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I hate nino even more after today ch I hope she dies in fire
Don't worry she'll be reborn as a Phoenix and burn even brighter & fiercer 🔥🔥🔥
i didn't know Itsuki could make me love her even more :'( <3
Regardless of anything, I love Itsuki and Fuutaro's relationship and how it has grown. It sucks that she didn't realize that she had romantic feelings for him until it was too late, but I'm glad she's still at peace with everything. Them being friends is still a good ending, considering how nasty their relationship was in the beginning.
I think the realization is still not in Fuutarou's hands. And he's still clueless to Itsuki's importance and role to him.
I think the next step of this story will go the same way that Takebayashi complained about to Yotsuba. That for all the years Fuutarou and Takebayashi were together as tutor and student, Fuutarou would constantly say "The Photo Girl told me this" and "The Photo Girl told me that", to the point it made Takebayashi annoyed and sick.
Yotsuba is currently a character that still needs guidance in life. In this chapter she is unsure of her goals, unsure about the priority of her sisters, and unsure about her new love for Fuutarou. As her boyfriend, Fuutarou is the man in the correct position in life to provide Yotsuba with strength, but almost all of his strength in high school has been from the lessons and words from Yotsuba's sisters, especially Itsuki.
The fact that when Yotsuba said she had no career goal, Fuutarou immediately said "Nino told me this", hints that Fuutarou will keep using the lessons and examples of Yotsuba's sisters shown to him to guide Yotsuba.
In this chapter, Itsuki also proudly says "It looks like you don't need [me] to push you anymore". That implies that Itsuki has provided Fuutarou with all her encouragement, hope and knowledge on how life and relationships work.
I think the Yotsuba relationship will continue with Fuutarou thinking that he is in love with Yotsuba, but to strengthen and help Yotsuba as a person, Fuutarou will be like he was with Rena at the lake, constantly repeating "Itsuki told me this", "Itsuki showed me that", to the point Yotsuba will notice that there's something wrong with her relationship with Fuutarou.
Ichika nobody requires you to win. Sometimes lose happens. But everyone has the right to demand an ambitious and relentless fight from you. Don't let people find you unworthy of shaking hands!
Looks like the Nino Train won't stop and the Nino Gang won't stop fighting. Hell yeah for Nino
hell yeah
Why would she, Fuutarous hasn't rejected her, yet. He hasn't started dating anyone.
Poor Nino. She throws down another gauntlet right when their story is close to ending.
But you have to hand it to her. She is still not backing down even after discovering her crush announced his love for another girl, and it's one of her sisters no less. Though the chances of victory now sit at completely zero percent, Nino is still not going to waver.
Following that same sentiment of resistance, Yotsuba isn't wavering in front of Nino's newest challenge. In fact, she's welcoming it. She wouldn't feel happy for herself had she continued to see the facade the rest of her sisters put up with their masks. It's because of her willingness to mend the wounds that came out of the story's climax that Yotsuba did what she did when she first met Nino after the Cultural Festival's conclusion. And though Yotsuba was slapped from her sister's burst of unrestrained anger, she remained resolute and very ready to say what she felt.
Finally, Yotsuba was doing the things she wanted to do. No one was ordering her to do their work. There are no favors to return or create. Any thought that spurned in the mind at a moment in time was met with due diligence by the person creating them.
Finally, thankfully, Yotsuba can now fall under this simple yet important category.
So the charm Itsuki gave to Fuutarou when she was Rena for the first time had a photo of her and the Uesugi siblings from way back in
The way Itsuki phrased her advice to the crestfallen middle schooler gives undeniable proof that she truly liked him, and probably had those feelings for a pretty long time. It's the kind of thing us readers encounter when it comes to things we may not catch upon first glance. Blink once and you'll miss it, right?
She gave us some hints of warm appreciation to him when she mentioned how he
The ending of such a journey is incalculably sad, sure, but all the time before can be seen with so much sincerity and comfort that it leaves its viewers very thankful for experiencing the whole thing.
For that, we thank Itsuki for allowing us to have a glimpse of her day-to-day struggles. Her inner conflict can be easily reminisced from any teenager about their grueling days of romantic angst.
I am actually kind of glad this is how it ends for her. Itsuki finally realizes that she carried feelings the entire time, but over the span of the series also grew mature enough to handle those feelings extremely well. She may be heartbroken to an extent, but she just accepts what happens and moves on with her life. She is happy for her sisters and finally has closure on her newly discovered feelings. If she wasn't going to win anyways, I would prefer this than her fighting the inevitable like Nino is doing right now.
Yeah, I think you are right. It was an episode directed to Itsuki fans, explaining why she did what she did and why she never went for the kill. I am glad the episode gives closure to you guys (Itsuki fans) and it wasn't a last minute drama to complicate the last few episodes.
I am also glad it clears a bit the rough feelings Nino was casting before, it ends with a clear warning that can be interpreted as "I give you my blessing until you slip..." or "you better make him happy"
ah heck
Damn negi now you make me feel bad hoping yotsuba would win.
I must say, Nino never give up. :-)
People fuming Itsuki didn't get a kiss on Fuu like the other quints...but what if Itsuki was the first one to kiss Scambled Eggs. 🤔
I think if she was the BK Negi would've showed it here in her flashback instead of the Rena stuff.
The setup is there now. She's been thinking of him since Ch 41.
Doesn't make sense as to why she'd be questioning her feelings now though.
Same for me bro, it just doesnt feel right if neither Nino or Miku win.
I kinda agree with you guy... lmao istuki smile must be protected! 😭
Yeah, Ichika would have also been some pretty interesting stuff too. Or at least the rage on here would have been way more delicious.
How will you feel when Itsuki wins in the next few chapters?
Team yotsuba! But I can’t help but respect nino’s detrimination
I'm really loving the closure each quint is getting because it's a satisfying conclusion to their characters.
Itsuki finally realizing her growth and development into a better person because of her love for Fuutarou is a fitting end for her role as the mother character. Despite being the youngest she's always been the most determined to be mature and her response shows the balance she's found in her heart between herself, her perceived roles to others, and her feelings. It shows character fitting of a teacher and ties in to the complicated relationship she has towards motherhood and accepting what growth looks like. It isn't following someone's path or expectation of you. Its staying true to what you believe is best for you. Growth is a sum of her most prized experiences and nothing can take that away from her.
