episode 2.04 "the perfect storm" discussion

Maggie is shocked to learn Eric's true identity. Meanwhile, Eddie realizes how much he wants to be a part of Charlie's life as Katherine makes a decision about her and Eddie's relationship.

every single adult character on this show is undeserving of katharine’s love and friendship.
Katherine has been my favorite since episode one ! Love her !
Delilah is always so woe is me. What has she done to actually help the restaurant besides walk around and look breathy?? She makes me sick.
That awkward “blink ... now hold that blink” thing is aggravating.
Lmao what does Breathy mean?
Haha that is so spot on!
Carter is the best. I’m glad Katherine has a real friend
Yeah, Carter! His one sentence finally let Katherine make a decision.
I honestly don’t get the big deal with Eric.
I don't either. I've seen stories of families who meet/stay in touch with organ recipients of their deceased loved ones. I really was shocked at Eugene's ultimatum to Patricia. Maybe Patricia tried to take it too far and develop an unhealthy relationship with Eric?
And I'm gonna be so pissed if something comes of this relationship between maggie and Eric. Besides that being kinda... Creepy?? I freakin live Gary. I was worried about eric the first scene. Like.. Noooo... They have such a good relationship.
i think maggie is more pissed about her mother lying to her and her dad all these years. maybe she thinks that she could have said a goodbye, found some closure, had she known he was in the hospital.
i think they will explore eric's character in the series.
I don’t either and I get why people think Maggie is so annoying but I also like her still.
Only because I can relate to her so much and it’s a huge reason why I love the show. (Hear me out before y’all kill me lol) I like her and I get why she was so mad with her mother because she though she knew why and exactly how her brother died. They were obviously close and losing him was one thing but knowing his last moments was another. And finding out how his last moments were actually suffering is completely devastating. I know this because my brother died from suicide but it wasn’t instant and he died later in the hospital by the time I got there he was gone. It’s a feeing id wish on nobody but I knew he was an organ donor before. (You can sign up to be one with your license.) I love that someone out there benefited and got another chance of life because of my brother. Does it give me peace? Eh yes and no that’s a hard one to answer.
So to sum it up I get why Maggie was angry, it wasn’t because he was an organ donor it was because she was mad her mom found some peace with his death and she feels she never will. I 100% feel the same way sometimes.
I’m disgusted. Katherine deserves better than this. This is such awful writing to keep her character around (rightfully so because Grace Park is amazing).
I feel the same way about Grace Park and I feel like there were several different ways they could've handled this, and should've handled this, but I guess we're all just going to agree not to care or hold Eddie or Delilah accountable. Heaven forbid she has to answer for ANY of this. Poor Katherine has been through the freaking wringer and, as much as I love my husband, I don't think I'd ever be able to take him back. I would be constantly wondering if he was lying about where he was and who he was with. And I feel like he would always have major guilt and would be trying to keep peace and that's no way to live. I hope the show goes into how hard this should be for E&K to come back from but I think we know the answer.
I know Delilah obviously didn't want him to die but she was cheating on him and planning to leave him THE DAY HE KILLED HIMSELF yet no one seems to care...poor widowed Delilah. They should feel terrible for his children, it's awful they have to deal with this and wonder about the why forever. And when the kids find out that Eddie is their sister's father I wonder if they'll blame her at all.
I feel like the way this show goes, when he kids find out they'll ask if they can call Eddie "Dad" too. I wish her daughter would unleash on her but I just don't see that coming(from the writers, I mean). They wouldn't want to hurt Delilah's feelings.
This show should be renamed “A Million Little Lies”
I like this. I’ve also called it A Million Little Codependent Assholes.
I’ve accidentally referred to it as that.
I love how when they realized Katherine was watching them in the nursery and walked away clearly upset, Delilah thinks she's the perfect person to go make her feel better. "I got this one"
Another display of terrible judgement and lack of awareness by Delilah.
Stupid Eddie. He’s like “ok, mistress who I impregnated, go make my wife feel better as I hold our child”. 😏
It’s like the writers keep trying to make her pitiful and likable but it’s having the opposite effect. No one is gonna like her until she’s held accountable for her part in all this.
Maggie has been very annoying to me this season.
