Kanye West’s White House Rant Steals Trump’s Spotlight

Wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat to what was ostensibly a working lunch to discuss sentencing reform and other issues, Mr. West delivered a 10-minute soliloquy to the president.

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  1. I am old enough to remember the late House Speaker Tip O'Neil sending a representative home for not wearing a tie. Now, the White House is a reality sheet show and government official, including the POTUS and his spokespeople are performance artists a la Alex Jones.

    "Are you not entertained?!"

  2. Was this part of 'Mental Health Awareness Week'?

    Its really creepy the 'Dark House' allowed this spectacle of unbridled Kayne raving whilst Trump dozed off, nodded at weird times and visibly enjoyed the idea of living in this imaginary, female Khardashian world.

    The media have been given a gift. Two deluded narcissists not communicating ,but using each other based on deliberate self-interest & bizarre behaviours as they try to sell their broken souls for profit.

    People have stopped saying 'Poor America', they now say broken America. A collective insanity has taken hold.

    There is no other way to explain the Kayne/Trump cuddles.

  3. @punch

    America and Americans are not broken. Trump and his White House team are. He runs Chaos Central. Most Americans, including millions of federal government employees and federal contractors are busy pursuing their professional obligations despite Trump's tweets and threats. If there is "collective insanity" its headquarters are at Fox News and its proponents are those apologists for Trump's narcissistic behavior. Those brave people that are still recovering from Hurricane Michael (not to mention Hurricane Florence) are symbols of the American can-do spirit. Unfortunately, their federal government is late to the party with too few resources and many apologies. The coming congressional elections may rectify some of this.

  4. Just another Ringling Brothers Day in the Trump White House. As long as Donald hears how loved he is, anything goes.

    Next it’ll be Vladmir and Kim Jong-un in the Oval Office for lunch cajoling The Donald, and Donald telling all the reporters in there what terrific guys they are.

    Needless to say, Kim Kardashian must have her hands full.

  5. Hopefully Floridians will remember this day when they vote next month, and again in 2020.

    Rather than surveying the hurricane damage in the devastated panhandle, the ‘president’ decided to do a 45-minute performance of his greatest-hits lies on Fox & Frauds, then hosting this parade of clowns in the Oval Office.

    But at least he didn’t break any rules of decorum by wearing a tan suit.

  6. @RP Smith Of course they won't. In three weeks, they're going to elect Rick Scott to the Senate.

  7. So there is a bottom to the pit. Kanye West appointed to what White House position? And Kim Kardashian as....?

  8. What makes you think this is the bottom?

  9. I always had a feeling that my country’s best days were over, but I never thought the decline would be so rapid. I wonder what our children think when they see this White House spectacle.

  10. Our children, as in people who’ve already had to live through 8 years of Bush growing up knew this was the logical conclusion of right-wing fantasicm.

  11. @LIChef
    Why wasn't West stopped? Why wasn't he led away?
    This was an insult to everyone who ever occupied that House. Except, of course, the present....searching for a word here.....can't find one......

  12. I agree. But sadly, the kids probably rush out and buy his new album. Sadder than sad.

  13. This administration’s level of transparency is thought-provoking. It’s rich that we were able to experience the entirety of Kanye West’s meeting in the Oval Office — while we still haven’t learned what really transpired in one-on-ones with Kim Jung-un and Vladimir Putin.

  14. To Kanye’s credit, he did leave Trump speechless and off Twitter for about 15 minutes. That was pretty good. And Trump’s white nationalist base of supporters probably did not like the Kanye-Trump Show very much, which could erode Trump’s popularity with them.

    Maybe Kanye should visit Trump more often, and during the early morning tweeting hours. I would consider it a public service.

  15. Just when you think it cannot be any more bizarre, wait, there is more .

  16. @Thomas
    At this point, I have no idea why you would think that it can't get any worse. It will get worse, a lot worse, before it gets better, if it gets better.

  17. “Alternate universe” pretty much nails it.

  18. @Kim Murphy Amen, from Hilliard!

  19. @Kim Murphy Amen, from Hilliard. Two people I love to ignore.

  20. I watched the news update regarding the absolute devastation hurricane Michael delivered to our neighbors living in Panhandle of Florida, and it brought tears. Towns, entire communities destroyed in 24 hours. How on earth do you restore lands and properties once called home by so many?

    Next up, Kayne Wests visit to the Peoples House. I had to check if the clip I was watching took place today. Sure enough, much to my horror, it did

    There was the rapper, songwriter Kanye West in the oval office of the People's House, seated across the desk of the President of the United States of America ranting. There sat djt smiling, listening and, returned the guys hug.

    985 miles away rescue teams were evacuating hospitals due to power outages, searching rubble for survivors, dropping supplies from helicopters.

    I can't get rid of the image of this presidents smiling face.

    How many more cruel and inhuman words and actions is it going to take to end this mans reign of the presidency?

    Our only hope , the only power We the People have is casting our vote 11-6. We must take back the majority of House and Senate, ride it out until 2020 and then begin the long task of bringing our Constitutional Democracy back to the middle.