Nino having all this energy and nowhere to put it gets a satisfying end by not necessarily backing down but finding her true self in the process. No more fronts, no more trickery. She was always gonna be too hotblooded for a real relationship with Fuutarou so rather than conceding defeat she becomes the staple of confidence for her sisters knowing that she and her feelings are still valid. It steps away from the "surface level" appeal she has towards Fuutarou and relationships because she's grown enough to understand there's more to devoting yourself to another person.
Ichika has the most perplexing but I think the most nuanced conclusion. Sure they just end up playing tennis but their relationship as a fan of Ichika, was never to be. They're on drastically two different paths and the foundations of what makes them work so well is more in friendship as Fuutarou sees in her what he could be as a sibling, a friend, a reliable older figure for those around him. Tennis is a fitting end because unlike all the games she's played in the past, this one is the most explicit. There are rules. No one gets hurt. There are winners and losers and consequences to that. And the physical exertion represents how they were always going to be too much for one another. But in a playful way.
Finally, Miku has what I think the most poignant conclusion in that I have always championed an ending for her where she saw herself beyond a simple relationship. I think we can all relate to the satisfaction of becoming a full person through those that surround us but more importantly, for our own sake. Miku finally has that. She's a realized person with goals, dreams, hopes, and feelings that aren't bound to Fuutarou but inspired by him. Just as we need others to grow she found that with Fuutarou but her calling was always going to be far too great for him. At least at this time. She now has the confidence to believe in herself and her skills and Fuutarou takes a great deal of credit. Finally, she no longer quietly listens to music on her headphones by herself, she can sing confidently out loud and have herself be heard.
Disagree with your assessment of Ichika, considering how much of it relies on supposition about Fuutarou's perception of their relationship that we have no evidence to support. "Two different paths" like people going into two different fields can't be a functioning couple. "Was never to be", please. It totally could have been, it just wasn't. Nothing in the text says there was any reason Ichika couldn't have ended up with Fuutarou if that's who he wanted.
Other Factions: It's over...don't tell me you're still at it?
Gang Members: If our queen ordered us to die to such ambition, we would dedicate it without hesitation, for our Queen that never stopped fighting, we too will live and fight to see the end, for our will never wavers, believing for the things she believes. Because that is what being part of the Nino gang means, to keep moving forward, the will of the unstoppable train.
I don't understand why people say that Itsuki was treated cruelly here. Whether you kiss, confess, or not doesn't matter if you're not who gets the love interest. What matters is how you move on afterwards, in which Itsuki has probably the most healthy and mature way of doing it among the 4 who didn't get Fuutaro.
All the sisters show different approaches to love, how it's expressed, and how to deal with loss. Which I feel is the most important part of the story, while getting a kiss or chosen is just the hook for fans.
Facts.... even tho her crying broke me
Are we certain (apologies if I missed it) that the manga is ending within 2-3 chapters? Reason I ask is this chap? Is this closure or opening of a new development? I’m wondering if there’s more to it or was this a bad attempt at closure?
The other guy is right, however ending at 122 is unconfirmed. Typically, we would have a confirmed end chapter, or a countdown by now, so there's a good chance it'll go past 122.
It's officially announced that the manga will end with volume 14. So far, it's been 9 chapters per volume, except for volume 1 which had longer chapters and only 5 chapters. Volume 13 ended on chapter 113, so the manga should end around chapter 122, but we could see a bit more or less in the final volume.
The release date for volume 14 was also announced as April 17, so that also puts a limit on how much extra we'd get, since they need at least a month to clean up the serialized versions for the book format and add extras.
Nino really is an unstoppable train ❤️
Bitter sweet symphony intensifies
I've been rereading the manga recently and I noticed that there's something different about the chemistry of Fuu and Itsuki compared to the rest of the sisters. I can't point it out exactly but after this chapter I might have realized it.
During the times when he was struggling to mend his relationship with the quints, he usually goes to Itsuki. If it wasn't for Itsuki/Rena during the seven goodbyes arc, he may have given up his tutoring job already. Then around the scrambled eggs arc he confided to her as well. Most recently Ch 117, but it wasn't shown exactly why he wanted to talk to her during lunch.
It helped that she hasn't shown any outward feelings towards him so she was that "neutral" side to him. Even Fuuts said himself that he's at ease cause she's not like the other quints. The point is, he wasn't alone during his times of struggles. She was the one that he relied on during those times.
The last few panels of Ch 118 hit hard with the late confirmation. Now I'm left to wonder what would happen if the story wasn't rigged against her in the first place? Biggest what-if in the manga.
On MangaRock there was a little promotional extra that the translators put in... I forget, when did Itsuki say those fated words, “the moon is looking beautiful tonight.” I do recall this but maybe it is just placebo now because I’ve just seen it. It is hard for me to think about not remembering her saying such an important line (it meaning love), but at the same time it has been so long since I’ve read some of the early chapters. Just asking to see what chapter it was that she may have said this.
The story hasn't necessarily been rigged against her. In fact, it's been rigged in her favor in a lot of ways. The only thing that has kept them from getting together, is Fuu thinking (sometimes out loud) that Itsuki dislikes him, and Itsuki wanting to stay "above" the fracas over him and be a guide/mother figure.
Now that she has accepted her feelings, she might just be able to sink down and starting pursuing him, as long as something happens that makes her realize she has a chance.
t-that's it? i was kinda expecting more tbh. after 117 got me all excited, i wanted to see more Itsuki content. ngl im a teensy weensy bit dissatisfied with her arc. but i guess the entire story and build-up would have been spoiled had it gone another way. the manga's ending anyway. i really wished she had more sweet moments with Fuu tho. graaah im still really frustrated 😂
It's not over man, she just realized her feelings, and now we know she was plotting something with him since ch 41. There's still too much mystery surrounding her to call this 'it'.
The way I see it, she either takes the win or she is portrayed as the most tragic loser; the one who fell in love early, but continually actively gave up her chances in order to give it to Yotsuba. Either way, there's going to be more from her.
Some people are salty about the resolution but c'mon it was the most sensible and maybe Itsuki will write a book about her first love
Now I want all the other quints to write passive-aggressive trashy "tragic love" books outlining their best points and why Fuutarou should have chosen each of them while also poking fun at Yotsuba and Fuutarou. The books can even be a wedding present to show there's no hard feelings. It would be the perfect way to address the salt.
Dam the last picture with Itsuki and the Fu family hit my feels a little too hard
Swear..... 💔
I just want this to end... Negi wasn't a good writer from the start, but this chapter shows it even more...