Except the hospital scene w Delilah and the lactation consultant. True Maggie showed herself for like 20 seconds this season...
Right it’s such a weird and stupid plot
Me too
And she’s supposed to be a therapist? What a whiny entitled supercilious train wreck. And to think that at the beginning, she was my favorite. Downhill from there.
Has Theo sung before? I’m surprised at his singing voice & that he knows how to play the guitar! Did we know that from Season 1?
That was a cute scene, except I hate how Katherine keeps feeling shafted.
Right? That seemed like it came out of nowhere.
I think it was a ukulele, but still, we’ve never seen Eddie teaching him. I know we don’t see every little thing, but playing an instrument and leading a sing-along is not like what we’ve seen of him so far.
Theo should have won the lead in Grease instead of Danny.
Theo is too wholesome for this world and the actor that plays him is so talented.
Katherine is such a good woman. Eddie doesn’t deserve
Gary is such a good man. Maggie doesn't deserve
She is a saint
Eddie was sleeping with his best friends wife... he doesn't deserve anything.
I like Katherine’s work friend.
Honestly at this point I’d be cool with a spin-off with Katherine and her work friend and dumping all the other storylines
Me too. Its nice to see people outside that group, when I see them all together all the time its like don’t they know anyone else?
So LITERALLY nobody can see Maggie’s mom needs therapy..yeah okay sure
Look, what do all expect from Maggie’s mom after the tumultuous relationship she had with Michael Scott??
Hell Maggie needs therapy too. And also Gary while we are at it lol.
Ohhh so NOWWW they want to know how Katherine’s doing
Maybe all of their phones were broken this whole time.
And didn't Gary hate her last season? And now she's having a heart to heart?
Katherine should’ve slapped Delilah. Like what can you do...not sleep with peoples husbands but that ship sailed
Yeah, I'm not sure why Delilah thought she was the best one to go talk to a somewhat upset Katherine when Eddie was holding the baby.
My god this episode made me want to punch the tv..... I’m pretty sure Maggie is more annoying than Delilah at this point. Hard to believe she is a therapist. Girl needs massive therapy herself. I dont really see what her mom did as that bad. I also really hate that Katherine is sticking around. She deserves better.
Maggie is overreacting.
Per usual
Delilah is a fool. She needs to shut her mouth.
Right. "I know how hard this is..." Umm no you don't. Katherine is in horrible emotional turmoil with very difficult decisions to make, meanwhile Delilah lives in a mansion and works when she feels like it in the restaurant she co-owns.
Haha right? Like out of everyone, why would she think she should be the one to go talk to Katherine? And ugh saying she knows how Katherine feels...they needed a scene where Delilah realizes that she is an idiot, and that was a stupid thing to say, and go "you know Katherine, you're right, I don't have a freakin' clue what you're dealing with, and what makes it even worse is that I'm half the reason you're even in this situation! Tell me what you need me to do".
That shower scene was just stupid. You can run the shower, it will steam up the bathroom. You don't have to be *in* the shower. Without a shirt on.
Yeah but are dumb and can't possibly figure that out! (Massive eyeroll at the overplayed tv sitcom trope)
Wasn’t that a steam shower? Like for rich people?
To be fair, skin to skin contact is super beneficial for baby at that age, especially when sick. While the scene itself was silly, the concept can work.
Dude bro Rome tho, he makes it weird
Now why is Katherine literally the best character on this whole show
It surprised me too
The friends wanting to know how Katherine is doing now is a little too late to be believable for me. Why on earth would she/we believe they care when they’ve never been shown to before? This is whack storytelling to keep Grace around tbh. They should’ve done this earlier.
They really shouldn't have had the baby be Eddie's.
Of course she is.
Of course he does.
I don't know why I get sucked into these soapy shows, yet here I am.
I just want to find out the rest of John's story. Is that too much to ask?
These friends don’t deserve Katherine.
Sadly they’re not even “friends” with her really. :(
She’s 10000000 x better that Delilah.
I feel like this is Maggie storyline is so boring
It really is. Just a lame way to introduce unneeded conflict between Gary and Maggie.