    Vote, please Vote.

  21. Hm, I really start wondering whether somebody's putting something in your water over there in your (formerly??) great country, this is a farce - and it gets worse and worse, even when you think it can't...I commiserate with all sane US-Americans...let's hope better times are yet to come!

  22. As a foreigner i must say this is the best part of the whole show this presidency gave till now! We have seen some mindblowing episodes, but this one!

  23. It's season 1 of The Real Politicians of Washington D.C. We're all waiting to see if it will be renewed for a second season (I hope not). This reality show has gotten absolutely terrible reviews but it seems to have a "cult" following with a minority of viewers.

  24. Had to see it to believe it. The scariest part was the president seemed to understand every word Kanye said.

  25. I should know better than this by now. But I am fascinated at the contrasting applications of the power of the presidency that this article, more than most, offers.

    Past presidents have used their office to lift up the arts and empower celebrities. They managed to show how culture really speaks for - and dare I say, unites - all of us.

    How quaint. The current guy behind the Resolute Desk used it yesterday as a rental platform. It's everyone for themselves here.

  26. Kanye West is not well. He's been behaving inappropriately for several weeks, much like he did before his prior psychiatric commitment a year ago.

    Donald Trump doesn't care. Trump's willing to use literally anyone in his quest for publicity and approval and arranging that spectacle in the Oval Office yesterday was par for the course with Trump, who regards all other human beings as objects for his personal use or enrichment. Trump behaved during this event like he thought if was funny. Millions of people watched it cringing.

    Where are the people close to Kanye West while he continues this ongoing public manic meltdown? Where are his friends? Doesn't Kanye have a physician?

    Where is Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian West, who knows Donald Trump? Why isn't she concerned about this public meltdown her husband is suffering in front of millions of people? This can't be doing Kanye any good.

    Can't someone step in and help Kanye?

    Can't Donald Trump behave decently and leave Kanye alone instead of exploiting him?

  27. Where is Kim, a fellow reality TV star?
    She's probably behind the camera!

  28. @fast/furious. No Donald Trump can't, not when he thinks there is an opportunity to be the focus of attention and even at the cost of it back firing. His ego would not permit him to refuse a chance to make a fool of anyone, even when it exposes his base and opens them up to ridicule. If Mr. West had any friends and family who really cared for him they would never had permitted this to happen.

  29. @fast/furious

    What a picture: two head-cases in an institution.

    How unfortunate for us that the institution in question is the Oval Office, in the White House.

  30. He is ill. Classic mania - bipolar for sure. I think many in the room thought that something was wrong after he was finished speaking.... hope he can get the help he needs.

  31. Mr. West or Mr. Trump?

  32. @Judy Price I agree. But what about Kanye?

  33. Great distraction as usual. Now, can I see those tax returns?

  34. Kanye who? And more importantly, Kanye, why???

    I've heard the creative arts described as expressed neurosis, and at their fringe as expressed psychosis. I think Kanye appears to bridge those two.

    Can we now return to who and what is actually important?

  35. @CP West is not just neurotic as most people are, he is a narcissist and also suffers from being bi-polar...a serious mental disease....he should be in a psych ward not in our Whitehouse wasting our precious tax $. A sick and disgusting display.

  36. The difference between a press conference that succeeds and one that fails is necessarily in what’s said, but in who covers it. New assignment editors had to know this would be a giant nothing-burger and a spectacle, yet they covered it, anyway. What if they didn’t cover it? There’s nothing in this story that anyone who read it can’t do without. Even if they send reporters because they thought there might be a newsworthy moment, they could’ve killed the story when they found out there wasn’t. Happens all the time.

  37. @JD
    But it IS important to be covered by the press when Trump wants the press there. This is the true Donald. A showman who had a guest on his show who he couldn't control. He is trying to show how non-racist he is to counterbalance the stories of his and his fathers horrible racism throughout their history. Not working, tho some politically innocent people are sucked into the vortex of his publicity machine.

  38. Have to agree. This was beneath NYT. Shoulda skipped it.

  39. @JD "If it bleeds, it leads".

  40. I watched two iconic television metaphors relived in those 10 minutes. Kanye West jumping the shark a la Fonzi on Happy Days and Donald Trump out of place a la Micheal Dukakis riding the tank. In normal life this would be the beginning of the end, for both, but I am sure that there will even more bizarre moments to come.

  41. Despite believing it was impossible, yesterday at the White House was more appalling, than any day before. First, we saw the devastation of Michael and Trump's oblivious attitude, then there was his horrid disregard for Jamal Khashoggi, but the most appalling was Kanye West's screed. Possibly, most people didn't realize that they were watching a seriously ill, black man decompensate. Kanye West told us that he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and we all observed a lurid episode of mania. His speech was pressured and incoherent, and his thought process clearly scattered. With terrible sadness, we watched a very talented, young, black man being sacrificed to Donald Trump's voracious appetite for chaos. It was a "terrible, horrible, very bad day".

