How to optimize PCSX-Rearmed on N3DS/N2DS on newest build (Unai renderer)

First off, I just want to say thanks to the developers of Retroarch for enhancing such a niche but lovely core for us to enjoy PS1 games on through our n3ds.

Call me the biggest ignorant in the whole universe but I had no idea it is even possible. Where should I look for more info/manuals etc? I'd like and try oldest Silent Hill games.
It only became possible yesterday
Oh, so I'm not as big ignorant as I thought. Need to have a look at it!
Helps if you reply to comments instead of top level threads
Spiderman (the best game on that console IMO) seems to skip and the render distance isn't very good. But I'm still massively impressed.
Tony Hawk Pro Skater on my 3DS... Who would've thought.
What frames do you get when you run either game? Any performance or visual issues?
IMHO PBP should be the only way people play PSX games any time the emu allows it. It's just SO much better all around.
Some games work better in .bin or .chd though. I suppose the more 3d-graphics intensive games run better on .bin/.chd
What makes it better? Doesn't the format only affect how large or small the file is?
Windows utility to convert bin to pbp (requires command line).
Edit: use unecm.exe to expand files using .ecm extensions first
if your file ends with .img and not .bin, rename to .bin they are the same files.
There's no 'settings' option under 'load content'... where should I be looking?
Wait, isn't .chd supposed to be better than either .bin or .pbp?
Edit: Seems like .pbp is better than chd of SotN. Some frame drops on .chd.
Ok, so here are some games I tested that run very well with this build, seems like 2D games work great but games with heavy 3D graphics still slow down pretty badly.
Runs well without frameskip:
- Castlevania SOTN - Runs great most of the time, no frameskip. (Some small slowdowns with 3D heavy effects)
- Lunar SSSC - Runs great
- Parasite Eve - Runs great, a little slow on cinematics.
- Alundra - Runs great (Only tried the first minutes).
Other games I tried that don't run so well:
- Silent Hill - Slow, like half the framerate or lower at times
- Xenogears - Runs well indoors but severe slowdowns when outside or in battles with fancy effects. (May be playable with frameskip)
- Vagrant Story - Slow, didn't test it past the in game intro, but it ran at like half speed
tf silent hill ran fine on the old renderer
have u used .chd/.bin/.pbp for it?
also crash bandicoot on .chd is 40fps usually MUCH MORE STABLE but like slowerish (sometimes goes to 60)
Did you test with or without sound?
Metal gear solid is the only game that I'm interested in.... But I will leave it a few months...
Tried it yesterday, still very slow.
I can try w some tweaks stuff if oyu want?
I love MGS so I will willingly play it lmao
Anyone have a recommendation for a PBD/BIN/CHD converter?
This is what I used. It doesn't mention it, but you need to navigate you the folder that has the .exe and all your .bins in command prompt by using the cd command.
I searched
Just adding these:
Make sure in the quick menu vibration (in all games) is off, and try with the game you are playing to turn dithering off.
Make sure you're using .pbp/.chd files
Turn CD Audio Off
Turn XA Decoding Off
Try playing with the gpu settings and speed hacks too if needed
Unfortunately, this didn't make anything run at an acceptable level that didn't before (which is most games, sadly). Though, I haven't gone to the point of converting any of my CHD's to PBP.
I haven't converted anything to CHD. By checking out that compatibility list, you can get a very accurate estimate of how well you can run what game. I'm not so sure if CHD is a better choice than PBP, but it definitely proves to be a more compatible decision over the basic .bin files.
Can somebody make a youtube video of how this performs on new3ds and 2D games on old 3ds/2ds.
I sincerely doubt any game can run on an old 3ds.
O3DS/O2DS don't work.
Tried your exact settings for Medal of Honor: Underground. It lags as hell at 30fps with choppy audio. Some games work really well though.
I just read the their RetroArch’s website for this. Did you have to download the nightly release of RetroArch or the stable release would also do?
I've got it working relatively well, I think, but I can't tell for sure because the top screen almost always
Tell me all the details of your current setup. And tell me of any additions you've added (bios, imports, etc)
.pbp games seem to be crashing retroarch unexpectedly for me. Anybody else have this?
Yes. I figured it out by a very funny trick. But when you converted a game to bin format, how many bin files did the rom come with?
If it came with one, and you converted that bin to pbp format, then all you have to do is transfer the .cue file found in the rar file and put it in the same location where your current pbp file is. This was happening to me recently with Mega Man X5. All I had to do was put the game's cue file in the same directory where the pbp file was in my 3ds.