Wait and if Eddie wants to be Charlotte’s father then how are they going to tell the kids? Bc Theo should know he has a sister...... And Delilah done already told her kids it was their fathers kid. Like this is so ghetto
It really bothers me that none of the kids are being told the truth about who Charlie’s father is.
I think they plan to drag that out all season.
They're trying to parallel that with JP (Or whatever the teen's name is) to show how fucking bad it is to knowingly lie to your kid about who their real dad is. They think they are doing the right thing but will learn through JP that it's bad.
Is what Patricia doing that bad though?
I mean, I could see it being a little weird but it's not like she was sleeping with him. I think Maggie can calm down.
I feel like the writers, show runner, producers really felt like we were going to be like "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!" but I honestly was waiting to hear the bad part.
I mean she chose Eric over her husband, so yeah.
Why do I watch this show? Might be because I'm a Masshole and the whole Bruins thing dragged me in but...this is like watching a trainwreck. (I'm typing this as I watch this episode).
Katherine should take her immature child and ride off into the sunset. When little Theo asks, “where’s Daddy?”, she can tell him he’s being daddy to little Charlie.
I miss John Ritter too. I love Jason Ritter so I hope he has a regular role.
I think what annoys me most about this Maggie storyline is that I don't get why she's so upset.
So Chad died half an hour later than she thought. But...he still died from the car accident. It's not like he suddenly died by suicide or something. So her saying that Patricia lied about how he died was not entirely accurate. I get being upset to an extent, but not in the way that Maggie was acting. The only thing that changed was when he died, not how he died. Maggie still wouldn't have said goodbye.
And then Maggie being angry that Patricia came into town not just for Maggie, but for Eric too. Yes, Patricia is hanging on to Chad to the point of basically replacing Chad with Eric, and that's obviously a problem. But...I don't really get why it's heart shattering news. Maggie and Patricia already weren't very close. Obviously Maggie and Patricia both need therapy, but I don't get why Maggie was acting in the manner that she was.
I can try to answer this. My brother was my mom's favorite, and he died. He still gets priority over me even though he is dead. I've never come first, no matter how much I needed it in my family so I can see why she is so triggered when she felt her mom came to see her, but was really there to see her dead son's heart.
The issue for me is that she is a therapist so she should be more self aware and see how fucked her mom is in the head. My mom NEEDS therapy but refuses to get it. Maggie should be more aware of all this instead of acting like some little kid about everything.
I’m so lost why this is a problem, yet Eddie can cheat on his amazing wife with his best friend and father a daughter with her and that is completely forgiven.
I tried to put myself in Katherine's shoes when she was looking in at everyone in the nursery, watching her husband hold the baby he fathered with another woman, who was sitting beside him, and everyone in the room was all I wouldn't be able to do it. This isn't even the first time Eddie has put her through hell. But for some crazy reason I want to watch them try to work it out.
I was really hoping Katherine’s coworker would tell her to leave Eddies cheating ass but I’m getting used to disappointment
You’re my hero
I know it just started but that Gary/Eric/Maggie storyline better not continue past the next episode. Just please have it end by the next episode. Let these two adults address it ASAP.
Im hoping Rome plays more of an uncle figure to Charly and this becomes his way of feeling as a father figure if sorts. Please don’t lead this to unnecessary conflict between Rome and Regina for a baby. Please leave this couple alone, you’ve already damaged the others.
I couldn’t give a crap about Eddie/Katherine. I just hate everything about the affair storyline. I just have a hard time feeling sorry for Eddie after the dumb decisions he made and he’s pretty much been written to look like the victim in all this.
I hope they remain the constant couple throughout the series.
John and Katherine are the best characters. Maggie is as annoying and spoiled as theo💀
John? Really? I agree on Katherine but I think John is one of the worst.
I’m new-ish to this show. Watched some of the first season then fell off. Now watching while waiting for HTGAWM. And Maggie annoys the shit out of me, she’s a therapist right? Can’t she see her mom needs help? It doesn’t need to be her who helps her but she should recognize her moms call for help instead of just being “me me me me” like i’m sorry the mom went about it the wrong way but she had good intentions with trying to lift guilt off her daughters shoulders. It didn’t need an over the top angry reaction. She is so, i don’t know. I don’t like her. Like i know she has cancer but i can’t see her mom as this bad guy, she just made bad decisions when grieving. And she never gives her mom a chance to explain before going off on her. They both need help and you’d think a therapist would recognize that
And some friends these ppl are, nobody is there for Katherine and her husband had a whole baby on her!!! And nobody holds Delilah accountable, it’s like they all are just like “oh whatever”. Wtf? You can be there for the baby while still holding them both accountable. And still be there for Katherine. Who is CLEARLY struggling. She should have divorced that asshole.
