Homeowner denied payout for house wrecked by cops. “They proceeded to fire 40mm bunker buster rounds into the house. Just room, by room, by room the proceeded to destroy the whole house until, finally… there was really nothing left of the house" We gotta stop thinking cops are our friends

What the fuck is a 40 mm bunker buster? A bunker buster is a missile that does just that, digs deep into the ground and explodes when it hits a bunker.
They are quoting the manufacturer marketing term. Cops like things like that so many weapons have pet names that exaggerate. It makes sense to take advantage of tis in court cases.
Lol bunker buster? Wtf? They are just CS gas canisters.
Door breaching round
Yeah someone probably mentioned it. All 40 mikemike “bunker busters” are just tear gas.
The important question that nobody seems to be asking here is, "what colour was the house?"
Maybe the officers mistook the house for a dog.
Lets not turn this into some kind of vindication of pos. The house was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
so one guy with a handgun runs into innocent citizen's house
the cops show up with the fifth army and, instead of just grabbing the guy, they sit outside and blow the house to bits as a warning to anyone who might want to take a pot shot at the cops
and the innocent citizen who had nothing to do with it- the ones the cops brag about being there to protect- is out $100ks
What happened to "no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"?
i don't care if I had to get a second job to pay a lawyer, I would sue thir asses into the dirt
Also it needs to be stressed that the house owner was neither arrested nor killed and we have to commend those fine fine cops for having so much restraint!
When I heard this story, I was like, "What the actual fuck?!" There was ONE guy in that house armed with a HANDGUN and he was accused of shoplifting. How would something like that justify completely obliterating a house?
This was one of the key reasons I left law enforcement. They'll take a fucking bulldozer to something and cost the taxpayers huge amounts of dollars (even if they didn't have to pay for the house -- those rounds and overtime hours cost a lot) in their attempts to strongarm something.
When, in reality, it would be a lot cheaper and a lot less intrusive to plant some plainclothes detectives, SWAT, or vice guys within plain view of the house, keep the family somewhere safe, and then just -- let him come out of the house. He's not going to stay there forever. As soon as he comes out, rush him and cuff him.
But nooo, they need to go in full force, full throttle like some kid who needs instant gratification. The family was out, they were safe. The suspect was holed up there with a handgun. Probably the only reason he was still in there is because he was afraid of the huge amount of cops outside with military grade weaponry.
Departments don't play it smart. They try to talk it off by saying "officer safety" or some crap like that. Maybe using one's brain is a bit too high level for them.
"what's the point of having all these armyman toys if we don't use them guys??? Let's do some hand signals and blow some shit up!!! BACKTHEBLUUUUUUE"
there are no good cops. All the good ones leave or get Serpico'd
to top it all off, he still stayed in there for 19 hours before he voluntarily gave up
so just waiting would have worked
but these fucking militant cops have to take their violent rage out on something
that's why you get 50 cops chasing a car when it always only takes a couple to nail the perps
"Because fuck you thats why and because we can!"
What you're suggesting means that the police have to expend human capital to resolve the issues. When compared to getting home for dinner, missiles are free. This guys house is free. Overtime is a shitload of money. Get this fucking guy out of this house by any means necessary.
The court ruling, boiled down to its purest form - lowest denomination...
"The cops can do whatever they want if they think it is justified and there isn't anything you can do about it. Article 2 in case you get any end around smart ideas: The cops get to decide what is justified and they will not be second guessed."
RT is state sponsored, not state run. They are the most trustworthy media sources out there
And it is a matter of public record
You can always get justice, just not always from the court system.
Russian Times...no thank you.
Russian Times?
Never heard of them
So if picked up a gun and hid inside the police chief's house, the local cops would destroy his house and he'd be told "tough shit"?
MotherFUCK the police, bourgeoisie protection force. Hired goons for the capitalist. Quis custodem custodet?
Yes, story coming from that paragon of truth, RT. The Russian propaganda machine.
and like a dozen other sources
Obviously what the cops did was typical, but this story isn't really being properly reported. The insurance company estimated the damages at ~350,000, and paid the homeowner that much.
The homeowner, rather than repair the house, demolished it and built a nicer one and wants the City to pay the difference.
That's not the way it works. If you drive a 2010 Camry and it gets wrecked you are owed the money for a 2010 Camry, not a new BMW.
The problem is the insurance shouldn't have had to pay out a dime, at least not the homeowners insurance. The police department needs to have insurance for that type of thing.
Articles I read said city paid out 5k.
It's also possible that if what you are saying is true the insurance company is the one sueing in an attempt to subrogate the claim
If your house/car is more than 50% damaged, it should be totaled.
This story is fair game for this sub, but mods please ban RT. We don't need Russian propaganda here.
You just committed a logical fallacy. The source doesn't matter so long as the information is true. Look up appeal to authority.
provide one article from RT that is propaganda
also explain the dozens of other sources that reported the same story
Find another source, comrade.
It's not the police's fault that a gunman barricaded himself in his house. He needs to sue the gunman because he is the one who created this situation.
th gunman did not destroy the house
the police could have simply secured the house, turned off the utilities and just waited him out- a technique that worked for decades
instead of waving their dick compensators around