I've been extensively running Xenogears now and it seems .pbp is the way to go since you can't even save with .bin and .chd. The game itself seems to be running ok'ish. Lags on cutscenes with many 3D models (gears!) but runs smoothly on places where you are on foot. Also some random crashes relating to loading zones(?) but too common.
~~I thought I was gonna be able to play Klonoa 1 on my DS...OOF~~
If it isn't N3ds, nothing will work.
Where do I get the most fresh version of PCSX-rearmed .cia or .3dsx?
According to their article
Additionally, they also state this is coming soon ™ to the release branch.
Look at the most recent libretro post. Go into libretro website, look for nightly builds, Nintendo, 3ds, and then the very last CIA. The date should say 09-25 or 09-26.
So for one of your steps... Go to quick menu once the game is running and then go to options. Go down near the bottom of the list and you should see "audio reverb" and "audio sampler". Turn both of those off.
I have "sound reverb" but not audio sampler in my options. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using the 3dsx version
Sorry, its not audio sampler. I mean to write "sound reverb" and then "sound interpolation".
how about the ps1 bios do we need to put it?
Perferrably, yes. Schp5000 are your best BIOSes.
So how do you convert the file format of ps1 games?
Look up bin to PBP converter.
What about chd? The article actually says it improves loading times, should be better than pbp.
Not always guaranteed. Try it out if you'd like.
This is pretty incredible. I didn't think we'd be seeing full speed PS1 even on the N3DS.
Since I've given my N3DS to my sister, I'm kind of curious if any tests at all have been done on O3DS. Could possibly some specific/older games work on it?
Not that it really matters - I don't need yet another PS1 device - but I'm curious. I'll have a look this weekend.
I'm thinking about converting over my copy of the PS1 version of Diablo 1 as there is not much else I would want on the go on my 3DS plus I ave a PSP that just needs some minor work if I really want to do PS1 on the go. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind Diablo 1 running on my 3DS as a way to play it on the go though.
How do you convert games to .PBP format?
How do you even make it work guys. I can't copy retroarch folder to SD card - a lot of errors and whatever is copied there eventually looks like random pile of weird signs like €¥¢π€÷¢¥£ 😅
Card is not corrupted as I can put anything else on it and it would work.
I just copied the retroarch folder to the root of the SD card and installed the PCSX-Rearmed CIA, it worked fine.
What is .PBP format? How would I change it from .BIN?
pbp is eboots for psp
use psx2psp and take the eboot.pbp iirc (thats what i use for my psp but it gives an pbp so... and then rename it to the name of game, dw ab document.dat or anything else)
correct me if im wrong btw lads
Does not using the HLE bios increase FPS
Retroarch has an instruction to what kind of bios you need
Hey im trying to play resident evil 2 but it's not launching and is stuck on scanning resident evil. Do games take forever to launch?
Deactivate anything that activates scanning. Not worth it.
Another thing I found to work is to turn off dithering in the settings.
Does adding audio latency do anything?
Where do I need to put the bios file exactly?
Retroarch/cores/systems. In the system folder.
How do I load PSXONPSP660.BIN. do I just rename it to scoh101.bin?
If you don't see HLE message then, its loaded. You don't need to rename it and make sure to use PBP images.
Every time I try to use a pbp file my 3DS crashes. Is there something I’m supposed to do beforehand before running the game other than choosing the right core?
I tried resident evil 3 nemesis but I'm having problem. There's so sound
Do you have XA Decoding in quick menu set to off? That setting needs to be on for sound to work in about half the games I tested.
you mean i can just use my PSX2PSP collection?
My experience: unfortunately I can't see the FPS counter, everytime I turn it on it causes some graphical glitches.
Metal Gear Solid: very playable, runs almost full speed (50-60 fps). Crashed when going from heliport to tank hangar (just after entering the air shaft)
FF8: Perfect 60fps. Played until fire cavern, minor slowdowns when using Draw or summons.
Breath of Fire 4: Perfect 60fps, no slowdowns whatsoever. Played until Cliff.
Crash 2: Very playable, needs some tweaking. Don't remember the FPS, but it was not 60fps.
I don't think RetroArch is using the bios provided, it just show auto and HLE as bios choices in options. Somebody can share a way for it to use the dumped bios? Thanks.
(english is not my main language, sorry for any mistakes)