The bottom line is that the show needs new writers. If any executives are reading, please pay attention. We all want to watch this! But you’re going to drive us away and have a canceled show.
Ratings are lower each week. Season Premier was 1.0 and ep 4 is 0.7. They need to do better ASAP.
Delilah is so irritating all the time. Will there ever be ANY accountability for her ?
I'll give rome a baby
Would it be kind of bizarre if Maggie and Eric got together? Does anyone think that’s where it’s going? I just feel it would be strange to be with someone, who shares part of your genetic makeup?
If her running to him and embracing didn't scream hooking up soon then I don't what does... As much I don't want it to happen it the kind of drama this shows thrive on.
I think they might try to create some emotional affair type drama but I don't see Maggie and Eric getting together. She and Gary are just too perfect together to me.
I think Maggie is a little selfish and doesn’t think much of relationships. I imagine some of that was self preservation when she was sick. But, I think she’s used to running when things get rough (moving to Boston for example) , so running to Eric when she’s in her own head and upset about her mom/brother wouldn’t surprise me.
St. Katherine is simply ridiculous. NO ONE would really respond this way.
Katherine and Gary should run off together. Isn't the writing on the wall for Maggie, anyway??? Maggie doesn't deserve Gary. Eddie sure as hell doesn't deserve Katherine. They both need to exit their toxic relationships.
I’m all for it!
I'm officially sick of Maggie. She always has some sort of dramatic, over the top, angry reaction to everything. You would think as a therapist that she would understand her mother's pain and confusion, but no, everything always has to be about her.
That is the biggest inconsistency to me, too. If Maggie isn't in a place to help her mom yet, shouldn't she at least have done coping mechanisms for herself?!
Good point
This is really petty but I was kinda hoping Maggie would be in a different wig each episode and I'm so disappointed and over that tired ass pink wig
Maybe after her pouty running away in the rain it will be ruined and she will be in a new one next episode? 🤣
The manufactured drama with Maggie and the donor recipient is ridiculous. OMG YOU NEVER TOLD ME CHAD WAS AN ORGAN DONOR. Who the fuck cares if Chad died in the crash or if he died 20 minutes later.
That shower scene was so dumb.
I knew that would be the connection with Chad (I hate that name though). Chad.
OMG, shut up Maggie!
Is anybody else bothered by how NONE of the scenes are filmed in Boston?
I'm actually enjoying all the dramatic soapy goodness, but I also enjoy telenovelas so there's that. The two things that irked me were:
Totally agree with you. I get the whole "wanting to protect your kids" thing, but that ship sailed the minute she found out she was pregnant and that it wasn't John's baby. When the kids find out, they are going to be furious...really all she is doing is delaying their anger until later, and it will be so much worse because she wasn't honest with them. They already had to deal with their Dad holding onto secrets, and now they will have to do the same with their Mom.
I keep waiting for the episode that says oh wait...the DNA test says the baby really is John’s! An attempt to undo the mess of the storyline and say the snip didn’t work
Unpopular opinion here: I really hate the actor who plays Eddie. Sure, he is a pretty face, but he always says everything with a smirk on his face and looks like a schmuck saying it.
Loved him in Grimm, but you are spot on.
Unpopular opinion is that I like Eddie.
Hmmm Eddie wants to be a part of Charlie’s life once Katherine kicks him to the curb.
😮I’m shocked!
He is still the father, and Katherine wants him to be a part of her life growing up
Maggie is a brat. Wow oh wow
James Roday has been noticeably more sarcastic and has been giving off a Shawn Spencer feel in the new season and this episode really cemented that.
Huh. That’s not what I expecting.
Loved the scene with Gary and Katherine. One nipple LOL
This is so awkward.
Maggie's mom is terrible. She choose Eric over her husband? What even???