-Nino being an unbearable b*tch just like the beginning of the series (zero development) -Itsuki was the quint that Negi didn't even write about so she had to make some bs up to create and finish an arc -As much i love Yotsuba, her love feels so poorly written
I know this manga have its downside and all, but trust me Negi did a fcking good job writing this if you compared to other similar mango.
Thank god itsuki didn't win I see it's an absolute win for the yotsuba bros 😎
It really Feels weird that ur girl's sister says she will snatch you in front of her like that lol this series is just so fucked up and awkward 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️
I'm a Yotsubro too, but I don't like that attitude or what you're saying. I completely disapprove of your behavior
After reading this chapter, kind of like Nino and Miku's closure (even though it'd have been great to know what Nino is going to do in life afterwards but whatever) and dissapointed by Ichika and itsuki's.
Itsuki's short lived romantic arc really leaves a bad taste with it only being 2 chapter in the last volume, feels like it was a "oh shit forgot about that" moment. There were time where it could have started already (the festival arc for exemple) so it feels kind of rushed to me.
Ichika's closure I'm not sure what I don't like. Maybe it is because it was the first and just after the confession but it had a surreal feeling to me. A tennis match after being rejected looked so weird....
At least in this chapter Yotsuba showed some backbone, which is nice and all I ever wanted from her so not a bad chapter, just dissapointing for Itsuki I guess.
I think most people's problem with Ichika is that her closure essentially happened off panel. Whatever grieving she had to do was done between chapters 114 and 115. By the time Fuutarou came to her to talk about his worries with his and Yotsuba's relationship, Ichika had already accepted the loss and was in full "I'm going to support the both of you" mode. I didn't like the way Itsuki's closure was handled either, but we did at least get some insight on how she's dealing with all of this and how she rationalizes it in her mind. With Ichika, there's really none of that. We can reason that Ichika probably figured that her chances were already slim at best after the stunt she tried to pull in Kyoto and thus, she wasn't too broken up about the loss, but Ichika herself never really makes that clear in the closing chapters.
My problem with Ichika's closure was that it didn't even feel like closure. I didn't realize that was the point until Miku's chapter retroactively revealed that each quint was going to have their own "closure" chapter and that was supposed to be Ichika's. Ichika can't even get closure by herself, she has to still be best girl by helping Fuutarou with his relationship.
Then again Yotsuba said she would talk with all her sisters and she technically hasn't spoken with Ichika yet, and the two still haven't resolved the lolikano issue, so maybe Ichika's closure chapter has been saved for the last and the tennis game was a bait and switch.
Ichikas closure was like
Fuutaro: I like yotsuba
Ichika: k wanna play tennis
This "Itsuki's feelings" thing is total shit. It would've ended good if Negi-sensei did not include this. There's no point in making Itsuki realize her own feelings if she won't win. It was a total bullshit move for Negi-sensei, especially this late in the game.
Who said she won't win?
I can understand that you may not like it. Like not at all. You clearly love Itsuki and frankly, it sucks that she doesn't have the classic story ending of "happy-ever-after". And this looks like, at first glance, more like the total opposite. That being said, situations like the one she is in happens all the time in real life. Not realizing your own feelings for someone until it's too late, one-sided romantic feelings... They are not pretty, specially if you are the losing side of the triangle, but that happens sometimes in friendships, that it generates suddenly some extra-feelings even if the situation has no future.
Actually, sometimes it happens precisely when your relationship-possibilities turns down to Zero. Because is only then when you realize your inner feelings about that person, when the window of opportunity for something more is lost. "Sometimes you only value things in life when you lost them".
And being life like this, I found it incredibly mature the conclusion she arrived about this uneasy situation. Reacting with rage, boycott the new couple, break the friendship to not get hurt, bury your previous moments with the person in sorrow... that is a waaayyy more usual reaction. And all of them are very unhealthy, too.
So for her, to be able to realize, even late, her feelings, reach for counselling, assess the situation properly and accept being on the losing side this time, keep on treasuring the shared moments with Fuu, and, on top of that, being capable to congratulate them in the end... that is a fu**ing amazing person right there.
I actually found that Negi, even with a bittersweet ending, has written an excellent character in Itsuki(now is a good time to re-read her whole evolution, she is beautiful). You cannot win every battle in life, either in studies... love..., but if you can cope with things like this, you are on the road for a healthier and more plentier life.
One more point I want to recall: Not being with Fuutarou as a couple at the end of this Graphic Novel is not the end of the world for no Quint. I like it a lot as a Main Character, but he is also a very grumpy and even mean boy sometimes, and a person that Itsuki has had plenty of clashes with, because both are very stubborn. That they ended, so far, being great friends doesn't mean they would have ended working as a couple. And in that case, a stormy relationship that ends badly would have been a terrible thing to wish for Itsuki(as a fan of her). And is way better, if love is not on both sides, that at least the friendship remains, 'cos time heals everything in love affairs, but valuable friendships will keep on giving you during your whole life.
I still wanna know what Fuutarou wanted to say. Unfortunately, I don't know if we will. I'm just cherishing the moments we got with the manga since we know it's ending soon. Feels bittersweet especially since I love this manga despite it's flaws.
This is the second time I've made this joke, but . . . eh.
Can we take a pause and enjoy the live action photos of the Quints?
They have rlly put in a lot of effort in the pictures
Just confirms that Japanese people look extremely weird without brown eyes and black hair.
Yotsuba though...HNNNNNG
So, is SS Itsuki sinking down now?
Nope, still more chapters to go, still lots of unanswered questions with bearing on the story.
Nah, Itsuki all the way!
This chapter is designed in such a way as to seem absolutely a form of closure for both Itsuki and Nino. All the the sisters clousures can end here with the maximum satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of the readers.
There are things to explain that may or may not be useful for the story at this point, such as the bellkisser (which is probably Yotsuba at this point, although another tumult is in Negi's chords).
This from a technical and stylistic point of view.
From a story standpoint, personally I am immensely dissatisfied with this type of closure for Itsuki. And this time it's no longer a question of Yotsuba's victory or anything else, it's just the kind of teaching that Itsuki's closure leads to considering healthy that I find really wrong. So I hope there is a final confrontation between Itsuki and Fuutarou in 119, that all things come to a head. After this, may he marry Yotsuba or whoever believes best. Enough with hidden feelings.
Pretty sure Itsuki’s closure is healthy. She’s accepted the outcome and is now beginning to move on, while cherishing the memories of her first love.
