9-1-1 | S03E10 “Christmas Spirit” [Live Episode Discussion Thread]

Formatting later— enjoy!

We seriously need a Buckley siblings backstory episode. We need to know why Buck is so attached to Bobby. How were his parents that shaped him and Maddie to the people they are now.
I said the same thing in a post the other day and people pointed out a few theories but, like you're insinuating, I think it'd be great to have a confirmation of one story or another.
"You don't have cancer lets BANG!" lol Athena
It always confuses me when we see other people outside of the main cast make appearances (the random bald man that followed the others up the stairs in the last scene lol). I forget that a firehouse takes a lot more people to run lmao
Lol I almost thought that guy was Ryan Murphy for a second but then I was like nope.
Oh shit, Michael's the one who has cancer, not Bobby. FUCK
I was totally expecting the shocking news for Bobby to be that he had cancer (or something else), not that Michael did. Man, I was wrong. 🤧😢
I guess Bobby’s radiation scare was a red herring.
Oh Buck. You didn't even make it until the theme music before being a dumbass.
We need a phrase like "Pulling a Buck" for these types of situations.
"Buck...Eddie get me..uhhh...everything?" lol
Best part of the whole episode
you very handsome men... lmao same if i called 911 and they were my response team i’ma fake all the injuries for them to check me out
Is this Michael's first real Christmas without his old family? I can see him regressing here. He doesn't seem to have a boyfriend any more. His own family isn't in the picture. To be alone at Christmas when before hand he always had people around him has to be hard for him. Though he is going a loopy.
I don't remember him breaking up with his boyfriend...did I miss this? I agree though...definitely having a hard time coping with the change.
I was just saying this out loud, "Papa Bobby!"
It did flash me back to the pilot episode, where Bobby was reprimanding Buck for stealing that firetruck, and he said something like "I know we have this thing going where you call me 'Pops', but you can't just steal a firetruck" (don't remember the exact quote, just the context). They never really picked up on the whole Buck calling Bobby 'Pops' thing again, did they? But it really set up the whole surrogate father thing right from the start.
We've never really looked into Bucks past, maybe he grew up without a father.
Ah ah ah ah stayin alive stayin alive ah ah ah ah
You were in the carpark earlier, that's how i know you!
First I was afraid, I was petrified.
Another One Bites the Dust works too
Those golf clubs caused that guy to go into the engine and saved him. Those are very busy clubs.
Aw, Buck redeemed himself after ruining Santa Claus for the kids.
Poor Athena. The two men in her life are both falling apart physically.
Benzocaine story
I would love to be a writer on this show and go through news articles like this for new content.
me forgetting that that’s also her husband irl 🤡
imagine shooting those episodes with the love of your life
That makes two of us...somehow that woooooshed over me.
My FOX got frozen on a Cheese-It commercial for like three minutes. Rude and what the fuck.
i hate when buck gets all sincere and sweet and genuine making me tear up ugh
yeah smh can’t he just stay stupid
She's bluuuuedabooodeeeedaboooodiiiiiiii
Yo listen up, here’s the story
These phonics are abysmal.
“You very handsome men, take a look around my messy apartment.”
I needed that!
Take the money, Maddie! TAKE IT.
She's such a gloomy Gus anymore, never happy. She gets a half million dollars and only bitches about it
If Leo gets his mom's heart working again, that's a hell amount of leverage toward getting his Christmas list filled out.
Well, Buck, Christmas might not suck so much if you hadn't ruined Santa for a bunch of six-year-olds.
who’s ready for lone star
I am. I also think it’s kind of cool (and surprising) that they chose a city in Texas as the setting since most shows usually choose Los Angeles or New York City as a setting. I’m also glad they chose Austin, as it is the New York City or Chicago of Texas. I’m from Texas and I’m curious to see how they will write about Texas...and also Texans (it actually depends on which region of Texas, though). Most TV shows set in Texas that I’ve seen usually involve rednecks, cowboys, ranches, and football.