She definitely needs therapy. She hasn’t been able to let go of Chad and it’s affecting her relationship with her remaining family. She just needs help.
That was HER SON, I’m not a parent, but I would be utterly DEVASTATED over loosing if I lost my child that way, I mean put yourself in Maggies mother’s shoes, yes she has/had Maggie and her husband, but again that was still her child! So I don’t think it’s wrong of her to find comfort in Eric, there are plenty of families who keep in contact with organ recipients.
At the end of the day though BOTH need therapy.
That shower is bigger than my apartment. The shower singing scene was criminally stupid.
What does Delilah even do at the restaurant?
“He’s straight... for now.” Ugh. That line was not nearly as cute as they thought it was. There would have been such an outcry if that line was from a straight character saying someone is only gay for now.
Katherine is incredible.
Maggie is the only character in this show that I don’t like. For a therapist she is not very self aware .... why is she always crying and failing to see her mother has emotions too ? And she gets upset over everything .... I’m so glad she’s not my therapist lol. Does anyone else find her incredibly annoying?
Delilah needs to die.
Fuck you Eddie.
I guess this could be a spoiler (if I’m right), but it’s currently just a theory:
So... Eddie fell off the wagon in this episode, right? He was given that drink at the bar (while sadly staring at a photo of his daughter, wallowing about how he isn’t in her life). When Katherine walked in, his back was to everyone, then later when Gary moved the drink, the level was lower. I feel like they lingered on all of this just a hair too long for it to be a red herring, but I hope it is because I’m not looking forward to the ensuing drama/turmoil that will inevitably play out when it’s revealed at the end of the season that he’s been off the wagon for months.
Yeah how is no one acknowledging the whiskey thing. I thought it was clear it was supposed to be Gary’s and then he looked back at Eddie as if he knew he drank it.
Rewatching that moment now, because I thought Eddie pushed it away just as Delilah came over, so I thought it was more foreshadowing that Eddie WILL relapse later this season but not right now. Though I like the idea that they subtly had him relapse and nobody really noticed, not even the audience, at first, even with the sign there.
But taking another look, the drink that Gary had later in the scene isn't the same one that Eddie was accidentally given. Eddie was sitting further down at the bar while Gary was right next to the men in suits. Unless it's a continuity error, Eddie should still be sober.
And Maggie ended up sitting in Eddie's seat, and the glass that I think was accidentally given to Eddie's was still the same amount (Eddie's drink had ice in it while Gary's didn't).
Does anyone ever go to work? Katherine goes to work and gossip and pick up paperwork for Delilah. After just not showing up for a week.
Anyone else really just don’t give a shit about Maggie and this Eric deal?
Anybody know this song? Is it Collin Hay?
What was the paper that Katherine had Delilah sign?
some papers for delilah to keep her house
My cable went out for the last 2 minutes of the show. Did I miss any thing important??
Probably just more bullsh*t from the Maggie/Eric/Gary/Patricia story line. So no.
Thucydides once wrote, “We all look with distaste on people who arrogantly pretend to a reputation to which they are not entitled; but equally to be condemned are those who, through lack of moral fibre, fail to live up to the reputation which is theirs already.”
Season 2 theme: “Life goes on. Ready or not.”
I think they are trying to have some possible outcomes designed to prolong the drama but they need to figure it out or the audience can find something to watch 🤔
I have a weird question: the time of day seemed so off in this episode. Like it’s dark/dinner time at the restaurant, but it’s daylight at the airport and when Maggie was outside? Also, Theo was going to school but Maggie and Gary are hosting brunch?
I noticed that too! But at this point nothing on this show surprises me
What was the deal with the timeline in this episode? The power outage made the restaurant and the house dark enough to need candlelight and flashlights, but the scenes happening simultaneously with Maggie and her mom were in broad daylight? Made it all seem super disjointed to me, but seems to be par for the course with this show.
If we are being honest Katherine and Eddie didn’t have any chemistry to begin with
Their scenes are sizzling to me. Definitely have chemistry.
More chemistry than Delilah and Eddie, at least.
It’s such an odd pairing
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Psych card!!!
Does anyone else think that this season is boring so far ?
Totally agree!