Let it be known that Ichika never directly confessed to Fuutarou, although Fuutarou was aware that she had feelings for him. Despite that, wouldn’t the same logic to Ichika though? Ichika knows she wasn’t chosen but still probably harbors feelings for him.
Itsuki also knows that she wasn’t chosen.
This means Miku is the only one who got her closure without Fuutarou. On a rational level I understand why her chapter is done that way, but on an emotional level... I really wish she had another talk with Fuutarou.
So, what... does Itsuki actually like Fuutarou? Or did she give up her feelings just now?
I hate how I always comment on here every week to ask wtf is going on... sorry guys
She likes him, but realized it isn't the end of the world and not a wasteful part of her life, her feelings are still a blessing and a lesson, even if it is an unrequited love.
She always had feelings for him, but she herself didn't realise it. Now that she realise it she accepted that Fuutarou didn't chose her.
This chapter clearly outlines that she definitely quite possibly might have had feelings for Fuutarou.
Nah but seriously it’s supposed to be ambiguous, as infuriating as it may be.
Yes and not necessarily (I wouldn't say give up on him, but it's more like in the lines of cherishing the moments that she had with him and proceeds to move on).
Where you guys reading 118? Can’t find it on mangarock.
click on the mangadex link in this post
Try mangadex, good sir.
Nino just keeps moving forward. :)
Too bad she lost tho...
Itsuki fans our ship hasn't sunk
It was destroyed by Friendzone Missiles.
Maaaaan, I'm struggling to accept this ending. I wanted Itsuki, but would have been accepting if Miku/Nino won.
; - ;
We now officially know about her feelings. Everybody does now. It would just be a punch in the Gut for us Itsuki Fans if that's all.
I (PERSONALLY) suspect that Negi did so because if he "switches" now, noone can yell "Itsuki did nothing to win him over romantically throughout the whole story!". And the hints still pinpoint her as the one.
I really don't think the Itsuki romance plotlines over shes just made peace with not being with him. Last couples chapters focus was about the sisters get closure which they did. With a couple more chapters left it's not going to end this easy.
Out of the 5 えなこ cosplays, who did you guys like the most? Nino’s looked REALLY good!
Yeah, Nino's wasn't far from absolutely spectacular.
Aughhhhh so many tears!!! Itsuki accepting her love that could never be and Nino being awesome again. I really wish thered just be separate chapters/volume for each girl. Theyre all just too perfect and Id love to see all of them be happy with Fuu (Not a harem ending). And that final page with them sitting beside eachother sniff sniff...
Yotsuba Nino conversation went so good until Negi Gae Bolg Itsuki.
A sure hit to the heart. But still beautiful and sad.
Don't like how Yotsuba is being handle especially in the end since i read the whole manga up to when ch 113 was just release in 2 days. Well damn, there goes the emotion roller coaster i had for 2 days go right out the window.
Hopefully Negi saves the ending some out in like ~4 chapters
Nino is a whole mood right now bro
Yots did great as well
Ribbon Gang is alive and well 😌
At least we have 'mad lass' Nino back. I wouldn't want her to finally drop the 'Fuu-kun' nickname just yet haha
“Is it over?”
“Not till Yotsuba accepts her feelings”
This chapter
“It’s over”
Not really. Yotsuba's accepting her feelings as a weird fence-straddle where Fuutarou does -not- have priority in her heart over her sisters. She is okay with and invites all her sisters to continue to compete for Fuutarou, and she will hold off on actually starting her romance until she is sure that all her sisters are onboard with her being 'the best choice', even if it takes decades. This is why Nino warns Yotsuba about keeping her path instead of just taking Fuutarou, knowing both Nino's and Miku's stances if the situation is allowed to stay open for them.
it's a weird ultimatum because Yotsuba is still making it an open quint competition -and- putting Fuutarou on partial (if not complete) romantic hiatus without even consulting with him when he's 50% of the relationship.
A normally adjusted quint would've partnered with Fuutarou first to get his opinion on what he's getting into by picking Yotsuba, and then if he was okay 'waiting decades', then made rounds with Fuutarou at her side to establish the boundaries with each quint.
That "friends forever" in the photo killed me. Lol
Uhuh. Sooo... No arc for us I guess.
I was hoping that this was an itsuki chapter but no luck I guess
damn negi with the bait
first the itsuki bait
then the misdirection with nino saying "the other side just comes to you without having to do a single thing"
everyone thought she was feeling similar to how many yotsuba haters say "she did nothing and won" like a meta commentary
then this chapter it turns out no nino was just literally talking about her sports recommendation and nothing else
good job negi you troll
so itsuki arc ends just like that which was way simpler than i thought it would go
itsuki fans arent taking it well but its better then all the "platonic friends" until the end route
negi should have just added this arc to the festival arc :/
but now thats it all over maybe we can get a fluff chapter or two with the main pair :D
feels mighty good when the ship you pick gets the happy ending!
yotsuba wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ay, m8.
Chill until Negi does the chapter where he and his spouse embrace mutually.
I'm pretty sure she was referring to both these things when she made the comment initially.
While I am most defintely still salty after months of bargaining and anger, I quite like the turn of events here, Nino not giving up, Yotsuba finally have the fucking bones to stand up and tell her feelings and Itsuki realizing it and just keeping it in the shelf (I feel for you Eatsuki, how many times did I have to do that).
I think I know how to start my fanfiction, but for now I'll see how the ending goes before I start.
I like the progress that you have from hours ago haha
Well Nino was way less bitchy compare to What the summary says so I guess I was a little harsh on her, İt still doesn t excuse “The other side just comes to you” line for me but well I guess We are fine since She kinda accepted the outcome in her own way and Even Said She will still steal fuutarou to feel like She is still in the race even though She has no chance to pull that off and Of course There is İtsuki, We truly do not deserve this girl She supported Yotsuba to the very end and Even after She realize She also has feelings for the guy She just accepted it and gave her blessing İnstead of causing some meaningless drama that can Make things harder for Yotsu and Fuu
She told her it’s actually the result of her efforts in this chapter. It’s like when you say something bad you don’t mean to your sibling when you have an argument, but immediately regret it afterwards. Happens sometimes.
The unstoppable Nino train was actually taken aback by Yotsuba's "idiotic" declaration of loving everyone the same amount. In a way Yotsuba is the greediest quint and through sheer bullheadedness and determination will try to get that resolution. It literally took the words right out of Nino and made her reevaluate some stuff.
Middle schooler: “I wish I never fell in love!”
Itsuki: “Sucks, doesn’t i—— I mean, sucks to be you! Yeah!
