This Comedian.

Proof that choosing the right hairstyle can make you look 7 years younger...
If she got rid of the pigtails she would look her age
Her whole ensemble looks like a teen from the 90s trying to sneak into a bar.
What hair makes me look 6?
Or in this case the wrong hairstyle
How old do you think she looks? She looks 22.
No she still would look young regardless of hairstyle
I knew a girl in college- she was 19 dating a guy in his late twenties, and would sometimes purposely wear pig tails while out with him to troll him.
A blessing and a curse
Funny. But I doubt the typical pubescent 15 year old male would be horrified by this by any means.
Can confirm. Am 15, not horrified
I'd personally guess 22
I would too, but I am so bad at guessing that I thought a woman who was 30 years old was 21.
Idk not a lot to go off of here
Well yeah, she said she was 22
That hairstyle might as well be a pair of light-up Velcro sneakers. Not a bad place to start.
She looks like she's 30 trying to get back her years.
It's the outfit and hairstyle that's all wrong. She's 32 in the face and body.
Doesn't really work when the age is on the picture
You don't get this sub, do you?
We want you to guess her age!
I mean.. maybe if she stopped dressing and styling her hair like a toddler?
She’d probably lose half of her standup set if she did that.
Or people can dress and style themselves how they want? I doubt the joke was implying she hated how she looks young, because if she did she wouldn't like to style herself like that.
I mean if I'm 15 years old and I find out shes 22, I am not going to be terrified....thst would be a jackpot for 15 year old me.
That outfit + hairstyle. Did her mom do her wardrobe
Aw I think her outfit is super cute. I like the hairstyle, too, she just has really fine hair so it doesn't look the ebst on her.
Little close minded don't you think?
Yo the bottom of this comment section is wild, wtf. Like let’s just ignore that this is exaggerated for comedic effect. This is why I wouldn’t want to be a woman in the comedy industry
How old is this? She's since deleted her Twitter. What did you guys do??
I relate to this too much
Less about LA and more about her look
Like she dresses like a little girl lol it's creepy
That hairstyle is kind of in right now. I don’t think I could wear it with a skirt for fear of looking juvenile, but don’t you think “creepy” is a little extreme? Jeez
She dresses like a little girl? Little girls wear short skirts and belly shirts? Wtf you talking about
The bit wouldn't work without it.
I have a permanently 15 year old face and I completely agree. I can only date other fellow baby-faced people.
Millions of dumfounded dipshits
And some say the end is near...
She’s funny!
A lot of people here dont know what pigtails are
Yup that only happens in LA, nowhere else has 1 5 year olds or pedophiles
i’d imagine there’s way more than 1 5 year old in LA
she fine af damn
This quote is very relevant to my life. Now I simply ask for some respect in the super market.
She could secretly be 30, and is just priming us to THINK she’s 22 by dressing like a teenager...
Stop dressing like a kid?
What if she doesn't want to?
I feel this, I get double ID’d all the time at bars because despite having legit legal ID that proves I’m of age bartenders refuse to believe my ID isn’t fake
as another comedian mentioned on my feed, pedophillia is prepubescent
In my linear algebra class there isn't a single 15 yo
No one is hitting on her with that hair style
I’d smash
Thank you for the request, comrade.
spez currently has no N-words in their posting history but records indicate that they may have said the N-word at least 1 times.
Then fix your hair and makeup??
That tends to happen when your getup says "I'm 12." Except not even modern 12 this is straight up 90s. It's like she's gonna finish up this set and then go audition for a role as Pippi Longstocking. It's more concerning to me 15 year old boys are feeling this look. At least the pedophiles are trying to live out a childhood fantasy.
/s obviously.
15 year old me could not give a fuck how much older a girl was, it was “cool” to get girls regardless- and I can’t imagine 15 year olds now days care all that much either
In certain sections of the internet (...Reddit..) 22 is "old." Unless a 22 year-old looks like she's 13, or is incredibly famous, she'll be described as "aging badly." I can only imagine what their ideal age range is.
How does she consider herself looking anything younger than 30 wtf
Perfect example for this sub. She looks both 15 and 35
I hate that hairstyle on an adult woman so much.
Who is this?
I think it’s Katie Hemming.
I wish OP would indicate that somewhere on the pic!
when a woman doesn't understand she's the problem, she makes jokes about how other people are the problem.
Also men! Yay, now we have a not sexist correct statement.
Ah, yes. Sexism. How cool
So she dresses like a child and then is surprised when pedos and children hit on her?
Are her words the joke or is she?
What's childish about a sweater and wool skater skirt? Space buns like hers are also very popular with the 16-26 crowd.
I did not find this funny.
She's obviously a not too attractive, emotionally stunted, self-righteous 20 something camera hound, pimping herself out on social media by making inhumanly inaccurate assertions about ordinary, meatspace society.
Beyond the utter lack of self-awareness or insight: what, exactly, is there to laugh at here?
Yeah, she's lying. Nobody's hitting on that.
She should hate her face
If I was a pedophile, I'd be glad that my gf looks like a kid but she's still legal
Oh yeah. I’d rim her til those little hair buns came loose..
I have read again this moron post and yes I can confirm: no one joke here. And if someone think this post is funny I would be interested to know what is funny ? 10k more upvote ? Yes moron, we live in a dangerous period of misinformation. Where the misinformation start, the manipulation begin.
I’m definitely the latter.
Better ask for consent
Why does it look like she's wearing clothes that would be on a doll?
What's her name?
What's yours?
Juergen Stonecroft
So is her name "what's yours" or is it "its literally in the image" ?
this is why men think women arent funy
Yeah maybe you're onto something with that incredibly psychotic viewpoint of yours
pewdiepie sucks
It doesn't make sense.