ANW Season 11 Episode 3 (Oklahoma City Qualifiers) Prediction and Discussion Thread

Hello all! Posting early for predictions and because I graduate high_school(yeah_im_young_lol) on Monday and will be at dinner when the episode airs. Do NOT discuss Kid Ohwadis early-run here, or any other leaked information. If you discuss The Kid’s run it’s just a remove, if you discuss any leaked information the rules will be enforced right away

My mom: “You know who Grant looks like with the bow like that? The Cowardly Lion.”
Honestly, season 11 has been pretty great so far. Great new format changes, new obstacles are sick, more willing to show runs without vignettes or with only abbreviated vignettes (and honestly, more interesting vignettes), and some great runs to boot. Probably my favorite season since I started watching at season 8, or at least my favorite qualifiers.
I agree. They've been listening to the fans for sure. Stories with heart break in them don't dwell on the sad "before" as much as the happier "I overcame" theme. I think we get more features but their smaller (I timed some last night. 1:30ish for many). It's better to watch this year over all others.
As a ninja though- telling your story is going to be harder and harder. I had big dreams of inspiring millions to lose weight and live healthier. Maybe that can happen when I get my first buzzer next season (if invited back) but with a minute and a half well...that's a really short span of time to work with!
These women are on fire tonight this might be the best women region ever
And the Kingdom Ninja got the fastest time of the night,plus the $10K as well.
Daniel is gonna freaking destroy Vegas this year
He is savage.
These new graphics they've been using over the obstacles to show things are pretty cool.
Okay this region is a LOT more stacked than I thought
Thank goodness Barclay was top 30, lmao. Got a bit worried.
Why’d they show Karen in 31st though?
Top 5 women still advance but for whatever reason there not showing it at the end of the episode
Probably because she was 5th place among women? And they didn't want to make a new screen for one person.
I wish they would show the timer here. I would love to see that like we have had every season.
Matthew Day is one of my sleepers to go far this season
Every year when he comes on screen I'm like oh yeah forgot about him, but he's hella good! The ninja names have been getting ridiculous but maybe he slips people's minds because he doesn't have one and is all professionalism out on the course.
Definitely agree. I think people are sleeping on him, but he's shown from last season and qualifiers this season that he's for real
Ok just finished...
1: wasn’t this meant to be a night for the history books according to ads?
2: Gil and his wife look VERY alike
3: Where tf does Kid go to school where two semesters is only $10,000?
He’s going to school in state and probably commutes from home to save money and be close to the ninja gym. So pretty much he would only pays base tuition, and he could have academic scholarships too. Makes sense to me
Ok, yeah. Technically it wasn't a night for the history books, I think they just mean how there were 4 women in the Top 30, but that already happened in Philadelphia, ANW8...
That coconut climb dismount looks ridiculous
Ooh. Barclay came close to finishing the Coconut Climb but fell too low at the end.
I remember Taylor from college madness!
Whoa. The bug ninja is out? Surprising.
Whatever happened to Quest? They hyped her backstory in a commercial and I highly doubt the last woman of the night would fail on the 3rd obstacle.
She's not bad I wouldn't be shocked to see her go kinda far
Karsten just got 5k richer!
Nice episode and a historic night for the women
Gotta show love for the Big Dog. He does well and he’s one of the quieter, humbler ninjas. Hope to see him make it to Vegas.
Overall -- it was a great episode. Finally, we got to see some ladies deliver. I really wish Barclay would've finished the course. She seemed LOCKED IN and looked really sharp until that coconut obstacle.
What is the point of having Zuri around if they don't give her a chance to interview anyone post-run?
And the cake Ninja gets a sweet victory getting the buzzer here.
The Big Dog Ninja gets shown by the big Mega Wall.
You know your personality bland af when you gotta dig that deep to make your ninja name.
Is there a place to see all the notable people that are competing?
This is the best you’ll be able to find -
Have to say, the Diving Boards and the Coconut Climb seem to be the toughest two obstacles tonight.
Ah there’s Quest! Thought they completely forgot about her, lol.
as expected, amazing run
I wanted to see The Kid VS Gil so Bad!
A lot of people hit their heads this time out. I don’t think this week’s balance obstacle is safe enough.
Nice to see Brent finishing the course.
I legit just missed 15 minutes of the program from a tornado warning that lasted WAY too long (don’t worry about me, I’m safe) but I’m honestly pretty angry about it...
At least you can catch the runs you missed online.