"I broadly empathise with you from non-specific life experiences, and/or that of my sister's"
Okay so ...
Nino and Yotsuba seem to be on good ground now and have arrived at the mutual understanding that Nino isn't upset or mad at Yotsuba and supports them but WILL steal away with Futaro if she gets the chance. Gotta love her determination and honesty. Nino never hides how she feels and that makes her so endearing.
Miku doesn't know how to express herself but feels the same way as Nino.
Itsuki's uneasy feeling wasn't romantic love for Futaro but was an affection of sorts for him as a friend and hearing her sisters discuss their love for him made her realize she didn't have those feelings for him or if she did it was for a short time and is comfortable with how she feels now. (Her keeping the photo booth picture! Ugh my heart!)
Yotsuba wants the blessing of each sister before going all in with Futaro because she doesn't want to face their resentment and have everyone upset with eachother.
Much like when they were kids, Yotsuba is the first one to "pull away" from the pack again by dating Futaro.
Seems the drama is winding down and we will come in for a smooth landing to the final chapters with everything wrapped up in a pretty bow (pun intended?)
So...what actually happened with Itsuki and the charm/photo? I had a hard time following the flow of events on that page the subsequent ones. Is this supposed to explain what was in the charm that he lost?
Yes, it looks like she special ordered some copies of the photo they took way back at the beginning of the series (They don't come in that size standard) and put one in the charm.
At the same meeting, she also took the photo of Fuu and lolikano. She took that photo, and replaced it with a photo of him and her in the present... Interesting to say the least.
Then Fuu lost it, but she doesn't know that. She probably thinks he opened it but didn't care about it.
The ship isn't sunk just yet but theres a lot of fucking water
It sank lol
Quick grab a bucket!
113 comments and more comments than updoots eh?
The cleanup phase trundles on and now nino gets her time in. Which is spent on mostly not understanding what yotsuba is trying to say, but yotsuba seems like a good enough sport it doesn't really matter. I didn't think yotsuba was going to be able to convince nino that her love was greater (lol) and she didn't, but they reached a bizarre equilibrium and that's really all I could have hoped for. Although nino you do realize the guy just isn't into you right? Like you're sitting here screaming your head off about your feelings and how you're going to steal him away and getting absolutely no good reaction from him. Whatever...
I didn't think the itsuki thing was actually that weird till now when I actually read it. It's not that it isn't conclusive - the story to the little kid and her final words drive home that she seems to think her story is over. And all she really has left is the rena thing (o hai thar, charm that sank to the bottom of the river!) - she didn't figure out what was going on till it was too late and you can't tell that story till yotsuba has begun the chain of events leading to her story's conclusion. At least I got the part where she didn't know how she felt right even if I was early by 100 chapters...
But what exactly was it she figured out? Was it the jealousy thing or figuring out that she wasn't jealous? Itsuki's saying she thinks shimoda was wrong, meaning that she wasn't jealous, she was legitimately unhappy 1-3 were unhappy?. But the kid she advises (and I disagree with the advice itsuki is giving here but never mind that) actually does seem to have been in love with the guy she's talking about, and her actions - cuddling up to fuuts at the end - point the other way. It certainly doesn't SEEM platonic from her end. Also what's up with negi bringing up random people for itsuki to deal with now? First toppest dad, now random girl...I don't have a very high opinion of itsuki's awareness so I wouldn't put it past her to get it wrong here, but there isn't much time left to dither around either.
Anyway, paper in the charm. An awful lot of work for that payoff but I didn't mind it too much.
I think she's saying the drama thing (stealing the man plot) was wrong. She loves him but has no intention to steal Fuutarou.
I've dubbed this the "Housekeeping arc" but that works too, haha.
Through out this chapter, even after being so near other, Fuutarou have ZERO reaction with Itsuki while itsuki was blushing like a Turnip. The moment Yotsuba declare his love for Fuutarou and her sisters is when Fuutarou starts sweating and blush, and after he was discovered eavesdropping.
Someone can explain me what is Negi intending with this (weird) chapters?
Nino gets her closure and, in her own way, motivates Fuutarou and Yotsuba to take their relationship seriously; also reconciles with Yotsuba after airing out her feelings
Yotsuba displays her resolve to not compromise her feelings for Fuutarou nor her relationship with her sisters no matter what ultimatums are in play
Itsuki realizes that even though her newly-realized love/crush may be unrequited (since Fuutarou and Yotsuba's love is very mutual), it doesn't mean she needs to dwell on the downsides. Instead she's going to treasure those memories and keep moving forward.
Blushy-crushy Fuutarou
I don't know why, but
Yotsuba: "Wah...did I really say all that in front of Uesugi-san?"
Nino: "Oh Yotsuba...yeah, you did. *snickers* I still can't believe you thought there were mice around, ya big dummy."
In actuality, Itsuki’s realization of love wasn’t so bad. Don’t get me wrong, I like Itsuki a lot. However, the hate on the “bottled up feelings” thing is getting blown way out of proportion.
Yotsuba bottling up her feelings was bad b/c she was purposely hurting herself in order to avoid a relationship with Fuutarou. It’d pain her even more to know that she pushed him away to somebody else.
Itsuki’s isn’t nearly as bad b/c she just only realizes her feelings after the outcome’s been decided. She knows who’s the most important person to Fuutarou and instead goes down the route of moving forward and cherishing the memories of her first love.
I was actually really content with this chapter.
Despite the spoiler summaries being extremely misleading, Nino handled this far better than I thought she would. I'm glad to see her spunkiness didn't take a toxic turn.
Yotsuba standing up for her own feelings, but also making an effort to ensure that her relationship with her sisters doesn't wither makes me so proud. Nino may have presented an ultimatum, but I'm so happy that Yotsuba refuses to pick a side. Fuutarou and all the quints are equally important to her, so she shouldn't have to choose one side over the other (like she had been throughout the manga). So proud of her!