  42. @batpa But when Kanye criticized Bush, I don't recall the left saying Kanye was mentally ill.

  43. To bring this full circle, Kanye West, in his Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump, acted like a 13 year old girl meeting Taylor Swift.

  44. Play to the base!
    Fumes to the fire!
    The art of the Deal.

  45. Substitute Obama for Trump in this meeting, and what would the Repubs in Congress and Fox "News" be saying today. We know what it would be, so when are they going to demand for Trump's resignation.

  46. Wow! Even for Trump a new low. I am sure he will top it, or is it bottom it.

  47. We are now officially the laughing stock of the free world. Just when you thought it could not get any worse, and then it does. Where is this going to end?

  48. Jimmy Kimmel described it best. It was reminiscent of Tom Hanks speaking to the ball "Wilson" in "Castaway." Kimmel's show over-dubbed Hank's voice with West's. Hysterical!!!

  49. One man saying anything he can to get a reaction to another man with the same playbook. SAD.

  50. After reading the heart-bruising article on the little girl's death in Georgia and her father's hellish experience, I come upon this.

    It's important to continue to publicize articles that demonstrate the magnitude of this so-called president's cruelty, negligence and mental instability. It's not a difficult thing to feel compassion for fellow Americans who are suffering so badly, yet he can't even do that.

    He is a true monster.

    His rapping pal needs to spend his vast fortune enlisting the services of a good therapist and pharmacologist. As for Trump himself, he is beyond any help presently known to humankind.

    Just lock him up, Mueller.

  51. How did this psychotic rant ever make the news cycle? What was the news here?
    It was uncomfortable to watch. One doesn't need formal education in psychiatry to deduce that this man, Kanye, is in the throws of a psychotic episode. It's been suggested that some of the great artists suffered from bi-polar disease, and the disease helped unlock creativity and output. This wasn't the case with Kanye, unless you were smitten by the hydrogen plane drawing.

  52. 45 gazes at Kanye, thinking the entire time, "When is he gonna stop talking so the spotlight comes back to me, me, me?"

  53. While Hurricane Michael pounded Florida, destroying Mexico Beach, Trump went out of town for a political rally.

    While Hurricane Michael moved up the Atlantic coast, Trump held a public meeting with Kanye West in the Oval Office, and earlier met with Kid Rock and Beach Boy Mike Love.

    This outrageous waste of time during a crisis might be excused if Trump actually worked hard at his job. But with his tweeting, watching 8 hrs of tv a day, socializing, traveling back & forth to his golf resorts, jetting off to political rallies - while refusing to attend his security briefings - when exactly does Donald Trump do any real work as president? Any? Ever?

    Recall the report during the campaign that Donald Jr. met as an emissary with Gov. John Kasich & offered Kasich the vice-presidency, explaining that as Vice President, Kasich would do all the policy & administrative work of the presidency while Trump would function as a "cheerleader" figure head who would focus on public relations & "make America great again." Kasich declined.

    Anyone who's following Trump closely, & read the Woodward & Michael Lewis books, knows Trump has little understanding of what the govt. does or his job entails - & has no intellectual interest in the job.

    To all appearances, Trump didn't find a John Kasich type willing to sign on as the proxy willing to do the work of the Trump presidency while Trump functions as Cheerleader.
    So the work of the presidency is basically left undone.



  54. What happens when to mentally ill people are given a spot light and seem not to take any meds for some sense of civilized behavior. Were there some people with white coats and straightjackets just outside the camera angle?

    There should always be come ready in the Oval Office.

  55. I watched and thought of the desk that West was pounding on and thought of all the great Americans that have sat at that desk and had no words to describe my feelings of disgust.

  56. My feelings exactly.

  57. Really, shouldn’t we question Kanye West’s sanity?

  58. The entire event should have been ignored. This is not newsworthy information. The only thing I know about Kanye West is he needs constant attention and once grabbed a microphone from Taylor Swift. I have no familiarity with his music if that's what it is and the only reason Trump cares about anything he says is because Trump also needs constant attention.

    Who really cares about Kanye West? He is not addressing healthcare, the environment, immigration, Russia, the Supreme Court, attacks on the press, the judiciary or anything else of importance.

    Complete nonsense but a good distraction from the White House's assault on democratic values. What a waste.

  59. “It reminds me of a string of wet sponges; it reminds me of tattered washing on the line; it reminds me of stale bean soup, of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights. It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it. It drags itself out of the dark abysm…of pish, and crawls insanely up to the topmost pinnacle of posh. It is rumble and bumble. It is flap and doodle. It is balder and dash.”

    --- H.l. Mencken writing in 1921 about Warren Harding’s inaugural address and Donald Trump and Kanye West in 2018.

  60. Let's not forget this recent gem of social awareness from Mr. West:

    “You know it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home [of blacks] and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.”