Ah, I see...he got Ambiend
My mom was on that years ago. She would eat whole boxes of Ritz crackers and then the next day accuse everyone else that they ate those very crackers. She didn't remember a thing and was always puzzled how she was never hungry in the morning.
Yaaaaaaaay they got the whole damn cast of side characters to show up!
My thoughts exactly! I would be like I deserve more but I’ll take it
I'm in love with this family dynamic.
"It's just a nosebleed" OR DEATH FLAGS!!!!
Crying at Athena and Bobby side-eying the fuck out of him.
Poor Leo. Don't let him have a bad Christmas.
Been down that road 2 times, it sucks
feeling a little blue today :/
Feelings of sadness and depression are normal around the holidays...
Well well well...where are we going to have the Lonestar discussions? Because I am totally watching it while we wait for 911 to return this spring!
Probably on this Subreddit.
On the NCIS subreddit, there is a user who posts episode discussions for all three shows when they air.
Same. It’ll have to hold me over. Don’t fail us, Rob Lowe.
"Do you have a rash anywhere I can't see??"
Is that one of your old pick-up lines, Buck?
"It's been a rough year"...understatement for sure
Buck's worried!
if doug comes up as a zombie i’m out
Why wouldn’t he let Leo go with his mom??
She could still die during the ride and you don’t want a kid seeing that
I wonder if it’s a liability issue since he’s a young minor. Once they get to the hospital, I’m sure they rush a patient like that in, so there may not be anyone to make sure the kid is taken care of and safe.
Ok, we need to deal with Michael, STAT.
If you break ribs during CPR, that's not a bad thing. It happens. Better broken ribs and oxygen to your brain than not at all. Glad to see compression only CPR being used and publicized. If the collapse is witnessed, rescue breaths aren't always needed for a couple minutes. Much more important to get the compressions right and keep that blood moving. Kid did good :)
Hey, if you don't want the money, send it to me!
They're going to adopt!!!!! Merry Christmas!
buck said fuck them kids
i need another commercial break so i can get more food
That's why I plan ahead, plenty of snacks while I sit and watch :D
i knew it’d be michael but also what the heck
Oh, I didn't realize the therapist was in a wheelchair.
Poor Athena... Her husband's recovering from radiation exposure, and her ex-husband is losing his mind.
Poor, poor, poor Christopher.
feels kinda rushed and she’s just saying these words even though she doesn’t believe them. if all her problems are magically fixed after that, i’ll be kinda upset
same it doesn’t seem as if she meant it
They're going to take the little boy in and then this is how they'll decide to adopt!
Oddly enough I once had a hemoglobin count so low that my doctors were surprised that my heart was still beating. Apparently it had been ongoing for long enough that my lungs had just grown a bit larger than normal to compensate. I had a few units of blood transfused into me so if you donate blood during the holidays, THANK YOU!!!!
Aw, she brought the home group home! And now they're talking about adopting!
What the fuck, Michael.
Annnnd now this music is making me cry
It sounded like John Legend- adding his Christmas album to my list now
episode’s almost over, not enough Buddie and 118 content yet
Leo gets his mom back
that’s it. it’s over. we don’t get to watch this again until the spring. i literally have nothing to look forward to on mondays now
I'm disappointed they didn't let the kid go to the E.R. with his mom.
You're not alone Michael. *totally not crying*
Still worried about Bobby, tbh.
Dammit, just when Athena got the good news with Bobby. Cancer is going to take someone from her.
buck better be taking that mistletoe over to eddie okur
Fuck that noise, have them bang in the bed of the firetruck on top of the hoses :D
Bobby better having a good christmas or i’ll fight >:(
woah it’s straight out of bitlife
Nooooooooo...nose bleeds are bad! :O
Well now I know a new fact to wow people with
woah, Michael in her bed?
is michael okay?? please let him be okay man
Someone sit with the kid, already. He doesn't deserve to be alone.