Itsuki's love arc was a little shorter than expected, but you know what? I weirdly have such a strong sense of respect for Itsuki now. I wasn't her biggest fan for like 1/2 the manga, but she's really grown on me ever since Seven Goodbyes. Honestly, she's become the most mature of her sisters (despite being the baby) and I love the message that having an unfruitful first love isn't always a bad thing. Sure it sucks, but the memories she's made and the happiness she's felt will always be a bonus. Plus I mean, what did ya'll want? For her to confess knowing full well that Fuutarou is in love with Yotsuba, and that Yotsuba's very much in love with Fuutarou (and is going through all this trouble of settling things with her sisters)? All that would do is cause more drama (that we don't have chapters for) and make things awkward. The difference between her and Yotsuba is that Yotsuba was actively sabotaging her chances before a choice was even made purely out of harmful guilt. It's not within Itsuki's character to confess and potentially break up an about-to-be happy couple. Yeah, it's really unfortunate that it happened so late game, but I'm happy that she's taking it well and using it as a positive memory in her life, and genuinely being able to congratulate him. Lots of us have been through this is real life where our crush is in a relationship with someone else, but you know you can either dwell on it forever or move on and learn from the experience. In the end, as dramatic as it is, it's still just a high-school crush, she and the other quints have so many opportunities (I mean look at them, they're all 10/10s, it's insane how much of a catch they are). This is only the beginning of their lives, not the end of it. Her ship didn't sink, it's just searching for a new land to call home.
Also blushy-crushy Fuutarou has cleared my skin and allowed my crops to flourish.
Wow you explained what was on my mind in actual words, hats off to you!
But yea, people need to take a look at this chapter, Fuutarou had ZERO response being near itsuki while itsuki was blushing like a turnip. However, the moment Yotsuba declared her love for her sister and him we actually get a reaction from him and he starts sweating. And when they were finally caught eavesdropping the panels where both Yotsuba and Fuutarou were blushing is simply too cute.
This chapter, at least 4 times: “This isn’t over yet”
Everyone on reddit: “Yep. It’s totally over”
People have been saying it's over since 113, despite the fact that there is still way too much going on for any type of reasonable conclusion.
It'd be like in a Sherlock Holmes novel, 2/3 of the way through the police arrest the killer, then Holmes put all the evidence together and proved he did it even though he's already in jail.
Year 2030 and 5toubun has been over for 10 years
Itsuki fans: just wait guys there's gonna be B&S any day now
This manga has been great but this is the negative part of it, and I knew it would be like this! when all girls are best girl you want everybody to win and don't want anybody to lose, for example I was happy asf when Yotsuba won even being a member of the gang, now after these last 2 chapters i feel istuki should've won! If Negi keeps changing the focus between the sisters so I'd keep changing my thoughts lmao! Great job by Negi drawing this manga, it's his fault for making all girls best girls.
I said this in the raw thread, so I may as well say it again here now that we have the official translation:
I mean, even if Itsuki had realized her feelings sooner, Fuutaro still would have chosen Yotsuba. Nothing changes from that perspective so I have no problems with her feelings being introduced now even if they were obvious before. It’s not like it would have changed the outcome if she had realized them sooner. That said I’m glad it was shown. Tired of the clowns saying she didn’t have feelings for him.
The “rivals in love” nonsense annoys me. He didn’t choose you, Nino, you’re not rivalling anything and you won’t be able to steal him even if his relationship with Yotsuba breaks down. Do you know how love works lol
Agreed on all points. All that happens if itsuki figured this out earlier is that she ends up getting embarrassed along with the rest, because whether or not the girls were interested in fuuts in the first place did not end up being a factor.
And nino needs to get a grip. For someone who we kept getting told loves her sisters the most, she sure doesn't act like it.
Do you really think itsuki was dealt badly here?? Nope she wasnt. She was the most well treated quint. Not able to confess or getting a kiss is all the problem you got. Otherwise she was shown to be the most proper and mature quint. Her problem even came from her bio dad and her deae mom, characters that should have been in the arc involving all the quints not just a single one.
She was the only one with a relationship with fuutarou's family. She was the only one whose character didnt turn ugly(means she didnt took any wrong decision). And her romance flaw was not realizing her feelings. Even her resolution arc was made in such a way that people will emphasize with her.
While you fans enjoyed the benefits of your quint staying away form struggle to get fuutarou you cant really expect to get the final prize can you.
Yotsuba: "Because I definitely won't lose!"
Woo! I'm glad Yotsuba gained her footing in the confidence department and understands that while she'd want Nino to be happy, she also won't give her love up for Fuutarou.
Nino: "This contest isn't over! I'll be watching where you two are headed from a short distance behind."
Well, with the shonen-esque (and Phoenix Wright) tone her declaration took, and Yotsuba saying something about being rival frenemy quints of war, I guess I'll assume she'll conceded for now-ish? Negi, please don't use this for a twist.
Nino: "Come out, you two eavesdropping mice."
Busted. Hahahahahhahaha. Poor Yotsuba feeling embarrassed that Fuutarou heard her confidence on blast. Itsuki's face and reaction, just, hahahahahahhahaha.
Nino: "That's how it is. Be careful not to let your guard down."
Negi pls no drama spinoff based on this, thnx.
Nino: "Have some confidence! It's the result of your efforts!"
Good sister advice from Nino and hopefully, Yotsuba's string of confidence blasting continues from here on out.
Itsuki: "I'm sure this love will make you even more radiant going forward. That's why you should never let go of these memories of your love."
Damn straight. It couldn't be said more. Learning from love that failed to bloom is a nice lesson to pickup, especially if it involved your sisters pining over one guy. Good job, Itsuki. Now you really have the makings of a good sensei.
Overall, very great chapter for Yotsuba, Nino and Itsuki. And those cosplay recreations of the volume bride covers are awesome! Is this the finally the end? I wonder in anticipation of the next chapter.
Theory for the Next Chapter:
Crack Theory:
Given that it's Negi I'd say that your crack theory has a higher chance of coming true.
This is the first harem manga I've really gone the distance with. Is it normal for these things to get dragged out after the girl is chosen?
Usually it just ends with the confession and a brief montage/graduation scene of the happy couple and the other girls/guys. And then maybe a wedding or timeskip (if we're lucky).
I'm glad Negi is taking his time with a "post confession" arc because it's nice to see how each quint is individually coping and moving on. And also I love how no matter what, their relationship as sisters is still strong. Hopefully we get a real confession from Fuutarou next chapter and maybe a small date scene in the next one (mixed in amongst the other loose plot threads).
Not that I can recall... but it's interesting to go to this decision.
I really would have preferred if Itsuki just never had romantic feelings to begin with, but this closure isn't too bad. Not everybody is strong or caring enough to not do anything and not get broken over it. It makes me appreciate her more. In life that's how it is, sometimes the person you may fall in love already has someone; the right thing to usually do in that situation is letting go, instead of doing some NTR or continuously agonizing over something you can't have.
