Guess my favorite food (X-TREME H4RD)


Does it come from an animal?
Idk how to answer that, yes and no
Is it a butt?
no it's actually a food
It's cold?
It depends but normally no
You're right, this is hard. The best I could come up with is gyoza, or Japanese dumpling. But that isn't cyndrilical and you usually eat it with chop sticks, not your hand.
Spring rolls
Is it spring rolls?
I'm sorry but how the fuck did you get it in one guess
Is it meat?
Depends how you like it, but I'd say yes
Is it sweet?
Depends, my favorite version of it partly is so I am saying yes
Does your food have bread in it?
Does it need to be cooked?
Not always, no
Is it sushi?
Is it a plant?
Not really, no
Do you buy it ready to eat? ( opposed from putting it together yourself?)
Never done that myself but I'd say for most people's cases, yes
Sweet and sour chicken noodles
No but you're kind of close in a way
Does it come from an animal? Meaning meat or milk
Not all but yes
Is it fish
Chow Mein?
Is it bhan mi?
no, I don't even know what that is
I was thinking the same!
chicken alfredo
no, hint: it's cylinder formed
Is it from South East Asia?
dumplings like pork bao? Idk????
Egg roll?
Has this been solved yet??
Something human?
Does it include a combination of meat and/or vegetable/fruit
Is it an egg roll?
I’m late