Bruh moment

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Fucking speed bumps
turbulance is just air speed bumbs.
Well the username checks out
Anything from the trolley dears?
We’ll take the lot
what an ass though.
School headline of the first paper probably read "Spoiled rich kid buys out all sweets on the train"
It’s levi-O-sah
I read this with a British accent. I’m not sure why.
Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.
Here you go
I haven’t laughed this hard in ages,I’m in tears, thank you for this!
As I HP nerd, I love you.
Turn down for what
I forgot most of the words to that song.
It’s actually Tame Impala
Let’s have a moment of silence for the poor soul who was yeeted around the poo room. Brings a whole new meaning to the word floater...
oh hell naw
I’ve been in the pisser of a bus that went partially off the road before. Makes a bit of a mess
I never wanna be yeeted around a poo room
Thank you for giving me a good, hearty laugh to end a stressful day.
That’s why “Remain fastened at all time “
I imagine it would be hard to stay fastened and serve drinks at the same time.
Yea, I had an experience like this, but it came out of the blue for me. I woke up to some turbulence, not that bad ... there was someone waiting at the bathroom (one in the middle of the plane), so the seatbelt light must not have been on. All of the sudden, I'm hanging by my seatbelt with the plane turned way off on its side, and it feels like we're dropping like a ton of bricks. The poor bastard waiting at the bathroom took a flight just like the attendant in this video, and I can't imagine what it was like for the person IN the bathroom. If I'd not been sleeping with my seatbelt on, I would have been rag dolled.
It's the only flight I've been on where people were crying, hugging, holding hands, etc. Rest of the flight was normal, and the pilot came on to apologize for "catching the edge of a system" that we had diverted like 30 mins to avoid.
Also why you don’t hold your baby on your lap to save a few bucks.
Seriously, follow the recommendation and just buckle up whenever you’re seated. You don’t even notice it.
Even when you pee just pee your pants and deal with it
But is it against the law tho?
But is it illegal?
At that moment she truly was the flight attendant.
Attending people whilst flying
Stop. Concussion time!
Paa na naa naaan na na.
That’s a stone cold stunner by the seat
Whyyyyyy did this happen. More info please
Just a momentary loss of lift. It can happen in turbulent air, when crossing air fronts, or because of winds changing direction
This happens because of pockets of vertical currents in the air , usually they are small and frequent in areas which is referred to as turbulence. What occurred here are larger pockets of these currents causing rapid loss of altitude.
Those polar vortexes you heard about a while ago created massive currents like this.
I work at an aircraft maintenance facility and we got one in that had flown almost through a vortex and this exact thing happened (I don’t think this was one of our A/C). The plane dropped 1000 ft in a couple seconds. Just like here when they pulled the plane in we looked inside and you could see deep gashes on the interior ceiling where the cart hit it.
Planes can handle much more stress than this, so other than the heart attack I would have had they were fine.
Here’s an
They hit a cloud.
Flight 180
Holy crap. Found a nice pocket of pressure differential and went zero G.
Edit: apologies, I was mistaken. Not pressure differential, not zero G. Plenty of good information below. Thanks to those who provided it.
it's not a pressure differential. The pressures are fairly uniform. It's a velocity differential. In particular, they hit a column of downward-moving air. The velocity differential is driven (usually) by the downward air being more dense, which usually means it is cooler.
edit: some bad science below has been upvoted. Look for my reply to fuckdjkhaled for the correct science (which has already been downvoted because it shows him wrong).
Long and short: there's no pressure differential. It's a density differential, which causes a bulk buoyancy force.
What the other user said, but that's not zero-G, that's negative-G. 1G to 0G would just mean everything gently stays in place, and you'd get that sinking feeling in your stomach. Being driven downward means the plane is accelerated down and everything else remains in place--i.e., the plane slams downwards into the flight attendant, who was previously standing.
I hate when people say shit like this when they don’t know what they’re talking about.
Not saying I have the first clue what caused the turbulence, but if you don’t either where do you get the urge to use jargon from?
So that's what happens when you leave your phone on!
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Without the volume on it kind of looks like the guy sneezes and shakes the plane with it like a Skyrim shout.
Tame Impala.
The Less I Know The Better
Damn they missed the opportunity to play Let it Happen over it. (Watch the music video)
Wingardium leviosa!
Not now Hermione!
Imagine being on the toilet taking a huge dump at that very moment lol
Oh god oh fuck
My turd would easily knock me out or cause extra turbulence
They should install seat belts in there after this.
Someone didn't turn aeroplane mode on.
Why were they filming?
Could have been some heavy turbulence earlier.
Just documenting their death.
Here‘s an
Something like this happened to me on a CRJ 200 (50 seat capacity plane) except I was in the bathroom peeing. Hit my head and painted the walls all at the same time.
Lack of empathy for the flight attendant in the comments is not humans being bruh’s.
wrong sub, here we're abrupt and chaotic
Looks kinda fun tho.
I bet she said “WWwweeeee!”
Don't let this scare you from flying. While yes, turbulence can strike and be painful if unbuckled, ideally it hits when you're buckled in and aware of its possibility. There are rarely ever, and I mean ever, crashes from a commercial jet due to turbulence. The wings are stress-tested and built to bend up to 45º up and down. It really is more an inconvenience than anything.
Little note here, clear air turbulence(CAT) is unpredictable and invisible to pilots, so this is why you are told to keep your seatbelt on even though the sign is turned of.