Not sure if I'm on the same page as everyone but I really like how Negi handled Itsuki's growth. Each quint shows to us a different aspect of how to handle feelings and Itsuki happens to be the mature aspect (probably fitting as how she imitates like a mother who happens to be a symbol of maturity and nurture).
It's quite unfortunate that the time she admitted she has feelings for Fuutarou is when it is already late with respect to her sisters' timing. Does it feel bad that Itsuki didn't win? Kinda. But is it bad that Itsuki "bottled up her feelings" for him? Not really since it showed her decision to not dwell on the what-ifs by saying that awesome line at the end of the chapter.
She made a mature decision to not pursue the man she has feelings for in this chapter after a long back and forth jumble between prioritizing her sisters' feelings and her own growing feelings. That's what I think many romcom series rarely show. It's a part of reality that people do like a certain other but realized it too late and once that certain other moves on, so should the person in question. I think the reality of the power of choices is often forgotten in relationships that it could be interpreted as mere "bottling up of feelings".
Itsuki may not win the bride war but seeing her growth throughout the series reminded me of why I picked Itsuki as my best girl.
Preach brother. Preach.
Idc Itsuki will always be my favorite
Nobody is telling you otherwise.
Maruo deserves at least 2 chapters of intimate time with Fuutarou.
Please don't take that out of context.
Itsuki and Fuutaro
Nothing like a couple of BESTIES!!
On page 16 of ch 118, Nino said "About your recommendation...I went and said what a I said..." and then "Have some confidence! It's the result of your efforts!", what is she talking about in this context? I feel if she's talking about Yotsuba's love for Uesugi, she's being contradictory to her passive aggressive comment in ch 117 when she said "I mean, the other side just comes to you without you having to do a thing. Talk about easy."
Yeah it's very odd. I guess her work in talking to nino?
In 117 she was talking about her recommendation, but obviously also meant Fuutarous confession, so we can assume that its the same in 118. She seems to be talking about the recommendation only, but probably also means the confession.
Dude, I was ready for a Nino, Miku, or Ichika ending. I was literally praying for Miku.... I'm devastated right now. Miku's character had so much growth, and I'm actually really fking sad right now. I don't know why tf I read harems
Negi with
I over reacted over dinner like. 4 times and threw my phone once
God Negi is such a hack
(Thank you Negi-sama for this incredible manga)
I squealed like a toddler after seeing that yotsuba blush panel. And my heart melted when both nino and yotsuba starts tearing up at the end of the conversation and nino tried consoling/congratulates Yotsuba for getting a college rec
I'm very happy with how this is turning out. I'm glad Yotsuba didn't just happily run off with her boi with no thought to her sisters at all. Nino needs to stop being so tsun tho lol. Itsuki really shined the last few chapters. I didn't care for her at first but she really grew a lot pretty quickly.
I just read chapters 79-118 in the last few days. Wanted to catch up really bad lol. Was a really fun sad there's only a few left
Mmmm...what is Negi doing to me?...I was so happy when Yotsuba was chosen because she always supported Fu but seeing Itsuki acting so mature and rational regarding her feelings makes me want to support her (if she is in love with Fu because this chapter confused me, is she in love or not?) even if Yotsuba was already chosen. But the other part of me wants Fu and Itsuki to stay like best friends because not many manga show these kind of mature, healthy best friendships between a girl and a boy. Also, because Yotsuba already confronted her sisters which makes me proud of her and so I don’t want Fu’s opinion to change.
That "forever friends" is a well hidden secret, feel sorry for it Itsukibros.
It seems healing arc has finished with this chapter so probably Graduation or a instant time skip may happen, I doubt it has anything else left to develop except some unnecessary drama like any quint can't pass the examination (I would hates it as the most likely suspect is always the same...)
Of course what I hope the most is an another yotsudate but I think it's unlikely (it's too obvious and Negi sensei have played it so the effects would be less intensive but still desirable), so I bet for a very slow relationship that both of the couple would be so innocent and even somehow dork and as always a awesome swing proposal yeah not confession but proposal and not in tve "depression park" but where near Grandpa' inn(
my bb Itsuki :( mistreated by the author and the fanbase only to get this cruel ending :(
So now it's time for either the papa Nakano chapter or bell kisser reveal chapter.
Nino and Yotsuba’s convo was great, went far smoother than even I was expecting.
I really hope that’s not all the Itsuki shine we get for the rest of the series, but since we only have ~4 chapters left it’s hard to say how it’d fit in.
She’s the most neglected (main) character in this series by a mile and a half, so I hope she at least gets some justice.
On another note, it is a little irksome to me how Negi preached openness with one’s feelings and the need to stay true to your own desires when it came to the other sisters, yet when it comes to Itsuki he seems to be sending the message that unrequited love and holding your own desires back is also noble.
Not that I personally disagree with that message, but this contradiction in tone rubs me the wrong way.
I could easily be misreading the message here, but after reading the chapter a few times over I’m struggling to see anything else.
This is probably something that I’m gonna think over for a while. (Which is probably what Negi wanted)
when the conclusion is already decided (he already chose a girl) then it's different. in that situation, it's not always good to make things worse by letting your feelings out
Romantically? I agree 100%.
Otherwise? I'm pretty sure that's Yotsuba?
We have tons of interactions between Fuutarou and Itsuki, we have tons of chapters where Itsuki is the most prominent character and we have tons of amazing panels of Itsuki being cool and beautiful and amazing.
Did not count them, but I'm pretty sure we have many more "Itsuki moments" than we have "Yotsuba moments".
Honestly I think a lot of people are misinterpreting the message regarding Yotsuba and how that same message applies to the recent Itsuki chapters.
I don't think the message has ever been "bottling up your feelings is super bad don't do it," (although generally that is a bad idea in many cases), at least not exclusively. I think the salient message for Yotsuba was "Don't give up on yourself before anything has been decided,". The game was long afoot for the better part of 113 chapters but Yotsuba had been doing her darndest to just pretend she never had a chance and do everything she could to sabotage her chances (in her eyes, it backfired obviously).
With relation to Itsuki, the message isn't "But you can bottle up your feelings forever that's okay," but rather "How to move on in a healthy matter once things HAVE been decided," That's probably why Negi didn't introduce this bit of her story/arc until AFTER Fuutaro chose Yotsuba; to ensure that this was interpreted not as "I've loved you for so long and now I'm gonna bottle it up FOREVER AND CRY IN PERPETUITY!" but rather "Well, what's done is done. Rather than linger and regret, I'll cherish these precious memories forever as wonderful times of my youth," Because sometimes in life, the people we love find someone else instead, and we can't just linger and bottle those feelings forever. At some point we have to move on and it's a lot healthier to turn them into pleasant memories rather than bitter regrets.
