers i found these:
Right now, you can use this tab for media consumption, but not for online usage since most browsers don't support ICS anymore. Unless you install a custom rom of course.
What are the best routines for bixby?
Started to use this yesterday and I'm loving it
I had one that would automatically put the phone into Do Not Disturb mode and turn the AOD on when it was after 10pm and it was on the charger.
There's probably more that can be done but I'm a simple guy so this was all I needed.
What do you love about it already?
I've got a pixel 2xl and I'm fed up with the hangouts / messaging apps. They're terrible. I open a message and it takes 20 seconds to resolve to the messages. Are there any good alternative apps that handle sms/mms?
You can try
I'm interested in upgrading my Samsung S7 but having difficulty narrowing down a list of phones with clear comparisons of pros and cons
Right now I'm interested in the OnePlus 7 Pro which is going for around 750 CAD including shipping but I heard that it drains very very fast - I do use my phone for quite a bit of gaming, videos and music with some occasional browsing
I was wondering if anyone had specific suggestions for phones around the same price tag? I don't mind going up to 1kish if the performance and hardware are life changing
I upgraded to the One Plus 7 Pro for Christmas from an s7 edge, the battery is great so far. I don't game, but I do watch a lot of YouTube and Disney+ and I get around 6hrs of screen on time. But on an average day of use, I'll usually have 40% battery left before I go to bed. Another thing to keep in mind is that the One Plus 7 pro has warp charging, which is no joke. I can charge from 10% to 50% in just 20 mins. Also, you might be able to sqeeze some more battery out if you turn the 90hz screen to 60hz, but after looking at 90hz I can never go back.
I switched my year-old Galaxy S9 for a Pixel 3a XL and I've never looked back. Solid battery life (1,5 day minimum), great performance, hasn't slowed down in 6 months, runs Android 10 greatly and the camera is a beast! Downs are: no wireless charging, no IP rating, but I honestly don't mind.
USA: I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask such a thing, Mods delete if you would like. I'm sure a separate post would not be appropriate.
I'm in the market for a mid-range / Budget phone if that makes sense. $350 is really my very top end I'm willing to spend. So far I have been looking at the Motorola One Hyper and the Samsung A50. Pretty equivalent phones. Is there anything else I should be looking at?
I have been using Moto for quite a while so losing chop for flashlight and waggle for camera would be annoying. I'm not interested in any Chinese phones especially with MIUI garbage on it. Not a notch fan, but understand the necessity. Fingerprint reader location really doesn't matter to me.
Wife has a Moto G7+ which is "fine", but I think is aged compared to its price. If I could get one of those for $100, I'd probably just do that. I'm not a phone snob, I don't need the latest most powerful thingamajig.
The Nokia 7.2 might suit your needs.
Refurbished s8+ for ~270-300 on amazon.
Where are you located?
So when hangouts eventually "dies", what happens to the hangouts dialer? My understanding is that's its the only way to do make calls on Google voice without going through another number.
when will Samsung fold prices go down?
It literally got released just about a year ago. Patience my dude
Can an Android app really query the OS to get a list of all other installed apps?
According to
How has there not been an uproar?
This is true. I remember when I used to use Twitter, there was an option to show what data has been collected about me. One of the many pieces of data was the apps I had installed on my phone and I never granted any permissions for that, nor could I find any way to opt out. I agree that this is a privacy/security concern that should require permission.
For number 1, you should be able to add your number as a contact then add a photo and restart messages and it should show up. As for number 2, your image is not there.
Does someone know if there's a feature to quickly switch between the current and last used app when the nav bar is hidden? You would usually do this by pressing twice on the recents button.
Just swipe twice instead where the recents button would be.
I never found a way for this, I simply just turned the gesture hints back on so I could swipe the bar to get back to my last used app quickly. Maybe someone else has the answer as I enjoy the gesture hints off more.
Something weird just happened to my phone and I'm not sure if I should be worried.
I had it in my back jeans pocket and pulled it out to put in my bag, and the screen was all black with coloured text and a little green android logo. It looked like some kind of testing mode or analytics? I've never seen it before, it then when to the blue screen with the Motorola logo it usually has when it boots up and stayed that way for a few minutes.
When it finally booted back up my date was off by (I think) 160 ish days, and it asked me to set it.
I'm worried this could have been some kind of drive-by hacking thing? Though I thought I couldn't do anything contactlessly while my phone was locked. Should I be worried at all? For now I'm not using my banking or PayPal app just in case.
I'm on a Motorola G5s plus, running Android 8.1.0. I believe I have developer options enabled as I've done some basic app making on this phone before, in case that's relevant
The black screen with the Android logo was the fastboot mode. I highly doubt you were been hacked, at least not wirelessly because there is no connectivity while in fastboot. I also don't think the Moto g5 has nfc.
Your phone most likely pressed the button combination while in your pocket and maybe it didn't turn on normally because your phone was heating up?
Not sure if this is an android question, or a Samsung question.
I recently got a new phone when I switch carriers. I went from a Nokia 6.1 to a Samsung Galaxy A50. On both phones I used the stock keyboard, which has the drag to type function. To me, they look and operate identically except they dont operate the same at all. My new phone never gets the word I'm trying to drag to type out.
For instance I'll type this entire surface sentence withthe drag to text feature and I still can't get some odd of the words till better to be the correct ones and it doesn't even shoot show in the suggestions.
I couldn't get the crossed out words to come up and they wouldn't even show in the 3 suggestions you get after selecting a word. My other phone seemed to always be spot on, or if not it was 100% in the suggestions.
Anything I can do to try to make this better?
Samsung has terrible swipe prediction in my experience
I recommend just downloading Gboard from the Play Store. It's the same exact keyboard you had on your Nokia
Install a different keyboard? The best two with glide typing are Google keyboard and Swiftkey.
I feel like my Pixel 2 XL hasn't had an app update in the play store in days. Anyone else?
Devs on Christmas break happens every year.
How is the custom rom support on 1.Realme and 2.Vivo phones?
On realme you lose finger print sensor if you unlock bootloader.
Bad. Even if your realme phone gets a custom rom the dev wont update it to fix bugs..
As far as i know little to no custom roms of vivo phones..
You're better off going to xiaomi/redmi like for custom rom support.