  61. I feel so sorry for Kanye. I think it was all a dirty tricks set-up to show coloured folk in the worst possible light. ie to delight the twisted bitter old white men in the GOP; or maybe just the trumps themselves. Kanye must feel terrible this morning ... HOWEVER it might make people sit up and say "We have to do better at school" ....
    Anyone notice Ivanka sat to trumps left, a fashion statement if ever !

  62. I cant.... I jut can't...

    That was literally a scene from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

  63. They deserve each other. The rest of his deserve better.

  64. Trump is so full of himself with his presidential reality show, that he really blew this one. Just because someone wears a MAGA hat doesn't mean he is the ideal Black man to parade out to show you aren't racist. Next, DJT will appoint Dennis Rodman to be Ambassador to the UN because he did so well with Kim Il-Jong. This administration is a farce. There really is nothing more to be said.

    Oh, btw, all the rallies that Trump is out there stumping for (actually to tell America what a good president he is) is being paid for mostly by taxpayer money...nationally and locally. There is all that security, and the cost of travel. Sometimes there is money left over from the campaign, but Mueller is still finding out where that came from. Think about YOUR taxes before you vote on Nov 6. Is THIS the administration you think is working for you?

  65. In my opinion this speaks to the level of Sophistication of this White House", the worst is yet to come I think. A bad reflection of us and especially for those who voted for him. As for Kenya someone needs to talk to his psychiatrist ASAP.

  66. It is kind of fun when the news media broadcasts the words or actions of a moron, clown, or deranged individual. This Kanye performance was simply reality television with Trump as the producer and co-star. I liked it. It was funny: Kanye’s gibberish, Trump’s goofy smile, Jared’s pained expression. A real hoot! When is episode three to be aired? I understand it’s been guaranteed another two seasons and might be renewed in 2020. Great stuff! What a riot!! Help me, my stomach hurts!!!

  67. @Carlitos Corazon

    I was channel surfing and stopped at Fox to get their take. Nothing worse than Hannity being his hypocritical self yet again and all the other talking heads saying what a wonderful thing this was. You truly can't make this stuff up.

    Nero fiddles yet again.

  68. I see more as Caligula -- appointing his horse to the Senate

  69. Like the dude was, like, you know, showing us just how really knowledgeable, you know, he is about , you know, all the stuff that goes on in America, and like, in the world, and stuff like that.
    And, if you're a fan of his music, well, you know, he's showing just how really connected, you know, and in touch and stuff he really is. And, man, like, I gotta get me one of this hats, because here he does have a point: we gotta Make America Great. And time? Oh, yes, we gotta get over 200+ years of slavery and then Jim Crow and lynchings and all that stuff. I mean, just get over it, because we can make America Great by putting Hispanic immigrant kids in prison and making news out of semi-intelligible rappers who stand up for racists.
    Is this guy just jerking everybody's chain, or is he this desperate for TV face time, or is he as historically ignorant and stupid as he sounds?

  70. @J Boyce
    KW makes me cringe every time I see footage of him on tv—starting w/him stealing the mike (and momentary glory) from Taylor S years ago to bestow his opinion on everyone.

  71. @J Boyce Believe it or not there are people out there who claim it is an example of self-referential parody and performance art....people will go along way to defend simple ignorance, irrationality and stupidity.

  72. I am a medical student who will be going into psychiatry. I am still a student, and mental health professionals are generally not supposed to assess celebrities or people who aren’t their patients.

    That said, Kanye honestly seems psychotic to me in this video. He has talked in the past about having bipolar disorder, and he definitely seems manic, but his thoughts are also disorganized and nonsensical. He and Trump are classic narcissists, for which there is not really great treatment other than prolonged psychotherapy - and I am doubtful that Trump or Kanye would be willing to fully engage. But Kanye appears to be acutely ill, and I hope he gets help.

  73. @K This has been apparent for a long time. Why won't anyone on his team help him to get well? Where is his family in all of this? I understand being surrounded by people that he employs enabling his behavior, which likely sells more media, but at least his wife should have his best interests at heart.

  74. As Florida literally drowns, Trump gives his rapt attention and a soapbox to an unstable shameless self-promoter. VOTE!

  75. This sounded like a chorus of "Riding that train, high on cocaine."

  76. cynical manipulation ....

  77. A cheesy side show. A low point even for this administration.
    While a devastating storm was raging this poseur chose to put on a circus act.
    Hopefully the people in the Florida panhandle will remember this on November 6th

  78. @Edward Calabrese

    "Hopefully the people in the Florida panhandle will remember this on November 6th"

    They won't.

  79. The Doobie Brothers. Beach Boys, Whitney Houston. Kid Rock.

    The greatest American music ever made? If this qualifies as winning, yes, I'm tired of it.

  80. Exactly why celebrities have no place in politics. Are you listening, Mr. President?

  81. Crazy time - meets with crazy time.

    The President of the U.S. whose biggest success was a Reality TV program hangs with a guy who married the Goddess of mindless Reality TV..... Kardashian

    Is it any wonder I open the paper and get depressed thinking - the world is just CRAZY

  82. Kanye West is allowed to rant to the president...good for the Kardashians reality show. What a shameful spectacle this was.
    Embarrassing to our entire country. Obama was criticized for putting his feet up on the desk and taking off his suit jacket? And here we have a seriously mentally ill person engaging in a dialogue with the president and it seems like a gleeful occasion?

    how very tone deaf this president and his flunkies are.