A reminder from your friendly neighbourhood glider pilot
It is visible using certain equipment yet the amount it costs to have it installed as standard on commercial aircraft means companies don’t have it. All comes down to $$$
They must've hit a cloud pot or something
Damn, surprised no one posted this classic from Key&Peele yet:
Now thats what happens when you use your phone on an airplane.
Always wear your seatbelt even if only loosely while on a plane
that’s why you keep your seatbelts on
This what happens when you dont turn off your phone when the pilot says
Wtf happend?
Lady got fucking drenched
Probably with hot water, too. D:
Reminds me of the key and peele turbulence sketch lmfao
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Bart turned off his Game Boy
My father’s friend went on a plane one time and sudden turbulence hit them like this. The flight attendant actually hit the “ceiling” of the plane, broke her neck, and died instantly. A few other people got scuffed up pretty bad. The friend only got a bruise on his lap for a few days, as he was wearing his seatbelt.
It doesn’t matter if the ride seems smooth, turbulence can hit pretty suddenly! Always wear your seatbelt when the plane is off the ground!
Damn pot holes.
was the seatbelt sign on?
This happened to me, pilot was still white as a sheet after we landed half an hour later. He called it dead air. Person in front of me was seated, and flew up and hit their shoulder on the luggage compartment.
Anything from the trolley?
"I'll have the lot"
Tame Impala playing in the background lmao
Looks like me and my friends at the back of the bus when we tell the bus driver to speed up for a bump.
nigga went UP
Seems like a lot of loose stuff in the overhead compartments.
Slow motion screams will never not be funny
Better maintain those damn streets.
She wasnt wearing her seatbelt...
Soo.. wtf happened?
Bruh momento
Lucky for her she put her coat on.
Damn they went flying
Reminded me of this
Out of context it looks fun AF
Awwww blew it on the music though! It should be "Let It Happen" by Tame Impala, not "The Less I Know the Better".
At 1:18
Damn. I’ve never been around this many scientists before.
With turbulence, The Less I Know the Better
This is obviously staged. Why would they be recording at that exact time?
I thought she fell out of the luggage rack.
I bet then seatbelt lights are on
Thank you for flying FUKKENMETAL Airlines. Please be careful opening the overhead compartments as the contents may have shifted during moshing.
The scary part is that plane is still on the ground!
Bruh I’m dead. Idiot!
I know this wasn’t staged but
I don't think I've ever ordered a hot beverage on a plane because of THIS
Bruh why is everybody mad at the end...
Thank you for flying spirit airlines
What song is playing?
final moments from Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752
If this were Ryan air - they would have charged them for this.
the music fits so perfectly
clear sky turbulence sucks!
Bruh some of the above?
As someone who gets panic attacks constantly on flights: nope
Wasn't expecting Tame Impala
Ngl I'd shit myself
They must have been listening to my mixtape
And that’s why you have a seatbelt
Why the fuck is there music going on? This seems like a party plane that's on the ground and hits a fucking speed bump to me.
Whats the song in the background?
You know not everything needs background music
DO THE HARLEM actually I assume thats banned in this sub at this point
I wonder if they get any kind of compensation for that.
I'd want some new clothes after getting ginger ale and pee all over myself.
When the bass drops
That looks fun
XD I cannot breath
What is the name of that song
You wonder why back injuries are so common among flight attendants...
I thought she came out of the overhead luggage carrier for the first few watches.
They hit a bump?
She coulda broke her neck!
Spirit Airlines!
A”bruh”pt Chaos.
How wearing your jacket helps with a plane crash?
This is exactly the same thing that gave me a fear of flying. Thousands of flights through my life and this is what put me out for this stuff. It sucks Bc it’s very almost little bumps and then BAM! Your falling. Now every time we get turbulence I panicked and brace myself
dang sucks to hear that. I have a fear of heights so I've always hated flying. I had to fly recently and I've been a lot more comfortable with it but I see vids like this and such and I remember why I hate flying.
Regardless of why it happened, I'm just wondering why this person was recording the lady putting her coat on?
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The fasten seatbelt sign was on.
Thanks I’m never going on a plane again
Not the greatest feeling ever 🎶
Okay but why is the less i know the better playing?
Flight Attendant ignoring the seatbelt sign, smh. No one is above the law
She became the flying attendant
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Just a reminder that there are potholes everywhere. Even in the sky.
How do they know to film that?! What are the odds of that? My brain is struggling!
Classic Ryanair landing
She got yeeted into heaven and came back in 0.1 seconds
When the beat drops a little too hard
I've traveled a lot but never had turbulence past having my brains rattled out a bit. Never had a drop or anything like this.
This video makes me realize that I would have no idea if my plane was seriously crashing or not. If I was on this plane, I would have for sure thought we were going down.
So how do you tell the difference between a rough ride and your actual impending death?
If you're not on the flight deck no way to tell. If you ever suffer depressurisation you'll swear you're crashing as you'll never have experienced the sudden descent from cruise and the down angle will make it seem like you're plummeting to the earth, added to it the speed brake shaking the plane it's terrifying, though entirely safe. Worst being you'll start slower descent and once pilots have determined plane is structurally sound pitch further down so it feels like loss of control from the back.
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Me when i get on the bus
I got turbulenced once and just spilled soda all over myself
The song is surprisingly fitting