I agree with this, but I do find it funny that it comes in the same chapter as Nino saying she won't move on from Fuutarou and steal him from Yotusuba if she gets the chance.
Talk about mixed messages, haha.
It seems that fate (Negi himself) has decided so.
Apparently Itsuki had feelings for him, apparently, although probably unconsciously, she had also left a clear trace of this, through the photo in the charm, which clearly indicated who had put it (and Itsuki NOT KNOWING that it was lost, probably she thinks Fuutarou feels nothing for her). What else? Ah yes, Fuutarou was convinced and he repeats it also in the manga, that Itsuki certainly had no feeling for him. But what if he knew? Would the choice have been the same? If yes, it could have been done without all this massacre game, otherwise ...
well said!!
so at least 4 more chapters
what is there left to do? Graduation? dates?
Last min drama?
Nino will always be a top 3 girl to me. ppl who got mad at Nino last chapter got quiet real fast huh
Ituski.. its so motherly of you to think like that
Yotsuba. Its your time.
Bio dad 2: Electric boogaloo
I wonder what's next?
Fuutarou's confession (part two) ?
Back to the P A R K ?
I think "Itsuki's Recollecion 2", we don't see too much of Itsuki's recollections in this chapter, even the item she put on the charm isn't clearly confirmed (the spoiler said it was a picture she took with Fuu, Raiha but there is no evidence to conclude )
Why was Fuu planning to take Itsuki's phone without permission? I know he's not the type to use something without asking first, so why? Someone please explain me, pls
As a distraction so they have a lee way to escape the room without getting caught by 2 and 4.
Ok Is It Fluff time or is it fuuts vs maruo
mauro will hold his line until the wedding day until dear old isanari calls
We already know he's still not super happy/still tsundere when the ceremony happens so I don't think it will be that.
I'm hoping for the fluffs. Praise the fluffs.
i was very upfront on how it would be upsetting if itsuki was the bride (of the first girl trope and whatever) but now im just so sad for her :( oh noes itsuki i want to give her a hug
also, heck yeah the nino that we know and love is back
Thanks Negi, never fails to dissapoint. Another bitchslap to Itsuki's fandom, why not, she got those all along the game.
But hey, it's not Yotsuba hidding her feelings, so it's fine, right?
I think it's a different case, Yotsuba loves Futarou and Futarou loves Yotsuba this without counting that both sides have been in trouble for the decision they made. Itsuki simply did not want to be a setback in her sister's relationship but will keep her feelings as precious.
must've been nice to resolve your issues within a day or two
So, is Itsuki in love with him or not?
Pretty evident with this episode that she was.
Yes, but the realisation of it is still in ambiguity whether she realised in 117 or in earlier chapters.
Yotsublush and Fuutaroublush in this chapter is too cute.
Yotsuba is truly the greediest and most "selfish", she wants the love of her sister and Fuutarou. Even Nino was taken aback on that brash statement. Truly magnificent
AAR 118
SS Nino: engages SS Yotsuba over pursuit of target and disruption to fleet formation, demands strategy behind reconciling with fleet over target pursuit from SS Yotsuba, exposes target and SS Itsuki's location, confirms continued pursuit of target
SS Yotsuba: attempts to disengage and reconcile with SS Nino, breaks off skirmish citing willingness to negotiate at a later date, flees upon identification of target
SS Itsuki: utilises signal spoofing to appear as a PT boat, declines target's request for communications device for spoofing, assists vessel over loss of it's target, fully refitted to a support role
SS Itsuki was well ready for war but ended up as a transport ship.
"Not realizing you have feelings for someone until you see them with someone else" is a reasonable direction to take Itsuki but Negi probably would have been better off giving himself more than two chapters for it...
Negi (through Yotsuba): Keeping your feelings bottled up is ultimately negative. You need to be honest with yourself and your feelings.
Negi (with Itsuki): YeAh AbOuT tHaT.....
I dont think Yotsuba and Itsuki have the same scenario.
Yotsuba was aware of her feeling and was bottling hers. She didnt even consider going to her room during the fest cause she is determined to bury her feelings until her death
Itsuki, on the other hand, isnt really hiding anything. She just didnt understand her feelings until this point. She just didnt confess because at that point it was pointless. Why? Because Itsuki presented herself an option during the fest. She was in her room. There was a chance for her to be confessed to. Despite not really understanding herself, she decided to be in her room. If she was bottling her feelings too, she would have done what Yotsuba did - opt out of Fuutarou's choice and let the others handle it. Confess or not, she already know the truth. Fuuts already chose Yots and confessing would just give her double heartache. So in the end, she found peace on knowing her true feelings and understanding the fact that she became really fond of Fuutarou too.
I think the difference is Yotsuba did it in a way that was self destructive while Itsuki did not and realized them in a healthy manner since she’s comfortable with the outcome
Itsuki: "I guide others to a treasure I can never possess..."
Itsuki in a nutshell
İtsuki best YotsuBro
How on point
Why are people dissatisfied with how Negi handled Itsuki? Seems just about right to me. And she's my favourite girl.
Because she didn't win (and arguably was never in the race) and they're salty about it.
She had mixed emotions after Fuutarou made his choice... a feeling of jealousy and lingering feelings she didn't realize she had. But in the end she was able to resolve her feelings.
The showed her comforting a middle schooler on her crush and basically speaking her own feelings that she's able to cherish the memories and feelings she had and she's able to move forward with a smile and happy for Fuu and Yots.
Loved Nino's ending though... fighting til the end :)
why is isn't this pinned i had to click new to see it :(
"I'm a very bad girl" -- Itsuki Nakano
(no context)
She needs to be punished ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Okay, so was that the photo Itsuki put inside the charm...? It bugs me that you only see a blank paper in the flashback...
I feel this chapter was not as good as the previous ones. It was like Negi had to tick a few boxes, and so he did. Nino closure(?) - check. Itsuki closure(??) - check. Even Yotsuba's problems with being a quintuplet are brought up all of a sudden for a sentence or two, even though there wasn't much indication that anyone, especially Nino would even be aware that Yotsuba had such an issue. Even the storyboard was clumsy - most of the chapter was just one big dialog between Yotsuba and Nino, standing in front of each other.
I do hope this was a temporary setback for Negi, not a sign of things to come... :(