  83. I read the Times online and I am pleased to see how low on the Times front page screen, just about the right spot for notices of White House antics. Thanks for not featuring the story more prominently.

  84. How low can it go? So far it has never ceased to shock me. We understand you need to campaign for your party and fire up your base, but, this? Really? Giving a psychotic, narcissistic and ignorant rapper (who fancies himself as an musician) 10 minuets TV time to make a fool of himself in the highest office of our nation? At least be mindful of the timing of such meaningless circus show right in the middle of other major events, such as a historically devastating hurricane hitting our southern states?

  85. Mr. Trump always has time for photo ops.
    And campaigning. And golf.
    When will he make time to visit the troops stationed in countries like Afghanistan?
    I recall Mr. Obama visiting.
    I recall Mr. Bush serving up Thanksgiving dinner.
    Bagram might be a good place to visit.
    Heck of a place for a photo opportunity.
    Just leave Kanye behind.

  86. @jude

    Given he’s been a little busy successfully renegotiating NAFTA, negotiating peace with North Korea, negotiating fairer trading relationships with the Chinese, getting a new Supreme Court Justice seated among other minor tasks, he can be forgiven.

    While Obama and Bush may have spent their time flying around handing out turkeys, Trump prefers to talk turkey.

  87. No, he renamed NAFTA, exchanged hair care tips with North Korea and is starting an economic war with China that no one will win.

  88. You're being funny now.

  89. People are suffering from Hurricane Michael, the markets are crashing, and 45 is laughing along as Kanye lets go with f-bombs in the WH...nodding while K rants about getting rid of the 13th amendment and there is Mr. Brown grinning like a banshee on the sidelines. What a mess. Resist. Persist.Vote.

  90. What's next? Honey Boo Boo for UN Ambassador?

  91. @Ron Brown Mr. trump can do better than Honey Boo Boo....give him a chance!

  92. Though Shakespeare was not describing an individual, his quote about life does seem to apply to this spectacle and its two "stars":

    "... a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  93. They cover most of the index of the DSM5 between the two of them.

  94. Excellent!!!!

  95. Although, DSM is not widely used anymore, is a great guide to see all the ills of the mentality affected.

  96. Yeez, political genius too?

  97. Do you suppose the Democrats have paid Mr. West to support Mr. Trump? Clever!

  98. Who would have thought it that there's a circus in the Oval Office?

  99. Two narcissists. This is the image of today’s American government. We should all be ashamed to have allowed this to happen. Kanye doesn’t even vote. Why give any free press to this despicable behavior by two mentally challenged individuals. The press, including the NYT, need to focus on all the major challenges being unaddressed by this charade of a government.

    Vote this November, and help any and all disenfranchised citizens to vote. Our lives depend on it.

  100. The Ringling Brothers folded their tent but fear not. There's still a 3-ring circus for all to see, the White House and its macabre administration.

  101. @DD Guess you forgot what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office

  102. After the election, the GOP will inevitably turn to silencing the liberal news media and all dissent while passing another budget-destroying tax bill and turning a blind eye to human rights disasters worldwide. People of color, like Kanye in particular, who abandon the collective struggle for minority justice and seek personal gain ( just more publicity?) greatly enable these attacks on democracy. Kanye drowns out other writers, artists, academics and civil rights figures, just like Trump and his minions drown out Democrats. Why? Is it some abstract "rap battle" to even keep voices from being heard? He's not angling for a "job" in the administration, is he? He doesn't even seem to have a goal. It's just what he says: he's living in the moment. Like Trump. Pure pleasure principle gratification. Narcissim. We know now that no one's charting the operation of the US ship of state. Trump's not. Those anonymous White House folk supposedly protecting us from excessively rapid deconstruction of the government were trying to tamp down on growing panic and cover their butts for later. In reality they do nothing. Hey, the job of UN Ambassador is open. Kanye would not have to work harder than Trump (barely) so he could still have his other activities. Kanye would enjoy the role of telling the UN to drop dead. You listening, Mr. President? Ambassador West has a nice ring.

  103. Give it to Kanye West. Stealing the show from Donald Trump? You have to be good at it.

  104. Kanye West: Now there's a name that comes to mind when I search my memory for someone who embodies total integrity and honor. Oh, and Trump too, he's another. Such probity, such selflessness.

    Nelson Mandala and Simone Weil, eat your hearts out!

  105. @Drew
    (Er, Mandela. I must have been distracted by my excitement over the West-Trump embrace in the photo.)

  106. @Drew Yes. But, how many people in the U.S.A. know who Simone Weil was? I must confess I do not know what Kanye West does though I have heard the name.