Holy! The dude is messed up
I remember that video of someone walking through a glass door!
Oh wow, I needed a laugh after all of that. I love how this show uses music!
I also just learned not to OD on benzocaine.
I forget is Bobby Catholic or a different denomination?
Catholic. Athena's Baptist.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not a brain tumor not Michael!!!!
Buck hold Eddie under mistletoe..
he walked away from Hen with that mistletoe in hand and none of you can convince me he didn’t do it.
It's the Tickle-Me-Elmo craze all over again!
if someone took my parking spot i was waiting for i would literally throw hands
bro 😎💪
Buck is baby
I remember this from the news where they actually had to stop the luggage cart. Good use of the music here!
I was thinking of
this could’ve been avoided
Wow....they went there.....
I suppose there’s no way that the airport guy survives, huh? Ugh
bobby don’t do this 🙄
Michael has to be having a dream...right?
why would he dream that of all things lmao
I feel like she shouldn’t be there by herself in that area
Heart attack
don’t get a glass of water, call 911
if she dies, christmas is ruined for Leo forever
Why wouldn't social services meet the little boy at the hospital?
I needed these commercials. This show is trying to make me bawl with poor Leo and his mom.
How is there any possible way that guy survived?
I remember a dude surviving being sucked into a jet engine
For TV sake, I’ll be happy if he does. That scene was too much. The owner of the clubs though, he may have had a heart attack
it’s like i’m reliving the trauma with her. that episode was stressful af
mace lady!!
Buck! What the hell??
Oh, bad, bad Buck.
Buck needs to go to his room and think about what he did.
Buck can’t be that dumb bro what
Buck. No.
Absolutely terrified about Bobby's health.
Gingerbread houses suck. Change my mind.
Poor guy. I don't think he has anyone else but his kids. Bobby is cool because he isn't that new husband who wants the ex gone.
Christopher oh nooo baby 😭
She’s going to donate it, right?
oh shit!!
talk about a flight delay
sleep walking??
am i gonna cry? i might cry. i think i’m gonna cry.
Heart attack???
i’m literally sobbing when i heard the pulse i lost my shit omg
y’all are talking bout adopting leo but his moms alive 🙂
no, they’re saying they could take him in until his mom is well
What did she take?
Holy Willy Wonka, Batman.
Aw, they got everyone to show up!
Why do they want me to cry tonight?!?
that’s what i call a pane 🙃
one second, gotta give michael a kiss on the cheek
bro whattttt.... he’s mad weird for that
i want a dancing duck
shes gonna spray santa isnt she lmao
"Is Santa going to die?" Only after Travis Willingham kills him.....the fat man....
Ah, classic Stupidhead Buck.
does athenas ex still live there? goddamn lmao
imagine telling kids santa isn’t real 😤
Buck! You idiot! You just jinxed it!
Take the money girl and have a kick-ass Christmas with Chimney!
pshhh id take the money in an instant
dude you are so fired
can’t wait to get obsessed with lone star, too
Oh no, the guy's golf clubs!
bobby 🥺🥺
he’s all alone :((
Shazam Christmas Commercial! (tm)
I can see Billy Baston actually doing this for kicks and giggles.
y’alls tv be ahead of mine 😡
oh suck man
oh boy oh boy a smurf
i’m blue
her mom finna feel hella guilty
family time baby 🥺🥺💞
oh fammmmm
Loved this episode. Though some of the situations we're bizarre ie. the blue woman, I thought the how episode was on point. And all the interaction with the characters great.
It wasn't so over the top.
Stop dragging Buck just because his Sun rises and sets because e Daddy Bob.
If they kill off Michael, I’m gonna beatRyan Murphy’s a** no cap!
If Bobby were around, he would drag Michael back to the house and cook him until he burst. Then he would demand that Michael better be there for the holidays.
Buck better be taking that mistletoe and placing it above the right person, if you know what I'm talking about