They have the full episode up online now
I'm so mad they skipped Brent
Why? That guy is an asshole.
Am I good to mention the preview after Atlanta’s qualifiers?
Anything from Atlanta Qualifiers is fair game as that was last week, or did I misunderstood you
Hey got a couple that met on Team ninja Warrior.
The sad thing is that those two dating might be the only good thing that came from that show
god damnit
Time for Karsten's run.
And the Kingdom Ninja is going straight to the National finals!
They have been pushing the whole "first mother to get up the warped wall" thing hard that it must happen at city finals or something.
HEY MA LOOK I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it me or did it look like Maggie Thorne hit the water. The water was rippling
She did hit the mat. Hitting the mat can cause ripples since the mat is in the water as well. It happened to Drew before.
I'm not saying she didn't hit the water. But it's possible it was just the mat. I'd need to take a better look.
UGH NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN! Plus WTF They skipped over Abel & Tremayne?!
It sucks :( they didn’t even get a mention. It least Brent Steffensen and Josh Salinas were mentioned even though their full runs weren’t shown. I was looking forward to seeing Abel’s run, since Abel said on Instagram that he competed in OKC.
It should be illegal to show them in the previews and then completely skip them in the episode. I saw Tremayne in a preview and got excited...
May have got delayed a week(though a good week for my city) but now we get to watch Ninja Warrior again, and on Monday where its supposed to be.
That coconut climb seems to be tough to at least at the end part.
OOh., Karen got up the first half of Coconut climb, but couldn't get to the other half.
Damn what a start
That coconut climb looks amazing
OMG Leonhart?!
Epilepsy is one scary disease. At least there is ways to deal with it.
Ouch. Mortimer diving off the diving boards.
And the Coconut climb has wiped out Taylor.
OH WOW! Now that was an awesome recovery from Maggi.
How did favia do? My network got cut off by a tornado warning...
Stay safe.
The best ninjas make it look so easy and effortless!
Time for Barclay's run.
Got the cowgirl ninja here.
Good run for Leigh but flew off the fly wheels.
Time for Quest's quest!
And the diving boards claim another ninja.
Power Tower time!
So what about this episode was so historic? They kept saying over and over again “on this historic night of American ninja warrior!”
I'm assuming it was the number of women in the top 30, but not sure if it's actually the most they've had or not.
It seems like all the top competitors this week all train at Daniel Gil’s gym. I can’t remember what it’s called
Iron Sports
Glad to see Quest on the course this year!
So by my calculations they digested more finishers (5) than they actually showed (4). That is just dumb.
13 people finished the qualifying course in OKC.
There's your full list.
Was rooting for a Gil vs Kid power tower... but oh well.
Damn Charity LeBlanc has some competition for hottest ninja in the form of Taylor Amann
Oh of course they save kiddo for last smh
Lmao Daniel is gonna crush this poor soul
SHES A WORKING MOM OMG OMG OMG. Wtf was with that? I guess its special that moms work and can train. It only any of the fathers on ANW worked as well.
WOW 8 KIDS??!!
In what world do they justify showing us a dozen runs of no-names burning out on early obstacles but Brent Steffenson gets the half-assed commercial recap?
It'd be one thing if he was slipping, but when he's more of a veteran than the current ownership AND he did well, there's no reason not to do proper coverage.
Maybe cause he’s a dick to people on social media idk
Apparently you can't use your legs to wrap around coconut climb. It was interesting to see Maggi loop her legs around the far vertical column, look down and away from the crowd, and immediately take her legs off. I'm guessing the rules guy (located on the ground opposite the crowd) yelled at her to stop immediately.
Anyone available to elaborate?
You weren’t allowed to use your legs, correct
You forgot to reply to comment, but since I got the alert I’ll reply to you instead :) Joe is also one of my favorites, and even tho he has very strong beliefs on Gun Rights And is (I believe) anti-abortion it doesn’t bother me because he respects others opinions and is willing to listen, actually because of that I have even MORE respect for him
Maggie touched the water no? Lol
Does anyone else just get utterly annoyed by Maggie Thorne? I love ANW and those who compete but I always root for her to fail on the first part
I'm not a particular fan of hers, but I'm not sure why you would root for anyone to fail, assuming they aren't a total jerk... that's kind of messed up.
The only people I root for to fail are the overly cocky ones.
Nope, she's awesome and goes out of her way to try to inspire little girls. Why would anyone be annoyed by that??