  107. It is amazingly disheartening that our nation has such a worship of celebrity and wealth. A man who brags about not reading, which is obvious by his difficulty stringing together coherent thoughts, is given the opportunity to present his ideas to the public in the White House before the cameras. Not impressed. Kanye's idea of a hard days work is making people who paid to see him in concert wait for an hour only to walk off stage after a few songs and an angry rant that no one paid to hear. But the black community should look to him for guidance on education, job training, and industry building. Trump likes Kanye because Kanye likes Trump. He could care less about any policy points the man has, as long as he wears a MAGA cap and gives him praise on camera.

  108. @wcdessertgirl Dont drag the entire black community into this nonsense. Kanye West speaks for himself and represents his family, all of whom are affluent and white.

  109. Of Nobel winners, Kennedy said: "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." Then Kanye & Trump must be the most extraordinary collection of idiots ever gathered at the White House.

  110. What's with Jim Brown? I thought he was a reasonable human being. Kanye's rant is just totally insane, Kim should have him Baker-acted!

  111. What a circus! Kanye may be just as mentally compromised as Trump. Two peas min a pod, they deserve each other.

  112. Nero's fiddling, again. Americans in Florida are dying in a devastating storm, and the president is holding a carnival in the oval office. Narcissism reigns.

  113. The only thing more bizarre and upsetting than having Mr.Trump in the Oval Office is having Kanye West and Trump both there.They are both delusional!

  114. @JanetMichael, What's even more bizarre is adding Kid Rock to the mix. yikes

  115. Every king's court need a jester.

    This works to the Don's advantage, see how this plays at his rallies, a wink and a nod to the racist elements.

  116. Artists, and yes Kanye West is one, are to society what a canary is too a coal mine.

    To attacks, restriction, ridicule artists is the first sign of a society becoming intolerant of other opinions.

    Look up Entartete Kunst .

  117. @Gerhard I like artists that read and vote

  118. @Gerhard If you now suddenly detect "the first sign of a society becoming intolerant of other opinions", you haven't been watching Donald Trump for the past few years.

  119. @Gerhard Oh, brother. The "degenerative art" condemned by the Nazis was done so because the government found the work insufficiently compatible with its own political agenda. If we are making comparisons to 1930s Germany, as you and the Times comment pickers seem to be doing, then the more apt one in this instance is to Leni Riefenstahl.

  120. Finally something that is color-blind: madness

  121. Three-ring circus in the Oval Office. Let’s shut this show down. Vote. Our lives depend on it.

  122. I like him 15% less (ha ha).

  123. Trump has always enjoyed sharing the spotlight with prominent Black Americans like Mike Tyson and Don King. Not so much with ordinary hard working Black Americans who are noticeably missing from his rallies.

  124. So why not choose someone legitimate or respected in the Black community instead of a substance abusing, arrogant, ignorant buffoon?

  125. Racing thoughts - every couple sentences the thought changes without elaborating. Check. Grandiosity - exaggerates achievements and talents. Check. Believes he's unique, special - you know, like saying your IQ is as high as Tesla's or Freud's, who by the way probably never took an IQ test. Check. Has a sense of entitlement. Check. Lacks empathy. Check. Shows arrogant behavior and thoughts. Check. Excessive involvement in activities that have a high potential for painful consequences. Check. Decreased need for sleep. Check. Am I missing anything? And yes, if Trump is taking advantage of Mr. West's active symptoms, that would make him callous, lacking in empathy, exploitative, along with some of the symptoms mentioned above.

  126. We just witnessed the meltdown of a (previously) very talented entertainer. It was cringe-worthy. Even Trump sat there stone faced, with a look of utter disbelief. Ye pounding on the desk like that? The ultimate show of disrespect in an office that’s sunk so low...

  127. Any word(s) from any members of the Kardashian/Jenner family? Kris Jenner must be having fits.

  128. It's just one fool taking advantage of another.

  129. I feel sick inside. The White House is full of narcissists. I’m a Mother of three.
    I would advise people to watch the movie “I Am” by Tim Shadyac.
    People have so much money and fame they become out of touch. They lose the ability to connect, listen and be instinctive. Arrogance & narcissism prevail in the White House. Kim Kardashian, I thought you might have a chance, but you are falling right into that place with the Kushners, your sick husband & Trump. I feel sorry for you all. You’re ruining the quality of our lives with your selfies and egos. Make America Great Again is a scam. Scamerica.
    I feel sick inside & so do a lot of Americans right now.

  130. Imagine if President Clinton took political advice from his pal Keef?

  131. Can't wait for Trump to shed boring Pence and run in 2020 as Don-ye.

    I can even hear the campaign song based on the Wonder and McCartney classic:

    "Energyyyyyy so Dra-gon-yy
    Live together, we'll per-fect a-gon-yyyy.
    Side by side in the un-hinged O-val, Oh Lord,
    Why don't weeeeeee?"

  132. I’m having flashbacks to when Dennis Rodman met Kim Jung-un.

  133. I sincerely hope Kanye West gets the help he needs.

  134. Kid Rock definitely doesn't know who Jeff Sessions is.

  135. Both are legends in their own mind. That’s all I can say.

  136. Is there a “Secretary of Mental Health” position open? If so we have a candidate.

  137. Kanye West is not playing with a full deck folks. Trump has met his match in ego-land, and this spectacle at the White House proved it.

  138. The less time Trump spends attempting to govern, the better.

    Perhaps somebody could get a nice set of blocks and a few Tonka trucks into the Oval. They might well save our nation.

  139. The "stable genius" sat across from an unstable musician while said musician banged the desk in the Oval Office and called the "presidential" genius "bro". Amazingly, the Superman musician did this all without the Superman cape which the genius was apparently supposed to provide. Kanye (oh wait, it's just YE now lol) for UN Ambassador or Attorney General! This Unreality Show becomes crazier every day and those of us still-thinking Americans look on in horror as we try to wrap our heads around this increasingly unhinged behavior. "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Our Nation turns its lonely eyes to you." VOTE BLUE on Nov 6th and let's get some help for these two.

  140. I'm replying to myself haha. As I viewed my comment after NYT informed that it was posted, some of the Kanye / Trump meeting was replayed. I feels even crazier than the first time I saw it. This just popped into mind --
    "...Don't you love a farce?
    My fault, I fear
    I thought that you'd want what I want, sorry my dear
    But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns
    Don't bother they're here ..." -- Copyright Stephen Sondheim - from "Send in the Clowns"

  141. Sad that Kanye doesn't get the help that he needs. Even more sad is Trump using him to garner African American voter support in the Oval office.

  142. @Maureen I'd be really surprised if this gets Trump more support from black Americans. All of the ones I know (myself included) do not support Kanye in his support of Trump. We thankfully have our own minds and can make our own decisions, which ironically is something Kanye encourages.

  143. So did he ask Trump
    for "special agent" badge powers
    Nixon meets Elvis redux?

  144. A Fox News piece is praising Kanye for his bravery, and accusing his critics of having racist motives. However, they don’t play much of what he had to say.

  145. Maybe the mainstream media (obviously not FOX), should agree not to cover these types of celebrity tirades, since they add literally nothing to the national conversation.

    There are tabloid rags that can cover this type of spectacle. Broadcasting this silliness is a reckless and irresponsible use of the broadcaster's license.

  146. West and Trump share a desperate, certifiable need to be the center of attention at all times. On the other hand, one was clearly exploiting the other for political purposes.

  147. Idiocracy. It wasn’t fiction, but a prediction

    To where do I emigrate?

  148. People concerned about West’s health...yes, he’s gone the way of so many modestly talented people before him who suddenly find themselves rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams. He’ll either get it together or not; he can certainly afford the necessary treatment.

    But the illness of our country at the moment is a much more serious and pressing issue for all of us. That this “event” in the Oval Office even happened is a warning sign of the strongest magnitude. Are we going to get the necessary help, the necessary treatment, or are we going to continue facilitating the nonsense we witnessed yesterday? Our children’s futures depend on our willingness to admit we need help and vote accordingly.

  149. Feeling of America’s best days may be behind is real

    Robert Gordon titled The Rise and fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War.

    The book is a tour de force with an immensely important bottom line of insights and fascinating facts.

    In the century after the Civil War, an economic revolution improved the American standard of living in ways previously unimaginable. Electric lighting, indoor plumbing, motor vehicles, air travel, and television transformed households and workplaces. But era of unprecedented growth is ending? With historical anecdotes, and economic analysis, the book challenges the view that economic growth will continue unabated, and demonstrates that the life-altering scale of innovations between 1870 and 1970 cannot be repeated.

    Book says “Productivity growth will be further held back by rising inequality, stagnating education, an ageing population, and the rising debt of college students and the federal government, and that we must find new solutions. A critical voice in the most pressing debates of our time, The Rise and Fall of American Growth is at once a tribute to a century of radical change and a harbinger of tougher times to come”.

    Unfortunately the prophecy of doom is real and Trump happened to harness the American discontents and managed to capture the presidency to everyone surprise, including his own.

    Growing tribalisation and toxic political and social climate are symptoms of a deep malaise of decline.

  150. Insanity. But scary. I suggest all Americans read"1984" so you will know what to expect.

    ----- Winston

  151. This too shall pass...

  152. I am so over having to listen to ranting, raving men, regardless of skin color or political position.

    Can we get some new, worthier voices, please.

  153. West's Great Ramble was disturbing (not disgraceful, as such, as it's clear he needs medication), but anything that leaves the White House occupant speechless between public boasts can only be a great thing.

    I worry about that MMA, since it appears to take more works out of effective public domain (the pre-1972 recordings), when we should be massively EXPANDING it and considering royalty mechanisms for the remaining recent works that offer better alternatives to creepily tracking every song play. Plus, after Kid Rock's petty romp through the White House with Nugent and Palin, anything the Kid stands with is suspect at best.

    Would be nice if "covfefe" actually did help Houston as her life grew ever darker; but though more than one tale's been told of how he's quietly given regular people money in private, I have my doubts.

  154. Profanity in the Oval Office? Where is the GOP outrage? Where are the calls questioning DJT for allowing this to happen? Nowhere of course.

  155. This was cringeworthy. It is clear that Kanye is unwell. If he were walking down the street talking like that, hopefully a caring person would call 911. Kanye is so out of touch with reality that he doesn’t realize he’s being exploited. Kanye publically humiliated himself with his stream of consciousness and profanity, but he doesn’t know it. Awful.

    Our President is a mean and thoughtless guy. He’s willing to embarrass a celebrity, thinking that this display will get him more black votes. It’s always about Trump. A journalist has been murdered, our people in Florida and Georgia and the Carolinas are in a devastating crisis, the stock market has plunged and this is how the President spends his time. WHO, I wonder is handling those important matters, while our President gives a platform to a celebrity off his medication? Just because Kanye is a black man willing to praise Trump. Remember Trump at the rallies? “Where’s my African American!”

    Every day. Every day. We have to try hard not to get inured to this dysfunction. This is so not normal. What is going to happen to our young people for whom this IS their normal? I shudder to think.

  156. So, while the President is entertaining the entertainers, the country is getting swallowed up by climate change, murderous plots against the press and illegal Voter suppression; his ears open and mouth closed (for once) he sits and chit chats with folks who praise and revere him. This is wrong in so many ways.....

  157. My brother in law struggles with mental illness in the form of
    bi-polar disorder, so Trump allowing Kanye West to display his “genius” for a cheap photo-op and a rambling, nonsensical interview is shameful. I am sure Trump only heard the flattery and saw the colour of West's skin (hoping for votes from the black community).

    I have always known Trump has no empathy, but to use a man who is obviously detached from reality for some political gain is beyond the pale, even for him.

  158. Why Trump, Mr. West? Were were you when we had President Obama in office? Where were you the summer of 2016 when people were raging in Sacramento, Milwaukee and Charlotte?

  159. Why is everyone talking about this as if West does not suffer from a mental illness? He admitted October 1st he's off his bipolar medication; his wife made him take down his Instagram feed due to the increasingly crazy rants he was posting. This is not a well man, and yet we're analyzing his words as if any of them even matter. The only story here is an object lesson on how an untreated mental illness can make even a musical genius a laughing stock.

  160. The only historical comparison that comes to mind is that gonzo photo op with Richard Nixon and (the Las Vegas version of) Elvis Presley in the Oval Office. That was breathtakingly stupid in its time, but now seems totally benign in comparison to the Trump/Kanye "summit."

  161. The only reason West is supporting Trump is that they are both rich, greedy men.

  162. Clearly, unhinged meets unhinged. Let's move on to something important like healthcare, immigration, the environment, education and trade.

  163. It was an audition, to replace Nikki Haley. Hey, it worked for Kavanaugh.

  164. Why do people think that Kanye and Trump's dilusive minds are uncommon? The typical American is materialistic, vicious, not self-aware, and steeped in utterly senseless egoism. When all we do is seek satisfaction in this more more better better culture we dull our senses and are unable to understand ourselves, let alone, anything else we're fed to believe by the unconscionable whims of mercenary politicians and CEO's. Brutal envy and isolation are the only ends in our culture's vacuous philosophy.

  165. Q. How many narcissists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A. One, but they both have to share the light.

  166. Anyone who has watched Kanye West for any length of time knows that he is a psychiatric case. It's a pity that those who should know better have no compunction in exploiting his sickness.

    We had never thought that Saturday Night Live would stoop to the level of inviting him to host the show. We had never thought that the prospect of bringing in a little more money would make this widely-acclaimed show disregard the mental state of the host. Fortunately, because the SNL, not the host, was in control of the show, his rantings and praise for President Trump were not allowed to become too jarring.

    Unfortunately, that was not the case with his appearance at the White House. His loose tongue was allowed to loll freely. President Trump smugly took in all the praise showered on him by this mental patient, with his courtiers around him watching. The scene was sickening.

    Until now, other than boredom from his rantings, the public has not suffered anything from Kanye West's problem. But that cannot be guaranteed forever. None can predict when a mental patient would snap. The problem with mental sickness is that the patient doesn't know, and refuses to accept, that he is afflicted with it. Those who are interested in his well-being owe it to him and to themselves to force him to undergo treatment. Or, if he is already in treatment, not to stop it.

    Kanye West needs help and help is available.

  167. The Kanye-Trump presser was one of the nuttiest spectacles of high-volume drivel ever to have been witnessed anywhere, ever, not to mention yesterday in the Oval Office of the United States of America.

    But, as the president affirmed, "he likes Kanye because Kanye likes him." Suddenly, I feel much more secure.

  168. Well, I like beer. And “presser” is not a word.

  169. If Trump had any empathy, we would be praising him for hugging an ill child that needs help. We all know this is not the case.

  170. And to think Republicans accused President Obama of not living up to President Reagan's standard of Oval Office decorum.